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28 Percent Of Americans Admit To Being Internet Trolls

Americans are just as mean on the Internet as you thought they were. Twenty-eight percent of Americans admit to participating in “malicious online activity directed at somebody they didn’t know,” according to an online survey of 1,125 adults by YouGov — including making fun of a stranger or deliberately making ... Read More »

Woman Drunk on Chinese Vodka Goes Swimming in a River, Wakes Up 75 Kilometers Downstream

When 57-year-old Shen Ailan got drunk on two whole bottles of baijiu – a type of Chinese vodka – she decided that a dip in the river was just what she needed to ‘clear her head’. So she dived into the waters of the Yangtze River at Huangshi city, Hubei ... Read More »

Pastor Allegedly Molested Teen To ‘Cure’ Victim’s Homosexuality

A Kentucky youth pastor and Sunday school teacher is in jail after being accused of sexually abusing a teenager. Rex Allen Murphy, 30, was booked into Pulaski County jail on Tuesday on felony charges including sodomy, s*xual abuse, and use of a minor in a s*xual performance, according to jail ... Read More »

PHOTO: Man Explains Why He Cut Off His man-hood, See What He Says…

WARNING: The content and images in this story may be offensive to some readers. A man who goes by the name of “Gelding” recently opened up about why he decided to cut his man-hood and testicles off and become a “nullo.” That is, a man who has removed his s*x ... Read More »

Suspect Found ‘Enjoying A Bowl Of Salad’ Inside Someone’s Wardrobe

Lettuce hope he at least got to finish his meal. A wanted man in Tennessee was found”enjoying a bowl of salad” inside a closet in another person’s home, McMinn County Sheriff Joe Guy told WRCB. Timothy Black, 54, was wanted in Monroe County on charges of shoplifting and theft over ... Read More »

For Sale: Imaginary Friends On eBay

Does selling your imaginary friend count as human trafficking? We may never know. But if you’re in the market for an imaginary friend, look no further than eBay. There are plenty of people selling off their fake pals, for as little as $100 and as much as $6,000, if you ... Read More »

New App Called Nestdrop Will Deliver Marijuana Next To Your Door

Smartphones may be a pain sometimes. The carriers couldn’t carry a cold from one human being to another, let alone a signal to your device–but when they do work, they can do some amazing things. Your phone can play games, keep you informed on the news, let you talk to ... Read More »

Footballer Dies after His Acrobatic Celebration Goes Wrong in India

An Indian player died while celebrating his goal for his club in an Indian football match. His acrobatic goal celebration ended in tragedy as he landed with his head. According to London Evening Standard News online Peter Biaksangzuala, 23, landed awkwardly and suffered a serious spinal injury as he celebrated scoring ... Read More »

Guy Kills 3-Year-Old Girl For Peeing On Herself

The three-year-old girl, Jeida Torres, was found unconscious and unresponsive by the time police arrived. Police were called after neighbors reported hearing child screams coming from the apartment. “I saw the paramedics run out with little girl wrapped in a blanket,” neighbor Keith Best, 43, said. “Her hands were just ... Read More »

Drunk Female Student’s Head Stuck In A Bottle Bank

Students night gone sour for as a 19 year old student of  Solent University, Southampton, United Kingdom got her head stuck in the bottle bank in car park of the Civic Centre, according to Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service. Chelsie Redwood was hanging out with her friends drinking before the ... Read More »

Man beats his four months pregnant wife to death in Enugu


The police in Enugu state have arrested one Ozoemena Nwankwo, described as a serial wife beater,  for allegedly beating his 4-month pregnant wife, Ndidi, to death at their Akpawfu village residence in Nkanu-East Local Government Area in Enugu on October 17th, Vanguard reports. The state’s Police PRO, DSP Ebere Amaraizu, ... Read More »

Bad Guy! Gambian arrested for having 4 wives,7 fiancées & 5 girlfriends (Photos)


  A prolific lover with four wives, seven fiancées and five girlfriends has set Austria’s record for bigamy.Sonko Tijan was finally caught in a honey trap at Vienna Airport after two of his wives realised they were married to the same man and complained to police. The seducer had picked ... Read More »

The Rope-Sleeper – This Chinese Man Can Sleep On A Single Rope

While the rest of us roll around in bed all night trying to find that elusive ‘sweet spot’, 51-year-old Liang Yanguo can make himself quite comfortable on a single-rope hammock. That’s right, his favorite resting spot is actually a sling made of a single nylon rope tied between two trees. ... Read More »

Italian Village Plagued by Mysterious Fires Has Been Puzzling Scientists for Years

For 10 years, the residents of the Sicilian village of Canneto di Caronia have been utterly spooked by hundreds of mysterious, unexplained fires that seem to erupt out of nowhere. The bizarre phenomenon, which has seen a sudden surge this year, includes spontaneous combustion of mattresses, beds, cars, and devices ... Read More »

Mum Gives Gang Member Son Ride To Shoot Someone

A Florida woman was arrested Tuesday after police say she drove her adult son to an apartment so he could shoot someone. Sondra Conegia, 54, is charged with being principal to attempted first-degree murder, according to My News 13. Her son, 32-year-old Lewis Hawkins, is wanted on charges of attempted ... Read More »

How Pastor Allegedly r*pes 19-Year-Old Girl During ‘Spiritual Cleansing’

Pastor Anthony Arogunmasa, a popular preacher in Ikere-Ekiti has been arrested for alleged r*pe of a 19yrs old girl, who he is claiming is his girlfriend. The tearful victim said the 29-year-old cleric lured her into his Araromi Street, Ikere-Ekiti residence under the pretence of giving her spiritual cleansing. In ... Read More »

Parrot Missing For 4 Years Comes Home Speaking Spanish

A pet parrot that spoke with a British accent when it disappeared from its home four years ago has been reunited with its owner — and the bird now speaks Spanish. The Daily Breeze reported Sunday the reunion was brought about by a Southern California veterinarian who mistook the African ... Read More »

Nurse Accused Of Killing 38 Patients She Found Annoying

A nurse in Italy is accused of killing 38 patients because she thought they were “annoying.” Daniela Poggiali was arrested Friday on murder charges, Italian newspaper Corriere di Bologna reports. The 42-year-old nurse caught the attention of authorities after theApril death of 78-year-old Rosa Calderoni, according to the Independent’s translation ... Read More »

Police Sink Man Accused Of Stealing Restaurant Plumbing

Police say they’ve flushed out a man accused of stealing the handles and pipes of toilets in parks and restaurant restrooms around a Florida city. St. Petersburg police said Friday that they arrested a 28-year-old homeless man. He is accused of stealing the plumbing from Cracker Barrel, Burger King, Bob ... Read More »

Police Officer Charged With Running A Teenage Fight Club

The Philadelphia District Attorneys office announced charges Thursday against a police officer who they claim set up a fight club type of environment between her own children and other neighborhood teens. Tamika Gross, 35, was arrested for a “number of fights involving her teenage children,” according to a press release. ... Read More »

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