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Odd News From Around The World.

Photo: Baby born in Ibadan clutching holy Qur’an


.Nigerian Tribune is reporting that a baby was born recently in Oyo state clutching a pocket-size Qur’an (pictured above). The baby, who has since been named Ismail, was born in a church at the Oniyanrin area of Ibadan in September, the reports states. A renowned Islamic preacher who the newspaper ... Read More »

Photo: Girl’s ear bitten off during fight with neighbour in Lagos


A Lagos State Polytechnic student named Bola had her right ear bitten off by her neighbour during a fight this past Monday October 20th at her residence in Ikorodu. According to an eye-witness to the fight, the other lady allegedly hid the ear in her mouth for a few minutes ... Read More »

Woman Spends an Entire Week inside KFC Restaurant after Being Dumped by Boyfriend

Comfort eating is said to help in coping with emotional distress, but this Chinese woman might have taken it a bit too far. Recently dumped by her boyfriend, 26-year-old Tan Shen actually stayed inside a KFC for an entire week, gorging on chicken wings the whole time. When she finally ... Read More »

Woman Gouges Out Her Eyes With Pencils, Sues Hospital After Photo Goes Viral

A nurse at a Los Angeles hospital took a photo of a woman who gouged out her own eyes with pencils, and the patient sued the hospital and its administrators after the picture went viral on the Internet, her attorney said on Wednesday. The plaintiff, who is not named in ... Read More »

A Robot Named ‘Pepper’ Is The Future Of Electronic Orchestras

If there’s one thing classical music needs, it’s more robots. Critics have been bemoaning the death of orchestra for some time, and — judging by the not too rosy reality faced by many of America’s symphonies and philharmonics — the general public is all but ready to toss the dirt ... Read More »

Man Beaten By Cops Gets $1,000 Settlement, Lawyers Get $459,000

An Alabama man who sued over being hit and kicked by police after leading them on a high-speed chase will get $1,000 in a settlement with the city of Birmingham, while his attorneys will take in $459,000, officials said Wednesday. The incident gained public attention with the release of a ... Read More »

‘Adorkable,’ ‘Twerking’ Are Now In The Print Edition Of The ‘Collins English Dictionary’

“Photobomb,” “selfie,” “twerking” and “meme” are the latest additions to the print edition of the “Collins English Dictionary.” According to the BBC, these terms are just a handful of the 50,000 new items that have been added to the dictionary’s 12th edition. The latest additions — which also include “vape,” ... Read More »

Woman Allegedly Sets Man Ablaze After He Throws Out Her Spaghetti

A Florida woman is accused of lightly a man on fire after he threw out her spaghetti and meatballs. Melissa Dawn Sellers, 33, is charged with aggravated battery, Bay News 9 reports. While Bay News 9 calls the victim — 42-year-old Carlos Ortiz Jr. — Sellers’ “roommate,” other media outlets ... Read More »

Woman Stashes $25K Watch In Her v**ina After Hookup:

An Australian tourist claims that a woman he took home from the bar stole his $25,000 watch and hid it in her v**ina. The victim brought 25-year-old Shacarye Tims — who has been arrested on prostitution charges in the past — back to his room at a New York City ... Read More »

Zimbabwe Students Fight Dirty Over Ban Of Kissing In School Environment

University of Zimbabwe students’ union today frowned against the school’s authorities decision to ban kissing on campus and s*xual activities whatsoever. The students who protested said the rules were childish and are unaccepted. In a circular displayed at halls of residence, authorities at the University of Zimbabwe said students “caught ... Read More »

GRAPHIC: Guy Slits Girlfriend’s Throat, Had s*x With Her As She Bled To Death

Most of you have read the story, but just to remind you. On Tuesday April 30th, a 25 year old bricklayer named Akinloye Anuoluwapo slit his ex-girlfriend’s throat, a 21year old girl named Rafiyat Akinyemi, then had s*x with her as she bled to death in her father’s house at ... Read More »

Nigerian Man Arrested After Jumping White House Fence

The White House was placed in temporary lockdown on Wednesday after a man jumped over the fence before being quickly apprehended by Secret Service agents and dogs. Video of the incident taken by TV news cameras shows a man in white shorts just inside the White House fence on Pennsylvania ... Read More »

Graphic pics: Man cut into pieces at railway crossing line in Ibadan


This horrific scene happened around 5.30pm yesterday at the railway crossing area in Bodija Ojurin in Ibadan. A man was found dead cut in two on the railway tracks. No one saw what happened, but they suspect he was crushed by a train. The pics are really graphic…will share one…but ... Read More »

Meet Bodhi, Dog Who Works as a Menswear Model for Famous Clothing Brands

Bodhi the dog has no time for silly pastimes like chasing squirrels or playing fetch – he’s quite serious about his high flying career as a top New York menswear model. The four-year-old Shiba Inu is well known in fashion circles as ‘Menswear Dog’ – he has landed paid modelling ... Read More »

Porsche-Owning Rich Teen Sells Scarves on Road-Side for Fuel Money

A young tuhao (Chinese nouveau riche) from Shaoxing city, China, is making the news for his uncharacteristic behavior. A few nights ago, he was spotted getting out of his swanky new Porsche, only to set up a makeshift roadside stall on the pavement to sell scarves to passers-by. He was ... Read More »

500-pound Suspect Give Cops Headache When He Doesn’t Fit Into Patrol Car

The scales of justice can handle Howard Hendrix and his domestic disturbance charge, but Florida deputies had problems arresting and transporting the heavy suspect. At 500 pounds, the 6-foot-tall Hendrix wastoo big to fit into a Volusia Count patrol car. The solution was to summon a prisoner transport van to ... Read More »

Cook’s ‘Sexy’ Shirtless Photos At Work Get Him Fired

He’s bringing sexy back, but he’s not getting anywhere near the baby back ribs again. A Chili’s cook in Florida was fired after he popped his top and posed for several Facebook photos in the restaurant’s kitchen, The Denver Channel reports. The shirtless man, who calls himself Justin J Speekz ... Read More »

Chinese Beggars Stoop to Mutilating Camels to Gain Sympathy and Improve Earnings

Beggars in China are stooping to new lows in order to gain sympathy (and money) from impressionable passers-by. Horrific pictures show deliberately mutilated camels that are being used to beg for donations. Apparently, the trick has worked wonders so far – the beggars’ collections have increased because people are quite ... Read More »

Bank Manager Arrested For Running An Armed Robbery Gang

The insider game in bank robbery again played out during the week when a senior bank manager, who allegedly runs an armed robbery gang, was arrested along with two members of his gang for attempting to rob a bank in Ozoro, Isoko North Local Government Area of Delta State. The ... Read More »

School Will Allow Students To Pose With Guns In Yearbook Photos

Students at a high school in Nebraska will now be allowed to pose with guns in their senior portraits. The Broken Bow School Board made the decision to allow guns in school photos this week after a student asked to be photographed with a gun last year but was denied ... Read More »

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