Advice Column: He Only Comes to Me For Sex


I can’t deal with this anymore. I’m tired. The relationship I have with my husband has degenerated to just sex. He doesn’t gist with me as he used to. When he comes back from work, he eats his dinner, watches TV for a while then heads to bed. I try to make small talks but he responds sharply and that’s it.

We have sex only when he wants it. He can wake me up in the middle of the night and just go straight to business. No foreplay, nothing. When he finishes, he goes to the bathroom, clean up and sleeps right back without a word.

I’m like a cook, cleaner and a sex dull. I’m frustrated and bitter. I only laugh when I’m with my friends and in church, never in my own matrimonial home. I want to leave the marriage as I have tried to talk to him severally and asked people he respects to do the same but nothing has worked.

Please help me everyone, I need advice.


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  • Ifeanyi says:

    I think your husband has personal issues that are worring him and he is hiding it from you. You did not state whether there is misunderstanding between the two of you. It is abnormal. Watch him and find the matter with him. This problem may be more than you think and may not be issues of sex only.

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