Advice Column: I can’t stop thinking about this married man I just met


I know its wrong but the truth is, the more I try to get this guy out of my head, the more I can’t. I just keep wishing I’m the wife he goes home to every night. He’s handsome, rich and successful, just the kind of man I pray for.

I met him at an eatery on Monday. I had gone to grab a bite on my way from a meeting, when I stepped into this place that has the best jollof rice in Lagos. While I was ordering my food, this very fine man comes in and the whole place just froze. I couldn’t believe my eyes when he chose my table. We got talking, gave me his number and he even said he is married but that hasn’t stopped me from strategizing on how to own this man, even if its for a few weeks.

Please, don’t judge me, I’m not trying to break anyone’s home, its just that I can’t help this feeling.

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