Unbelievable: Nigerian Dad Pretends To Be Another Person Just To Find Out If His Daughter Has A Boyfriend

Nigerian fathers are known to be protective of their children, especially their daughters and can be fierce in making sure they are alright.

Sometimes, these fathers are really harsh when their daughters bring home boyfriends or admirers and can go long distances in investigating the origins of the men coming for their girls.

Recently, a Twitter user added fuel to the belief that Nigerian dads are very protective of their daughters when she shared what her friend’s father did to her. 

Sharing the story on Twitter, the young lady revealed that her friend’s father actually pretended to be another person and chatted her up on WhatsApp just to find out if she has a boyfriend or not.

She wrote: “The funniest thing just happened.

“My friends dad just tested her to see if she really has a boyfriend or not Nigerian parents tho”

Below are the screenshots of the WhatsApp chat between man and his daughter.

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