Thursday , 8 December 2016

Odd News

Man Takes ID Photo Wearing ‘Religious Horns’ On His Head


A man in the US who applied for a new ID after changing his name said he won a battle with officials to allow him to wear a pair of religious horns in his photo. Phelan MoonSong said he had his photo taken for a new ID after he legally changed …

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Pastor Resurrects 3-Year-Old Boy Allegedly Confirmed Dead By Doctors


The news of a South African pastor, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, bringing a dead boy back to life is making the rounds on the social media. The boy, believed to be 3 years old was said to have been confirmed dead by a doctor. The father of the ‘dead’ boy stormed …

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Stolen Car Remotely Locks Suspect Inside Vehicle

bmw 550 i car

Police in Seattle, USA said they enlisted the help of BMW employees to lock a suspected thief inside the stolen car where he was found napping. The Seattle Police Department said the owner of a BMW 550I discovered the unlocked car had been stolen from a parking garage late Nov. …

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Russian Man Performs Daredevil Flip In Front Of Moving Train


A Russian man performed a very dangerous stunt by flipping in front of a moving train in a Moscow subway station. A video which shows the daredevil performing the stunt across the tracks right in front of the moving train has gone viral on the internet. The video, posted to YouTube by user Zacepper …

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Man Wins $1 Million After Lottery Ticket Mix-Up


A lottery ticket mix-up has made a man from New Jersey, USA win a $1 million jackpot. The lucky winner only had the winning ticket because of a cashier’s error, the store’s owner said. The New Jersey Lottery said the man won the prize by matching all five of the white …

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Man Discovers Bear Living Under His House


A man in California, USA, got the shock of his life after he discovered a bear used the space under his house as its new home. Eric Barnes said on Tuesday morning, he was in his front yard filling a fountain when suddenly he heard a grunting noise and turned …

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Man Holds Amazon Drivers ‘Hostage’ After Missing His Mattress Delivery


Two delivery drivers were taken hostage after a shopper took the keys to their van in a heated dispute about a mattress he purchased on Amazon. Dean Smith held the Panther Group delivery staff hostage at the side of a country road on the outskirts of Dartmoor after missing the 10am …

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Man Catches Massive 50kg Catfish


A man in North Carolina, USA, has caught a catfish the size of his upper body. The massive fish weighed slightly over 50kg — just about 2kg short of the state record, according to wildlife officials. Riahn Brewington said he caught the giant catfish last week in the Cape Fear River after spending …

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Pundit On CNN Compares Ben Carson To Ghostface Killah


A pundit on CNN show CNN Tonight caused a panel to burst into laughter after he compared popular American retired surgeon Ben Carson to Wu-Tang Clan’s famed singer Ghostface Killah. Carson is President-elect Donald Trump‘s nominee to lead the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), and Marc Lamont Hill argued on the …

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5 Ukrainian Police Officers Killed In Shootout By Each Other


Five police officers in Ukraine were mistakenly killed by their colleagues in a shootout during an operation to bust a suspected theft ring on Sunday morning in Knyazhychi village, some 15 kilometers west of Kyiv. The tragedy took place around 4am local time as Kyiv criminal police operatives were preparing to nab a group of people …

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Dortmund Football Fan Sets Record For Shouting Longest ‘Goal’


A supporter of German football club Borussia Dortmund has screamed his way into the record books. Christian Kinner is one of the latest entries into the new Guinness World Records 2017 Edition for the world’s longest shout. The German’s record attempt took place in collaboration with Sportradio in Munich and …

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Tourist Detained In Kazakhstan After Officials Didn’t Believe New Zealand Is A Country

new zealand

A tourist from New Zealand claims she was detained in Kazakhstan for almost two days after immigration officials refused to believe the island nation was a country. Chloe Phillips-Harris, 28, arrived in Kazakhstan in May for what was meant to be an exciting adventure exploring the mountainous country and working on …

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Russian MPs Claim ‘FIFA 17’ Contains ‘Gay Propaganda’

russia fifa 17

Members of Russian parliament have asked the state communications oversight agency to take action against EA Sports’ FIFA 17 video game for violating the country’s law against gay propaganda. The core of the accusation comes from a design choice within the game itself, which allows players to customise their outfits into …

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Hundreds Of ‘Santa Claus’ Race In London For Charity


In England’s capital city, London, an estimated 2,000 runners donned Santa Claus costumes to run and walk a 6km course for charity. At the London Santa Run on Saturday, runners gathered in Battersea Park to run the course and raise money for Disability Snowsport UK and other charities. Each runner paid a …

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Preston North End Players Get Sent Off For Fighting Each Other During Game

Preston North End

On Saturday, two Preston North End players were sent off for fighting with one another during the side’s 2-1 defeat by Sheffield Wednesday in an English Football League (EFL) Championship match. Jermaine Beckford and Eoin Doyle were shown red in the 90th minute of Saturday’s game as Preston chased a late …

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Graduate Sues Oxford University For Not Awarding Him A First Class Degree


A student has sued Oxford University for “boring” teaching which allegedly resulted in him getting a second class degree and in turn led to a loss of earnings in his career as a lawyer. Faiz Siddiqui, 38, studied modern history at Brasenose College at the university and accuses its staff of …

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Man Fights Kangaroo To Save Dog


A video of an Australian man engaging a kangaroo in hand-to-hand combat in order to protect his dog has become a sensation on the internet. The man apparently while going on a hunting trip with his friends, suddenly found his pet dog attacked by a kangaroo. As the marsupial grabbed the poor dog in a …

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Fake US Embassy In Ghana Shut Down After Issuing Visas For 10 Years

fake us embassy ghana

A fake US embassy in Accra run by a criminal network has been busted by authorities in Ghana. According to the US State Department, the sham embassy has been in operation for a decade issuing illegally obtained authentic visas. Until it was shut down, it was housed in a run-down, pink two-story …

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BBC Reporter Interrupted On Live TV By Couple Having Sex


A TV presenter covering the Rio 2016 Olympics has been rudely interrupted on air – by a couple appearing to be having sex in the background. The BBC’s Dan Walker, presenting the channel’s coverage of the games from the beach in Brazil, fought back the laughter as he tried to ignore …

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Parrot Appears In Court To Testify Against Murder Suspect


Bud, a parrot, appeared in a court on Friday to stand as a witness to an alleged crime involving a woman from Michigan, USA accused of gunning down her husband. The case of Glenna Duram made news last year when it was revealed that her parrot was the sole witness of the …

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