Nigerians react to Adeboye’s statement that ‘Anyone not paying tithe is not going to heaven’

General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, has advised pastors of the church in attendance to warn their parishioners about the danger of ignoring tithing. Adeboye said this as he spoke at the April edition of the monthly Holy Ghost Service at the Redemption Camp, along Lagos/Ibadan Expressway. In his words;

“I want to give every one of you pastors an opportunity to repent tonight.
“And then to go back, immediately after this convention, to restitute your ways with your congregation.
“Make it clear to them…Anyone who is not paying his tithe is not going to heaven, full stop.”

Some Nigerians however took to Twitter to react. Read below;

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  • Acts 16:30-31, john 3-16,36, the way of salvation has not changed and it will never change because that is how God has chosen to reconcile sinful men to Himself. This man is preaching another gospel which is not a gospel at all,how can anyone one set aside the price that Christ paid at the cross and compare it to tithes?did tithe died at the cross? Was adeboye the one that was crucified? Acts 4-12, the bitter truth is that this fellow is an heretic and a minister of another gospel. Anyone not preaching Christ is not to be listen to I have never heard them preaching 1&2 timothy and Titus you know why? I leave that for everyone one of us that loves Christ to answer for ourselves God bless all those that call on the name of the Lord with a pure heart.

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