Man Kills Himself And Children Over Wife’s Masturbation

A 30-year-old Zambian man has killed his two children with insecticide before committing suicide at a lodge in Lusaka’s Matero township, because his wife masturbated a lot

Police Assistant Public Relations Officer, Godfrey Chilabi, says the children, Fernando, a boy aged 3 and Shamie, a girl aged 6, were found dead, while their father, Joe Tembo, was found gasping for air and rushed to the hospital where he later died.

Chilabi says Police officers who rushed to the scene, on Tuesday, found three empty bottles of pesticide, torn documents and two cell phones.

A worker at the said lodge alerted police in Matero after members of staff noticed that the guests did not leave their room after several attempts made to open the door.

Joe took pictures of the children before killing them and sent to his wife, who he complained was masturbating a lot and deprived him sexual pleasures. He also sent a voice note.

According to the audio, the two have been married for 8 years but his wife only wanted masturbation instead of sex. The wife was also, reportedly, never at home.


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