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NOT AGAIN! Yet Another Couple arrested After Grandma Films Them ‘Doing It’ On The Beach In Front Of Kids (18+)


The man looks like he regrets his action, but not the woman…see the smirk on her face. A couple have been arrested after they were filmed having s*x on a crowded beach in Florida in front of children, including a 4 year old girl. Elissa Alvarez, 20, straddled Jose Caballero, ... Read More »

Unthinkable Evil: 30 year old man arrested for defiling 2 year old girl in Ebonyi state (PHOTO)


A 30-year old man, Mr. Inya-Okoro from Afikpo North LGA of Ebonyi State has been arrested by police for defiling a 2-year-old girl named Favour, Sunnewsonline reports The suspect was alleged to have com­mitted the shameful act when the victim returned from school and was sleeping at the corridor of ... Read More »

Man Fined After Stopping To Save Ducklings From Traffic


A New Hampshire woman who called police after stopping in a highway median to help some stranded ducklings plans to fight a $44 ticket. Hallie Bibeau of Newfields says she was driving east on Route 101 on Friday when she had to slam on her brakes to avoid hitting the ... Read More »

Man Stabbed Ex-Wife 84 Times, Covered Her Face With Pig Mask


New Jersey man has been convicted of fatally stabbing his ex-wife 84 times and covering her face with a pig mask. Jurors in Morris County announced Wednesday that 66-year-old Anthony Novellino was guilty of murder. They deliberated about three hours over two days. Prosecutors say Novellino attacked his ex-wife, Judith, ... Read More »

Turkish Family Can Only Walk On All Four Like Animals, Leaves Scientists Baffled


Walking on all fours might be fun for some, but for the members of one Turkish family, it’s the only way to move around. Five siblings of the 19-member Ulas family, from Hatay Province, suffer from a rare disability – they lack the balance and stability required to stand up ... Read More »

Woman Convicted In Starvation Death Of 10-Year-Old Stepson


North Texas jury took less than an hour to find a woman guilty Tuesday in the 2011 starvation death of her 10-year-old stepson. The Dallas County jury found Elizabeth Ramsey, 33, guilty of intentional serious injury to a child in Johnathan Ramsey’s death. Jurors begin hearing testimony Wednesday morning in ... Read More »

Parents Torture Their Autistic Sons In Basement For Six Years


A couple was busted by police for trapping their two autistic sons in the basement for over the course of SIX YEARS. The parents names are 59-year-old Jane Land and 57-year-old John Land. These demons got caught because of a warrant for an dissociated matter. According to Fox News, the twins ... Read More »

Man Has His Lost Wallet Returned By Stranger After Twitter Exchange


Just when you think the world is only full of bad news and depressing stories, the smallest acts of common decency can really brighten your day. Take Mark Ruffalo, who got a big surprise after he lost his wallet last week: The actor learned that sometimes you can depend on ... Read More »

Study ‘Says’ Sniffing Farts Is Good For You, But…


Forget “silent but deadly.” How about “rank but restorative”? Media sites recently reported news that delighted flatulence lovers: Scientists had published a study that said smelling farts is good for you. The only problem was, reports on the study kinda … stunk. Here’s what happened. Researchers at the University of Exeter ... Read More »

Turkish Company Creates Machine That Feeds Stray Dogs In Exchange For Recycled Bottles


One innovative company has created a vending machine that’s dispensing help for both the environment and our furry friends. The Turkish company Pugedon recently introduced a vending machine in Istanbul that releases food and water for the city’s stray dogs in exchange for recycled plastic bottles, Big Think reported. Once someone deposits ... Read More »

Study: Alien Planet Sets New Record For Having Longest-Known Year On A Transiting World

download (1)

A newfound alien planet is one for the record books. The alien planet Kepler-421b — which crosses the face of, or transits, its host star from Earth’s perspective — takes 704 Earth days to complete one orbit, and thus has the longest year known for any transiting alien world, researchers said. (For ... Read More »

Meanwhile In Russia, Putin Passes Law Against Protests


Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a law into effect criminalizing repeated street protests. Protesting on the streets of Moscow — or any other part of Russia, for that matter — will now not only cost a pretty penny, but also could land you behind bars, after Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday ... Read More »

SHOCKER: Security man commits suicide at popular fast food joint in Akute


One of the security men at a popular fast food joint in Alagbole, Akute, a Lagos/Ogun suburb committed suicide in the early hours of today, Wednesday July 23rd. The security man whose name the company management chose not to disclose, hanged himself inside the kitchen of the fast food joint ... Read More »

Male Model with 24 Words Tattooed on His Face Says He Wants to ‘Make an Impact’


Vin Los, a 24-year-old model from Montreal, wants to be the most famous man in the world. That sounds like an ambitious goal, but I’d say he’s taking way to seriously. Vin has actually tattooed the word ‘fame’ right across his forehead along with another 23 words  designed to make ... Read More »

Florida Couple Filmed Having s*x On Beach Just Doesn’t Give A…


s*x on the beach: In P0*n and cocktails, it has potential. Out of context, it’ll just get you arrested. A Florida couple learned that the hard way Sunday afternoon, after they had a little frolic in front of an audience at Cortez Beach in Bradenton, according to the Smoking Gun. Jose “Benny” ... Read More »

Chinese Company Launched s*x Toy With Camera Feature, Can Record Inside…


It’s not unusual for people to be filmed using s*x toys. It is, however, unusual for them to be filming their innards with the s*x toy. That’s the premise behind the “Gaga,” a vibrator that comes with a camera lens and a light so users will be able to see ... Read More »

Meet Woman Who Gets Paid To Squash Men


Sometimes, your job is a soul-crushing slog that drains the life out of your cold, hardened body. So what better way to warm those bones than paying to have your body crushed? Amazon Amanda makes her living doing just that. The 6-foot-3, 280-pound fetish model gets paid by dudes who ... Read More »

Robber Gets Out Of Prison, Robs Same Bank And Same Teller Again


24-year-old man who a month after being released from prison for a bank robbery held up the same bank and teller has been sentenced to more than 10 years behind bars. Joshua James Driskell was arrested for robbing a Key Bank branch in Bremerton, Washington in October. He had just ... Read More »

Drug Suspect Runs From Cops And Into Police Academy


Police say a man who fled from a Mississippi traffic stop was apparently so focused on getting away he unknowingly ran into a law enforcement academy. Biloxi Police Chief John Miller Police Chief John Miller tells The Sun-Herald  30-year-old Roger Beasley Jr. was stopped by officers last Wednesday on U.S. ... Read More »

Man Suspected Of Stealing 200 Panties From Mall


Authorities are investigating the theft of 200 pairs of panties at an east Georgia shopping mall. Richmond County sheriff’s officials say a thief stole the panties from Victoria’s Secret in Augusta Mall shortly before noon Saturday. The Augusta Chronicle ( HTTP://BIT.LY/1N3THIV ) reports that security video shows a male entering the store ... Read More »

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