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Man Arrested For Urinating In Cup At Store Because Bathroom Was Occupied


A man was arrested after he urinated in a cup at a store when the bathroom was occupied.  The man of Florida, was at a gas station when he decided to use the restroom. Police arrested the man of Callaway, for urinating into a cup near the water fountain because the ... Read More »

11 Women In This Family Have Worn The Same Wedding Dress In The Last 120 Years


When Abigail Kingston got engaged, she almost immediately decided on her wedding attire – a 120-year-old dress that’s been worn by 10 other brides from her mother’s side of the family since the late 1800s. The ancient two-piece dress is a family heirloom, first worn by Kingston’s great-great-grandmother Mary Lowry Warren ... Read More »

After Spending 47 Years In Hospital, Turkish Man Dies


A 70-year old man from Bursa, Turkey died last week, after spending the last 47 years in the city hospital, not because he was seriously ill, but because he didn’t have anywhere else to go. Abdullah Kozan walked through the doors of Bursa State Hospital in 1968, just after completing ... Read More »

Innovative Razor Now Lets You Shave With A Laser


Thanks to a couple of Swedish entrepreneurs, it might soon be possible to get a clean shave without the little nicks and cuts. They’ve done away with blades in their new invention ‘Skarp’, a futuristic razor that magically makes hair fall away when waved over skin! Oddity Central reports: Well, ... Read More »

Russian Scientist Injects Self With 3.5 Million Year Old “Eternal Life” Bacteria


A group of Russian scientists believe that the secret to eternal youth might actually lie in the permafrost of Siberia. They’re experimenting with a strain of bacteria that has managed to survive for millions of years in the permafrost. One enterprising scientist has even injected himself with the ancient bacteria ... Read More »

Girl Dumps Boyfriend For Stealing Woman’s Bra To Give To Her As Gift


A boy was arrested on a charge of theft after being caught stealing a woman’s bra to give it to his girlfriend as a gift, police in China said. Foshan police said that they have arrested Li Cheng, after being accused trying to give a stolen bra to his girlfriend as ... Read More »

Medical Groups Note Sharp Rise In Beard Transplants


Beard transplant surgeries are on the rise worldwide, with one New York doctor saying he performs about three of the procedures each week. The nonprofit International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery said beard transplants accounted for 1.5 percent of all hair restoration procedures in 2012, but that number spiked to 3.7 ... Read More »

Lagos Pastor Arraigned For Defrauding Church Members


The Lagos State Police Command has arraigned one Pastor David Oladele before an Ebute-Meta Magistrate’s Court for allegedly defrauding his members of millions in car deals. The pastor, along with others at large, allegedly defrauded six people by failing to remit profits from selling their cars, and issuing them dud cheques. ... Read More »

Double Tragedy For Okada Thief As He Gets Badly Beaten After Ghastly Accident


It was a case of double tragedy along Abu King Shuluwa road, Makurdi when a thief was involved in an accident while trying to escape after stealing a motorcycle and at the same time, was given the beating of his life. gathered that the thief had approached an unsuspecting commercial ... Read More »

Robbers Force Victims To Serve Them Food During Attack In Lagos


Robbers early Thursday morning invaded streets in Ejigbo community in Lagos State, western Nigeria. During the three-hour attack, they forced one of their victims to serve them food before they began their operation. They reportedly sat in the sitting room and were served eba (food made from fried cassava paste) and ... Read More »

Airplane Passenger Nearly Opens Emergency Exit Door After Mistaking It For Toilet


An airline passenger was arrested on a charge of unruly behavior after trying to open the emergency exit door, which he mistook for a toilet, police in the Netherlands said. Now, James Gray of Edinburgh, Scotland, has been ordered to pay a $650 fine and he was banned from flying on ... Read More »

Woman Attends New Church, Learns That Her Husband Recently Got Married To Another Woman At The Church


A Woman who decided to go to church services, was horrified to learn that her husband recently married another woman at the church.  WWWN reports that the pastor, standing on the altar in front of the members, announced that her husband, Patrick Celicourt, had married another woman. 57-year-old Miltha Plaisimond was ... Read More »

Referee Pulls A Gun During Dispute At Football Game In Brazil [Photo]


A referee in a Brazilian soccer match is facing potential disciplinary action after he pulled a gun during a dispute about a call. UPI has more: Footage of the incident at a field in Brumadinho shows referee Gabriel Murta, 27, who also works as a police officer, being held back ... Read More »

Nigerian Man Brings Out Manhood On London Train, Releases Sperm On Passenger


A Nigerian man was apprehended and charged with s*xual assault after pulling down his pants, bringing out his joystick, self servicing and releasing sperm on a woman, police in the United Kingdom said. The 32-year-old man identifed as Peter Fabiyi has been sentenced to serve 4 years in prison after pleading ... Read More »

Schoolboy Falls To His Death While Taking Extreme Selfie


A schoolboy fell to his death while trying to take an ‘extreme selfie’ from the roof of a nine-story building. The teenager, identified only as Andrey R, had climbed to the top of the building in Vologda, Russia, to add the selfie to his collection of photographs in dangerous places. ... Read More »

17-Year-Old Boy Plunges To Death While Taking Extreme Selfie | Photos

2 (24)

The 17-year-old Russian school boy who goes by the Instagram name (@drewsssik) fell off from the roof-top of a nine-story building while trying to take an extreme selfie. The extreme selfie is the latest craze among teenagers. According to media reports, the boy climbed the building in Vologda city with ... Read More »

Woman arrested for duct taping dog’s mouth shut to stop it barking (PHOTOS)


A woman is accused of wrapping duct tape around her dog’s mouth to stop it barking, then laughing as she posted the pictures online.  Kimberly Ann Howell has been charged with animal cruelty after sharing the distressing photos on her Facebook page. The 25-year-old posted the images of her mixed-breed ... Read More »

4-year-old Indian boy reportedly beheaded in human sacrifice


A 4-year-old Indian boy was reportedly beheaded Wednesday September 30th in a ritual in a southern coastal region of the country in what was believed to be an offering to a deity. The New Indian Express reported that the boy had been studying when he was kidnapped in the Prakasam ... Read More »

Woman kills her children with poison following a disagreement with husband

Winnie Daraja is locked up at the Webuye Police Station in Kenya, after she killed her children following an argument with her husband. On Tuesday, September 29, the 23-year-old mother of two from Shibanga, Kakamega North, laced queen cakes with rat poison and fed five year old Peris and three-year-old, ... Read More »

BUSTED: Paedophile Websites That Steals Photos Of Children From Social Media Sites And Repost Them On Their Sites Where They Are S*xualised


According to Australia’s new Children’s eSafety Commissioner, Alastair MacGibbon, half of the material found on certain paedophilia websites has been sourced or stolen from parents innocently posting images of their families online, The Independent reports. MacGibbon said that a team of investigators looking into complaints of child abuse material had ... Read More »