Sunday , 23 November 2014
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2 Kids Die In Fire While Mom Is In Hospital To Give Birth


Police authorities in California has said A 6-year-old girl and her 2-year-old brother were killed in an apartment fire that also left their father severely injured, while their mother was in the hospital giving birth to a third child. AP was there: The family had been living illegally in the San ... Read More »

Marathon Runner Flees Police on Foot, Runs 5 Miles


Police in New Jersey has said that a marathon runner had no need for a getaway car when he fled police on foot and eventually ran five miles to his home. The name of the suspect was given as  Eric Kipkemei Chirchir, 31, from Kenya. Read more according to UPI. The ... Read More »

Brazilian Teen Breaks His Own Speed-Texting World Record


This Brazilian teen is all thumbs, as in, really quick thumbs. Marcel Fernandes Filho brook his own Guinness World Record for being the fastest person to type a text message on a mobile device for typing 25 words in 17 seconds. Read more and watch the video on Huff’Post: Guinness said ... Read More »

Man Who Smuggled Giraffes On Airplane Wanted By International Police


The international police agency, Interpol, has began a Most Wanted campaign of people suspected to have carried out such environmental crimes as illegal fishing, illegal logging, wildlife trafficking, trading in ivory and of course, smuggling giraffes into a plane. Associated Press covers the story. Interpol is asking for the public’s help in ... Read More »

Couple Having s*x In Car Caused Traffic In Oregon


Huff’Post reported that the couple, 24-year-old Kelli M. Knustson and Logan P. Jackson had earlier attended a nearby strip club, then retreated to their car to have s*x , what they don’t know however, was the traffic jam they had caused while they were caught up in the moment. Read ... Read More »

Shocking Video Of Man Brutally Beating A Woman With A Huge Chunk Of Wood


The brutal assault of a woman by a man in Brazil has gone viral online. The very disturbing 35 second video showing the man beating a screaming woman repeatedly with a huge chunk of wood was posted to Youtube a few days ago. The poster said it happened in Brazil ... Read More »

Tragedy: Two Children Burn To Death As Mother Locks Them Inside To Fight Lover


  Two children have been burnt to death after their mother locked them in the house and fought with her lover. The incident occurred in the Kabong area of Jos North Local Government Area of Plateau State, as the children, aged four and two, lost their lives as the inferno ... Read More »

TOO BAD: Parents Beat 22-Months Old Baby So Bad, His Intestine Split In Two


  Indeed we live in a wicked world. A mother and father murdered their 22-month-old son by stamping and beating him with such ferocity the child’s small intestine split in two, a court heard. Toddler Levi Blu Cassin suffered ‘catastrophic’ internal injuries similar to someone who had been hit by ... Read More »

Boy Says Electric Shock Turned Him Into Magnet


A 12-year-old Russian boy may turn out to become the first real-life X-Men hero after an accidental electric shock apparently magnetized his body, which resulted in him magnetizing things. United Press International has more: Nikolai Kryaglyachenko, 12, said he leaned on a lamppost with faulty wiring on his way home ... Read More »

Man Wrongly Convicted Of Murder, To Be Freed After Serving 39 Years


A man who has spent nearly forty years in prison after being convicted of murder is expected to be freed on Friday after a witness confessed that he lied as a boy when he told jurors that he saw the deadly attack. Huff’ Post reports: Ricky Jackson had been seeking ... Read More »

Poo-powered Bus Takes To The Streets Tn Britain


Buses now run on poo in Great Britain. The sewage company behind Britain’s first ever poo-powered Bio-Bus said the vehicle can run up to 186 miles on one tank of fuel from food and human waste. UPI has more. GENeco, a subsidiary of Wessex Water, said the fuel for the ... Read More »

Judge Evicts Man From Apartment, Citing Urine Stench

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A 30-year man who suffers from incontinence has been evicted from his home by a New York City judge who said the stench of his urine jeopardized the safety of other tenants. Read more according to Yahoo! news. Civil Court Judge Sabrina Kraus in Manhattan said on Friday that while she had ... Read More »

Woman Fined $3,000 Because Her Cock Makes Too Much Noise


A woman was warned five times in six months that her rooster is too loud and it disturbs neighbours. Consequently, she has been ordered to find a new home for the rooster or pay a fine of $3,000. Read more on Huff’Post: On Wednesday, a judge ordered Megan Keller to find ... Read More »

Robbery Suspect – “Why I Have s*x With Dogs”


I know you have all been hearing about weird stories of people having s*x with various kinds of animal. Well, a 27-year-old robbery suspect has revealed that he usually have s*x with his dogs for spiritual powers before going for any robbery operation in Lagos State. See how PM News ... Read More »

7 yr old girl’s mouth suddenly swells up – you won’t believe what the dentist found


Days after a 7 year old girl in New Delhi complained of severe mouth pain, her parents took her to the dentist to find out what was wrong – what they found inside the girl’s mouth, astounded everyone, including the dentist. The dentist found 202 teeth hidden inside the little ... Read More »

Florida Woman Chopped Neighbour Into Pieces, Cooks Remains


A Florida woman who was accused of murdering her neighbour has told the police how she cut up the body with a hacksaw and tried to cook the parts away, according to court documents. UPI witnessed the proceedings: The newly released documents said Angela Stoldt, 42, who was charged with ... Read More »

Check Out This Huge Eight-story Digital Billboard By Google


Google Inc. just debuted an eight-story-tall, 24-million-pixel-strong digital billboard. To advertise on the billboard costs only $2.5 million for four weeks of display time. Read more on United Press International: The new screen was fully illuminated for the first time, Tuesday. It’s almost as long as a football field and takes up ... Read More »

Women Under-Wears Stealing Thief Nabbed In Alaska


We reported on November 13, of a thief in Alaska who specialized in stealing female underwear, well he has been arrested. The 18-year-old suspect was arrested by the Alaska State Troopers  who said he was responsible for a series of burglaries. UPI has more: Investigators said troopers responding to a ... Read More »

New York Got Hit With A Wall Of Snow So Thick It Left Drivers Stranded In Their Cars

Wintry Weather

Yes, almost every single state in America was literally freezing this week, but according to latest reports, no where has been hit with as much of a winter wake-up call as a city called Buffalo, in New York. Huff’Post was there: The friendly folks of Buffalo woke up Wednesday morning ... Read More »

Couple Charged Extra By Hotel For Giving Them Bad Review


Huff’ post has a report about a British couple who were charged 100 pounds ($156) by a hotel in northwestern England after they gave it a bad review by describing it as a filthy hovel in an online review. Tony and Jan Jenkinson told the BBC on Wednesday they were ... Read More »