Saturday , 22 November 2014
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Boko Haram: Review Of Military Expenditure And Strategy


By Toks Ero    Pertinent questions must be asked concerning Nigeria Federal Government and the military’s handling of Boko Haram insurgency. From inception of incidence of bomb blasts to outright seizing of territories, Boko Haram is defiling the Nigerian government/military and violating Nigerians. No meaningful growth and development can be ... Read More »

Tambuwal: God Bless The Police written by Adekoya Boladale


The news on the defection of the outgoing speaker of the House of Representatives, Hon. Aminu Tambuwal from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to the All Progressive Congress (APC) has become a matter of national discuss in the past few weeks, with analysts and commentators jumping in to share a ... Read More »



 written by Obinna  Akukwe Nigeria’s Ambassador to the United States, Prof Ade Adefuye suggested recently that the United States deliberately refused to assist Nigeria with technology to fight Boko Haram. Adefuye made it known to members of the Council on Foreign Relations on Monday that   “The Nigerian leadership… are not ... Read More »

Reps-prescribed life pension and its inherent crassness by Ugochukwu Ugwuanyi


magine that a man diligently serves the fatherland for 35 years, contributing a specified sum out of his salary to become his pension when the feebleness of old age sets in. Yet, at the end of the day, he gets pittance out of such accumulated life saving. It even eludes ... Read More »

Omenka Gallery Presents Power and Powers Exhibition Supported By Nikon

Omenka Gallery is proud to present Power and Powers, an exhibition of recent photographs by leading contemporary Nigerian artist, Uche James‐Iroha. Supported by Nikon, the exhibition calls for a self-examination and invites the audience to an introspective of 54 years of epileptic power supply in Nigeria.  According to the artist, ... Read More »

Top five quick facts about Boko Haram

Written by Femi 1) They Recruit Fighters at a prime age Human rights watch dog revealed that the Islamic group recruits young children from age 11 above, and they undergo clandestine Military training in unknown camps. 2) Group despises Christians- Although their primary aim is to create a Muslim caliphate, ... Read More »


When few years ago, President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan in an address, referred to ‘Terrorism’ as a “global phenomenon, which has come to stay”, the media went agog if not frenzy with the report and pundits including this writer, vilified him for such uncouth statement least expected from a leader who ... Read More »

To Divide Or Remain United: Should Nigeria Follow Scotland’s Example?


Today Scotland decided against independence through a historic referendum to remain in the 307-year-old union with the United Kingdom. Opponents of independence won 55 percent of the vote while those who want self-rule for Scotland won 45 percent with all 3.6 million votes counted in a record 85 percent turnout. ... Read More »

The Wages Of Impunity – Wole Soyinka

Wole Soyinka

The dancing obscenity of Shekau and his gang of psychopaths and child abductors, taunting the world, mocking the BRING BACK OUR GIRLS campaign on the internet, finally met its match in Nigeria to inaugurate the week of September 11 – most appropriately. Shekau’s danse macabre was surpassed by the unfurling ... Read More »

Shocking Revelations: Maitama Sule, Inuwa Wada, Alhaji Tanko Yakasai And Chidi Odinalu Speak In Wepicturrenigeria Series

Luqman Edu

WTN Business and Technology Solutions and Empire Mates Entertainment (EME) presents, the first episode of a new documentary series titled “WePictureNigeria” which features interviews of Founding Fathers, Leaders, and Influencers focusing on Nigeria’s history pre and post-independence. This episode features Alhaji Sule Maitama, Inuwa Wada, Alhaji Tanko Yakasai and Chidi ... Read More »

Success Driven By Innovation And Technology – The Tecno Mobile Story


All successful brands the world over share one key element in their success story and that is hard work. TECNO Mobile is not left out in this universal trend of unique brand development, high quality product offerings, affordability and improvement…improvement….improvement. TECNO Mobile offerings in mobile voice and data technologies, which ... Read More »

Union Bank Launches MoneyGram Back-To-School Promo


Union Bank of Nigeria Plc has launched the Back to School MoneyGram campaign which will run through the end of September 2014. As the new academic year approaches, the promotion allows parents and guardians to send and receive money for school fees and other school related expenses through MoneyGram transfers ... Read More »

Nigerians Choose Entertainment Industry For Easy Money, Glamour


Nigerian author and columnist Azuka Onwuka explains why Nigerians are “seduced” by the entertainment industry. Azuka Onwuka is a trainer on effective writing and speaking, a marriage counsellor, a businessman, author and columnist. In his piece entitled Before All Our Children Become Entertainers, he explains why Nigerians, especially our children, are lured ... Read More »

The Auto Policy: Who’s Fooling Who? –Part 1


By the Nigerian Economic Vanguard INTRODUCTION Prior to the full implementation of the auto policy, Nigerians were paying 20% duty on passenger cars (PC) and 10% duty on commercial vehicles (CV). However, with the full implementation of the policy, beginning 1st July, 2014, the masses are expected to pay 70% ... Read More »

Nigerian Government Urged To Address Youth Unemployment


Kayode Folajimi is concerned with the scale of youth unemployment and the government’s lack of political will to address the problem and many others that stem out of it.   Mr. Folajimi is a graduate of the Obafemi Awolowo University in Ile Ife, Osun State. Presently, he is looking for a job. In ... Read More »

EXCLUSIVE: Di Maria close to joining Manchester club

Di Maria

Top sources have told Information Nigeria that the Argentine has agreed to a lucrative deal with Manchester United. Real Madrid winger Angel Di Maria is expected to complete a switch to Manchester United for a deal believed to be around as high as £60 million. The 26-year old was initially ... Read More »

Why Don Jazzy became Mentor


Michael Ajereh, widely known as Don Jazzy, has partnered with to become a mentor for the maiden edition of its accelerator program in Lagos, Nigeria. Don Jazzy will be joining other mentors, including top entrepreneurs and business executives, to provide guidance and practical advice to startups that will ... Read More »

Ethnicity and the Leadership Question by Nkannebe Raymond


At one point in time in the socio-political voyage of a community of people, the responsibility of producing leaders to spearhead the activities of the general community for a constitutional duration agreed by the people, is thrown at a particular section of the general community. Given such a situation, it ... Read More »

Youth and Mental illness: There is Hope for Africa


Tuesday, 12th August 2014 was marked globally as International Youth Day (IYD) designated by the United Nations to draw attention to a given set of cultural and legal issues surrounding youths worldwide. It is quite unfortunate that the knowledge of an all important day as this is relatively poor across ... Read More »

The Triumph of Myth -Omozuwa Gabriel Osamwonyi


About a fortnight ago, a thought-stultifying myth created mass hysteria in Nigeria. Many Nigerians based on hearsay eagerly embraced the salt-water bath as otherworldly vaccine against Ebola. Seemingly, its efficacy was not questioned by the general public. Rather it was a moment of eureka.  Our cultural pride ballooned, herbalists were ... Read More »