10 Things You Would Definitely Know if You’re a Tenant in Lagos


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While growing up under your parents roof especially if they own the house, there are certain thing you wouldn’t know then or wasn’t your business knowing. But when you grow up and move out to be your own boss, then you would begin to understand what it means to be an adult in Nigeria. If you live a big city such as Lagos, then you know that accommodation, Feeding and transportation are the three major demons your income will constantly face.

Being a tenant in Lagos is an experience on it own that you can’t buy from any market. You’re definitely going to come across some certain type of people you had no idea, existed before. The landlord, the agent and co-tenant.

Some Nigerians took to twitter to share some funny experience they have had with their tenant and believe me, you would certainly relate sharp, if you live in Nigeria and have a landlord.

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