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Father Accused Of Leaving His 2-Moths-Old Baby With 29 Bone Fractures

A specialist who is treating a 2-month-old kid who was allegedly beaten by his father called it the “worst case of serious physical injury she has seen in her career,” court records say. The father, Jordan Rittenhouse, a Navy mariner positioned in Groton, is accused of breaking 29 of his ... Read More »

Motorcyclist Sends Cops On Chase, Brags About Speed:

New Hampshire police say a motorcyclist clocked at 127 mph bragged after being arrested that he had reached 185 mph during the chase. State police say 31-year-old David J. Fries, of Manchester, was spotted by a trooper on Interstate 93 in Bow at about 2:45 a.m. Saturday. The first trooper ... Read More »

Guy Killed By Angry Mob For Rapping 3-Year-Old Girl

Every day there are cases upon cases about racial crime, black on black crime, child cruelty crime but recently LiveLeak showcased a different crime. Although crime can be hard to justify, it might not be that hard when you realize the victim was a defiler. A young man was killed ... Read More »

Man Found Guilty After His Dogs Kill Woman

A  jury on Friday found a man guilty of murder after his pit bulls mauled a woman to death in a high desert town in California where residents said they carried rocks and guns for protection against packs of dogs. Alex Donald Jackson, 31, was convicted of second-degree murder and ... Read More »

Dog Turns On Stove, Sets Laptop On Fire

Police say a New Jersey family’s dog turned on the stove, which caught the laptop resting on the burner on fire and sent smoke through the roof. The fire was reported early Friday evening in Lacey Township while the owners were away. Police tell the Asbury Park Pressthat investigators believe ... Read More »

France Arrests 16-Year-Old Girl Suspected Of Trying To Join Islamists Rebels In Syria


A 16-year-old girl suspected of trying to reach Syria to join Islamist rebels has been arrested in the southeastern city of Nice, France’s interior minister said on Sunday. Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said in a statement that border police at Nice airport arrested the girl on Saturday, before her departure ... Read More »

Security Officer Found Asleep With Beer Between Legs In Patrol Car

ranger exiting vehicle

A California State Parks ranger was allegedly found drunk and asleep in his patrol car with a beer between his legs, the San Francisco Chronicle reported. He’s been placed on leave and his peace officer status has been revoked pending an investigation, the paper noted, citing the California Highway Patrol. A passerby ... Read More »

This Texas Woman Is A Real-Life Tiger


When Katzen Hobbes was a toddler, she had dreams where she saw herself covered in tiger stripes. When she was 18, she started making that dream a reality. Now, at the age of 40, 90 percent of her body is covered in stripes. “I still need a little bit of ... Read More »

Study Reveals Interesting Link Between Men’s Height And Marital Success


Tall or short may affect more than just a man’s suit size — according to a new study it may also impact the success of his marriage. Sociologists from NYU combed through data using the Panel Study of Income Dynamics (PSID) — which has collected information on the same 4,500 families since 1968. ... Read More »

Arizona Man Arrested for Burning, Urinating on Bible


A 22-year-old Arizona man calling himself “Dark Lord” has been arrested for allegedly burning a Bible and urinating on it outside a Christian-oriented homeless shelter in northern Arizona, police said on Friday. Eric Minerault was booked into the Yavapai County Detention Center late on Thursday on suspicion of one count ... Read More »

Photos: Child labour – Young girl made to wash truck everyday


Child abuse is not only when you hit a child, giving them hard labour is also part of child abuse. And I consider asking a young girl to wash a truck this big every day as hard labour. According to an eyewitness report, one of her neighbours makes a young ... Read More »

Three Woman Hid Stolen Rolexes In Their Vaginas

Three women are accused of stealing two Rolex watches from a pair of male tourists by hiding the timepieces in two of the suspects’ s*x organs. The alleged robberies took place Aug. 17 at the Encore Hotel in Las Vegas. Two of the suspects, Charmella Triggs and Bryanna Warren met one ... Read More »

Guy With Amazingly Long Neck To Undergo Surgery (PHOTO)

Surgeons are helping a teenager save his neck by shortening it. Fu Wengui, 15, of Beijing, is preparing to go under the knife because he’s reportedly caused immense pain by the three extra vertebrae in his neck. The teen has 10 vertebrae in his neck while the average person has ... Read More »

Half-ton Alabama Alligator Sets World Record

The  gigantic alligator caught by a family in Alabama earlier this month has set a Safari Club International world record. reports a pair of master measurers from Safari Club International examined the 1,000-pound alligator on Friday, determining a total length of 15-feet, 9-inches. That’s 13 inches longer than the organization’s previous ... Read More »

Duo Docked For Posing For Selfies With Dead Friend

Authorities in southwest Missouri say Chelsie Berry and Jared Prier posed for a selfie with the body of a friend who died from a drug overdose. Berry, 24 and Prier, 26, are charged with voluntary manslaughter and abandonment of a corpse in the death of 30-year-old Dennis “Nathan” Meyer. The ... Read More »

Drunk Chinese Man Gets Caught in ATM machine

A drunk Chinese man got wedged underneath an opening in a glass wall of an ATM. Cheng Kao became stuck when he tried to squeeze underneath the window instead of using the door. Passers-by called rescue officials when they saw the man passed out under the window. Police said Cheng told them ... Read More »

The Infamous Rainbow Grapes – Are They Real?

With digital software like Photoshop being used ever so often to alter things so perfectly, it’s hard to tell what’s real anymore. Take these photos of the so-called ‘rainbow grapes’ that have been doing the rounds online for about a month. They’re about the coolest-looking fruit I’ve ever seen, but ... Read More »

Japanese Chi Master Can Put Any Animal to Sleep by Channeling His Energy

Kanzawa Sensei, a renowned Japanese Chi Master, claims that he has the power to make animals fall asleep. He says that his mind is so powerful that it can take control of multiple animals at a time. His superhuman mind control has been featured on various TV shows, and while ... Read More »

Chinese Farmers Can Grow Gourds into Virtually Any Shape

Looking at the detailed sculptures in the photo above, You’d be tempted to think they are made of wax, but believe it or not, they’re actually gourds! Enterprising Chinese farmers are able to grow these veggies into any shape they want. The most popular one is Chairman Mao, but there ... Read More »

5yr old girl sustains horrific injuries after being allegedly attacked in school


5 year old AvaLynn was nearly disfigured when she was allegedly attacked by another pupil at her Elementary school in Mississippi this week. The most bizarre thing about this story is that the school is maintaining that she was not attacked, rather she got the horrific injuries in an accident ... Read More »

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