Advice Column: I love my husband but I’m not sexually attracted to him

I really don’t know how possible this is. How can you really love someone but not be sexually attracted to the person. This is just the story of my life.

I love my husband and we have been married for almost 5 years. I would do anything for this man except when we are in the bedroom. I get easily turned off and try to get in the mood by imagining I’m with my ex.

That’s the only way I can keep up with the act. My mind just strays to anything else, when we are on it. Whenever, I know he might want us to make love, I try to avoid it sharp sharp by coming up with an excuse.


Please everyone, what can I do?, I can’t let this cause a strain in my relationship with my husband and don’t know how long I can keep up with pretending to be sexually attracted to him when I know I’m not.


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