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11-Year-Old Boy Pimps Out 8 Female Classmates To Earn $500


A 5th grade (Primary 5) boy managed to make some money by pimping out his female classmates to boys.  The 11-year-old of Elk City, Oklahoma, has been expelled from school for running a “business” during school hours. Raed more from Scoop: The boy of a poor family managed to convince ... Read More »

Rival Fire Departments Show At Inferno Site, Starts Physical Fight Over Who Should Put Out The Fire


Firefighters from two departments are heavily criticized after a video was released of them, showing them getting into a physical fight in the line of duty. Odd News Blog has more: The firefighters were dispatched to deal with the same fire. However, rather than fighting the fire, the firefighters fought each ... Read More »

Polygamy Unlimited: Man Fathers 40 Children With 20 Different Women


A man who is an alcoholic and a self confessed womanizer, has 40 children from 20 different women, and guess what – he still wants more.  Scoop reports: 56-year-old Mike Holpin of Ebbw Vale in Monmouthshire, United Kingdom, claims to have lost his virginity when he was just 9 years ... Read More »

Wild Rhino Kills Woman, Chases People In Nepal Street


A woman was reportedly killed in the southern region of Nepal after she was gored by a wild rhinoceros, which wreaked havoc on the town of Hetauda. UPI reports: The town, about 50 miles away from the Nepalese capital of Kathmandu, was literally run over by the massive animal.News reports ... Read More »

Woman Pour Boiling Water On Husband In His Sleep For Having 5 Secret Wives


A woman has been arrested, charged and convicted of assault after allegedly pouring hot water on her husband for marrying five women behind her back. Read more from Radar: Now, a court in Lugbe, sentenced 45-year-old Owolati Laide to three months in jail for pouring hot water over her husband ... Read More »

Pics: Dogs Show Up At The Funeral Of Woman Who Fed Them


The funeral for a woman (pictured left) in Mexico took a strange but incredible turn when stray dogs unexpectedly showed up to pay their respects. The woman, named Margarita Suarez was known for her kindness to all kinds of animals and used to feed stray dogs and cats that would ... Read More »

PHOTOS: Girl Born With Elephant Trunk Worshipped As God


A baby girl born with an “elephant trunk” is being worshipped as a Hindu god in a village in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, in northern India. The girl, who has not yet been named, was born to Rambabu Sarvesh and his wife Banna Devi on Thursday. Since then thousands of people from all over ... Read More »

Meet the great grandmothers who watch P0*n & sleep with hundreds of men [PHOTOS]

An 80-year-old woman known as the ‘Gang Bang Queen’ has revealed she has slept with more than 1,000 men and starred in a number of P0*n films. Shirley Andrews (pictured right) is one of a number of ‘super cougars’ who proudly boast about their active s*x lives with hundreds of ... Read More »

Husband Super-Glue Wife’s Private Part Because She Had s*x With Her Uncle


A woman in South Africa said that she was devastated for not being able to have s*x for the rest of her life, because her husband put super glue on her private parts because she was cheating on him. Scoop reports: Her husband allegedly put super glue on her private parts after ... Read More »

Nurse Drinks Poison After Finding Her Husband Having s*x With Prostitute


A nurse was rushed to hospital after deliberately drinking poison in an attempt to commit suicide, doctors in Zimbabwe said. Odd News Blog reports: The incident unfolded when the nurse of Chinotimba, Victoria Falls, returned home from her night shift at a hospital earlier than usual and was surprised to ... Read More »

Woman Stabs Husband In The Chest Over Okra Dispute


A woman settled a dispute with her husband with a stab from a knife to his chest. The cause of the dispute? Okra. Pulse has more: A friend of the family told Stella Dimoko Korkus, that the husband had returned home to find his wife cutting okra in their bedroom. ... Read More »

Dwarf Bodybuilder Finds Love With 6’3′-tall Transgender Woman [PHOTO]


As the only man in the world able to lift four times his own body weight, Anton Kraft is pound-for-pound the strongest man in the world. The 4’4′ dwarf, who resides in Florida, has lifted as much as 36 stone. That’s not all, he also found love in the most unusual ... Read More »

Woman Stabs Husband To Death In Argument Over PDP, APC Presidential Candidates


Lagos— The Lagos State Police Command has arrested a 26-year-old pregnant woman who allegedly stabbed her own husband to death in the process of a quarrel over who would emerge winner between the Peoples Democratic Party and All Progressives Congress, APC presidential candidates, while voting was on-going , weekend, at Ejigbo ... Read More »

Man Kills Wife In Front Of Their 7 Children Over Video Game Dispute


  A woman in Arizona was brutally stabbed to death by her own husband in front of their children.  37-year-old John Leo Davis Jr. stabbed his wife about 13 times, in front of their seven children. Odd News Blog has more: John Leo Davis called police and cried as he told ... Read More »

Seattle Artist Creates Invisible Street Art That Only Appears When It Rains


A Seattle-based magician c*m artist Peregrine Church has come up with the perfect kind of street art for the rainy city – invisible drawings that only appear when wet. Oddity Central has more: Church says that he’s passionate about making things that make the world a more interesting place, and his ... Read More »

UNBELIEVABLE!!! Russian Man Builds House With 12,000 Bottles Of Champagne [Photo]

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A man in Russia’s Chelyabinsk region recently made the news recently, after it was reported that he built the walls of his house by using 12,000 champagne bottles. OddityCentral has more: 52-year-old Hamidullah Ilchibaev has always been interested in constructing things out of beer and vodka bottles, but it wasn’t ... Read More »

Indonesian Police Get Residents High With Smoke From Marijuana Bonfire


Police in Indonesia set fire to more than 3 tons of marijuana, which inadvertently caused several witnesses and nearby residents to get high from the smoke. UPI reports: Palmerah police set fire to 3.6 tons of marijuana in a field outside their West Jakarta office March 11, and several reporters ... Read More »

Armed Robbers r*pe Seven Women During Deliverance Vigil


SEVEN ladies who  went for a night vigil for deliverance in a new generation church, which is located at 2nd Cemetery Road, Benin-City, were allegedly defiled by armed bandits who stormed the church at about 4:00AM on Thursday. Vanguard has full report: The robbers were said to have earlier raided a  building ... Read More »

Woman Beats Teacher In Front Of Students For Allegedly Cheating With Her Husband


A teacher was beaten black and blue in her own classroom, in front of her own students after she was accused of sleeping with a married man. Odd News Blog has more: Laelia Paredes Flores, 35, stormed into the classroom in Huimanguillo, Mexico, and beat the 32-year-old teacher. Flores accused ... Read More »

Police Officer Killed While Trying To Prevent Suicidal Man From Killing Himself


A police officer has lost his life in a shootout with a suicidal man who threatened to kill himself, police in California said. Odd news Blog reports: The man suspected of killing the veteran police officer in San Jose, was found dead on Wednesday morning on the balcony of his house, ... Read More »