Broom is the symbol of witchcraft – Fani Kayode reacts to giant broom erection in Abuja by APC

A former Aviation Minister, Femi Fani Kayode has lambased the All Progressive Congress, APC led federal government of erecting the symbol of witchcraft at the sit of power.

This is in reaction to the recent mounting of  giant broom at the Unity Park near Transcorp Hilton, in the heart of the federal capital territory, FCT, Abuja and just by the gate of the FCT.

According to Fani Kayode the broom which is the symbol of the APC is also the symbol of witchcraft – speaking via Twitter on Friday, the former minister said the APC and the FG are invoking “dark forces to stay in power but will fail.”

In his words:

They have erected a giant broom at Unity Park near Transcorps Hilton in the centre of Abuja and another one directly in front of the city gate. The broom is the symbol of the ruling APC and a symbol of witchcraft. They are invoking dark forces to stay in power but they will fail.



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