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Odd News From Around The World.

Male Model with 24 Words Tattooed on His Face Says He Wants to ‘Make an Impact’


Vin Los, a 24-year-old model from Montreal, wants to be the most famous man in the world. That sounds like an ambitious goal, but I’d say he’s taking way to seriously. Vin has actually tattooed the word ‘fame’ right across his forehead along with another 23 words  designed to make ... Read More »

Florida Couple Filmed Having s*x On Beach Just Doesn’t Give A…


s*x on the beach: In P0*n and cocktails, it has potential. Out of context, it’ll just get you arrested. A Florida couple learned that the hard way Sunday afternoon, after they had a little frolic in front of an audience at Cortez Beach in Bradenton, according to the Smoking Gun. Jose “Benny” ... Read More »

Chinese Company Launched s*x Toy With Camera Feature, Can Record Inside…


It’s not unusual for people to be filmed using s*x toys. It is, however, unusual for them to be filming their innards with the s*x toy. That’s the premise behind the “Gaga,” a vibrator that comes with a camera lens and a light so users will be able to see ... Read More »

Meet Woman Who Gets Paid To Squash Men


Sometimes, your job is a soul-crushing slog that drains the life out of your cold, hardened body. So what better way to warm those bones than paying to have your body crushed? Amazon Amanda makes her living doing just that. The 6-foot-3, 280-pound fetish model gets paid by dudes who ... Read More »

Robber Gets Out Of Prison, Robs Same Bank And Same Teller Again


24-year-old man who a month after being released from prison for a bank robbery held up the same bank and teller has been sentenced to more than 10 years behind bars. Joshua James Driskell was arrested for robbing a Key Bank branch in Bremerton, Washington in October. He had just ... Read More »

Drug Suspect Runs From Cops And Into Police Academy


Police say a man who fled from a Mississippi traffic stop was apparently so focused on getting away he unknowingly ran into a law enforcement academy. Biloxi Police Chief John Miller Police Chief John Miller tells The Sun-Herald  30-year-old Roger Beasley Jr. was stopped by officers last Wednesday on U.S. ... Read More »

Man Suspected Of Stealing 200 Panties From Mall


Authorities are investigating the theft of 200 pairs of panties at an east Georgia shopping mall. Richmond County sheriff’s officials say a thief stole the panties from Victoria’s Secret in Augusta Mall shortly before noon Saturday. The Augusta Chronicle ( HTTP://BIT.LY/1N3THIV ) reports that security video shows a male entering the store ... Read More »

FOLLOW-UP: Death Of 7-Month-Old Baby Killed By Dog Is Ruled An Accident

Dog Kills Baby

The death of a 7-month-old Indiana boy who was attacked and killed by a dog in Ohio has been ruled an accident. The Montgomery County coroner’s office says in its preliminary findings from Monday’s autopsy that Jonathon Quarles Jr., of Indianapolis, died of blunt force injuries. Police say his step-grandmother was watching ... Read More »

76-Year-Old Veteran Arrested For Asking Officials To Speak Louder


An elderly veteran was arrested at a county board meeting last Friday in Tennessee after asking the members to speak up. Eddie Overholt, 76, can be heard in the clip above asking the Greene County Industrial Development Board, “Would y’all speak up until the whole audience can hear you?” The contentious meeting ... Read More »

Amazing Dog Travels Four Miles Every Night to Feed Her Animal Friends


Dogs are amazing creatures and Lilica, a Brazilian stray, is a perfect example of that. She lives in a junkyard, hangs out with a motley crew, and she makes sure her friends never go hungry. Every night, Lilica walks four miles in the dark, braving the rush hour traffic, just ... Read More »

Meet 6-Yr-Old Catgirl Whose Back, Arms and Face Covered With Black Fur


Meet a Chinese six-year-old “catgirl” who suffers from a rare skin disease. Zhao Xinrui suffers from hypertrichosis, an abnormal amount of hair growth over the body. First time Zhao’s parents noticed a small spot of discoloured skin on her back a year ago. As the condition deteriorated, her terrified mother ... Read More »

Michigan Woman Shot Lover Because He Was Bad In Bed


A Southfield, Michigan, woman who was convicted of shooting her lover over a suspected affair could be released. Sadie Bell, 58, admitted that she shot Edward Lee in the stomach last year because, as prosecutor Paul Walton explained, “he wasn’t producing enough release.” Bell, who was convicted in April, has ... Read More »

Town Marshal Suspected Of Stealing Underwear From Son’s Girlfriend


A law enforcement official in Millersburg, Indiana, is facing criminal charges after allegedly admitting to stealing underwear from his son’s girlfriend. Town Marshal David Keith Hathaway, 59, has been charged with two counts of conversion, a class A misdemeanor, after allegedly taking panties belonging to his son’s girlfriend, who lives in ... Read More »

Man Sets World Record With Most Homer Simpson Tattoos


To paraphrase Homer Simpson: If you want to remember something, get a tattoo. Lee Weir probably doesn’t need any more reminders of how awesome he is. The 27-year-old New Zealand man has set a Guinness World Record for “most tattoos of the same cartoon character tattooed on the body” with his Homer Simpson ... Read More »

Husband Throws Wife Off Of Jet Ski After Fight Over Oral s*x


A Florida man is accused of throwing his wife off a jet ski after she caught him in an affair with another man. Michael Doster, 50, is now under investigation in the death of his wife, Pamela. The two were riding a jet ski on July 13 off of Passage Key Beach ... Read More »

Dog Kills 7-Month-Old Baby In Ohio


Authorities say a 7-month-old boy attacked and killed by a dog in southwestern Ohio was from Indiana. The Montgomery County coroner’s office in Ohio said Monday that autopsy results showed Jonathon Quarles Jr., of Indianapolis, died of multiple injuries from the attack. Police say the baby’s step-grandmother was watching him ... Read More »

Son Tells Mother Not to Visit Him Anymore Because She Is too Ugly


When 63-year-old Ding Liang was found crying on a street in eastern China’s Hangzhou city, her story attracted widespread media coverage. The poor woman had traveled five hours from her village to meet her son and his newborn child. Unfortunately, the son refused to see her for the strangest of ... Read More »

Man Murders Own Grandmother, Sets Her Remains On Fire


A satanic man from Rochester was arrested for killing his grandmother, and setting her dead body on fire to hide the crime from investigators. A grand jury in Monroe County indicted this demon by the name of Donkish Lesane, 22, with felony charges of second degree murder and second degree ... Read More »

Little Found Used Condoms Inside Cheese Bought At Eatery


Everyone already knows Chuck E. Cheese is the least bit of clean, but when you hear what this little girl found in the ball pit, you might want to reconsider bringing your kids to this place. Allegedly, a little girl by the name of Ashley Brooks went to Chuck E. ... Read More »

Woman Tries To Hide Stolen Vibrator In Child’s Stroller:


This toy ain’t for tots. Misty Ann Lee, 38, was buzzted after allegedly trying to steal a vibrator from a Spencer’s gift shop in Spartanburg, South Carolina by hiding the s*x toy behind her child in a stroller, according Lee went into Sepncer’s Friday afternoon, stroller in tow, and picked ... Read More »

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