My daughter almost cried after reading negative comments about me on social media – Femi Adesina


Speaking recently with ThisDay, presidential Spokesman Femi Adesina said his daughter, a university undergraduate at the time “almost cried” reading a lot of negative things about him. Adesina said he told her not to worry about it because they were only social media fabrications.

He said;

“I remember my daughter who was in the university then and she called me and was almost crying and said ‘all these things I read on social media about you, this is not you,” he said.

“I then I told her ‘since you know that it is not me, then let your heart be at peace knowing that it is not your daddy, it is a creation of the social media.’”

Adesina added also that “a lot of Nigerians are with him (the president),” so that is what gives him joy working for president Buhari. He said;

“For me, it gives me a sense of fulfillment that I’m working with a man that is making a difference in Nigeria,”

“Everyday, I take the challenges as they come. Don’t mind the vocal minority who have access to social media and traditional media and say all sorts of things. They are a vocal minority but the majority of Nigerians are with him, and the polls will show it.”

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