Man Who Came Back From The Dead In 1975 Dies Again

A man from Niger State who died and came back from death in 1975 died again on Wednesday.

His cousin, Gana Solomon, comfirmed the death to Blueprint in a phone interview last night. The cousin gave the deceased’s name as Alhaji Gana, whom he said lived for 43 years upon his second coming.

Alhaji Gana hailed from Muwo town in Mokwa Local Government Area of Niger state.

Confirmed by his cousin who is also a brother to his second wife, in Kin-Nupe, the name Nupe people call their geographical location, it is a widely known narrative that Alhaji Gana died in 1975 at a youthful age, the day a date for his wedding was fixed.

Upon his death at the time, he was buried in accordance with Islamic rule.

However, Months after the death, herdsmen in Jebba area, who did not know him and did not know of his death, saw him in one of their cattle routes, deep in the forest.

As narrated by Solomon and corroborated by the Chief Imam of Muwo in a phone call, the herdsmen captured, chained and took him to their temporary abode within the forest.

Solomon said the herdsmen narrated that when he was captured, his behaviour was abnormal and his words were inaudible any time he tried to talk.

According to Solomon, the herdsmen, who had a spiritual healer among them, took him through a spiritual healing process, after which he got back to his senses, was able to talk and his behaviour became normal.

Thereafter, he was able to tell his captors who he was, where he hailed from and how he was ill and died.

The captor later took their captive home, precisely in December 1975, after a well-publicised controversy involving the then district head of Muwo who was insistent a man back from death would not live in his domain.

Solomon, who was still young at the time, recalled that then Etsu Nupe had to intervene before Alhaji Gana was allowed back to Muwo to integrate with his people.

Although his behaviour did not give him away as a man who was once dead and buried, many people were scared of associating with him, but the situation ended after a few years, Solomon narrated.

Thereafter, he got married to the lady he was supposed to marry before his first death, for she was yet to marry.

Upon his second death on Wednesday, he was survived by three wives and 25 children some of whom are presently lecturers in some tetiary institutions across the country, Solomon told Blueprint.

Solomon also said the deceased was a farmer in the rainy seasons and a commercial driver in the dry seasons, adding that he owned many trucks.

The chief Imam of Muwo told Blueprint that he was buried in accordance with Islamic rites around 5:30pm on Wednesday, after passing away in the early hours of the day.

The chief Imam said Alhaji Gana isn’t expected to come back from death again, “because the first death was human and this one is divine. The first one was a ruse carried out by witches and wizards who were jealous of industriousness as a young man, but at this old age, Allah decided his time is up in the world.”

In Nupe land, Alhaji Gana wasn’t the only person who got back from death.

In Gbodoti in Edati LGA of Niger State, a lady called Nna-Aishatu got back from death after a few years.

Her captives were also herdsmen, but in a thick forest between Sokoto state and Niger Republic.

One of her relations, Hauwa Abubakar, a nurse told Blueprint last night that she is still alive and routinely sells foodstuff at Enagi, Mokwa and Kudu markets.

A former overseer of Nupe Calvary Church, late Pastor Amos Tsado, wrote a book on Nna-Aishatu.

Culled from DailyNigerian

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