Saturday , 4 July 2015
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Bahrain Tightens Security Amid ISIL Threats


Bahrain is beefing up security measures around the country’s mosques over threats made by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) group, the interior ministry said. Aljazeera reports: The measures were taken after a suicide attack on a Shia mosque in neighbouring Kuwait last week, in which an ... Read More »

Solar Impulse Plane Lands In Hawaii


Solar Impulse, the aeroplane that is powered only by the sun, has landed in Hawaii after making a historic 8,000km flight across the Pacific from Japan. Pilot Andre Borschberg brought the vehicle gently down onto the runway at Kalaeloa Airport just before 06:00 local time (16:00 GMT; 17:00 BST). BBC was ... Read More »

France Reject Asylum Request From WikiLeaks’ Assange


The French government has rejected an asylum request from WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, saying he did not face “immediate danger”. In a letter to the French President, Assange described himself as a “journalist pursued and threatened with death by the United States’ authorities as a result of my professional activities”. Aljazeera ... Read More »

Yemen Battle Rages As Air Strikes Intensify In Sanaa


The Arab coalition has intensified air strikes on Yemeni capital of Sanaa while fighting raged between pro-government fighters and Houthi rebels in the country’s south. Aljazeera has more: Friday’s air raid in Sanaa’s al-Jaraf neighbourhood killed six people, including a woman and a child, and injured six others, rebel sources ... Read More »

Syrian Rivals Locked In Heavy Clashes Over Aleppo


A rebel alliance and Syrian government forces have been locked in a battle in and around Aleppo city with President Bashar al-Assad’s regime seeking to repel major offensive with heavy air strikes. Aljazeera was there: Thursday’s attack, the most intense rebel offensive in Aleppo in three years, aimed to build on ... Read More »

Mexico Police Charged With Torturing Tlatlaya Witnesses


Authorities in Mexico have charged seven police officers for torturing three women who witnessed a deadly incident in the town of Tlatlaya. In 2014 soldiers opened fire on a group of people in a warehouse in the town, in Mexico state, killing 22. The women claim the officers tortured them to force ... Read More »

Fifa Scandal: US Asks Switzerland To Extradite Officials


The United States has asked Switzerland to extradite seven Fifa officials arrested on corruption charges in May, the Swiss authorities say. BBC has more: Formal extradition requests were submitted on Wednesday, the Swiss Federal Office of Justice(FOJ) said. The seven top Fifa executives arrested in Zurich are among 14 Fifa ... Read More »

Afghan Court Overturns Death Sentences For Mob Killers


An Afghan appeals court has overturned the death sentence imposed on four men for their part in the mob killing of a young woman in the capital Kabul, and sentenced them to 20 years in prison instead. Aljzeera was there: Last month, the four men were sentenced to death by ... Read More »

34 Dies In Philippines Passenger Boat Accident


A ferry with 189 people on board has overturned in rough waters in the central Philippines, with the coastguard confirming that at least 34 people have been killed. Alazeera reports: The Kim Nirvana was heading from the central city of Ormoc to the islands of Camotes east of Cebu when ... Read More »

Egypt’s Brotherhood Calls For Uprising After Killings


The Muslim Brotherhood has warned of “serious repercussions” and has called on its supporters to “rise in revolt” after Egyptian police killed 13 of its members. Egyptian police raided an apartment in the Cairo suburb of 6th of October on Wednesday and killed 13 of the outlawed group’s leading members, including ... Read More »

French Soldiers Suspended Over Burkina Faso Child s*x Claims


France has suspended two of its soldiers over allegations they sexually abused children in Burkina Faso. One of the alleged victims was a five-year-old girl whose father found a camera containing images of his daughter being sexually abused, report AFP news agency. It comes after another abuse scandal involving French soldiers. A ... Read More »

Syrian Rebels Filmed Shooting Islamic State Militants


A hardline Islamist rebel group in Syria has released a video showing its fighters shooting dead a group of alleged Islamic State (IS) militants. Reversing the imagery of beheadings by the jihadist group, Jaysh al-Islam members wearing orange outfits are seen killing 18 men dressed in black. BBC was there: The ... Read More »

Israel Arrests 40 Hamas Members In West Bank


Israel has arrested 40 Hamas members in the Nablus area who it claims were plotting attacks against it. The Hamas group’s leaders were working to renew Hamas activity in the West Bank, the Israeli security agency Shin Bet told the Jerusalem Post. The arrests reportedly took place over the past few ... Read More »

Deadly Attacks Hit Egypt’s Sinai


At least 35 people have been killed in ongoing attacks on several military checkpoints and police stations in Egypt’s northern Sinai, security sources and witnesses have told Al Jazeera. About 70 fighters of a group calling itself the Province of Sinaisimultaneously attacked several targets in the area on Wednesday, the sources ... Read More »

Saudi Prince, Alwaleed Pledges $32bn To Charity


Saudi Arabia’s billionaire Prince, Alwaleed bin Talal has pledged his entire $32bn fortune to charitable projects over the coming years. The prince said in a statement that the “philanthropic pledge will help build bridges to foster cultural understanding, develop communities, empower women, enable youth, provide vital disaster relief and create a ... Read More »

New Ebola Case Marks Disease’s Return To Liberia


The body of a dead Liberian man has tested positive for Ebola – the country’s first reported case since it was declared free of the disease. According to the BBC, deputy health minister Tolbert Nyenswah said tests confirmed that the 17-year-old man, from a town near the main airport, had ... Read More »

Japan Bullet Train ‘Self-immolation’ Fire Kills Two


A man has died after setting himself on fire on board a Japanese Shinkansen bullet train. Another passenger, a woman in her 50s, was also killed and more than 20 injured, two seriously. Witnesses said the man, reportedly aged 71, had poured fuel over himself in the first carriage of the train ... Read More »

UN: South Sudan Army defiled Girls And Burned Them Alive


UN has accused South Sudan’s army of defiling and then burning girls alive inside their homes during its recent campaign, a report by its mission in the country said. The statement, published on Tuesday, warned the recent upsurge in fighting had been marked by a “new brutality and intensity”. Aljazeera reports: ... Read More »

Large Explosion Hits Afghanistan Capital, Kabul


A powerful blast targeted at a NATO military convoy in Afghanistan’s capital Kabul, wounding 19 people, including women and children, officials said. The blast on Tuesday came on the main road to the airport, around 500m from the US embassy and near a base for foreign troops. Aljazeera was there: NATO ... Read More »

Indonesian Military Plane Crash Kills Over 110


At least 113 people have been killed after an Indonesian air force C-130 plane crashed in a residential neighbourhood in the city of Medan on the northern island of Sumatra, according to military officials. Aljazeera reports: The plane came down on Tuesday hitting empty residential buildings after bursting into flames ... Read More »