Ebuka Obi-Uchendu narrates his recent encounter with a secondary school student who wants to be a dictator

Celebrity media personality and lawyer, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, has taken to his Twitter page to narrate his recent encounter with a secondary school student.

Ebuka revealed that he went to address some young Nigerians on career related topics at a secondary school, when he got a particularly funny response from a pupil who wants to be a dictator.

As expected Ebuka was quite surprised by the young boy’s answer, but he also explained that the boy made a case for himself.

Here’s how he shared the story;

“Highlight of my week has to be speaking to teenage students about choosing a career path, and a student standing up to say he wants to be a dictator!!!

I’d simply asked;

“How many here want a career that their parents don’t support?” Some students stood up to say they wanted to be rappers, footballers, TV producers, etc… Then I heard “Dictator”. I wasn’t ready…

“He did make a case for it, talking about how only brute force can stop Nigerians from being corrupt and make them actually obey rules and authority. Said politicians switching parties will never help.

It may have been a weird/funny moment but it was quite instructive to me about how younger Nigerians really perceive governance in their country. Everyone is watching.”

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