Viral Video of Davido’s Uncle, Senator Ademola Adeleke Twerking

Watch this viral video of  Davido’s Uncle, Senator Ademola Adeleke Twerking at a party.



  • Maryam says:

    If this man doesn’t take you to court over this publication then he’s too lenient! I don’t like the way he dances nonsensicaly up and down but the person in this video is definitely not him. If you open your eyes to check well before sending out this rubbish you will know that he is not the one. That person twerking looks like those alaga iduro alaga ijoko at weddings.

  • karasco says:

    this is really funny, see the way the man is dancing, but i hope that’s really the senator, cuz if it isnt, it wont be funny.

  • karasco says:

    Is that for really i just cant cant enough of this video

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