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[OPINION] Diezani Madueke, Oshiomhole And The Stolen $6billion Nigeria’s Oil Revenue By Obinna Akukwe

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Diezani Madueke, Nigeria’s former oil minister is the person the entire watchers in the oil industry including the international community, government officials, oil magnets and friends of Jonathan believe as the super minister that stole Nigeria’s $6.2 billion dollars as revealed by Adams Oshiomhole, Edo State Governor. President Buhari of ... Read More »

[OPINION] The Senate ‘Armistice’: We Are The Losers By Raymond Nkannebe


Fellow Nigerians, last week Tuesday, something terrible happened while we watched. Something close to an abomination if not more, befell us. A friend of mine called it an ‘anathema’, you could as well refer to it as a ‘Murder in the Cathedral’ (apologies to T.S.Eliot). It was one which many ... Read More »

[OPINION] JAMB Policy: Opposing A Beautiful Idea At Infancy By Adebayo Alao

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  Commonly, Nigerians relive Mathew 22:14, that popular Bible verse that is known to even those who have never been within the four walls of a church. “Many were called, few were chosen,” that scripture that accentuates the gracious disposition of God has, to many Nigerians, become a recitation of ... Read More »

[OPINION] Our Movement Against Corruption Won’t Last Without The Public Sector Reform By Ogundana Michael Rotimi

Ogundana Michael Rotimi

  “President Muhammadu Buhari’s anti-graft war has started yielding dividends. Following blockage of leakages, Nigeria’s foreign reserves have increased from $28.57 billion at the end of May to $31.53 billion as of July 22, 2015.” – CBN Governor, Godwin Emefiele, during a press brief at the end of the Monetary ... Read More »

Observations From The Buhari-American “Holiday” By Nkannebe Raymond.


Last week, the political scene almost burst at the seams as it simmered with commentary on President Muhammadu Buhari’s working visit (some said holiday) to the United States of America with a large delegation, the size of at least, three football teams. And we are not talking about pot-bellied aides, ... Read More »

Reuben Abati Talks About His Days As SA To Jonathan, Says ‘The Job Was An Intrusion On My Private Life’


As spokesman to President Goodluck Jonathan, my phones rang endlessly and became more than personal navigators within the social space. They defined my entire life; dusk to dawn, all year-round. The phones buzzed non-stop, my email was permanently active; my twitter account received tons of messages per second.  The worst ... Read More »

[OPINION] Mr. President; A Letter To You On Your Trip To The U.S By Reginald L. Chukwu

Gen. Buhari

My dear president, I can feel you basking in the euphoria of the recent ally between Nigeria and the USA. The much talked about trip by you and your publicity team tells how elated you are that the cooperation between both countries is happening in your administration. The US under ... Read More »

[OPINION] So Why Was Sambo Dasuki Not Arrested? By Ogundana Michael Rotimi

Ogundana Michael Rotimi

  Government comes and government goes. Politician comes and politician goes. But public institutions remain with us. It is the more reason why we must strive to strengthen them and make them stronger than any individual. Painfully, rather for us to strengthen our institutions and make them strong, we build ... Read More »

[OPINION] Thoughts On The Buhari American Jamboree By Raymond Nkannebe


Fellow Nigerians, by the time you would be reading this, our president, Muhammadu Buhari, would have been one day old in the state that prides itself for freedom, the United States of America together with a long list of delegates whose expenses would cost tax-payers some N 2.2 billion on ... Read More »

[OPINION] MAIDUGURI – From Home Of Peace To Pieces By Raymond Nkannebe


Barely a decade ago, it was a city synonymous with hospitality. Its people were known for their tolerance and forbearance to live with their neighbors that dot its borders. As a state sharing a common boundary with the three countries of Chad, Niger and Cameroon, there is no gainsaying the ... Read More »

Belated Open Letter To A ‘Tired’ President By Nkannebe Raymond


Presidential greetings your excellency, I’m sure by now, you must be getting used to your new residence and also adapting quickly to your new routines as the leader, some say supreme leader of Africa’s most populous nation (if a nation really subsists within it). Let me quickly, before I proceed ... Read More »

[OPINION] Prof. Siyan Oyeweso: The Mark Of A Scholar, University Administrator And Mentor By Raheem Oluwafunminiyi


  The ink of the scholar is more sacred than the blood of the martyr. – Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W)   *****   It was the Scottish historian and essayist Thomas Carlyle (1795 – 1881) who once said: “No great man lives in vain. The history of the world is but the biography of great ... Read More »

[OPINION] A Nation Once Peaceful Now A Rot To International Organisations By Reginald L. Chukwu

Democratic Nigeria

Reminiscing the period our Nigeria – which has become a rot to the international community and an unsafe haven for its citizens as a result of the Boko Haram activities, was the envy of other nations. Before the insurgency, Nigeria was regarded one of the happy and peace loving nations, despite the hardship the government put the people through with its ... Read More »

[OPINION] Before Saraki Screens Ministerial Nominees, Let’s Purge The Political Eunuch From Senate Presidency By Bayo Oluwasanmi



  What vision do we have for Nigeria after the electoral victory of the Progressives March 28? Are we going to continue to preach the same old sermon, pray the same old prayers, and sing the same old songs as if that alone would be enough to translate our mandate ... Read More »

[OPINION] The Pros And Cons Of Negotiating With Boko Haram By Ogundana Michael Rotimi

Ogundana Michael Rotimi

  The debate whether the Nigerian government is weak if it negotiates with the dreaded Islamist sect, Boko Haram is out again. This was as a result of the statement credited to the Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, Mr. Femi Adesina. During an interview with the ... Read More »

[OPINION] Boko Haram Prisoners, Salt In Our Injuries By Hon. Chinedu Nkwonta

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  Nigeria and the entire world know that the highest victims of the insurgency in the Northern part of this country has been the South East, Ndigbo. There is no State in Igbo land that has not gotten reasonable share of the consequences of the bombings and killings perpetrated by ... Read More »

[OPINION] Ambode And The Burden Of Lagos By Emmanuel Asuquo

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It is no news that the just concluded 2015 polls has really helped in the political enlightenment and participation of Nigerians. The country witnessed a great level of political participation; and this equally helped in mounting some kind of demands “pressure” on the politicians; as the electorates seem to be ... Read More »

Open Letter To President Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR, Commander-in-Chief Of The Armed Forces Of The Federal Republic Of Nigeria By Nigerian Volunteers To The West African Ebola (ASEOWA) Mission – Appeal For Intervention

Gen. Buhari

                                                                                                                                                                                             29/6/2015 Your Excellency, Congratulations on your victory in the March 28th 2015 Presidential Election. You indeed are a success model for every Nigerian or any human being for that matter, toiling everyday to get ... Read More »

[OPINION] How To Oust Generic Bukola Saraki By The Nuclear Option By Bayo Oluwasanmi

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  I can’t think of anyone likely to be inspired by the Senate led by the scheming, diabolical and treacherous Kwara Senator, Bukola Saraki. The illegal election of Saraki as the Senate leader has further driven the Senate to a new low. Right from the days of David Mark, the ... Read More »

[OPINION] Bukola Saraki And The Superiority Of Personal Over Collective Ambition By Obani Chukwuemeka

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The media has been awash with both positive and negative reactions to the way and manner in which the president of the senate and speaker of the house were elected. Various school of thoughts have tried to explain what really happened on that fateful day. Some see the action of ... Read More »