Funny Video of Nigerian Employee Commanding Boss to Sign Document in the name of the father, son and Holy ghost goes viral

An unidentified Nigerian man has sparked social media users’ reactions after a video of him commanding his boss to sign some documents in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit hit  the internet.

A twitter user with the handle @BossRicky01, shared the video online, claiming that the incident happened in his office, however he did not reveal the name of the firm. The yet-to-be identified man is seen commanding his boss with scriptural backing  to sign a promotional document for him but sadly, his move not only failed but earned him a security personnel manhandling and escorting him out of the office.

The man is heard saying in the video;

“Oh God, your the one that has heaven and earth and gives us the power to have dominion over the thing of the world…

“He commands me to command you that you should sign this thing in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit…

“But if you did not do it, the God who created heaven and earth, who created you and guard your soul and have everything with you…

“If you did not sign it is ready to take your life…”

See video below

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