Advice Column: I’m in love with my friend’s husband

I met this guy while in the University, we became so close and everyone thought we were dating. I loved him so much but he never asked me out and I failed to tell him how I felt about him.

We were on holidays in final year and he came to see me at my house{We both live in the same city). That fateful day,  my bestfriend was at my house and suddenly this guy and my friend just clicked. It was like they have known for years and I was like the stranger. that is how they fell in love and got married last year after 3years of dating.

The problem is, I have remained in love with this guy since then. I tried to be in my own relationship but I can never truly give myself to any man. I, always avoid going to visit them because my emotions run all over the place. Please advice me before I do something harmful to my friend’s marriage.

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