Monday , 25 July 2016

Odd News

VIDEO: Bride Surprises Groom By Arriving At Wedding Venue In His Waste Truck


A bride surprised her groom on their wedding day by turning up to the ceremony in a waste truck. Hilli Fletcher, 49, wanted to surprise her lover Binman Paul, 50, by transforming the huge 26-tonne truck for the big day. Paul was reduced to tears when his blushing bride arrived in the …

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Boy Dies After Air Was Pumped Through His Rectum


A 10 year-old boy has died in Bangladesh after a compressor hose was allegedly inserted into his rectum The incident occurred in a factory in which his body was filled with air. The boy was later rushed to hospital but he later died, according to a police spokesman. Several people have …

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Why Ogun Celestial Church Chained 9-year-old Boy For Weeks


A nine-year-old boy who was chained in Ogun State for weeks before his rescue on Friday, was given the horrifying punishment for allegedly stealing, police and the Nigeria Civil Defence Corps have said. The NSCDC had said in a statement on Saturday said its personnel rescued Taiwo Korede from the …

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Child Films Man Stealing From Mosque


This man did not know he was being filmed while stealing from a mosque in Saudi Arabia. The film was shot on Friday by a child who lives near the mosque. The child was playing with a camera when he spotted the man. The recorded clip shows the man stopping his pick-up truck near …

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This Woman’s Legs Can’t Stop Growing!


36 year-old Katia Page is suffering from Lipoedema, a chronic disorder that causes fatty tissue to accumulate in mass around the lower body. The woman from New Jersey, USA, has started a series of liposuction sessions in order to reduce her 4ft wide legs, and prevent them from growing further. She said her …

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Teenagers Ilegally Cross Into US Territory While Playing Pokemon Go

image (1)

Two Canadian teenagers have been arrested after wandering into United States territory illegally. The reason for their entry is what makes the story bizarre; the duo were engrossed in playing the game, Pokemon Go. The pair were so into finding the Pokemon characters that they hadn’t realised they’d walked straight …

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Dog Saves Lost Boy In Mexico


A dog named Max became a hero after rescuing a 14 year-old boy who got lost during an expedition in Mexico. The boy was said to have spent 44 hours in the wilderness after being lost. Juan Heriberto Trevino who was on a summer camp trip with his friends last Sunday got separated from his …

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Man Takes Out Newspaper Ad Disowning His Son


In what will go down as one of the most dramatic acts of fatherhood, a man took out a newspaper ad to disown his son. Mr Andrew Chukwurah Nworah of dunukowfia LGA in anambra state publicly disowned his son for allegedly threatening to kill him. He also added that the …

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Boy Chained At A Celestial Church In Ogun State, Rescued By NSCDC [PHOTOS]


On the 22nd of July 2016, at about 10:30am at Ajibawo in Ado odo OTA division 2; NSCDC officers rescued a 9-year old boy named Taiwo Korede, who had been chained for weeks at Celestial Church of Christ Key of Joy Parish, Ajiwo. The case has since been transferred to …

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Woman Receives Odd Package From Amazon


A woman recently ordered a doormat from online store Amazon got an amazing package. Emily Heller thought she would receive what she ordered only to notice something wrong. She instead got a piece of foam with a picture-print of the doormat she wanted on it.     Heller then contacted the seller with …

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Rescued 9 Year-Old Boy Found Chained In Church [PHOTOS]


It has been reported that the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps on Saturday rescued a 9 year old boy, who was chained for weeks by a church in Ogun State. NSCDC said in a statement that Taiwo Korede was on Friday rescued from the Celestial Church of Christ (Key of …

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Man Kills Couple Then Boils Their Heads


A man in St Petersburg has been arrested by Russian police for killing a married couple before he then boiled their heads in his kitchen. The 64 year-old told Russian investigators that he used a saw to dismember the bodies. He claims to have gotten his inspiration from horror movies. He boiled the severed heads …

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Strong Smell Of ‘Cooked Urine’ Forces Building Evacuation


The strong smell caused by a man cooking urine has caused the evacuation of an apartment building in Massachusetts, USA. Police responded to the call of the building manager Wednesday afternoon after finding several unmarked glass containers containing liquids in an apartment. The manager found the containers after receiving a complaint of a …

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3 Day-Old Corpse Found In Eatery’s Toilet


HUNGRY JACK’S, which is a fast food franchise of the Burger King Corporation in Australia, has come under fire after a man’s body went unnoticed for almost 3 days. Police are investigating the incident in Perth. The death is not being treated as suspicious. It is believed the man died from a …

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Journalist Caught Playing Pokemon During Briefing [VIDEO]


There was a very unusual moment during the press conference of US Department of State spokesperson, John Kirby. A reporter was caught playing Pokemon during the US government briefing. The briefing was about the terrorist threats of ISIS and the global efforts made to combat them. The retired Rear Admiral of the United States Navy was …

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Asaba Pastor Caught Sleeping With A Married Woman


A ‘Man of God’ identified as Prophet Obi O. of Anchor of Restoration Church located at Owufuju Street, Asaba was this morning stri*ped to his underwear by the people who caught him red handed allegedly having s*x with a married woman. He was made to hold his church banner while …

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17 Year-Old Boy Marries 71 Year-Old Woman [PHOTOS]

Gary and Almeda Hardwick -  on their wedding day (Collect/PA Real Life)

A 71 year-old woman has married a 17 year-old boy in Tennessee 3 weeks after meeting him at her son’s funeral. Almeda Errell said she was heartbroken after being widowed and losing her eldest son. The mother of 4 claims she was “searching for a soulmate”. The teenager, Gary Hardwick met Errell a second …

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Nasty Odour Forces Plane To Make Landing


A British Airways flight carrying passengers yesterday morning from London to Crete was forced to turn back and make an emergency landing when passengers complained of a “nasty smell” after the plane took off. The foul odour which was reportedly compared to the smell of marijuana filled the cabin. The plane landed 90 minutes …

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Woman Steals Wallet From Crash Victim


A woman from Tennessee, Brittney McCoy, has appeared in court after she was accused of stealing the wallet of a crash victim. Greenbrier Police Department said the crash victim, Ronald Clinard, who was a US Air Force veteran died in a car crash outside the woman’s home. McCoy consoled the victim’s daughter upon her arrival …

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Police Dog Turns On Its Handler


A video of a training that went wrong which involved a police dog which was taking part in a series of security drills for the Rio Olympic Games with its handler has emerged. The video shows the dog sent to stop a man who was also part of the exercise. Things then suddenly …

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