Friday , 21 October 2016

Odd News

‘Killer Clown’ Dies In Cambodia After Stepping On Landmine

killer clown

The viral killer clown craze which has swept the US and gradually spreading all over the world has had its tragic moment in the Asian country of Cambodia. According to reports, a man wearing a killer clown mask died after stepping on a landmine. The man was said to have dressed …

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Student Jumps From School’s 2nd-floor Window To Avoid Test

Asbury Park High School

A student has been reported to have jumped from a high school window at the second floor in order to skip a test. The incident involving a female student in Asbury Park High School happened on Wednesday in New Jersey, USA.   Officer Michael Casey, spokesman for the Asbury Park Police Department, …

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If You Vote Hillary Clinton, Madonna Promises You A Blowjob


Legendary popstar Madonna has offered oral s*x  to anyone who votes for Democratic party presidential nominee Hilary Clinton in the coming US presidential elections. The 58-year-old made the remarks on Tuesday night as she opened a show for a comedian, Amy Schumer, at Madison Square Garden. Madonna said to the crowd, “If …

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Man Develops br**sts After Eating Fried Chicken


A Chinese man has been reported to have developed br**sts after eating fried chicken. The 26-year-old identified only as Li visited doctors after his chest began to change and become larger and larger. Doctors told the college graduate that his transformation was caused by hormones in his favourite fried chicken. According …

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Candy Crush Turned Into Live Game Show By TV Station


American TV station CBS has ordered the live game show Candy Crush, a one-hour format based on the mobile game. In the TV version of the popular mobile game, teams of two people use their wits and agility to compete on interactive game boards. “We are huge fans of Candy Crush and, like …

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Album Of Rock Band Negativland Comes With Remains Of Late Band Member


Experimental rock band Negativland has it’s latest album, The Chopping Channel, come along with a plastic bag containing 2 grams of cremated remains of it’s late member Don Joyce.   Joyce was a member of the group who died of heart failure in 2015. According to an official announcement, the forthcoming album will ship with …

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Indonesian Woman Caned For ‘Standing Too Close To Her Boyfriend’


The international community has had its eyebrows raised following the emergence of a photograph showing an Indonesian woman caned on Monday in front of a jeering crowd after being accused of “standing too close to her boyfriend”. The unidentified woman was among 13 people flogged in Aceh province on the western island of Sumatra for allegedly breaking …

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New Social Media App, ‘Rich Kids’ Costs $1,000 A Month

rich kids

A new social networking app named ‘Rich Kids’ has been launched presumably for affluent consumers. The app is available on Apple’s App Store, and offers free membership via Facebook login. Non-paying users who choose to sign up will be able to view and follow the young and wealthy. Only Rich Kids members are allowed …

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Meet Azalea, Chimpanzee Who Smokes A Pack Of Cigarette A Day


North Korea’s capital city Pyongyang has something out of the ordinary attracting visitors to it’s newly opened zoo – Azalea, the smoking chimpanzee. The zoo which was recently renovated has become a favourite leisure spot since it re-opened in July, according to it’s staff. The 19-year-old female chimpanzee, whose Korean name …

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unclad Statue Of Hilary Clinton Appears In New York

Hillary Clinton

In the latest of the series of mockery of the popular US presidential candidates, Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton, comes the sighting of a unclad Clinton statue.   Early Tuesday morning, Anthony Scioli raised a unclad statue of Hillary in downtown Manhattan, New York. The statue depicts Clinton with hooves instead of feet, and …

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Boy, 7, Buys Pony After Raising Over $2,000 By Selling Lemonade For Two years


A boy in Australia has bought a pony with money he raised from selling lemonade, it has been reported. 7-year-old Sabastian Kent became popular after a video shared by his mother Juliana on Facebook showed him shed tears achieving his ultimate goal – owning a pony. Sebastian shed tears of joy at his first …

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Man High On Drugs ‘Saves’ Dog From Imaginary Fire


An American man who was high on LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide) broke into his neighbour’s home to save their dog from what he thought was a burning home, police say. 43-year-old Michael Orchard, who had consumed LSD and cough medicine, thought his neighbour’s home in Saratoga County, New York was being consumed …

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Man Divorces Wife After Deceiving Him By Wearing Too Much Make-up


A man has divorced his wife after seeing her ”true face” without make-up days after getting married. The 30-year-old unnamed Arab said he divorced his wife because he was “tricked by her artificial beauty”. The National reported that the couple were on their honeymoon swimming at Al Mamzar Beach in Sharjah, …

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Man Sets World Record As He Paddles Pumpkin 26 Miles


A man in Norway has set a new world record by paddling a pumpkin for 26 miles. Rick Swenson set sail from Grand Forks early Saturday morning, trying to break what he thought was an eight-mile world record for longest distance floated in a pumpkin. “We got about seven and …

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Man Lists His Newborn Baby For Sale On eBay


A man in Duisburg, Germany has admitted listing his newborn baby daughter up for sale on auction site eBay, but claimed it was a joke, German police said. The baby was listed for sale at a price of €5,000, with a description that read: “A small child, 40 days old and named Maria, for …

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Man Deliberately Infects Girlfriend, 6 Other Women With HIV


James Turner, the 67-year-old Irish national based in Nigeria, has said he slept with no fewer than six other ladies. Turner is the man accused by his 31-year-old Nigerian girlfriend of deliberately infecting her with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus, HIV. Turner also confessed to have sent his wife back to …

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Chilli Eating Challenge Burns Hole In Man’s Oesophagus


An unnamed American man has ended up with an inch-wide hole in his oesophagus after eating the notoriously hot ‘ghost pepper’ during a chilli eating contest. The man was admitted to hospital when he began vomiting and retching violently after he ate a hamburger laced with ghost pepper puree. When he was admitted to the hospital, …

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Thai Woman Accused Of Insulting Late King Forced To Kneel Before His Potrait

Umaporn Sarasat

A Thai woman who allegedly insulted the country’s late king Bhumibol Adulyadej was forced to kneel before his portrait on Sunday. The incident happened outside a police station on the tourist island of Samui as several hundred people demanded that she apologized. Two police officers led 43-year-old UmaP0*n Sarasat to a picture of the …

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Elephant Rescues ‘Drowning’ Man


A video of an Elephant rushing into water to save a man after spotting him in trouble has gone viral. The footage shows Kham Lha, the youngest elephant at Elephant Nature Park in northern Thailand,  leap to rescue a staff member of the park when she sees him apparently drowning in the water. Kham …

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News Anchor Freaks Out While Handling Snake On Air


We’re not exactly sure why ABC 7 thought it a bright idea to being a huge snake on-air but it nearly became a messy situation. News anchor, Terrell Brown held the huge reptile but it quickly became obvious that he was scared. When the snake came too close for comfort, …

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