Wednesday , 26 November 2014
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Man Invents Pills That Makes Farts Smell Like Chocolate


A French inventor has said the pills he developed is able to make bodily gases smell like chocolate and the brilliant idea was inspired by a particularly flatulent meal he had with his friends. UPI reports: Christian Poincheval, 65, of Gesvres, said his Lutin Malin — or Crafty Imp — ... Read More »

Sinkhole Swallows Australian Woman In Back Yard


Rescuers in Melbourne said a woman who was hanging laundry on a clothesline in her back yard suddenly fell into a 10 feet sinkhole and had to tread water at the bottom of the sinkhole. UPI reports: Melissa Beaumont said her mother, Christina Beaumont, 52, was visiting an elderly friend to ... Read More »

Man Faces Felony Charge For Aiming Banana At Police Officers


A 27-year-old man is facing a felony menace charge after two western Colorado police officers said he pointed a banana at them which they thought was a gun. Associated Press reports: The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel reports 27-year-old Nathan Rolf Channing, of Fruitvale was arrested Sunday. According to an arrest affidavit, Mesa ... Read More »

17-Year-Old Student Run Secondary School Prostitution Ring


Florida authorities has reveal the two southwest Florida high school students who organized a prostitution ring of other students from nearby high schools. Associated Press reports: Police say a 15-year-old Venice High School student was already in juvenile custody for an unrelated case when he was charged Tuesday with human trafficking. ... Read More »

Passengers Got Down To Push Plane Stuck On Ice In Siberia


What would you do when your flight is been delayed because the plane is stuck in ice? You simply Get out and push just like the passegers on a Siberia flight. See how Huff’Pust reported it: Passengers on a flight in Siberia were asked to do just that on Tuesday when temperatures ... Read More »

SO SAD! Woman Disappears With Four Kids 30mins Into Starting Job As Assistant Teacher


    The 33-year-old proprietress of a neighbourhood home lesson at Idi-Omo area of Ibadan, Oyo State, Mrs Kafayat Olatubosun, has described the incident which led to the disappearance of four pupils in her care as one that is like a devil stalking her, after which he crept in and ... Read More »

30-Year Old Man With Down’s Syndrome Gets 30,000 Birthday Cards


A French woman went on Facebook and sought birthday cards for her 30-year-old son suffering from Down’s syndrome, the post went viral and the man received more than 30,000 birthday cards. UPI has more. Jacqueline Parisseaux posted to Facebook Nov. 3 asking friends to send cards to her son, Manuel Parisseaux, ... Read More »

BURSTED!! Nigerian Man Sentenced To Death In Malaysia For Drug Trafficking


  A 35 year old Nigerian man was sentenced to death today November 25th by a Malaysian High Court for trafficking in 251.66 gm of methapethamine. Abuchi Ngwoke, was arrested in May 2012 at a Malaysian airport. He had swallowed the drugs. The High court judge described Ngwoke’s testimony about ... Read More »

Indian ‘Spider-Man’ Scales Walls With Bare Hands


An Indian man also known as the “Spider-Man” for his ability to scale buildings with his bare hands has said he has his sights set on the world’s tallest skyscraper. Read more and watch him on UPI: Jyoti Raju, 27, regularly wows locals and tourists by scaling the walls of a ... Read More »

Boy Has Football-Sized Tumor Removed From His Neck


An 11-year-old boy from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, is recovering after a 25-person medical team spent about 12 hours at the University of New Mexico Hospital operated on him and successfully removed a football-sized tumor from his neck as well as upper body. Read more from Huffington Post: The removal of ... Read More »

Oh Baby! China Hospital Puts Men Through Pain of Childbirth


Brave fathers-to-be are undergoing shocking lessons at a pioneering Chinese hospital in what it practically feel like for women to give birth. UPI reports: A nurse at Hangzhou Aima maternity hospital in China’s Shandong province sends an electric current to a pad placed above the abdomen of volunteers. Over five minutes, ... Read More »

Man r*pes 5-Year-Old Girl, Blames Her For It


A 51-year-old Ohio man who was convicted of defiling his girlfriend’s 5-year-old girl blamed the little girl for his crime during his sentencing. Huff’Post reports: Clifford Taylor, a 51-year-old former research scientist, was given the maximum sentence of 22 years on Nov. 12, the News-Herald reported. In October, Taylor admitted in ... Read More »

Boy Carrying Toy Gun Shot Dead By Police


A 12-year-old boy brandishing and flashing what turned out to be a toy gun is dead after being shot by a Cleveland police officer who though the boy was waving a real gun at him. Here’s Huff’Post story of the incidence: An attorney for the family says the boy died early ... Read More »

Swedish Hotel To Take Popularity On Social Media As Currency


A Swedish luxury hotel has announced it is accepting social media as its “currency,” thereby offering free stays to anyone with more than 2,000 Facebook friends.U PI reports: The Nordic Light Hotel in Stockholm said anyone with more than 2,000 personal Facebook friends, 100,000 likes on their Facebook page or ... Read More »

This Controller Draws Real Blood Every Time You’re Shot In Video Game


Blood Sport game controller is a device that draws real blood each time you get shot in your video game. If its Kickstarter is successful, it hopes to raise the stakes in shooters forever, and at the same time save a whole lot of lives in the process. Huff’Post has more: Creators Jonathon Root ... Read More »

Floyd Mayweather Jr. To Hire And Pay “Personal Reader” $1,000,000 A Year


According to reports, the undefeated professional boxer, Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr is currently  searching for a “personal reader”, whom he intends to take wherever he goes so as to read everything to him. The boxer has offered $1,000,000 CASH a year to his future personal reader. Huzlers has more: The ... Read More »

Meet The Man Who Has Live Maggots In His Nose


Few weeks ago, maggots were removed from someone’s ear, an if you thought that was bad, be warned: this is much, much worse. In a video of an endoscopic procedure that shows the line between pure horror and medical marvel, a patient has live maggots removed from his nasal cavity. Read more on ... Read More »

HA!: Man Digs Up Mum’s Corpse To Take Selfie With Her Remains


  Deab Saiqly, A Lebanese graveyard guard who loves to spend time in the graveyard, dug up his mother’s grave and took a selfie with the corpse, according to an MBC TV report. The MBC TV Channel interviewed the man and asked a psychologist to analyze the case, and the ... Read More »

Bizarre Condition Causes Woman To Grow Fingernails On Skin Instead Of Hair


Since 2009, 32-year-old Shanyna Isom has been suffering from a strange skin condition which causes fingernails to grow – in place of hair – out of the hair follicles all over her body. The strange illness is so inconceivably mysterious that even after five years, doctors could not decipher what is wrong with her. According to ... Read More »

Chinese Couple Celebrate Break-Up with Bizarre Wedding Ceremony


While most women turn to tissues, cursing or ice cream for the much needed post-breakup comforting, this Chinese woman chose to deal with heartbreak in a different way – she went and got herself a fake wedding with the same man who dumped her! O’central reported in full: The woman, who calls herself ‘Doudou’, ... Read More »