Tuesday , 25 April 2017

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Parents In Spain Threaten ‘Strike’ Over Weekend Homework

Parents in Spain are ready to go on strike for their kids to be given free time from homework during weekends. The Spanish Confederation of Associations of Mothers and Fathers of Students (CEAPA) has called on parents whose children attend state schools to boycott weekend homework for the whole month of November. …

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Woman Showcases 11-Foot Hair After Growing It For 18 Years

A Chinese woman spread out her hair on the stage in a Chinese park and had her hair measured. The 60-year-old woman showed off her impressive hair which measured a staggering 11 feet on Sunday for spectators at a park in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, and revealed the results of the annual …

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Man Born With Rare Deformity Pleads, “I Want To Live A Normal Life”

A 22-year-old man from India, Arun Kumar, suffering a rare deformity, has launched an online appeal for medical help to enable him live a normal life. Kumar, who was born with two extra legs on his back, has difficulties walking or sitting properly as a result of the deformity. One …

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Austrian Airline Offers 8-Minute International Flight

The world’s shortest regular international flight is set to be begun by an Austrian airline. The eight-minute flight across Lake Constance is offered by People’s Viennaline, and it connects St. Gallen-Altenrhein in Switzerland with Friedrichshafen in southern Germany. Although the flight is part of a route that continues onward to the western German city …

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Bono Becomes First Man To Be Named On Glamour’s ‘Women of the Year’


Popular Women’s magazine Glamour has named rockstar Bono in its list of Women of the Year. The lead singer of Irish rock band U2 was included in the annual list of the Magazine honouring female achievements, making him the first man to ever receive the honour. The magazine said the 56-year-old was honoured because …

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Man arrested for defiling, impregnating 15-year-old stepdaughter

A 40-year-old man, Victor Emafolomi, has been detained by the police for allegedly defiling his wife’s daughter, Keji. PUNCH Metro learnt that the suspect was apprehended on Sunday by the police from the Agbado division after the mother of the victim reported the case. Keji (pseudonym) lived with her mother …

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Little Boy Rides Toy Car In Rush Hour Traffic

In China, a little child was found riding his toy car in the midst of heavy traffic. Surveillance footage obtained from Closed Circuit Television captured the boy in the dangerous act. The boy is seen in the video pushing the car in the middle of the road during rush hour …

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Swimming Couple Interrupted By Crocodile In Zimbabwe

crocodile zimbabwe

A video showing a crocodile disrupt a couple swimming in a pool at a resort in Zimbabwe has gone viral. A security camera at the resort recorded the incident which happened as the couple were having a nighttime swim. The footage, which was posted to YouTube by user Zimbo88, shows …

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Thief Breaks Into Car To Steal Chocolate Bar, Leaves Apology Note

chocolate kit kat apology note

Over the weekend in the US, a student left his car for 15 minutes, only to discover that he had been robbed off his chocolate bar, and was left with a handwritten note by the burgler, saying he or she was ”sorry”. Hunter Jobbins shared the note on Twitter which read: …

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Man Changes His Name To iPhone 7 To Get One For Free

A Ukrainian man has changed his name to iPhone 7  in order to win himself the coveted gadget. Olexander Turin changed his name to ”iPhone Sim (Seven)” after probably thinking an affidavit to legally do so wouldn’t make much impact to his account balance as an iPhone 7 would. It all started when an electronics store in …

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Japanese Patient Seriously Burnt In Hospital Fire Caused By Fart

A patient was seriously burnt by a fire which was caused by her fart during a surgical procedure. According to Tokyo Medical University Hospital, the fire occurred at the university hospital on April 15 when the patient, in her 30s, was undergoing an operation which involved applying a laser to …

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Dubai Businessman Pays $9 million For License Plates

Dubai property developer Balwinder Sahni

A Dubai property developer Balwinder Sahni has paid the whopping sum of $9 million to acquire a single digit license plate for one of his Rolls Royce vehicles. Single digit number plates are seen as status symbols in Dubai and can only be acquired through government regulated action. Sahni bid …

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Student Poisons Pregnant Girlfriend’s Drinking Water With Bleach In Failed Abortion Attempt

For attempting to abort his girlfriend’s two-month old pregnancy, a 20-year-old student of Millersville University in rural Pennsylvania, has been charged to court with attempted murder. The student, whose identity was revealed as Theophilus Washington, had attempted the dastardly act by poisoning his pregnant girlfriend’s glass of water with bleach. …

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Husband Drags Hospital To Court For Damaging Wife’s Uterus, Bladder During C-Section

A private hospital in Kaduna State has been accused of damaging the uterus and bladder of the wife of a senior foreman in the Court of Appeal, Kaduna, during a caesarian section. The hospital – Giwa Hospital – which carried out the C-section on April 6 of this year, has …

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Woman Accused Of Killing Children Attempts Suicide In Court

A 30-year-old woman accused of killing her two children in Kamuli district, Uganda, has unsuccessfully tried to commit suicide by jumping into the latrine. The woman, Hasifa Nakato, attempted to kill herself during hearing of her case last week in a bid to escape justice. According to reports, just before …

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Thai Restaurant Trolls Its Customers With Complex WiFi Password Equation

In the US, customers of a Thai restaurant are cracking their brains in order to solve a complex math equation which is the password to the eatery’s WiFi. YaYa’s Thai restaurant in San Antonio, Texas, posted its “WiFi password” just above the sign about minimum credit card purchase amounts, but the Internet access …

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Woman Commits Suicide After Step-father Is Cleared Of r*pe

A 22-year-old  woman killed herself after her step-father was cleared of repeatedly defiling her, an inquest heard. Juliet Crew left a note behind stating that she felt she had been let down by the legal system. Her 60-year-old step-father, Nigel Parkin, who is a church organist was found not guilty …

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Father ‘Nails’ Two Children On The Cross For Alleged Witchcraft In Calabar

A 40-year-old man identified as John Friday Akpan has been detained by the police in Cross River State for “crucifying” his two children on allegations of witchcraft. Mr. Akpan, who hails from Akwa Ibom State, had reportedly heeded the advice of a herbalist, one “Dr.” Okokon to tag his children …

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Man Arraigned For Holding Girl Hostage For s*xual Purposes

The police on Friday arraigned a middle-aged man, Dominic Abutu, in a Wuse Zone 2 Chief Magistrates’ Court in Abuja for unlawfully detaining a 20-year-old girl for s*xual purpose. Abutu of Karimo, Abuja, was arraigned on two charges of unlawful detention and r*pe, which he pleaded not guilty. The Prosecutor, …

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Man Dies In Chimney While Trying To Burgle Home

In a cold afternoon in California, USA, a resident of Fresno County tried to start a fire keep his home warm, only to hear someone call for help in his chimney. The man inside the chimney had apparently tried to break into the home. An officer with the Fresno County Sheriffs Office, …

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