Nigerian Man & His Wife Beat Sister Inlaw To Coma Over Infidelity in Lagos (Photo)

The Lagos Police has arrested a couple after allegedly beaten up their sister-in-law for infidelity.
Bela (the victim) who is married to felix Omeneka, brother to Kelly, was beaten to a pop by Kelly and his wife Mercy in their family home in Ajao Estate over the weekend, when they came to Nigerian from Europe for visiting.

As at yesterday, the victim, Bela Omeneka, with visible marks on her body and bloodshot eyes, could only move with help from her sibling.

Investigations reveals that trouble began after Felix instructed his 29 years wife-Bela, To go live in his family house located at 1, Maduafa street, off Chief Vincent Eze street, Ajao Estate

This arrangement was put in place shortly after their wedding in 2016, even though it did not sit well with Bela, she however obeyed.

All hell was let loose over the weekend when Kelly and his wife unleash terror on Bela after an avoidable misunderstanding ensued between both sisters-in-law.

According to Bela:

 “Kelly did not separate us. Rather, he went for a horse whip and started flogging me all over my body and at the same time, hitting me in the ribs. He accused me of bewitching his brother to the extent that he does not look at the face of another back in Europe.
A member of the family called and instructed them to seize my marriage certificate so that I won’t have any vital document to prove that the union is legal. Kelly also seized my phone and dragged me out of the building.
All I could remember at that point was seeing an oncoming car approaching the direction he dumped me as I passed out.” .

According to the victim, she says the brother-in-law later unlock the gate around 4am Only to order her to move out of the family house on the grounds of marital infidelity.

Source – Ebiwalismoment

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