Saturday , 21 October 2017

Odd News

Pilot goes on epic rant after political fight breaks out on airplane

A pilot of a United flight from San Francisco to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, used the plane’s intercom system to address passengers after a racially charged post-election fight broke out on board Friday.  According to, the fight started when, “an individual with a ‘plaid shirt and a camo cap’ said …

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‘Fart’ Causes Row To Break Out During Canadian Parliamentary Session

A Canadian Member of Parliament (MP) Michelle Rempel delivered a speech filled with great emotion in the House of Commons on Tuesday over jobs, including a word that caused consternation among some of her fellow MPs – ‘fart’. During her speech, Rempel equated the Canadian government’s treatment of her constituency, …

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Proposed Law Puts Filipino Children At Risk Of Going To Jail

Children as young as nine could be jailed in the Philippines for certain crimes under a proposed law backed by the president, sparking concern Monday from the United Nations and rights groups. President Rodrigo Duterte’s allies have been pushing to pass laws by December that would restore the death penalty …

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Woman Sets Shopping Mall Ablaze After Failing To Get Shopping Carts

A woman in the US has been reported to have set a shopping mall on fire because she was upset there were no shopping carts available. Linda Katherine Poplawski set a strip mall ablaze, prosecutors said on Thursday in charging documents. The 64-year-old is charged with first-degree arson for Sunday’s inferno at …

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Monkey Sparks Deadly Clash In Libya

At least 16 people have been killed, while 50 injured after four days of clashes between rival tribal militias in the city of Sabha, Libya, which was reportedly triggered by a monkey that snatched the headscarf off of a tribal girl. The monkey, which belonged to a shopkeeper from the Gaddadfa tribe, …

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Mum Sues Transgender Child For Transitioning Without Her Permission


A woman in the US has filed a suit against her transgender child for transitioning from a male to a female without her consent. According to the LA Times, Annmarie Calgaro filed a lawsuit Wednesday against her 17-year-old daughter and public health and school officials. Apparently her daughter was being treated …

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Foam Takes Over California Airport Hanger


Streets near San Jose International Airport in California, USA were filled with foam after an alarm malfunction at a nearby jet hangar. “It looks like a huge foam party gone bad,” a witness told ABC 7. The foam piles grew as high as 10-feet while officials warned curious residents to stay …

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Meet “China’s hottest grandpa” Model

Wang Deshun, 80, shot to fame following a 30-second, bare-chested runway appearance during China Fashion Week in 2015. Since then, he’s become an in-demand fashion model, with some dubbing him “China’s Hottest Grandpa”.

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VIDEO: Polar Bear Caught Petting Dog

polar bear

A polar bear in Churchill, Canada was caught on camera doing something unusual by a tour guide who was filming it. Guide David De Meulles, while taking people on a tour to watch polar bears, noticed a dog being pet by the bear. The polar bear raised its paw to the dog …

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14 Year-old Gets Right To Preserve Body In Cryosleep For Possible Resurrection

A 14 year old girl who wanted her body preserved for resurrection, has won a historic legal case shortly before she died. The girl who was terminally ill with a rare cancer, supported by her mother had asked the court to allow for her body frozen through the process of …

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Agitation In Turkey Over Bill That Acquits Child-defilers

A bill to quash the convictions of men for child s*x assaults if they marry their victim being debated by Turkey’s parliament provoked fury on Friday with critics accusing it of encouraging child r*pe. The government angrily lashed out at the criticism, saying it was a crude distortion of an …

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Man Completely Dissolves After Accidentally Falling Into Acidic Hot Spring

thermal hot spring

A 23-year-old man in the US who accidentally fell into a hot spring at Yellowstone National Park and died, was dissolved in the boiling acidic waters, according to a report made public on Thursday. Colin Nathaniel Scott, a graduate of Psychology from Oregon, had gone to the park in Wyoming with …

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Girl Wins Right To Have Body Frozen So She Can Return From The Dead

A terminally ill 14-year-old girl has become the first British child to have her body cryogenically frozen in the hope she can be brought back to life in hundreds of years time. The teenager, who cannot be named, had written to a High Court judge saying she did not want …

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Dog Performs Faultless ‘Mannequin Challenge’ And It’s Hilarious

mannequin challenge

As the Mannequin Challenge becomes the rave of the moment on social media, an unexpected participant has emerged – a dog. Boston is seen in a viral clip holding different poses as the anthem to the challenge, Black Beatles by Rae Sremmurd, plays on. In the video, the boxer dog holds …

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Teacher Having Affair With 13 year old Student, Pregnant And Pleads Guilty

Alexandar Vera, a former Texas teacher who admitted to having s*x with her 13-year-old student has pleaded guilty. She pleaded guilty on Wednesday to aggravated s*xual assault of a child. Vera met the 13-year-old boy who was a student in her 8th grade English class during summer school last summer, …

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Theoretical Scientist Stephen Hawking Says Planet Earth Will Not Be Here In 1,000 Years

Theoretical scientist, Stephen Hawking has predicted that for the human race to avoid extinction, we would have to ‘spread out into space’. Hawking spoke earlier this week at the Oxford University Union and his speech has sparked global conversations. “Although the chance of a disaster to planet Earth in a given year may …

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Pilot Bans Talk About Trump On Flight After Passengers Argue Onboard

A United Airlines pilot banned passengers from political talk after an argument about US president-elect Donald Trump, on a flight from San Francisco, USA to Mexico. The pilot’s announcement was recorded by a passenger on the flight. The video was posted to YouTube by a Jon Bauer, who said was recorded by a …

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Alabama Prison Inmates Do The #MannequinChallenge

The #MannequinChallenge is taking prisoners…literally. Inmates at an Alabama correctional facility also took part in the latest online trend which involves recording people in freeze frame. You can read all about it here and also watch Cristiano Ronaldo take part in it here The video was captioned, “Free us…..prison reform. …

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Foldable Paper Helmet Wins Tech Award

It’s not every day you find a paper helmet and it’s even rarer to find a foldable paper helmet made of recyclable materials. The eco-friendly helmet was made by designer Isis Shiffer has won the James Dyson Award and will receive £30,000 funding to further improve on the design. “When I …

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Swedish Man Offers Marriage To Anyone Fleeing US To Avoid Trump


A man in Sweden is offering to marry anyone looking to escape the United States before Donald Trump is sworn in as President. Gustav Hallen, a photographer, art director, and surf instructor is willing to be a husband for only $50,000. His posting on eBay was removed because it violated some sort of rule …

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