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Iconway introduces Online Shopping Service with launch of PricePadi.com


Nigerian consumer internet company, Iconway today announces the launch of PricePadi.com, a new online shopping service that allows customers to search for and discover products available from different sources in Nigeria along with their current prices. PricePadi.com features over 10,000 product items under categories of mobiles devices, electronics, computers and ... Read More »

5 Reasons Couples Divorce and How You Can Protect Your Marriage


It breaks my heart whenever I witness or hear about a couple experiencing turmoil. My primary focus as a relationship professional is to reach couples before they arrive at the decision to separate. I have a friend who often jokes that my work should only focus on those couples who ... Read More »

10 Ways To Lead A Happier Life According To Pope Francis


While being interviewed by primarily Catholic Argentina’s Viva weekly magazine, Pope Francis listed 10 ways to lead a happier life. Prior to being selected as the Catholic pope in 2013, Pope Francis was going by his birth name, Jorge Maria Bergoglio, while he was a cardinal and the archbishop of ... Read More »

Couple Allegedly Find A bizarre Spider Inside Coca Cola Bottle


Recently a couple has reported to allegedly finding a spider in their 2 Liter of Coca Cola. There has been claims in the past about bizarre findings in their soda, but you might reconsider drinking Soda all together once you see the size of that spider. Amanda Barr, 26, and Steve Knight, 28, ... Read More »

Intruder Fatally Stabbed Man Who Interrupted Burglary In His Home


Police in New York City say an intruder stabbed a couple who interrupted a burglary at their home, killing the man and injuring his wife. Police say the two were returning to their Staten Island home at around 10 p.m. Sunday when they encountered the burglar. Police say 67-year-old Peter ... Read More »

Three Chapters of Marriage They Never Told You About


A lot of people are in love with the PICTURE of marriage!” That was the first quote that caught my attention today at church as it’s something so simple…yet so true! People often wonder why the divorce rate is so high and I would argue that this is one of ... Read More »

Single Ladies – 9 Things You Should Do Before You Finally Meet The One!

While being single may not necessarily be a choice, spending your time wisely as an uncommitted 20- something is. Instead of plotting how to land a man or being envious of your friends who already have, take this time to explore some valuable lessons that every girl in her 20s ... Read More »

10 Natural Cures For Diabetes


There are also many herbs that can be taken to help treat this serious, chronic condition and maintain a good quality of life. Bitter Melon This fruit contains several chemicals which helps to reduce blood sugar levels and also acts as an appetite stimulant, which can aid weight loss. Garlic ... Read More »

Must Read – What Good Is it to Gain the World but to Lose Your Soul-Mate


At some point in your marriage, if you grow together in spirit, soul, and body, you realize there’s no point in gaining the whole world but losing your soul-mate. To gain the career but to lose your companion and best friend. To gain the dream home but to lose your ... Read More »

9 Traits Men Should Possess To Attract Ladies

This’s what real ladies find attractive in guys… 1. He’s good with his mom (and other female members of his family.) Being respectful to his mother is a huge indicator of how a guy treats other women — after all, she’s the first woman he ever had to act any ... Read More »

Slice of Princess Diana’s Wedding Cake Auctioned


A 33-year-old slice of cake from Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s 1981 wedding has sold at auction for $1,375. The cake, still in its original white and silver presentation box, was sold online Thursday by Nate D. Sanders Auctions of Los Angeles. With the box was a card stating, “With ... Read More »

5 Best And Smart Ways To Catch A Cheating Partner!


According to a leading internet divorce and separation resource website- 50-60% of committed men and 45-50% of committed women engage in extramarital affairs at some point in their relationships. No, we are not trying to scare you by these statistics, but just making you more aware of certain facts. We ... Read More »

7 Signs Your Mother-In-Law Isn’t Happy With You!


Here are seven signs which imply that your mother-in-law might be unhappy with you: #1. Cold war Image Courtesy: www.saharaone.in A good relationship might turn sour when your mother-in-law decides to give you the cold shoulder suddenly. She might even restrict conversation to household chores without even asking you how ... Read More »

8 Natural Home Remedies To Treat Sunburns


Sunburn ain’t friendly, but the good news is that there are plenty of things that most people already have around the house that can help treat the sunburn and get the healing process started. 8 treatments are listed below. 1. Cool Compress One of the simplest home remedies to sunburn ... Read More »

Marriage And Money – Reasons Frugal Couples May Be Having Better s*x Than You


Nobody likes to hear the truth about the role that great money management plays in creating a happy and sexy marriage. But it does. If you take two couples with the same amount of income yet polar opposite approaches to money management, one couple being wealth conscious and the other ... Read More »

10 Fun Facts You Never Knew About Goats

If you have ever even thought about homesteading, then you’ve thought about getting goats. These intelligent, curious and delightful animals are often considered a “graduation” of sorts: Most homesteaders start with chickens and move onto goats before considering larger livestock. Goats can provide homesteaders with milk which can also be ... Read More »

Reasons Loving Yourself Has to Come Before Loving Your Spouse

Recently, I have begun coaching women on the power of boldness. We’re traveling on a 4-week journey that has been quite eye-opening. Taking a deeper look into what makes us, us has been the central focus. These women are beginning to realize how the beliefs they’ve held about themselves are ... Read More »

4 Ways To Stay Slim While Indulging Yourself

So I did a little research, because there has to be a balance. I cannot just go cold turkey on this sugar and salt situation. I mean, it gets me through the work week and totally keeps me from snapping on random people during my morning commutes on the New ... Read More »

12 Ways To Deal With The Hurt After Your Spouse Cheated

So you’ve caught your partner cheating, or he or she has come forward and confessed. Now what? Is the relationship over? The answer to this question depends on whether you want it to be over or not. For some, infidelity—s*xual or emotional—is a deal-breaker. Trust is shattered, healing is impossible, ... Read More »

5 Best Detox Fruit Waters for Energy & Cleansing

Starting the day off with detoxifying fruit water is a tasty way to cleanse the system of waste and toxins. Fruit waters are basic to make, but do take a bit of time since the fruit has to soak in the water overnight to create the healthy beverage. By morning, ... Read More »

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