Ready To Make Money? Learn Forex Trading with IMarketsLive In Nigeria

IMarketLive is a software and forex education company dealing in the currency market. Forex market is the world’s biggest and most liquid daily capitalized market with about $5.7 Trillion turnover everyday.

The fact is big companies and corporations like CBN, banks, Hedge Funds, Financial Institutions and High networth individuals were the big players in the Forex market until now. However, it is an open market for individual operators like us too. iML has now changed the story, they have simply brought the wall street to the main street making this a playing field for all . Now you can play where the big boys play and WIN.

IML as a company is offering everyone of us the opportunity to operate in this mega currency exchange market. Even as a layman in Forex you will thrive with the iML tools and applications . iML has created tools to help you trade and make DAILY profit on trade. Along with this you have the opportunity to learn a new skill that will become an asset in your portfolio. Knowing how to trade forex is a key instrument for income generation. Research this. You can pick trades from your smart phone and make money from the comfort of your own home .

With IML, you can immediately start generating money from the currency market while you’re learning to be a pro.

IML has handsfree trading tools like FX SIGNALS and IML FUSION. With these 2 tools, you only need to fund your account and the broker will trade on your behalf and declare your profits daily.

Apart from generating income from your daily IML assisted trades, you can also build a team around IML and earn Weekly. This is totally optional .

Your team and your earnings:

Team Earnings/Mn
3 customers | $150
12 customers| $600
30 customers | $1000
72 customers | $2000
225 customers| $5000
500 customers | $10000

etc. These figures are earned monthly and they have nothing to do with your daily trading profits .

NOTE: In iML everyone wins. In iML everyone wins .( the repetition is not an error , it is for emphasis ) People without any technical skill whatsoever are making crazy daily income in USD. Learning Forex trading at the American Forex Trading Institute will take you six months and leave you out of pocket by over $35,000. What iML is offering is an opportunity for you to learn a skill that will change your financial game forever at cost that is next to nothing .This is no joke ,testimonies already abound . AskMe# AskMeForProof#

Watch these short videos and request for more info.


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  • Inah okoi says:

    What is the smallest amount i can fund my account with, secondly do i have to have money in my account before i sign up, thirdly how do i fund my account?

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