Tuesday , 30 August 2016

Odd News

Experiment Shows Which Soft Drink Dissolves Your Teeth The Fastest

soft drinks

We listen to scientists tell us all year long how fizzy drinks are unhealthy. What we don’t see often enough are videos showing the scale of damage. This experiment from two scientists shows just how much damage CocaCola and Mountain Dew can do to your teeth.

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Man Spared Jail Time For Attempted Murder Of His Wife For Being Overweight

patel navinkumar

46-year old Navinkumar Patel has avoided a jail term even after pleading guilty to attempted murder of his wife. He stabbed her in the abdomen with a pocketknife for being overweight. His lawyers claim he suffers from bipolar disorder which is worsened by his alcohol addiction. His family members and his …

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Pastor r*pes 13-Year-Old Boy to ‘Cure’ Homosexuality


Ekene Adaoji, a pastor with the Jesus Miracle Ministries, Awka, Anambra State, is on the run after allegedly defiling a 13-year-old boy. According to reports, the pastor was told by a traditionalist that the boy’s homosexual habit would be cured if he slept with a male teenager. The victim, only identified …

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Thief Disguised As Mad Woman Caught In Osun State


A suspected ‘fake mad’ female kidnapper was today caught by a passenger of a bus while she was speaking to someone on phone at the Oriolori area of Ikire, Osun state. Alarm was raised and she was nabbed by mob, while she tried running away after she was noticed to …

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‘Vampire’ Who had S*x with 14-Year-Old Girl in Church, Drank Her Blood Avoids Jail


A man who had s*x with a teenage girl in a church and drank her blood as part of a bizarre vampire role-playing game has escaped jail. According to a court hearing, Jonathan Davis, 22, met the 14-year-old in a park where he was seen kissing and touching her inappropriately, a …

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Kellogg Apologizes after Video of Man Peeing In Rice Krispies Goes Viral


In the US, a Michigan-based Kellogg on Monday apologised to customers over a video in which a man urinated into a Rice Krispies Treats production line. (Warning: Video contains graphic images.) The 2014 incident recently surfaced in an Internet video. “Kellogg takes this situation very seriously and we are shocked and disappointed,” company President Paul Norman said in a news release. “While …

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Lightning Strike Kills More Than 300 Reindeer in Norway


Over 300 wild reindeer have been reportedly killed by lighting in Norway in what wildlife officials are calling an unusually large natural disaster. The Norwegian Environment Agency has released images showing reindeer carcasses scattered across a small area on the Hardangervidda mountain plateau. The agency says 323 animals were killed, …

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Dog Disguised as Lion to Protect Tree

dog disguised as lion

Winston Michael, a 180-pound English Mastiff in the US, has been disguised as a Lion with a convincing mane wig in order to protect an old willow tree. He looks like a lion and even roams his Portland, Oregon yard as if it were an African Savanna Winston’s owner, Blair …

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‘Hockey Goalkeeper’ Robs Beer Store


The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) in Manitoba, Canada are looking for a ‘goalie’ who robbed a beer store. RCMP say a man wearing hockey gear and carrying a goalie stick was one of two culprits who broke into a beer store in Russell on August 15. Video surveillance police posted …

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Man Arrested After Trying To Have S*x With ATM


A man was arrested Friday night after he tried to have s*x with an ATM and a picnic table at a local bar, according to an arrest report from the Murfreesboro Police Department, Tennessee, USA. 49-year-old Lonnie J. Hutton was charged with public intoxication around 9:30 Friday night following an …

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The World’s Oldest Person Is in Indonesia


The world’s oldest man has been named as Indonesian Mbah Gotho, who is 145 years old, with documentation that says he was born in 1870. Mr Gotho said he began preparing for his death in 1992, even having a gravestone made, but 24 years later he is still alive. He …

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Drug Dealer Arrested After Pooping Himself, Revealing Heroin


A UK man was caught with thousands of pounds worth of drugs after he pooed himself in hospital and revealed he had heroin hidden up his bum. Toby Brown, 19, pleaded guilty of possession with intent to supply a Class A drug at Bexley Magistrates’ Court on Thursday. He was arrested …

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“I Have Been Sleeping In Graves For 30 Years To Get Powers” – Ghanaian Man


Philip Mensah, is a 40-year-old man from the New Juaben Municipality of the Eastern Region of Ghana who has shocked people with his bizarre lifestyle. The man revealed that he has spent 30 years with the dead in their damaged tombs, and according to him, he is taking all that …

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NASA Gives Us The Closest Look At Jupiter


NASA’s Juno probe has provided the closest look at the planet Jupiter. The pass was the first of 36 planned orbital flybys, NASA said in a statement. Soaring at 130,000 miles per hour, the solar spacecraft will eventually get to Jupiter during its main mission, which should end in February 2018. …

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Best Friends Weep After Learning They Were Switched at Birth


Two Canadians wept as they confirmed they were switched at birth. They have been living for 41 years as best friends. DNA tests showed that one man was raised by the biological mother of the other. Leon Swanson was born on January 31, 1975, at the Norway House Indian hospital, and …

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Man Baths in Tub Full of Hot Sauce

in hot pepper sauce soup

A man posted a video of himself bathing in a tub full of hot sauce. Cemre Candar, has earlier had success with his videos showing him swimming in a tub of melted chocolate and Oreos. He decided that his next attempt should be with hot sauce! The video, which has received …

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Fugitive Responds to Police on Facebook, Asks Them to Use Better Picture


An 18-year-old girl who had escaped from an Australian correction centre responded to police after her mug shot was posted on Facebook. She asked them to please, use a better picture of her. She even provided the picture for them. Amy Sharp escaped from Surry Hills Corrective Services Cell Complex on …

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‘Big Buttocks Beauty Contest’ Banned by Burkina Faso


An annual beauty contest for women with the biggest buttocks have been banned by the Burkina Faso government, which says such events are sexist. There was a social media outcry after adverts for the third edition of ‘Miss Bim-Bim’, meant to be held this weekend, carried an image of two fully clothed women …

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Unclad Stranger Falls Through Roof Into Barbecue


A unclad man has been reported to have fallen through a roof and landed on a barbecue as officers attempted to talk him down off the roof of a home Thursday evening. Police responded to a report of a unclad stranger in an “altered state” attempting to enter a home …

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Man Gets Trapped Inside Toilet While Trying To Retrieve Phone


A man in Norway has been rescued by firemen after getting stuck in a public toilet. Cato Berntsen Larsen was reported to have climbed into the toilet in an attempt to rescue a phone that his friend had dropped while using the toilet. The 20-year-old was said to have dived in …

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