Wednesday , 29 July 2015
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Kurdish Peace ‘Impossible’ – Turkey’s Erdogan


The Turkish president has said that Turkey cannot continue the peace process with the Kurds amid attacks by Kurdish militants on Turkish targets. It came as Nato discussed Turkish campaigns against the Islamic State (IS) group and Kurdish militants. BBC reports that Turkey has been hit by a series of attacks ... Read More »

David Cameron – UK Property No Safe Haven For ‘Dirty Money’


Foreigners must not be able to buy UK homes with “plundered or laundered cash” as part of a global effort to defeat corruption, David Cameron has said. Speaking in Singapore, the prime minister vowed to expose the use of “anonymous shell companies” to buy luxury UK properties – often in London. ... Read More »

Malaysia PM Sacks Deputy Amid Corruption Scandal


Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak has sacked his deputy in a cabinet reshuffle after Muhyiddin Yassin had called on the leader to explain a growing corruption scandal at debt-laden state investment fund 1MDB. Muhyiddin had said at the weekend the ruling coalition could lose the next election if Najib and others ... Read More »

Gaddafi’s Son Saif al-Islam Sentenced To Death


Saif al-Islam, the most prominent son of Libya’s slain leader, Muammar Gaddafi, has been sentenced to death by firing squad. He was sentenced in absentia on Tuesday in Tripoli along with eight other senior members of the former regime, which was overthrown in 2011. AljaZeera reports that they were accused of ... Read More »

Obama Chides African Leaders Who Cling To Power


Barack Obama has chided African leaders who refuse to give up power in his first speech at the African Union headquarters by a US president. The scolding came in the course of his address on Tuesday in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa to the 54-member continental bloc. Aljazera was there: “Africa’s ... Read More »

Chinese Woman Dies After Falling Into Escalator


A woman was killed after falling into an escalator in a shopping centre in central China, local media report. Surveillance footage from Sunday’s incident shows a metal panel at the top of the escalator giving way, causing the woman and her toddler to stumble. The woman, identified by local media as Xiang ... Read More »

Syrian Kurds Accuse Turkey Of Attacking Their Forces


Kurdish militia forces in Syria have accused Turkey of attacking them. The Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) say Turkish tanks shelled their units near Kobane in northern Syria. BBC has more: Turkey said it was investigating the claim but insisted that its forces were not targeting Syrian Kurds. Turkey, which had previously ... Read More »

Clashes Commence In Philippines Ahead Of President’s speech

Police hold back protesters as they push barricades near the home of the family of Philippine President Benigno Aquino III during a rally in suburban Quezon city north of Manila, Philippines on Sunday, July 26, 2015. Demonstrators are protesting Aquino ahead of his State of the Nation address on Monday. (AP Photo/Aaron Favila)

Left-wing protesters have clashed with riot policemen as they tried to breach a barricade of barbed wire and vehicles ahead of the Philippine president’s final state of the nation address. At least six policemen and protesters were injured on Monday when authorities used water cannon to push back the protesters, who ... Read More »

20 Killed As Gunmen Open Fire At Wedding Celebration In Afghanistan


At least 20 people have been killed by gunmen who opened fire at a wedding in Afghanistan’s north, officials said. The attack, apparently linked to a feud between two families, happened in the Andarab district of Baghlan province on Sunday night. One family was hosting a wedding as members of a ... Read More »

Tokyo Plane Crash ‘Leaves Three Dead’


Three people were killed as a light plane crashed in Japan, setting fire to several houses, local media say. The five-seater plane crashed at about 02:00 GMT shortly after it had departed from Chofu airport in Tokyo, public broadcaster NHK reported. At least three houses and two cars were set ... Read More »

Turkey Car Bomb Kills Two Soldiers As PKK Truce Breaks Down


A car bomb attack on a military convoy in south-eastern Turkey has killed two soldiers and injured four others, Turkish officials say. The explosion late on Saturday happened in the town of Lice in Diyarbakir, the province governor’s office said. BBC reports: The attack came after Turkey bombed Kurdish separatist camps ... Read More »

Obama Says ‘No Limits’ To What Kenyans Can Achieve


US President Barack Obama, wrapping up a landmark trip to Kenya, has told Kenyans that there is “no limit to what you can achieve” but said they had to deepen democracy, tackle corruption and end exclusion based on gender or ethnicity. Aljazeera was there: Obama addressed an audience of several ... Read More »

Clashes Erupt At Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa On Jewish Holiday


Clashes have erupted between Palestinian Muslim worshippers and Israeli Jewish hardliners at Al-Aqsa compound in Jerusalem after hundreds of Jews tried to enter the mosque complex to mark the Tisha B’Av holiday. Israeli police stormed the mosque shortly after the skirmishes on Sunday morning and closed the gates of the compound, ... Read More »

Syria’s Assad Admits Army Struggling For Manpower


Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has vowed to win his country’s long-running civil war while acknowledging his troops are struggling to maintain control over territory amid lack of manpower. Aljazeera reports: In a televised speech on Sunday before local dignitaries in Damascus, the embattled president tried to justify why the Syrian army ... Read More »

Kenya: Trials Would Aid Fight Against Corruption – Obama


The US president has urged Kenya to hold “visible” trials to tackle corruption, which he said could be the “biggest impediment” to further growth. BBC was there: After talks in Nairobi, President Obama and Kenyan counterpart Uhuru Kenyatta said they were “united against terrorism” and efforts to deal with it. But ... Read More »

Key Burundi Opposition Politician Call For Fresh Vote


Burundi’s main opposition leader has denounced the third consecutive term win by President Pierre Nkurunziza and has demanded fresh elections. Agathon Rwasa, who won 18.99 percent of the vote despite saying he was unable to campaign properly, said on Saturday he would not oppose the formation of a unity government if its “primary mission is ... Read More »

Lebanese Protest Waste-disposal Crisis


Residents and activists from across Lebanon have protested in Beirut’s downtown district against the government’s perceived failure to address a mounting waste-management crisis. Garbage has been collecting on the streets of the Lebanese capital following the closure of the main landfill a week ago. Al Jazeera’s Nour Samaha, reporting from Beirut ... Read More »

Arab Coalition Declares Pause In Yemen Campaign


Arab coalition forces have announced a five-day humanitarian pause in their military campaign against Houthi fighters in Yemen, according to Saudi state news agency SPA. The suspension of air strikes – which will take effect at 11:59pm local time on Sunday – will allow humanitarian aid to be delivered to the Arabian Peninsula country, ... Read More »

Kurds Condemn Turkish Air Strikes Inside Iraq


The leadership of Iraq’s Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) has condemned Turkish air strikes against positions of Kurdish fighters in its autonomous region, echoing the remarks of the leadership earlier. Masoud Barzani, president of KRG, spoke to Ahmed Davutoglu, Turkey’s prime minister, over telephone on Saturday and “expressed his displeasure with the ... Read More »

Australian Adam Brookman Returns From IS Syria Conflict


An Australian nurse suspected of helping the so-called Islamic State is returning home under police escort. Muslim convert Adam Brookman, who is returning voluntarily, says he travelled to Syria to do humanitarian work but was forced to work with IS. BBC reports: Justice Minister Michael Keenan said he was entitled to ... Read More »