Friday , 20 October 2017

Odd News

Woman Continues Drinking Her Beer After Driving SUV Into River

A woman from Pennsylvania, USA escaping from police after driving through a stop sign drove her SUV into the Susquehanna River, and then kept drinking her beer as they tried to get her to exit the floating vehicle, police said. The York Haven woman, whose name wasn’t made public, became …

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Germans Advised By Doctors To Walk Like Penguins On Ice


German trauma surgeons on Wednesday advised the public  to walk like penguins to avoid slipping on pavements with freezing temperatures forecast nationwide over the next few days. An advisory published on the website of the German Society of Orthopaedics and Trauma Surgery said that walking like the aquatic birds involves …

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Firefighters Escape Fire In Their Own Station

Three US firefighters in Concord, Massachusetts, escaped a fire inside their own station early Wednesday morning. The firefighters were sleeping on the second floor of the West Concord station when they were woken up by smoke detectors and a haze of smoke around 12:45 a.m. local time. They called the main …

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Break-In Suspect Caught Doing Laundry, Smoking In Homeowner’s Bed

A homeless man in US was caught on New Year’s Eve smoking in the bed of a Virginia home after breaking in, deputies said. Samuel Ciopasiu broke into a home on Barrington Lane, in the Kiln Creek area, on Dec. 31, according to the York-Poquoson Sheriff’s Office. William Phillips said he …

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US Politician Bernie Sanders Displays Giant Trump Tweet On Senate Floor

Bernie Sanders spoke on the Senate floor on Wednesday to urge Donald Trump to veto any cuts to Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid—and used one of the President-elect’s own tweets to prove his point. As lawmakers debated the repeal of Obamacare, Sanders pointed out that Trump had previously said he …

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Woman Has Been Praying To A Lord Of The Rings Figure Thinking It Was A Saint

A great grandmother has accidentally been praying to a Lord of the Rings figure, thinking it was a saint. The discovery was made by a woman whose daughter’s great grandmother prays to the figurine each day. Upon inspection, however, the woman, who lives in Brazil, realised that the figurine was …

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Basketball Fan Wins $95,000 For Making Half Court Shot

The morale of this story is, take your chances folks! Lakers fan Jerald Acoba was a winner two times over after he won $95,000 after he sunk a shot from half court and then watched the Lakers go on to beat the Memphis Grizzlies. It is the second time a fan …

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105-Year Old French Cyclist Sets World Record

A French cyclist, Robert Marchand has managed the rare feat of cycling the longest distance in an hour at the age of 105. The French cyclist managed 22.547km (14 miles) at the national velodrome, taking the top spot in a new category – for riders over 105. Mr Marchand earlier …

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Hydraulic Press Transforms Toilet Paper Rolls Into Skateboard


A factory owner from Finland used a hydraulic press to transform 20 toilet paper rolls into a skateboard. Video uploaded to Beyond the Press chronicled the creation of the toilet paper sports equipment. The hydraulic press user began the process by unfurling two rolls of toilet paper into what would …

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Scissors Removed From Vietnamese Man’s Body After 18 Years


A Vietnamese man experiencing pain in his abdomen underwent surgery to remove a pair of surgical scissors apparently left inside his body 18 years ago. Ma Van Nhat, 54, underwent surgery Saturday at a hospital in Thai Nguyen Province after specialists from Viet Duc Hospital in Hanoi were summoned to …

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US Speaker Of The House Stops Lawmaker’s Son From Dabbing During Father’s Swearing In


At the swearing-in ceremony of a US lawmaker, a teen who attempted dabbing for the camera got stopped by Paul Ryan, Speaker of the United States House of Representatives. Roger Marshall was commemorating his swearing-in with a family portrait when it was interrupted as Marshall’s son raised his arm toward his face. It was …

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Jealous Japanese Man Finally Speaks To Wife After 20 Years

jealous husband

A husband in Japan went for 20 years without speaking to his wife because he was jealous of the attention she paid to their children, according to reports. Eventually, the couple’s desperate 18-year-old son wrote to a Hokkaido TV show asking them to fix the situation as he had never heard …

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Swedish Queen Says Ghosts Haunt Royal Palace

queen silvia of sweden

The Queen of Sweden says the royal palace where she resides is haunted. “There are small friends… ghosts. They’re all very friendly but you sometimes feel that you’re not completely alone,” Queen Silvia says in a documentary by SVT. “It’s really exciting. But you don’t get scared,” she adds. Drottningholm Palace, …

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SUV Filmed Rolling Off Australian Ferry Into Ocean

A passenger on a ferry to an Australian island captured video of the moment an SUV rolled off the back of the vessel and sank into the ocean. Chloe Fraser posted a video to Facebook showing what happened aboard the Manta Ray Fraser Island ferry barge Saturday off the Queensland …

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US Emergency Crews Spend 20 Hours Rescuing Raccoon From Drain

Emergency crews in California, USA embarked on a 20-hour mission to rescue a raccoon trapped inside a drain. Wildlife Emergency Services arrived to the scene to rescue a raccoon which was found trapped after a homeless man reportedly heard grunts coming from a pipe in a local market.  “I was …

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Dog Refuses To Abandon Injured Mate On Railroad Track

A dog in the Ukraine refused to leave a fellow canine friend behind after an injury left it stranded on train tracks. Denis Malafeyev shared photos and video of the male dog named Panda protecting the female dog named Lucy after she was left stranded on the train tracks. Panda …

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Two-Year-Old Boy Saves His Twin Brother From Being Crushed By Bookshelf

Displaying reflexes rare in one so young, two-year-old Bowdy Shoff acted quickly and bravely to prevent his twin brother, Brock Shoff from being crushed by a bookshelf. A home surveillance camera captured the moment the dresser tipped over and fell on Brock but Bowdy was up to the task, pulling off …

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Donald Trump-Themed Restaurant Opens In Iraq


A Donald Trump-themed fish restaurant has opened in Dohuk, Iraqi Kurdistan. Nadyar Zawiti, an Iraqi Kurd, got so happy on the outcome of the US presidential election that he decided to name his restaurant after Trump, and using the president-elect’s face as part of the restaurant’s logo: The restaurant opened in early December and …

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Family Sues Apple, Claims FaceTime Distracted Driver In Fatal Car Accident


An American couple in Texas is suing tech giant Apple after claiming its FaceTime video chat app distracted a driver who slammed his vehicle into their car, killing their 5-year-old daughter. James and Bethany Modisette were driving on the highway with their two daughters on Christmas eve in 2014 when they were …

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Woman Falls Off Stage As Boyfriend Proposes

A US woman from Texas fell right over the stage as her boyfriend proposed to her. Endyugi Soedarsono was caught off balance as her boyfriend Jeff Jackson got on one knee at a show to ask her to marry him while the moment was caught on camera by Colton Carlyle. In the comments on his …

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