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American Missionary With Ebola Fighting To Stay Alive

Kent Ebola

An American missionary who has contracted the Ebola virus in Africa is fighting for her life, her son says. Missionary Nancy Writebol, 60, remains in quarantine after contracting Ebola in Liberia, where she and her husband David have been working with aid group Serving in Mission. She is one of ... Read More »

Hamas Co-founder’s Son Speaks In Support Of Israel

Mosab Hassan Yousef, son of Hamas co-founder and leader,

Son of a Hamas founder has spoken out against the terrorist organisation, throwing his support behind Israel which he says is “fighting on behalf of the free world.” Mosab Hassan Yousef, son of Hamas co-founder and leader Hassan Yousef, rejected Hamas and converted to Christianity after being raised to become ... Read More »

150 Killed In India Monsoon


The death toll from a major landslide in western India is expected to exceed 150, a health official says, after heavy monsoon rains sent mud and rocks tumbling onto homes. Emergency forces rushed to a remote village in the state of Maharashtra, where a hill collapsed in the morning as ... Read More »

34 Killed In Stampede At Guinea Beach Concert


As Guinea battles Ebola virus which first broke out in the country in February and had since killed 319 people out of 427 cases recorded, at least 34 people, including several children have been killed in a stampede. The stampede happened at a beachside rap concert celebrating the end of ... Read More »

US Expands Sanctions On “Undeterred” Russia

Vladimir Putin

U.S. President Barack Obama has announced that the U.S. is once again moving to impose fresh sanctions on Russia as a consequence for its continued support of separatists in eastern Ukraine. The new sanctions, which target the defense, energy and financial sectors of the Russian economy. “The major sanctions we’re ... Read More »

EU Agrees Tougher Sanctions On Russia

Vladimir Putin, President of Russia

The EU has reached an agreement on the first broad economic sanctions on Russia over its role in Ukraine, diplomats said, marking a new phase in the biggest confrontation with Moscow since the Cold War. The measures agreed on Tuesday would shut state-owned Russian banks out of European markets and ... Read More »

Ebola Doctor Dies In Sierra Leone


Sierra Leone’s top Ebola doctor has died from Ebola disease, medical officials have said. Sheik Umar Khan was infected earlier this month and died on Tuesday at a ward run by medical charity Doctors Without Borders in the far north of the country. Miatta Kargbo, Sierra Leone’s health minister, called ... Read More »

Hamas Armed Wing Says No To Truce Until Siege Stops


The leader of the military wing of Hamas has said there will be no truce in Gaza unless Israel lifts its siege, in comments broadcast hours after an attempt at a 24-hour ceasefire stalled with disagreements. In an audio statement on Tuesday, Qassam Brigades commander Mohammed Deif said the ceasefire ... Read More »

Ebola: Australia Warns Citizens To Stay Away From Nigeria, Liberia, Others


Australia has warned its citizens to steer clear of parts of West Africa as the deadly Ebola virus claims more victims. Nearly 700 people have died in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia since March in what has been described as the most serious recorded outbreak yet of the virus. One ... Read More »

MH17: Investigators Unable To Assess Crash Site As Fighting Intensifies


Dutch investigators have failed for a third consecutive day to enter the MH17 crash site amid a risky and deteriorating security situation in the eastern Ukraine. The Australian Federal Police and their Dutch colleagues in the separatist-held city of Donetsk – having been twice repelled by heavy fighting on the ... Read More »

Kenyan Orthdox Church Cleric In $6.8m Embezzlement Claim


The top leadership of the Orthodox Church is embroiled in a bitter dispute that has seen a senior cleric accuse the archbishop in Kenya of illegally taking possession of about Sh600 million ($6.8 million) through a privately registered company. The Very Reverend Father Silouanos Samuel Mwangi Gichanga claims that Archbishop ... Read More »

New York Times Urges US To Legalise Marijuana


The New York Times has called for the legalisation of marijuana, comparing the federal ban on cannabis to Prohibition, AP reports. In an editorial on Saturday, the New York Times said marijuana laws disproportionately impacting young black men and that addiction and dependence are “relatively minor problems’’ especially compared with ... Read More »

Prisoner Exchange A Big Taliban Win – Supreme Leader


A recent controversial exchange of five Taliban commanders for one US soldier was “a spectacular achievement”, said Taliban supreme leader Mullah Omar in his annual Eid festival message. “Exchange of the detainees with America as a result of the efforts of the representatives of the political Office of the Islamic ... Read More »

Hamas Renews Rocket Fire Into Israel During Ceasefire Extension


Hamas has resumed firing rockets at Israel from Gaza after a 12-hour humanitarian window which the world had said should pave the way for a longer-term truce. The rocket fire came shortly after Israel announced it would extend the humanitarian ceasefire for another four hours, as its security cabinet debated ... Read More »

North Korea Fires Missile Into East Sea – Report

rocket North Korea

North Korea test-fired a short-range ballistic missile into the East Sea, South Korea’s military says, the latest in a series of weapons tests by Pyongyang. “The missile was fired at 21.40pm local time (10:40pm AEST) into the East Sea in a north eastern direction from Jangsan Cape on the western ... Read More »

Hezbollah Leader Vows To Help Gaza Crush Israel


The leader of Lebanon’s militant Hezbollah group has vowed to support Palestinian militants battling Israeli troops in Gaza, even as his own fighters are bogged down in the war in neighbouring Syria. In his first remarks on the latest Israeli-Palestinian fighting that erupted on July 8, Hassan Nasrallah warned Israel on ... Read More »

Maria Putin Flees Holland Following MH17 Crash


Maria Putin, daughter of Russian President Vladimir Putin has reportedly fled her Dutch penthouse apartment as anger grows in that country over the MH17 disaster. She has been living with a Dutch boyfriend in the Netherlands since last year without incident and her residence in the country was largely unknown. ... Read More »

Meet 6-Yr-Old Boy Setting Guinness Record By Skating Under 39 Cars In Less Than 30 Seconds


Meet a six-year-old Indian wonder boy from who is a super-specialist in limbo-skating which may land him a place in the Guinness Book of Records. Gagan Satish goes to a primary school. He began skating at the age of three, harnessing his extreme flexibility to master and specialise in limbo-skating. Now ... Read More »

7-year-old Girl Found Hanging From Tree After Being R*ped In Indian Village

Protest in India

A seven-year-old girl was found hanging from a tree in a village in eastern India after locals suspect she was r*ped, according to police reports. Angry villagers sought revenge after discovering the body in eastern West Bengal state on Thursday, hunting down and attacking three men they accused of kidnapping, ... Read More »

Ukraine PM Resigns As MPs Exchange Punches


Ukraine’s prime minister has resigned in protest at the collapse of the ruling coalition and a parliamentary schism that has hurt the nation’s fight against pro-Russian rebels. “I announce my resignation in connection with the dissolution of the parliamentary coalition and the blocking of government initiatives,” Arseniy Yatsenyuk said on ... Read More »

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