Lagosian purchases a bottle of Pepsi only to find a used straw in it (Photo)

An instagram user shares his story of how he bought a bottle of pepsi just to refresh himself after the stressful day only to buy a cocked drink with a used straw inside.

He was so surprised at this weird discovery that he took to his IG to criticize the poor hygienic state of the pepsi bottling company, urging them to be more cautious.

Taking to Instagram to share photos of the drink, he wrote;

“I needed a drink yesterday after a long day and I asked a drink vendor to gimme my usual bottle of Pepsi to my chagrin I found a used straw inside inside the factory cocked bottle of pepsi.. and I felt bad that this is not hygienic enough..

It shows @Pepsi_naija does not wash their bottle well from the factory before refilling… I want to advise the company not to leave any stone untouched when producing ..

They should protect their customers; first taking healthy measures so we won’t contact disease and other infections through their products…. Now I have officially stopped taking @pepsi_naijadrinks…”

See post below;

Source – Akpraise

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