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For Married Couples – 9 Things You Should Never Do While Having s*x


When you’re in bed with your lover, the last thing you want to do is turn them off. That said, here are a few common blunders that you should not commit. 1. Not kissing Believe it or not, many people (and this includes women) don’t kiss their partner when they’re ... Read More »

6 Ways To Become More Attracted To Your Spouse


Here are several ideas for maintaining and cultivating attraction to our mate: One, remember that love is a powerful attraction. Having and cultivating loving actions and feelings for our mate is likely to enhance our attraction for them. The more we feel love for our mate, the more attractive they ... Read More »

5 Ways God Can Save Your Marriage


Marriage and religion have been bound together for years. Marriage ceremonies are, after all, done in churches, temples and other religious houses of worship, as a way of uniting couples. And apparently it’s beneficial for the health of your relationship. According to research published by the National Institutes of Health, ... Read More »

5 Things Women MUST Know Men Don’t Care About!


“I don’t care!” That’s what we really want to say when you ask 1000 questions about something that we really don’t have an opinion about. You get mad because we act like we don’t have anything to say, but the truth is that we REALLY just didn’t have anything to ... Read More »

5 Ways To Grow With Your Spouse In 2015


Every new year is a new opportunity to maintain the status quo or purposefully grow in the direction you want to. Marriages that thrive have set the expectations for their lives. The husband and wife move with intent based on the goals they have set for themselves. The difference between ... Read More »

4 Types Of Women Nigerian Men Love To Marry

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It is a taboo for a man to remain unmarried in Nigeria, which is why many successful men are swarmed by eager women who would do anything in order to bear Mrs. X. The truth of the matter is that Nigerian men prefer certain types of women for marriage and ... Read More »

Secondary School Student Stríp unclad In Class | Photos


The lamentations of parents of this generation is simply that students have lost focus in every sphere of life. One major obvious screen to watch the decadence is the results they push out these days. What has taken over the minds of these young ones is simply the internet and ... Read More »

10 Real Benefits Of Being Single For The Holidays


Here’s why being single during the holiday season is actually awesome: 1. You don’t have to compromise. No need to split up holidays at each respective family’s home, you’re flying solo. Go to the parties that serve your favorite booze and give the best gifts. Sorry, Aunt Joanne, you lose ... Read More »

One Big Reason Single Ladies Should Wait To Have s*x


Why women need to wait for s*x: John’s story In one of my favorite books, Why Men Love Bitches, Sherry Argov gives the best analogy for why women need to wait to have s*x. She tells the story of a man who loves to go hunting (although I am against ... Read More »

3 Bad Habits That Puts You At Risk For Diabetes


Your nutrition and lifestyle choices are a major factor in your risk of developing type 2 diabetes. When you’re aware of what behaviors can increase your risk, you can start to make small, simple changes to lower your chances of being diagnosed with this debilitating disease. And even if you’ve ... Read More »

14 Signs That You’re A Terrible Girlfriend


We all know that men and women are not made equally. We all have our flaws and our setbacks. However, there are some women out there who really don’t fit the mold when it comes to being a good girlfriend. While some men will openly speak out about it, others ... Read More »

4 Signs Your Standards are too High in Dating


You’ve probably heard people tell you to raise your standards if you want to attract the right man into your life. I’m here to tell you that if you’re still single when you don’t want to be, the problem may be that your standards are too high! Here are 4 ... Read More »

30 Simple Things Your Spouse Secretly Desire From You


The things desired from your mate can be so small that with just a little effort and forethought this funny list can be eliminated in your households. Be warned – the phrases sound funny on paper but can cause arguments and disagreements in the moment. Take a look and see ... Read More »

Survey: Nigerian Women Top The List Of 8 Most Unfaithful Wives In The World


A new survey which shows countries with the top 8 most unfaithful wives in the world has surfaced… In the new survey gotten from IndianTvNews, it states the top nationalities of women who are prone to being unfaithful even while being married, according to their countries. The new survey showcased  ... Read More »

Top-5 Ways To Find Your Love This Holiday Season


Fed up of being single this holiday season? This is the perfect time to expand your social activities and meet some new people!  Here are 5 great ways to get more dates and probably even to meet the man/woman of your dreams during this holiday season! 1. Parties At this ... Read More »

8 Surprising (And Scientifically Proven) Things That Lead To A Lasting Marriage


Finding and keeping a lifelong love can feel like a crapshoot. No matter how madly in love you may be, maintaining a marriage is never easy. And while you may know that s*x, trust and compassion are crucial to keeping the flame alive, you may not be clued into some ... Read More »

If Your Guy Does These 5 Things, DON’T MARRY HIM


Here are five red flags that give you the green light to walk away, even when you’re not 100 percent sure you’re doing the right thing. (Spoiler alert: You are.) 1. He gets violent, even if he doesn’t hit you. You may think this is a no-brainer but honestly it ... Read More »

7 Reasons You’re Unhappily Married And What You Should Do About It


Here are some of the top reasons why people are unhappy in their marriages. If any of these ring true for you, begin to take steps towards finding your joy again. You deserve it and so does your marriage. 1. You are overwhelmed. Between taking care of children, our careers, ... Read More »

When Life Feels Like It’s Too Much; Here Are 5 Antidotes To Help You Make It Through


There are days when you just want to crawl back in the bed and cover your head. Days when you want to block out anything that doesn’t look like bucket of ice cream or a spoon. Okay, maybe you don’t want the bucket of ice cream, you want something different. ... Read More »

7 Things Most Girls Keep Away From Men


Its a known truth that any guy whose girl-friend couldn’t control or influence wasn’t born by woman. Girls have their tricky ways to get the attention of any men they like. They use different style to get noticed without cheapening themselves. Alas, they hide a lot of things from men. ... Read More »