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Odd News From Around The World.

Three Crazy Norwegians Visit 19 Countries in 24 Hours, Set New World Record

Last month, three friends from Norway set a new world record for visiting the most number of countries in a day. They made it to 19 different countries across Europe in only 24 hours, beating the 2012 world record of 17 countries. Throughout the journey, they had to follow only ... Read More »

Australian Cafe Charges Different Prices for Coffee Depending on How Nice You Ask for It

The Seven Mile Beach Kiosk Café in Gerroa, New South Wales, doesn’t just serve its customers good coffee, but also a lesson in politeness. In order to reinforce the importance of being nice, the café’s owners are actually charging people different rates for coffee, depending on how they ask for ... Read More »

Heartwarming Story of Man Who Still Eats Out with His Late Wife Melts Internet Hearts

This picture of an elderly man eating out with a photo of his late wife has melted the hearts of thousands after it went viral last week. It was tweeted by Madina Bashizadah, who clicked the picture while having lunch with a friend at In-N-Out Burger in Fremont, California. Since ... Read More »

Professor Beheaded by Own Son In

The New York man who beheaded his mother before jumping in front of a train Tuesday night was off his medication and scheduled to see his psychiatrist, according to family. Rev. Robert Lubrano, brother of slain professor Patricia Ward, told the New York Daily News that his nephew, Derek Ward, ... Read More »

Man Bit Off Part Of Groundskeeper’s Ear

Police say a New York man bit off part of another man’s ear during an unprovoked attack. Police in the town of Evans, southwest of Buffalo, say they shocked John Pawlowski with a stun gun Tuesday when they found two men struggling on the front lawn of a home. The ... Read More »

Twins Have Different Hair Colors But Identical Surgical Modifications

Sara Koponen and Emma Koponen may be identical twins, but there are some differences. Sara is blonde while Emma has dyed black hair and a skull tattoo on her left leg. Nevertheless, the 25-year-old twins live together, wear the same clothes, have the same friends and work the same jobs ... Read More »

India Robbers Dig 125-ft Tunnel To Loot Bank

Police in northern India are searching for thieves who robbed a bank by digging a 125-foot (40-metre) tunnel straight into the vault late at night. They stole cash, jewellery and other valuables worth hundreds of thousands of dollars from a branch of the Punjab National Bank in Haryana. The tunnel ... Read More »

Man Faces Environmental Charges For Trying To Move River In Washington State

A Washington state man accused of using an excavator and a bulldozer to try to alter the Tahuya River was charged on Thursday with environmental violations, the state’s top attorney said. William Cayo Sr. was charged in Mason County District Court with violating water pollution and shoreline management laws as ... Read More »

Read This Interview With a Real-Life Vampire, As Told By Aimee Heckel

The theater invited me to run a discussion about vampires after the film, and in light of Halloween. I do not live as a vampire. But I met a handful of people who do several years ago when I wrote a story about this unusual subculture. While working on a ... Read More »

Human Skulls, ‘Books On Satan And Witchcraft’ Found In Dump

Police in Connecticut are investigating the discovery of two human skulls found at a dump on Thursday. An employee at the Stamford Refuse Transfer Station reportedly found two skulls, a jawbone, and “several [10] books on Satan and witchcraft” while sifting through trash. The worker initially thought it might be ... Read More »

The Curious Case of a Boy Who Hasn’t Felt Hungry or Thirsty in Over a Year

12-year-old Landon Jones, from Waterloo, Iowa, hasn’t felt hungry or thirsty since October 14, 2013. He went to bed on a full stomach of pizza and ice cream the night before, and when he woke up, he had simply lost all sensation of hunger and thirst. Instead, the once energetic ... Read More »

Oprah Interviewed A Woman About Her Intense s*xual Experience With A Ghost

Over the years, “The Oprah Winfrey Show” featured more than a few guests who claimed to have had supernatural experiences. In honor of All Hallows’ Eve, we look back at this spooky tale from 1988, when Oprah interviewed a woman who said she had a close encounter with a very ... Read More »

‘Wasting Time on the Internet’ Is Now A University Subject

Next semester at the University of Pennsylvania, students will walk into a classroom, pull out their laptops, their smartphones, their tablets, and sit there, for three hours, doing what they no doubt do pretty often: Waste time on the internet. The Ivy League school’s newest creative writing class is trying ... Read More »

unclad Man Allegedly r*pes Woman’s Rescue Pit Bull In Her Yard, Says ISIS Sent Him

A man accused of defiling a woman’s pit bull in her Waterbury, Connecticut, yard while ranting that he was sent by ISIS has been arrested. Waterbury Police told The Huffington Post on Thursday that Lorenzo Monzillo, 22, has been charged with s*xual assault, cruelty to animals and breach of peace. ... Read More »

Why Does Scratching Make You Itch More? Science Has An Answer

From dry skin to mosquito bites, there are a million little reasons why we itch. But sometimes, scratching an itch can make you feel, well, itchier — and a group of scientists has a possible explanation for why this happens. On Wednesday, researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in ... Read More »

How 68-Year-Old Man Lose N2.3Million to Commercial s*x Workers

Wonders never seems to end… A 68-year-old man has lost 2.3 Million to prostitutes at the nterbua roundabout, in Asaba, Delta State, last week. The pensioner who withdrew the money earlier that day,was stocked up by prostitutes on his way back at night. The prostitutes who had idea of the ... Read More »

South American Lungfish Removed From Man’s Bowels

A Brazilian who needed to have a large eel-like fish removed from his bowels had the ultimate insult added to his injuries: The nurses were laughing at him during the operation. The unidentified man from Londrina somehow got a South American Lungfish stuck inside his anus and the removal was ... Read More »

32-Year-Old man Commits Suicide Over N1,000 Theft In Abakaliki

A 32-year-old man, Mr. Simon Mbam, of Izzi Local Government Area of Ebonyi State has committed suicide after he was tortured by some villagers for allegedly stealing N1,000 from a shop in the market.The victim, who jumped into a pond in the area last weekend, found himself in the mess ... Read More »

28-Year-Old Man Arrested for defiling 13-Year-Old Girl

According to Vanguard, a 28-year-old man has been arrested and charged to court for kidnapping and defiling a 3-year-old girl for 5 days. Abdulkadir Salihu was brought to Lokoja Magistrate Court on two court charges of Kidnapping and r*pe. Corporal Ubi Ubana who presented the prosecution said the case was ... Read More »

Woman Kills Man Who Allegedly Tried To Molest Her In Lekki

A 22 year old woman identified as Ifeoma Okechukwu has been arrested after she allegedly killed an unidentified man who she claimed tried To Molest her at her Atlantic View Estate, Alpha Beach Road, Lekki home where she lived with her uncle. The incident happened on Monday October 27th. According ... Read More »

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