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The Main Tips On How To Dress For An Interview


People often judge you by the way you look. So it is very important to pick the right outfit for the job interview. Because you should make a good first impression. Of course it is you, not your clothes who are applying for a job. But if your dress is ... Read More »

How To Use Coconut Oil For A Bleached Hair

Coconut oil is an all natural beauty miracle for beauty and health. Applied topically or ingested, there are literally dozens of different benefits coconut oil provides. I have been sleeping with coconut oil in my hair as a pre poo treatment twice a week for over two years now and ... Read More »

8 Tips For Cooking Up Chemistry Through Conversation

When you look for a mate, what are the things you look for? You may say kindness, sensitivity and intelligence, but let’s face it– physical attraction ranks near the top…for everyone. A potential partner’s looks, if we’re being up front here, can be a deal breaker for the average person. ... Read More »

11 Totally Awesome Reasons To Love Your Big b**bs

That’s right, we’re talking about b**bs today. I’m just gonna throw this out there: big b**bs rock. Yeah, they might give us back pains, and sometimes the catcalls get old. But they are also the most awesome things in creation. Just look at women like Christina Hendricks (your devoted author’s ... Read More »

10 Risks of Infidelity and How to Prevent It

Research indicates that 30 – 60% of all married individuals will engage in infidelity; that nearly 50% of all marriages end in divorce; that long-term monogamy is difficult to achieve; and that 50 – 70% of men will cheat on their wives. Research also suggests that men are less likely ... Read More »

The 5 Best Ways to Spend the Last 10 Minutes of Your Workday

It’s 4:50 p.m. Hunger pains are rousing. The midday coffee buzz has gone and your ability to focus is fleeting. Do you forfeit these last 10 minutes of the work day over to the zombie that you’ve become or do you power up and finish strong? (See also: The 5 ... Read More »

Not in the Mood for s*x? 4 Quick Thoughts Can Change That!

An active, healthy s*x life is an important part of marriage. It’s a time for you both to connect with one another in a deeply personal way. As great as it may be however, the sheer truth is that sometimes you may not feel like you’re in the mood for ... Read More »

3 Things You Should Always Tell Your Husband

So here are 3 things I believe every wife should embrace telling their husband through their words as well as their actions. 1. That You Want Him A man wants to feel desired by their wife. Nobody likes the feeling of just being a space filler in a marriage. It ... Read More »

4 Telltale Signs You’re In Love With An A**hole

If you think he is, you’re probably right. Trying to figure out if he’s a jerk or just misunderstood? Here’s how you can tell. Telltale Sign #1: You start wondering if he’s an asshole. Maybe he refers to women as ‘b*tches’ and ‘hoes’ in front of you. Or perhaps he ... Read More »

Hidden Dangers of Hand Sanitizers You Should Know

Lately, it seems that every supermarket has a hand-sanitizing station prominently displayed near the doors. In fact, the trend of using hand sanitizers has really ramped up in recent years, with more people carrying around their own personal-size versions of the stuff around with them. And why not? Hand sanitizers ... Read More »

8 Warning Signs of Vitamin C Deficiency

Vitamins and minerals are important for the overall health of the body, and of those Vitamin C is probably one of the most vital. Most people know that it helps to strengthen the immune system and help ward off illness. However, it does much more than that: it also contributes ... Read More »

Top 10 Things Women Do To Destroy Their Marriage

How we hurt our husbands While both husband and wife should take responsibility for their part in a marriage, below are ten mistakes common to women, which can completely destroy a marriage. When women exercise the following behaviors, it can create a hostile environment, where no one feels safe or ... Read More »

5 Surprising Things You’ll Discover by Simply Observing Your Spouse

We often say communication is one of the biggest difficulties couples face. They struggle with arriving on the same page when the thoughts and forms of communication are so different. Sometimes we say certain words with our mouths, but our body language and facial expressions say something completely different. We ... Read More »

5 Things Men Do that Destroy a Marriage

Relationships are much like bridges; a lot goes into the construction and maintenance, but breaking them is a lot easier. Especially when it comes to marriages, both partners can tend to take each other for granted, and behave in ways that can damage the bond. But even though both partners ... Read More »

Let Him Go – There’s a Reason He’s Your Ex!!!

We’ve all done it: ran into an ex we haven’t seen for a minute and got so caught up in how good they looked that we developed amnesia about our past with that person. If we’re still waiting on Mr. Right, we start wondering if we did the right thing ... Read More »

4 Ways to Help Your Husband Prepare For a New Baby

Congratulations, you’re going to have a baby! This is an incredibly happy time for you, so why doesn’t your partner seem as excited? It may be that he is excited, but also nervous and overwhelmed. Here are some ways you can help your partner feel involved, bond with your baby ... Read More »

3 Reasons Men Cheat: Beneath the Male Veil

I have often been asked by women, “Why do men cheat?” I’m asked this question not because I am an author, relationship coach, speaker, writer or blogger. I am asked this question simply because, I am a man. The women who ask are desperate to understand how a man they ... Read More »

5 Text Messages You Should Send Your Spouse Today

In the everyday flow of life sometimes the little things come up big. Since we’re always trying to hook you up when it comes to strengthening your marriage, today we’re going to give you 5 messages that you can text to your spouse that will make them feel oh so ... Read More »

The One Lie Married Women Must Stop Telling

One of the major issues couples typically complain about is communication. Everyone knows men and women have very different communication styles. It’s still obvious that women are from Venus and men are from Mars and that we all speak different love languages. Quite naturally this causes confusion. While women are ... Read More »

10 Simple Steps To Change Your Life

It happens every day. Spats with loved ones. Dissatisfaction with employment. And the sinking feeling that you should be doing more. But you can use your discomfort to propel your life forward. Start today and upgrade to your life’s premium package – an authentic, light-filled existence. 1. Be the person ... Read More »

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