I’m in search of a dominant woman that’ll use me as her slave – Nigerian man begs

A submissive Nigerian man is desperately in search of a woman who will treat him as a slave and he has taken to Facebook in search of this woman.

Smart Ochuka, from Enugu, Nigeria, shared his dilemma on a popular Facebook group that has a lot of followers.

He wrote that he is a submissive masochist and wants a dominant woman who will treat him like a slave, make him was her clothes, lick her ass, armpit, verbally abuse him, and generally use him as a dog.

He wrote:

Hello Preety Suzzy, i pray u doing great, Suzzy pls help me post this before I die in silence,

im a submissive masochist in search of a dominant woman that’ll use me as her slave, make me wash her clothes n pants, lick her ass, feet, armpit, just use me as her dog, verbally abuse me, all those humiliations turns me on as I’m a 100% submissive guy,

I just need a dominant woman dt’ll kp me in her house for 5days or a week n use me as her dog, I know its rare in Nigeria, but this is d real me, I crave this, I long for it, its my wired fantasy and I can’t deny myself wat gives me pleasure,

Nb!! Interested persons should inbox me as I’m certain that this post will attract a thousand comments n I might not be able to see them all, Thanks.

Smart’s Facebook friends may not exactly be surprised by this because he has been quite open about his sexuality and prides himself in being a man who helps people open up about their sexuality.

An initial post he shared on Facebook reads:

Sometimes I just help this Niggers loosen up on their sexuality before they die with pretence, lol, 100% Exceptional African man.

His recent post has gotten thousands of reactions and comments. As expected, a lot of Nigerians are shocked by this and have called him out. Others find it hilarious, while some have praised him for his courage to live life as his true self.


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