Bill Gates celebrates his dad on Father’s Day, says he’s the real ‘Bill Gates’

Microsoft CEO, Bill Gates celebrated Father’s day as he took to Instagram share a pose with his father, William Henry “Bill” Gates Snr.

The American Billionaire shared the photo with his 92-year-old father and wrote:

‘My dad and I share the same name. After starting Microsoft, people used to ask him if he was the real Bill Gates. I always hope he says, “Yes.” I hope he tells them that he’s all the things the other one aspires to be. Happy #fathersday to the real Bill Gates.’

See the photo below;

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  • Sonya Wiley says:

    Hey big brother
    Happy father’s day to your Dad and the greatest team ‘Apex’ of all time plus I pray that progressive disease slows its progression.

    God Bless

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