You Won’t Believe What A Woman Caught Her Husband Doing After Checking Him On Google Maps

According to a report by Daily Star UK, a married woman has divorced her police officer husband after catching him cheating with his alleged mistress on Google Maps.

The copper works at a police station in the city of Reynosa, in the north-eastern Mexican state of Tamaulipas.

His wife, curious about her husband’s work, decided to look it up on Google Street View. 

But she was outraged to see a uniformed officer – apparently her hubby – pictured hugging another woman just outside.

The fella pleaded his innocence and claimed the image was edited, local media report. 

But his wife didn’t buy it and has since reportedly filed for divorce. 

The woman shared the picture online and Google Maps has since blurred the faces of the couple.

Marcelo Piwnica said: “If you are disloyal, you have to bear in mind what you do outdoors. One can be disloyal indoor, luckily Google Maps does not have an X-ray camera to see what happens behind a wall.”

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