‘Filmhouse have come to monopolize the industry we must call them out’ – Elvis Chucks defends Rita Dominic’s statement

Yesterday, veteran Nollywood actress Rita Dominic voiced her opinion on the state of the Nigerian film Industry.

The actress with over 20years experience feels that not every movie is cinema worthy.


According to sources, Rita was a lead actress in Lilian Afegbai’s recent movie titled Bound. She however felt that the movie is not cinema worthy. She was not at the premiere of the movie and was also not at the screening. She also did not promote the movie at all on all her social media platforms and started the hashtag, #noteverymovieshouldbeincinemas.


LIB reached out to a couple of filmmakers, many declined to comment on the issue. However, multiple award winning filmmaker, Elvis Chucks reacted saying, ‘that’s exactly what I’ve been saying about the rubbish Filmhouse cinema is producing’.


He went on to say, ‘Filmhouse have come to monopolize the industry, while cinemas overseas are building the industry to greatness. We must call them out. They produce, write script, go to set, distribute, exhibits, I heard Kene Mkparu and Moses Babatope also acts with Mr Remy their Cinema manager, what else? Jack of all trade, master of none’.


‘They come back from London with funny mentality borrow money from bank of industry to use in destroying the industry as well. This is really sad. Is this what their Oga Mr Craig asked them to do? Someone has to stand up to them. In Oprah’s word. Enough is Enough! A new day is on the Horizon. You can see all rubbish films mentioned are from Filmhouse. Tarnishing the image of the film industry in Nigeria which may affect how Africa and the rest of the world will see Nollywood’ he said.

Source: Linda Ikeji’s blog

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