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Disturbing video of drunk policeman assaulting 2 women in Lagos


A drunk police officer with the Mopol 20 in Lagos identified as Tafa Mohammed was filmed brutalizing 2 women at Lewis Street, Lafiaji, Obalende, Lagos Island, after one of the ladies, a street food vendor, refused to sell him fish to finish up his beer. According to Sahara Reporters, the ... Read More »

Badoo love: How kidnappers lure men into their graves with online dates


Found this report on Saturday Sun about how a gang use dating website Badoo to lure men to lonely places where they rob and sometimes kill them. Find the full report below… Members of a five-man gang of kidnappers, including a lady, have given a gory detail of how they lure men ... Read More »

Professor Lowered Student’s Grades because She’s A s*x Worker


When “Red” was a student at Portland State University, she worked as an exotic dancer. Red told a few people, and wrote about it in one class. In another course though, she saw disclosing her job backfire. “I later told a history professor,” Red said during a HuffPost Live segment, ... Read More »

Escape Of Life: Centipede Eats Its Way Out Of Snake


Don’t you just hate it when your lunch comes back at you? Serbian researchers discovered this grisly specimen of nature’s glory in Macedonia last year. Apparently, a young female horned viper bit off way more than it could chew. The huge centipede, which was found protruding from the snake’s abdomen, ... Read More »

Accused Killer Texted Victim’s Father: ‘She’s Dead. I Have The Last Laugh’


Prosecutors say a Washington state man, accused of killing his girlfriend, sent text messages to her family members after allegedly strangling her. Gabriel Galan Navarro, 20, faces first-degree murder charges in the death of Allison Leedy, also 20. On April 12, Navarro allegedly strangled Leedy in the Renton apartment where they ... Read More »

Dad Suffocates Toddler So He Can Play Video Games


Sheriff’s deputies in north Florida say a man suffocated his young, crying son so he could play video games. Authorities say 24-year-old Cody Wygant is charged with third-degree murder and child neglect. He was being held Friday without bail at the Citrus County Jail. Sixteen-month-old Daymeon Wygant wasn’t breathing when ... Read More »

Man Homesick For Prison Has Wish Granted After Robbery


An ex-con who spent most of his adult life behind bars on Thursday got what he said he wanted for robbing a suburban Chicago bank. The 74-year-old gets to go back to the place he called home — prison. Telling Walter Unbehaun he frightened a teller by showing her a ... Read More »

Seven-year-old Twins Fight Off Kidnapper After Carjacking to Save Baby Brother


When these seven-year-old twins were kidnapped in their mum’s car, the brave lads almost left the man at the wheel seeing double. Luis and Lucius Lozada, who were also in the vehicle with their one-year-old baby brother, battered the carjacker until he let the boys out. Lucius said: “I was ... Read More »

Recycling Tokyo Crows Build Their Nests Out of Coat Hangers


Crows are known to be highly intelligent birds, and it looks like they can now teach us a thing or two about recycling and stealing. The Asian Jungle Crow, a large-billed crow, actually builds its nest out of coat hangers that it steals from people’s homes! Crows make use of pretty ... Read More »

Female Camel Who Lives on Farm With no Male Camels GIVES BIRTH


Doris the camel lives on a farm with no other male camels – so it came as a big shock today when she gave birth. Farmer Andrew Henshaw could hardly believe his ears when he was called over by a colleague to help tug a baby calf out of its ... Read More »

Meet Female Insect With Giant man-hood Whose Steamy s*x Sessions Last 70 HOURS


Girls will be boys and boys will be girls, but a little-known Brazilian insect takes role reversal to a whole new level. Scientists researching the cave-dwelling Neotrogla say the female sports an impressive man-hood, which she uses to “mate” with her male partner. He, on the other hand, is blessed with what ... Read More »

Woman High On Weed, Cocaine And Alcohol Chopped Man to Pieces


A woman who castrated and fatally stabbed a man in a Texas hotel room after a drug-fueled night together was sentenced Tuesday to life in prison. Cristal Paulette Richardson, 29, said that she was defending herself from s*xual assault when she killed 34-year-old Cedric Lamont Owens in April 2012, according ... Read More »

Rapper Chopped Off Own man-hood Then Try To Kill Himself


Andre Johnson, a rapper affiliated with the Wu-Tang Clan, severed his man-hood and jumped from a Los Angeles apartment building early Wednesday, police said. Johnson was seriously injured, but survived the fall from the second level of the building in North Hollywood, Los Angeles Police Sgt. William Mann said. Johnson, ... Read More »

Woman Murdered 9 People Because They Didn’t Accept Her Facebook Friend Request


This is definitely one of the craziest stories I’ve ever heard. People who live in Monroe, Louisiana are relieved after police took four years to track down a murderer who took the lives of nine people. Luckily, the “Facebook Friend Request Killer” has been jailed. People were overjoyed when they got word ... Read More »

Cat Attacks Family, Sends 3 To Hospital


Don’t let that cute necktie fool you: This kitty’s got some serious claws. Three members of a Roseville, Calif., family were taken to an area hospital Tuesday night after their pet cat — named Khat — became suddenly aggressive and attacked them. “He’s never been an aggressive cat. He’s never ... Read More »

Mother Drove Into River Trying To Kill 3 Kids


Three New Jersey teens frantically used their cellphones to call for help from a sinking van after their troubled mother drove them into a river, their father said Thursday. Ultimately, a passer-by helped all four escape from the cold Delaware River in Florence Township, N.J., after one sibling kicked out ... Read More »

Cult Leader Allegedly Said s*x With Kids OK ‘Because It Was In God’s Word’


A  jury says a former priest convicted of felony s*x abuse charges in Louisville should serve a 15-year prison sentence. James Schook’s attorneys had asked for a more lenient sentence since the 66-year-old has late-stage cancer and other health problems. Schook was convicted Wednesday of three counts of sodomy and ... Read More »

This Man Learned to FLY Just To Soar Through The Air With Pet Golden Eagle


A falconer known as the ‘Human Eagle‘ is so obsessed with birds of prey that he learned to fly to be more like them. Eagle expert Jonathan Marshall, who has reared falcons, hawks and eagles all his life, became tired of being earthbound as the fearsome hunters soared through the ... Read More »

Mother Gave Birth In Motel Bathtub While Snuffing Cocaine


A woman was arrested Friday after she gave birth in the bathub of a Florida motel room during what she told authorities was a crack cocaine binge. Chrystal Hassell, 37, is charged with child neglect and remains under suicide watch in Marion County Jail. A Department of Children and Families spokeswoman ... Read More »

Baby Given MENINGITIS After being Licked By Pet Cat


A mum told today how her baby daughter nearly died from meningitis after being infected by the family’s pet cat. Sparkle Anderson was just three weeks old when she was rushed to hospital with a high temperature and sickness. She was left fighting for life in isolation unit after it ... Read More »

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