Monday , 26 January 2015
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Scientists Have Found A Way To SLOW DOWN The Speed Of Light


Scientists are believed to have long known that the speed of light can be slowed slightly as it travels through materials such as water or glass. But can the speed of light be slowed down? Scientists have discovered a way out of it. DailyMail reports: However, it has generally been ... Read More »

Chewing Gum For 10 Minutes Removes 100 Million Bacteria, Study Claims


Chewing gum has been discovered to remove harmful bacteria from mouths, according to a new study. The DailyMail has more: Researchers found that just a single piece of chewing gum can remove 100 million bacteria – 10 per cent of the microbial load in saliva – in ten minutes. And they say ... Read More »

Baptist Megachurch Minister In Hot Water Over Comments On Ten Commandments

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A Baptist minister is now in hot water after preaching a sermon which allegely called the Ten Commandments sayings or promises rather than mandates. The Huffington Post reports: In his Christmas Eve message, Senior Pastor Perry Noble of NewSpring Church, which regularly has more than 32,000 worshippers at 11 campuses across ... Read More »

Hermaphrodite Puppy Adopted After Successful s*x-assignment Surgery


A puppy which was born with male and female s*x organs has been adopted in Idaho after a successful operation to remove one of its sets of private partia. Charcoal, an 8-week old chihuahua mix, was born in a litter of five at the West Valley Humane Society (formerly known as ... Read More »

Primary 4 Pupil Given Assignment Taken From Rap Song


The appearance of a 1990s rap song title “Po pimp,” a rap song by rap group Do or Die – in a fourth-grader’s homework assignment has prompted complaints by an angry parent in Georgia. UPI reports: Scott Tolleson appeared before a school board in Newton County, Ga., after his son ... Read More »

Man Close To Running 7 Marathons In 7 Days On 7 Continents


A San Francisco man is just a race away from completing seven marathons in seven days on seven continents. Tim Durbin is an American competing in the World Marathon Challenge which started last Saturday and ends in Sydney on Friday. Yahoo! News has more: So far, the 31-year-old has run six marathons, ... Read More »

Suspect Allegedly Killed Clerk Over A Pack Of Cigarettes


A surveillance video shows a suspect shooting down a convenience store clerk in Phoenix over a pack of cigarettes before calmly stepping over the victim and fleeing. Associated Press reports: The chilling depiction was outlined in a court document Friday as a judge set bail at $1 million for 29-year-old Apolinar ... Read More »

Fugitive Rearrested 34 Years After Prison Break


Police in Utah say they have nabbed a man who escaped from a Mississippi jail 34 years ago. Read more from The Huffington Post: Authorities said Friday that 61-year-old Sam Gene Harris also escaped from jails in Oregon before landing in the small central Utah town of Wellington several years ... Read More »

Tenant In Court Because His Urine Damaged Marble Floor Around Home Toilet


A German judge has ruled that a tenant can’t be held responsible for floor damage that results from urinating while in the standing position. UPI covers the proceeding: Dusseldorf Judge Stefan Hank sided with the tenant, whose lawsuit said the landlord refused to return $2,100 of his $3,300 deposit, alleging the resident’s ... Read More »

Man Knocks Out Friend’s Teeth While Arguing Over 2015 Election


Two friends reportedly threw decorum to the wind at Old Ojo Road in Agboju, Lagos State on Thursday when a fracas broke out between them over who becomes the winner of the 2015 presidential election. Leadership Newspaper reports: A man identified as Chukwuemeka was said to have boasted that come rain or shine, ... Read More »

Smoker Fined $15K For Throwing Butts Out Window


  Singapore authorities fined a smoker S$19,800 ($15,000) for throwing cigarette butts out of his flat window, the National Environment Agency said it is the highest ever of such fine.  Reuters report: The man was fined S$600 per cigarette for the first 33 offences, and ordered to do community service ... Read More »

Weird Mating: Spider Bites Off Its Own private parts After s*x


In what just might be the most bizarre post-coital ritual on the planet, male ornamental tree trunk spiders (also known as coin spiders) have a habit of biting off their own private parts after intercourse. Read more from The Huffington Post: While many types of spiders suffer damage to or ... Read More »

Jealous Housewife Bathes Rival With Acid, Jumps Into River Niger


A jealous housewife, simply identified as Rosemary, in Oko-Ogbele community area of Asaba, Delta State, has allegedly bathed her rival with acid water and thereafter jumped into River Niger. City People reports: Report said the house wife had complained of the frequent visits to the husband by the woman. During one ... Read More »

See Hermaphrodite Cat Preparing For Gender Assignment Surgery


A Canadian woman has said that she is raising money to get gender assignment surgery for her pet cat, which was born a hermaphrodite. UPI has more: Colleen Clarke-Murphy of Heart’s Desire said her daughter found the cat as a stray and her family adopted the feline and named it Mittens. ... Read More »

Invisible Boyfriend/Girlfriend Site Offers Fake Relationships


A website which offers services called Invisible Girlfriend and Invisible Boyfriend say lonely hearts can receive phone calls, texts and even handwritten notes for only $25 a month. UPI reports: Matthew Homann, a self-described “recovering lawyer” with “idea surplus disorder,” said he purchased the domain for $7 following his ... Read More »

Teenager Kills 16-Year-Old Classmate For Sending His Girlfriend Snapchat Messages


  South Carolina teen, Matthew Fischer is currently in police custody after fatally stabbing his classmate for sending Snapchats to his girlfriend. The 17-year-old was reportedly upset with Lucas Cavanaugh, 16, for sending a message to his girlfriend on the popular app on Sunday. With Snapchat messages lasting no longer than a few seconds, ... Read More »

Student Records Himself Singing As He Sets Sleeping Classmate On Fire


Authorities say a New York University student is accused of setting a classmate on fire in his hostel room, then singing and recording her putting out the flames. The Huffington Post reports: Jaime Castano was arraigned Tuesday on assault and reckless endangerment charges. new balance 1222 The incident occurred at ... Read More »

Scissors Removed From Stabbed Victim’s Head


A Mexican stabbing victim was nicknamed “El Caballero,” that is, “The Gentleman” by hospital staff after politely requesting help removing a pair of scissors from his face. UPI has more: Nandor Altamirano Carvajal, 30, a friend of the stabbing victim, Jonas Acevedo Monroy, 32, said the men were drinking at ... Read More »

Video: Pregnant Woman Danced so Hard Her Waters Broke


A pregnant woman was twerking to “No Ordinary Love” by Sade in her kitchen when she suddenly went into labour. The events leading to her dancing was recorded in a video which has been posted on Youtube. Read more from Pulse: nike womens free 5.0 In the video, the pregnant woman’s ... Read More »

Girl Vows To Marry Own Father Because No Man Gives Her s*x Like Him


An 18-year-old girl says she is planning to marry her own father and have children with him since she couldn’t find any man alive who can handle her sexually better than her birth father. Read more from New Daily News: nike womens free 5.0 The girl from Great Lakes, Illinois, USA, told ... Read More »