Another Nigerian with integrity – Man says after his phone was returned back to him by stranger (photo)

A Nigerian man identified as Brian J. Dennis recently lost his phone inside a Keke Napep (commercial motorcycle) but another man found it and returned it to him.

Dennis told the incredible story of how his missing phone was brought back to him.

According to him, the development is a big deal to him because the phone was not even pass-worded and the man who found it could have easily just gone away with it.

Revealing the finder’s name as Sunday Omoru, Dennis explained that the man called him and asked where he was before arranging for how to bring back the phone.

Dennis wrote:

“I forgot my Samsung S8 in a Keke and this guy found it, told me where to meet him and gave it to me.

“This is a big deal for me because the phone wasn’t even passworded.

“His name is Sunday Omoru.

“Another Nigerian with more integrity than President Buhari.”

See his tweet below:

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