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Russian student covers her Mercedes in one million Swarovski crystals


21 year old Russian student Daria Radionova spent £20,000 to cover her £25,000 2011 Mercedes CLS 350 with one million Swarovski crystals. After blinging her car, she parked it outside the Levin Hotel near Harrods in Knightsbridge, London for the world to see it. Explaining why she did it, the ... Read More »

15 Truthful Reasons Men Want To Get Married


If movies and TV shows are to be believed, men only settle down when a woman forces it on them with an ultimatum. But as we all know, that’s not really the case. A recent Reddit thread asked men why they want to tie the knot, and the responses were ... Read More »

Introducing The Miss Exlusive Nigeria 2014 Pageant: The Journey


A beautiful woman without character is like a good wine gone flat. Thus, unlike a good wine that should get better with age, a beautiful woman without character fades and crumbles as the years pile on. But when beauty is fortified by intelligence, good conduct, discipline, integrity and the moral ... Read More »

Singles – 11 Steps to Prepare Yourself for Really Awesome Love


So, if you desire that big love you know you deserve and are feeling a little lost along the way, I hope these steps will help. They did for me. 1. Ditch the list. If you’re anything like I was, you may have written down or noted in the back ... Read More »

Science Confirms: Happy Wife DOES Equal A Happy Life


A new study says marital bliss is strongly associated to whether or not the wife is happy. I believe it was a very wise woman by the name of Beyoncé who once said, “Who run the world? Girls!” And, by all accounts, she was right. Not only do we, to ... Read More »

For Wives – 12 Tips for Mastering the Bedroom Move Every Man Craves


Hey! this is for the married ladies…… so, lets go! Let’s face it, they all love it. Men love, love, love a good blow job. It’s just mind-boggling how happy a well-executed BJ makes them. And if you’re reading this post, you probably know this already. Being able to deliver ... Read More »

5 Alternative Uses for Coffee Grounds


#1: Body Scrub – When it comes to alternative uses, rubbing coffee grounds on your body may sound like a strange idea, but it really works! Coffee grounds are loaded with antioxidants, and when rubbed into the skin, they exfoliate and smooth the skin. Coffee grounds also help to increase ... Read More »

For Married Couples – Don’t Use What You Know Against Your Spouse


Who do we know better than our spouse? After spending such a considerable amount of intimate time together, couples honestly discover the various layers of one another. Likes and dislikes are quickly revealed. We learn of those quirky pet peeves as well as what brings our partner joy. Our spouses ... Read More »

The 8 Craziest Things About s*x After Pregnancy


From breastfeeding to vaginal dryness, there’s a lot you need to know about s*x after pregnancy. Some facts are nice, some are a little unpleasant, and some are just plain crazy. Guess which ones we have here for you? That’s right! The nutty ones. Enjoy! 1. A woman’s s*x drive ... Read More »

6 Pictures of Your Children That You Will Be Devastated If You Don’t Have


Every picture is an important piece of those childhood memories, but here are six pictures that every parent should endeavor to capture before it’s too late. 1. Newborn photos Whether you take them with your smartphone or hire a professional photographer, there will never be time or money better spent ... Read More »

Interesting! Have You Been Friendzoned? Read This…..


You asked someone out, and they said they would rather be friends than anything else. OK. So how should you handle it? There’s more to the idea of the “friend zone” than many might think. When opposite genders elect to stay friends and not move their friendship to higher levels ... Read More »

Revealed – 10 Reasons People Get Divorced

Here are some other culprits our experts blame for the alarmingly high divorce rate. 1. Getting in for the wrong reasons. Marrying for money — we’ve all heard that that is a ticket to a quick divorce, but what about when you marry because it’s what you think you should ... Read More »

Husbands, What Your Wife Wishes You Did When You Messed Up

Husbands, here’s a breakdown of what needs to happen when you’ve messed up and your wife is upset. Because we expect our spouse to be gentle with our heart, the first thing that needs to happen when you’ve messed up is to gain an understanding of why we feel the ... Read More »

5 Things About Your Period You Won’t Learn in School

1. Your period makes you frisky. Sure, you might have cramps and feel bloated. But because levels of the hormone progesterone — which is often blamed for dampening your libido — are at their lowest during your period, you may also be feeling like a horny 18-year-old guy. Which brings ... Read More »

7 Smart Tricks for Married Men to Survive their Shopaholic Wives

The moment you type the words ‘shopaholic wives’ on the Internet search engines, you find the results filled with statements like, “My wife cannot stop spending the money we don’t have; please help!”, “How can I save myself from being dragged on to those endless shopping trips?”, “How can I ... Read More »

For Married Couples – 5 Tricks to Seduce Your Partner After a Hectic Day

Every couple wants to steal away some private and intimate moments that can boost up their relationship. A healthy s*x life is one of the key factors that adds spark, and develops intimacy between you and your partner. However, due to immense work pressure, your partner might be completely exhausted ... Read More »

9 Red Flags Women Shouldn’t Ignore When Picking a Mate

Surely, I am not suggesting that women should dis every man they meet while waiting for some perfect guy who doesn’t exist. But I do think everyone has someone out there who is perfect for them, and settling for less serves no one. When you decide to leave someone because ... Read More »

Be Wise – 6 Signs He Only Wants You To Warm Up His Bed!

Men are wonderful creatures that we can’t do without (There’s no point arguing about that). We need their strength, support, care and love. At times some of us confuse a man’s constant invitation to his house and compliments for love while others are just blinded by the idea of finding ... Read More »

4 Couples Rituals Happy Couples Use to Stay Spicy

Relationships are always changing and growing as each person grows and shifts into their purpose. Staying connected with rituals is worth investing in to maintain healthy relationships. Without rituals it is easy to feel distant or separate from our partner. Here are few rituals that have helped my clients reconnect ... Read More »

Top Foods to Improve Gut Health and Stomach Acid Levels Naturally

Top foods to help heal gut health 1. Fruits and vegetables The fiber from fruits and vegetables helps keep the digestive tract in check as opposed to fiber obtained from non-plant sources, which can worsen overall health . Plus, eating them is good for you anyway; time and time again ... Read More »

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