Saturday , 24 June 2017

Odd News

French Woman Wants To Marry A Robot


A French woman has insisted she wants to marry a 3D printed robot named Inmmovator who she designed herself, after realising she was attracted to “humanoid robots generally” rather than people. “I’m really and totally happy,” she told “Our relationship will get better and better as technology evolves.” The woman said …

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Taiwanese School Holds Nazi-Themed Parade


The Taiwanese government has asked a high school to apologise to Israel after pictures emerged online of its students wearing Nazi uniforms and waving swastika flags. The photos were reportedly taken during a school celebration at the Kuang-fu High School in Hsinchu City. They showed students in black uniforms with …

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Pakistan Makes Nuclear Threat To Israel In Reaction To Fake News


Following reports by a fake news article where Israel purportedly warned Pakistan against meddling in Syria, the South Asian country’s Defence Minister Khawaja Muhammad Asif tweeted a veiled nuclear threat at Israel. ”Israeli def min threatens nuclear retaliation presuming pak role in Syria against Daesh. Israel forgets Pakistan is a Nuclear …

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Mother Charged With “Abandoning” Her Kids Who Were Only 30 Yards Away

A woman in Texas, USA has been charged with abandoning her children who were just 30 yards away from her. It all happened when Laura Browder, single mother of a 6-year-old girl and 2-year-old boy, went to Houston’s Memorial City Mall for a job interview. Because it was last minute, Browder did not …

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11-Year-Old Pakistani Sues Presidency For “Stealing” His Speech

A bright young boy in Pakistan who was set to deliver a motivational speech at the presidency has approached the Islamabad High Court against the decision to replace him, “steal” the text of his speech, and give it to someone else without his consent. On Friday, 11-year-old Muhammad Sabeel Haider, …

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US Police Officer Suspended For Posting Snapchat Of Family In Handcuffs


An ordeal which angered a family in Brooklyn, New York when police raided their home, put everyone in handcuffs and then posted a picture of them on social media with the caption “Merry Christmas Its NYPD” has led to the suspension of an officer. The residents were so upset that not …

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Drunk Man Drives Car Though Airport, Tells Court He Did It For Love


In the Russian city of Kazan, a drunk man tried to get away from police by driving his car through an airport terminal Dashcam footage and CCTV show police chasing a car in heavy snow. The car then veers through airport doors and drives around a luggage belt. Reports say the …

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US Mayor Uses Jay Z Lyric To Explain Why He Plagiarized Obama’s Speech

A newly elected US mayor cited a lyric by hip hop artist Jay Z to explain why he plagiarized President Barack Obama’s 2008 acceptance speech. Last Friday, Mayor of Milpitas, California, Richard Tran admitted to the Milpitas Post that he liberally sprinkled his December 13 acceptance speech with words Obama used in his first inauguration …

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YouTuber Recreates ‘Super Mario Run’

super mario

A YouTube filmmaker and parkour stuntman came together to bring the famous Nintendo mobile game “Super Mario Run” to life. Videographer Devin Graham, known on YouTube as devinsupertramp, filmed parkour/free run athlete Calen Chan performing stunts across various locales dressed as Mario in order to rescue the kidnapped Princess Peach. …

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Man Stops Scooter-Riding Thief With Flying Kick


A thief in China got punished in style after he made the wrong decision by stealing a phone from a man who apparently is a martial artist. The victim of the theft, a truck driver, handed a flying kick to knock the thief off his motor scooter. Security cameras in Foshan, Guangdong …

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Bangladesh Govt To Expose Online P0*n Viewers

The Bangladeshi government has revealed its plans to expose people who are viewing P0*n websites.  The State minister for Posts and Telecommunication Tarana Halim said the government is planning to develop a mechanism to reveal the internet P0*nographic consumers in Bangladesh. Halim says this will deter people from viewing P0*n. …

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Giant Golden Door To Nowhere Mounted On Chinese Building


A giant golden door which leads to nowhere has been installed atop the roof of a building in China. The 26-foot-tall door has been drawing attention from locals. The giant door was mounted on a building in Chongquing, where it stands alone with nothing on either side but the outside air. …

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89-Year-Old Man Ends Up In Another State After Getting Lost On Trip To Store

An 89-year-old man in Philadelphia, USA, whose weekend trip to a store in his neighbourhood somehow led him to another state — Alabama, 900-miles away — is safely back with his family, thanks to breakfasting police officers who realised something wasn’t right. On Thursday, Ken Sunseri, Mayor of Haleyville in Alabama, said that …

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Police Officer Pulls Speeding Student Over, Teaches Him How To Knot Tie

An American college student got an unexpected lesson when a police officer pulled him over as he rushed to find a friend to help him tie his necktie before he had to give an important class presentation. Officer Martin Folczyk with the Menomonie Police Department pulled over University of Wisconsin-Stout …

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Woman Sues Toyota For Making Edible Wiring

Toyota, which uses soy-based insulation in its vehicles, is facing a law suit after a woman in Florida, USA discovered that the wiring in the engine compartment of her 2015 RAV4 had been chewed. Janice Toler filed a class-action lawsuit against Toyota earlier this week after it refused to repair the …

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University In Thailand Accepts Rice For Tuition Fees

A private university in Thailand has begun accepting rice in payment for tuition fees. The school is doing so as the Asian country struggles under a grain glut that is hurting farm incomes. Students enrolled at Rangsit University in Bangkok can pay all or part of next semester’s costs with rice, said …

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India To Fine Airlines For Dropping Faeces During Flight

India is to begin fining airlines that empty their plane’s toilet tanks in mid-air, after reports of human waste being dropped on people’s homes. On Tuesday, the Asian country’s National Green Tribunal (NGT) directed the country’s aviation regulator, Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), to issue instructions to all airlines, whose planes are involved, …

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IKEA Urges Teens To Stop Having Illegal Sleepovers In Its Stores

Popular furniture retailer company IKEA has told teenagers to stop sneaking into its stores and having illegal sleepovers. The furniture giant has recorded about 10 “non-sponsored sleepovers” across the world this year. The craze appears to have been started by YouTube users in Belgium over the summer. Their video, which has garnered …

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Mechanic Caught Working Under Bonnet Of Moving Car


A video of a mechanic carrying out an auto repair is becoming a sensation on the internet due to the unorthodox method used in the process of the fix. The technician in China was filmed taking an unconventional approach to repair a vehicle by lying inside its open bonnet while it was …

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Australia’s Oldest Scientist, Aged 102, Given New Office


Aged 102, Australia’s oldest working scientist has won his battle with a Perth University to continue his research on campus. In August, Edith Cowan University (ECU) decided to kick Dr David Goodall out of his office at the Joodalup campus from 2017, advising the 102-year-old that he would have to …

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