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I am Tosin..... 'Tee' . I'm a Master's degree holder, a lover of God, mankind and youthfulness, a fashionista and hair naturalist. I'm a size 6, yet I'd choose a bottle of water over a glass of soft drinks, and fruits in place of sharwama. My major hobby include inspiring the world via writing.... poems, stories....just name it. And hey, to those of you that address me as 'Mr Tee' in the advice column.....I am a lady, not a #justTeetalking#

Adaeze Yobo’s Open Letter To Toke Makinwa About Her Book


Adaeze Yobo is all for Toke Makinwa’s new book ‘On Becoming’, she shared photos from the event and also an open letter in clebration of Toke Makinwa on her instagram page. Read below Oh wow! Tok star  The joy of the Lord upon you shall be forever… I always say “one …

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Nigerians Urge Seun Egbegbe to Join MMM and Stop Stealing iPhones


The jungle justice meted out to the man who claims to be a filmmaker and movie marketer for nine iPhones from a shop on Medical Road was the beginning before his arraignment at an Ikeja Magistrate Court on Thursday for stealing. With the advent of social media, however, fans and …

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7 Local Foods To Boost Your Milk Supply


Thankfully, research has shown that these foods have some properties that get your mammy gland active with the production of the much needed food. 1. Pap Most women, especially in Nigeria have made it a norm to give a woman who just had a baby pap. This is also known as ogi or akamu. …

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If He Does These 9 Things, He’s FOR SURE Having An Emotional Affair


Here are ten signs your man may be having an emotional affair. 1. He has his own ringtone for her. 2. His inside jokes with her are non-stop. Listen, I have inside jokes with people I’ve met once but I feel like I can at least explain them better than “you …

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If He Does These 30 Things, Date Him!


You should date the person with these characteristics. 1. Date someone that urges you to tell your friends that he says hello whenever you get a text from one of them. 2. Date someone that will sit through a movie with you that he’s already seen, so he can watch your reactions to it all. …

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Are you married? Being on top is a whole different experience than most other positions, which means it can get a little complicated. You need more stamina, AKA energy, to be able to last longer. And we all know longer sex is better,right?( Well, sometimes, anyway). If you want to learn …

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9 Non-Sexual Things That Make A Woman Sexy AF To A Man


There are plenty of non-sexual qualities that make a women incredibly sexy. Ladies, if your man doesn’t find you sexy for these reasons, then you may be better off with another man. Guys, if you don’t find women sexy for these reasons, then you need to reassess your thinking a …

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Want a Healthy Vagina? Eat this!


Keep your vajayjay happy with the right nutrients. 1. Plain yogurt Eat it to help prevent and even treat yeast infections. 2. Sweet potatoes They’re rich in vitamin A, which helps keep your vaginal tissue healthy. Plus they improve your sex hormones and may even reduce your risk of breast cancer. 3. Soy It …

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3 Tips to Avoid The Holiday Season Weight Gain


Holiday season is all about parties and cozying up by the fireplace on a cold winter night. But all those hors d’oeuvres and hot chocolate can really put a damper on your diet. Here are 3 tips to avoid winter weight gain: 1. Make a workout schedule and stick to …

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5 Excellent Anti-Aging Foods


Do you want to slow the aging process and maintain your youthful appearance make sure that every day at your desk is one of the following ingredients. 1. GREEN TEA In the list of anti-aging foods on the high place is green tea. Relieves a number of diseases of skin …

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4 Marriage Goals for Couples Who Want to Thrive in the New Year


Here are four marriage goals to keep in mind when it comes to thriving (not just surviving) in your marriage: 1. Spiritual goals Do you want to start praying together? Do you want to start going to a Bible study together or just start reading the Bible together? What are some …

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(ADVICE NEEDED): I Am Married But Can’t Stop Loving my Junior Colleague


Question : I am married and was having an affair with a colleague who is 8 years my junior. We managed to keep it under wraps as everyone thought we are just good friends. It was all going fine but he has started dating another girl who wants him to severe …

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INTERESTING: 7 Benefits Of Semen You Don’t Know


Researchers have found that exposure to semen is good for women’s health because of the mood-altering chemicals of this body fluid. Earlier research had shown that these chemicals not just elevate mood, increase affection and induce sleep, but also contain vitamins and anti-depressants. 1. Elevates your mood Doctors say that when …

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Why You Should Get Tested For These STIs During Pregnancy


Screenings for these sexually transmitted infections during pregnancy are quite important as infected women may have no significant symptoms and untreated infection(s) can have fatal consequences on mother and baby’s health… 1. Gonorrhea & Chlamydia While many women with these common STIs have no symptoms at all, others may experience …

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5 Things Husbands Do That Make a Wife Crazy Jealous


Your partner may not know exactly what you need to be comfortable in your relationship. But there are some surefire ways to drive you crazy and make you seem possessive. Your husband may not know even realize they are doing these things, and if they are, they need to stop. …

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3 Foods to Make You Boss in Bed


Here are 3 foods to make you boss in bed! 1. Pumpkin seeds These powerful seeds are loaded with zinc, which helps increase libido. 2. Sweet potatoes Keep it up with these potassium-rich carbs, since studies show they help prevent erectile dysfunction. 3. Apples Protect the engine with quercetin, an antioxidant in apples that may help keep …

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7 ways to be unique in a world where no one feels special


In our society, everyone wants to be unique. However, in this highly competitive world, there are many people who can do the same things you do…meaning you don’t really stand out. Don’t expect to just show up and be noticed; here are seven purposeful ways to be unique in a …

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6 Places On His Body He’s DYING For You To Kiss (Besides His Lips)


It’s easy to neglect some of these special spots, since we often want to get to the main attraction….. you know what i mean! But why not take it a little slower, take some extra time to get his entire body tingling? So where good spots to kiss (besides his lips)? Let’s work our way down …

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What Men Are Too Afraid to Ask For in Bed


No matter how much crazy-great sex you and your partner might be having, admit it: You’ve wondered if there’s any desire he’s holding back. Hey, chances are you have a fantasy or curiosity that you may or may not have worked up the courage to divulge just yet, so what’s …

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Zahra Buhari’s Wedding Reportedly Postponed Over A Disagreement At The Introduction Ceremony


Daughter of President Muhammadu Buhari, Zahra was earlier scheduled to marry Ahmed Indimi this weekend, but new reports now say the wedding has been postponed. This is coming days after the two families meet in traditional introduction ceremony where reports say that the Indimis delivered 30 LV bags, worth about …

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