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Mother found pushing dead 3 year old boy on swing in Maryland park


A Maryland mother was found early yesterday Friday May 22nd pushing her dead 3-year-old boy on a park swing, according to US police. Officers responded to a call around 7 a.m. to check on a woman who witnesses said had been pushing a child for hours on a swing at ... Read More »

unclad Woman Armed With An Axe Kidnaps Man, Orders Him To Take Her To A Restaurant


A unclad woman who was desperate to get to a fast food restaurant, kidnapped a man and ordered him to drive while threatening him with an ax, police in New Mexico said. Odd News Blog has more: Bloomfield Police said that they arrested 30-year-old Jennifer Lee Brown, after being accused ... Read More »

Principal Wipes Blackboard With Student’s Head Because He Refused To Clean It


Parents in Turkey, are extremely angry after a video emerged, showing a principal wiping a blackboard with a child’s head. The principal of the school in Ankara, wiped the blackboard with the student’s head as punishment for not having cleaned it.  Odd News Blog reports: Another student secretly recorded the incident ... Read More »

Only A Year After High School, 11-Year-Old California Boy Graduates With Three Degrees


An 11-year-old California boy graduated community college with three associate degrees only one year after he graduated from high school. UPI has more: Tanishq Abraham, 11, of Sacramento, made national headlines and received a congratulatory letter from President Barack Obama when he graduated high school last year and walked across ... Read More »

Narrow Escape: iPhone Safes Owner’s Life, Takes Shotgun Blast


A British man was convicted of attempted murder in the shooting of a man police say survived when his iPhone absorbed most of the shotgun blast. UPI reports: Ryan Duggan, 19, was convicted this week in Chester Crown Court of attempted murder and possession of a firearm with intent to ... Read More »

Prisoners Forced To Eat Own Excreta In Zimbabwe


Taurai Dodzo and Thomas Chacha made the claims at the Harare Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday while applying for referral of their case to the Constitutional Court. The two are being represented by lawyer David Hofisi. “The accused persons’ fundamental right to freedom from torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or ... Read More »

PHOTOS, VIDEO: Witch Doctor Forces 2-Day Old Baby To Walk To Cure Fever


The Internet community was shocked after the terrifying scenes of a two-day-old baby who was forced to walk by a witch doctor surface online, Assam, India. According to local media, a newborn baby boy had high temperature and his parents brought him to a witch doctor. The unnamed woman asked them to strip ... Read More »

Woman Gives Birth To Alien-like Creature [Photos]


The woman on the right reportedly gave birth to the alien-like creature pictured left. It has eyes, nose, and when the nurse lifts the creature, you can see an arm. Maybe it’s just an extremely deformed baby? See more pics below…   Read More »

Scorned Woman, 46, Cuts Her 82-Year-Old Lover’s Manhood With A Hacksaw


  A woman was arrested after she attempted to pull her elderly lover’s pants down to cut his private parts off with a hacksaw.  Bonnie Treaster, 46, of Pennsylvania, hurt her lover in a fit of jealous rage. Scoop has more: She is accused of slicing to the groin of ... Read More »

Colorado Man Brings Stuffed Owl To Court As Defense Counsel


A Colorado man who was accused of violating a protection order brought a stuffed owl with “law degrees from Yale, Harvard and Stanford” to court as his public defender. UPI has more: Charles Abbott of Aspen, who was accused of violating a protection order taken out by his former roommate, ... Read More »

Elephant Snatches Student’s Camera, Takes Selfie With Him [PHOTO]


An elephant in Thailand confiscated a Canadian tourist’s GoPro camera and snapped a once-in-a-lifetime “elphie” with the student. UPI reports: Christian LeBlanc, 22, a University of British Columbia student who shared the photo on Instagram this week, said the elephant on Thailand’s Koh Phangan island snatched his GoPro camera while ... Read More »

Man Dies After Winning Cockroach-eating Contest In Florida


Authorities say the winner of a cockroach-eating contest in South Florida died shortly after downing dozens of the live bugs as well as worms. The grand prize in Friday night’s contest was a live python. According to The Guardian, the Broward County sheriff’s office says in a news release that ... Read More »

California Broker Who Scammed Clients Of $17million Sentenced To ONE DAY In Jail


A Californian broker who took part in a scam which cost clients $17million is free after serving just one day in jail. Adam Boskovich, 45, pleaded guilty earlier this month to a misdemeanor for his role in the biggest Ponzi scam prosecuted in Orange County. He was handed the lenient term after ... Read More »

Airplane Dumps Human Waste On Girl’s Outdoor Sweet 16 Party

none_5079 (1)

A teenager in Pennsylvania, is distraught after a plane dumped feces on her sweet 16 party, which was held outdoors. The sweet 16 party of Jacinda, was held on the family’s property located in Levittown on Sunday evening. Odd News Blog: The girl’s stepfather, Joe Cambray, said that about 40 people ... Read More »

Husband Keeps His Dead Wife In Freezer So He Can Talk To Her Every Day


A husband in China, who is extremely distraught that his wife passed away, decided to keep her at home in a freezer so that he can talk to her every day. 53-year-old Jiang Maode has kept the body of his wife Yang Huiging for five months. Scoop has more: His family ... Read More »

Professor Marks 100th Birthday At Brooklyn Law School

Brooklyn Law School.  Photo: Rick Kopstein/ALM.

When Brooklyn Law School professors and alumni refer to an “institution,” they might very well be talking about Professor Joseph Crea. He’s taught generations of students over more than six decades, instilling legal precepts along with some pithy tenets of his own, such as “Never drop your briefcase and run.” Yahoo ... Read More »

See What Al Qaeda’s Job Application Form Look Like [PHOTO]


Prior to joining the terror group al Qaeda, some potential jihadists were apparently provided a job application form that would not be entirely out of place for an entry-level position at any American company – except for questions like the one about the applicant’s willingness to blow themselves up. ABC ... Read More »

Day Old Baby Girl Strangled And Buried By Her Dad For Being A Girl


A 35-year-old man, Bello Rabiu, has been arrested and arraigned before a senior magistrate’s court in Katsina over the killing of his new born baby girl. Daily Trust reports: He was said to have strangled the one day old baby and buried her in his compound after she was given ... Read More »

Read Of The ‘Anty Gin’ – The Gin Made Out Of Ants


As the name suggests, Anty Gin is a unique type of gin made by distilling red wood ants. Oddity Central reports: The idea for Anty Gin came about when Danish organisation Nordic Food Lab contacted Will Lowe, of Cambridge Distilleries with a very odd request. “We were approached by a ... Read More »

MAGIC PLATE!!! This ‘Smart Plate’ Knows What You’re Eating And When You’ve Had Too Much


A Pennsylvania inventor is seeking funding for his weight loss tool: A “smart plate” that knows what you’re eating and when you’ve had too much. UPI has more: Anthony Ortiz said his SmartPlate, which he is attempting to fund with a Kickstarter campaign, uses built-in cameras and weight sensors to ... Read More »