Monday , 2 March 2015
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[OPINION] N5Billion Scam On Jonathan: Igbo Leaders Condemns Ohanaeze By Obinna Akukwe


Igbo leaders in the nineteen northern states of Nigeria have continued to condemn the manner the National Executive of Ohanaeze  Ndigbo scammed President Goodluck Jonathan of N5 billion naira in return for second term endorsement.  They have threatened to expose the successive culture of corruption and betrayal of Ndigbo for ... Read More »

[OPINION] For God, For Country, For Glory! By Adekoya Boladale


There is a general saying, that as humans we are less appreciative of the science involved in having a peaceful sleep and waking up peacefully everyday. Most people in religious parlance holds that the chemistry behind it is more of divine intervention. Atheists on the other hand are of the ... Read More »

[OPINION] Obasanjo’s Graceful Exit From PDP: The Rest Is Noise Within PDP Camp By Bayo Oluwasanmi


Barbara Stanwyck: “We’re both rotten!” Fred MacMurray: “Yeah – only you’re a little more rotten.” Those lines of dialogue from the film “Double Indemnity” (1944) sum up the state of the two major political parties in Nigeria today. Both parties are rotten. How could they not be? Given the complete ... Read More »

[OPINION] Let The People Win: A Passionate Letter To President Goodluck Jonathan By Ogundana Michael Rotimi


Dear President Goodluck Jonathan, My sincere commendation goes to you- The Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of Nigeria, on the successes made so far by the military in flushing out the insurgents in the North Eastern part of the country. Achievements like this are commendable and the people ... Read More »

[OPINION] High Rate Of Mortality: The Dearth Of Sanitary Inspectors By Ilyas A. Adegoke


How much I wish we returned to the olden days when sanitary inspectors known as “Wole-Wole” among the Yorubas, “Nwa ole-ala” among the Igbos, and “Duba-Geri” in the Hausa-speaking parts of the country were rated in high- esteem as they took preventive health to an enviable height. In those days, ... Read More »

[OPINION] Olusegun Obasanjo: A Gift That Keeps Giving Sh*t By Adekoya Boladale


For those of us not privileged to have been born in the 60’s, the heroic and bravery of Retired General Olusegun Obasanjo was taught to us in the four walls of elementary and secondary schools. ‘…the civil war lasted for years’ my primary school teacher, Mr. Bayo began in one ... Read More »

[OPINION] Ohanaeze Ndigbo: Sharing Of Jonathan’s N5 billion Endorsement Gift Creates More Crisis By Obinna Akukwe


·         Northern Chapter Presidents Rejects Endorsement ·         Igbo Leaders Accused of embezzling  fund from the top ·         Rtd IGP Mike Okiro saves Igbo leaders from Embarrassment   The crisis generated by Jonathan’s N5 billion naira endorsement gift is increasing by the day as more groups within the body accuses Igariwey ... Read More »

[OPINION] Obasanjo’s Last ‘Dance’ Of Shame By Raymond Nkannebe


“Between age and Maturity is but a great chasm”-Author Ever since he wrote the controversial letter late 2013, to president Goodluck Ebele Jonathan that literally sent tongues of fire dropping on the polity as they did on the Apostles on Pentecost day, General Olusegun Obasanjo, former military head of state ... Read More »

[OPINION] Where Are We Going? … Looking Ahead Beyond 2015 By Bayo Oluwasanmi


Let me begin my thoughts on Nigeria beyond 2015 by taking you back to 1776 America. The most famous and perhaps the most eloquent expression of a people’s right to “dissolve the political bands” which tie them together was penned by Thomas Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence. Thomas Jefferson ... Read More »

[OPINION] 30 Facts About Owners Of Nigeria’s Richest Oil Blocks In The Midst Of National Poverty By Obinna Akukwe

oil (1)

The richest oil blocks in Nigeria is owned by a few hundreds of persons while half of 160 million Nigerians live below S1 dollar daily. This injustice and wickedness must be corrected by whosoever wins the elections – whether Buhari, Jonathan, Interim Government, Boko Haram or civilian revolution. When I ... Read More »

[OPINION] Buhariphobia; The Only Logically Reason For Election Postponement By Ogundana Michael Rotimi


It would be difficult for an ordinary Nigerian that understands the way Nigerian politics is being played to believe that the postponement of the general elections which were earlier scheduled for February 2015, was not masterminded by some group of people for reasons best known to them. I know that ... Read More »

[OPINION] Will Jonathan’s Goodluck Avail Him This Time? By Nkannebe Raymond


No matter how philosophers and ancient thinkers would want us to belittle the terms “luck”, “fate”, “fortune” or “providence” in human existence, what remains as a fact is that this terms, have huge influence in who gets what, when and how, and to a great extent dictate the general course ... Read More »

[OPINION] NANS And Student Unionism In Nigeria: A Contemporary Contradiction By Nkannebe Raymond


“The blind leading the blind is not so bad, what is more jarring is the blind leading the sighted” I had intended dedicating this column to setting the final agenda for the presidential candidates of the ruling People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and the opposition All Progressives Congress (APC), and in ... Read More »

[OPINION] Nigeria Pre-Elections Anxiety And Post Elections Violence Phobia By Tersoo Teecube


The anxiety over the outbreak of violence during or after the forthcoming general elections which was slated for February 14th and 28th but now postponed to March 28th and April 11th respectively has generated uneasy restiveness and high alert for predictable breakdown of law and order depending on the outcome ... Read More »

[OPINION] Nigeria: Time To Consider A Unity Government By Adekoya Boladale


If there is one thing political events in the past few days has taught us about the up-coming general election in Africa’s most populous country, Nigeria, it is the fact that the term ‘free and fair’ may become too expensive for the country to afford if it eventually goes to ... Read More »

[OPINION] Why It Should Not Be Buhari By Toks Ero


It gives me great joy and satisfaction that many Nigerians are increasingly becoming politically conscious. Current trends in the Nigerian polity especially as it relates to the expression of interests and opinions and the ferocity of same gives me hope that Nigerian leaders may not have it easy emasculating the ... Read More »

[OPINION] The Presidency`s Desperation Versus People`s Determination By Ogundana Michael Rotimi


Finally, the Presidential election has been postponed, a new date; March 28, has been fixed. Whether some sets of people are responsible for the postponement, I can`t tell, but there are evidences that suggest that some particular sets of people were very interested in the postponement of the election and ... Read More »

[OPINION] Jonathan’s N5 Billion Naira Endorsement Gift Tears Ohanaeze To Pieces By Obinna Akukwe

*Igariwey denies receiving such money *19 Northern States Chapters Presidents Stranded in Enugu *Igbo leaders kick while Igbo Youths Rejoice * Ohaneze Elders Council Condemns Endorsement of Jonathan Pandemonium broke out at the Ohanaeze Ndigbo Secretariat of Tuesday during the sharing of the huge sums of money given to the ... Read More »

[OPINION] Who’s Afraid Of Buhari? Thugs And Thieves Like Femi Fani-Kayode  And Ayodele Fayose By Bayo Oluwasanmi


As the presidential election enters its critical phase, the air is thick with accusation and counter-accusations about the candidates. In what is now a desperation for Mr. Jonathan that he’s loosing the edge, he and his attack dogs are in full throttle to pin on General Muhammadu Buhari the toxic ... Read More »

[OPINION] Presidency 2015: Jonathan Dumps Oritsejafor For Oyedepo, Uma-Ukpai,  Enenche By Obinna Akukwe


Ahead of the 2015 presidential polls, Nigeria’s President Goodluck Jonathan had dumped his erstwhile close friend and business associate ,Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor in favor of the President of Living Faith Church (Winners Chapel), Bishop David Oyedepo, as the arrow head of support for his re-election battle among Nigerian Christians. Bishop ... Read More »