Tuesday , 25 April 2017

Odd News

Woman Finds Deadly Snake On Her Christmas Tree


A woman in Australia called a snake catcher to her house after spotting a deadly serpent imitating a tinsel on her Christmas tree. Barry Goldsmith posted a photo to his Snake Catcher Victoria Australia page on Facebook showing the tiger snake found wrapped around her Christmas tree. “She didn’t panic, …

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Hundreds Of People Roll Down Australia’s Parliament House Hill


At the lawns of Australia’s Parliament House, up to 700 people gathered to roll downhill for potentially the last time before proposed fences are built. A Facebook event was set up by Lester Yao, a Canberra architect, to gather friends and family on the Parliament House lawns Saturday to observe the unofficial local tradition …

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Pakistani Airline Sacrifice Goats For Safer Flights


On Sunday, the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) resorted to sacrificing goats to ward off any ‘untoward happening’ in view of looming fear when they cleared planes for flying operations. According to The News, a black goat was slaughtered and offered as sacrifice on behalf of PIA at the Islamabad airport moments before the …

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8 People Feared Dead After Drinking Bath Lotion In Russia

bath lotion russia

Russia’s top investigative agency say at least eight people have died from alcohol poisoning in a Siberian city after consuming a bath lotion. The Investigative Committee said on Sunday that at least 18 people had got poisoned after consuming the liquid containing alcohol in Irkutsk, Russia’s sixth-largest city with a population of 1.1 million. Eight of …

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101-Year-Old British Paedophile Bags 13-Year Prison Sentence

A 101-year-old paedophile – one of the oldest convicted criminals in British legal history on Monday was sentenced to 13 years in prison for 21 s*xual offences against children. Ralph Clarke, from Birmingham in the English Midlands, was found guilty of sexually abusing two sisters in the 1970s and early …

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Man Gets $75 After Being Wrongly Imprisoned For 31 Years

A man in the US was given $75 after he walked out of a Tennessee prison in 2009 where he served time for 31 years for a crime he did not commit. Lawrence McKinney got exonerated of r*pe and burglary after DNA evidence proved him innocent. According to a CBS News report, …

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Man Breaks Into Restaurant, Eats Nearly A Dozen Bananas

A man who broke into a restaurant overnight and ate nearly a dozen of bananas is being hunted by the US police. Surveillance from ‘Sexy Salad’ in Hauppauge, New York shows the burglar helping himself to food. The owner said something appeared off, and that the thief was certainly hungry. “If you’re …

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s*x Shop Workers Fend Off Armed Robber By Throwing Adult Toys At Him

sex shop

Two female s*x shop workers in the US scared off an armed robber by throwing adult toys at him. Video shows the would-be robber entering the Lotions & Lace shop in San Bernardino, California on Wednesday just as the store was about to close, ABC news reports. The man has …

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Bird Found On UK Beach Flown Back To Caribbean Home


A tropical bird which was found washed up on a beach in the UK has been flown 5,000 miles back to its Caribbean home. The red-footed booby bird was discovered underweight and dehydrated in St Leonards in September. The bird, nicknamed Norman, underwent intensive care at the Royal Society for the Prevention …

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Hairdresser Dyes Woman’s Hair With Nutella


A Beauty blogger Huda Kattan shared a video on Instagram of a woman having her hair treated with Nutella, a hazelnut chocolate spread. The hairdresser smothered the client’s hair with Nutella, drizzled a little condensed milk over the top, and then put folds of tin foil over the top. After …

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TV News Anchor Crashes Electric Scooter During Live Broadcast


A news anchor in Los Angeles, USA, who was participating in a segment about holiday gifts decided to test drive an electric scooter — and it didn’t end well. Lisa Breckenridge of KTTV’s Good Day LA, was sitting on an electric scooter during the show’s holiday gift segment and decided to …

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UPS Mistakenly Delivers Gun Instead Of Child’s Christmas Gift


United Parcel Service (UPS), the world’s largest package delivery company, made a blunder when a military rifle was delivered to an address instead of a Christmas present meant for a little girl. Newsday reports that 66-year-old Joel Berman opened the keyboard-sized case containing the gun in front of his wife and 6-year-old …

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Pie Enthusiasts Launch Meat And Potato Pie Into Space

potato pie

In England, a group of pie enthusiasts sent a meat and potato pie into space ahead of the World Pie Eating Championship. The pie was lifted into near space outside a pub in Wigan by a helium-filled weather balloon with a specially rigged camera attached and floated in the air for about two hours. …

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Cuba Offers To Pay Multi-Million-Dollar Debt To Czech In Alcohol

cuba rum

The Finance Ministry of Czech Republic has revealed that Cuba has offered an unusual way of repaying its Cold War-era debt — its trademark rum. Finance Ministry spokesman Michal Zurovec said on Thursday that Cuban authorities have proposed to pay back US$276 million to the Czech Republic from the time …

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Men File Lawsuit Over Drug That Made Them Grow br**sts


Men in the US who grew br**sts after using a drug are preparing to sue Johnson & Johnson for the serious side effects of taking the medication, CNN reports. The drug, Risperdal (risperidone), which is used to treat certain mental and mood disorders is causing teen boys and men to grow br**sts, a …

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Fish On Wire Causes Power Outage In US


An unusual event occurred in the US on Wednesday when a fish caused a two-hour power outage in Seattle. Seattle City Light, the company which provides electrical power to the city, says the fish was dropped on power lines by a bird. This caused an outage for 172 customers, however by 2:15 pm local time, …

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Flight Passengers Congratulated By Pilot For Drinking All The Alcohol Onboard


Passengers aboard a Southwest Airlines plane in USA received a special message from the flight’s captain after the travellers drank all the alcohol. On the December 7 flight from from Oakland, California, to Kansas City, Missouri, the captain of the aircraft went over the public address system to announce to passengers …

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US Policeman Pulled Women Over To Ask Them Out


A US state policeman was arrested on Friday after authorities found out he was pulling women over to ask them on dates, The Associated Press reports. New Jersey state police were alerted to officer Marquice Prather‘s activity after several women complained. The 37-year-old allegedly turned off his wireless microphones after targeting women …

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Woman Delivers Two-Headed Baby In Lagos

two-headed baby

A woman delivered a two-headed baby on Tuesday at a hospital in Ogudu on the outskirts of Lagos. The baby was delivered around 6:30pm on Tuesday through an elective cesarean section by doctors at Med-In Specialist Hospital, Osogbo Street, The Nation reports. The mother, surgeon and nurses were shocked to discover …

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Sweden Begins Importing Trash From Other Countries After Running Out Of Garbage

Sweden, in order to keep its state-of-the-art recycling plants going, is now importing trash from other countries after it ran out of garbage. The Scandinavian country, which sources almost half its electricity from renewables, was one of the first countries to implement a heavy tax on fossil fuels in 1991. Sweden’s recycling …

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