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‘Islamic State Militants defiling Thousands Of Women To Populate Caliphate’

Isis fighters parade through Raqqa

Islamic State fighters are reportedly defiling thousands of women in Iraq and Syria to mass-produce spawn who will follow in their footsteps. Young militants are running wild to the chagrin of their more sophisticated and p.r.-savvy commanders, an Iraqi official told The New York Post. The motivation of the defilers ... Read More »

Ebola: There Should Be No Bann On Travel To West Africa, Experts Say


There should be no general ban on travel or trade with countries reeling from the Ebola epidemic in West Africa, independent health advisers to the World Health Organisation (WHO) have assessed. Some airlines have stopped flights to affected areas and WHO and other agencies have said on Monday that this ... Read More »

Islamic State Urges Musliims To Kill Americans, Europeans


The Islamic State has sent direct threats to some western nations in a 42-minute propaganda video, which has been circulated on social media, urging Muslims to launch attacks on civilians in France, Australia and Canada, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation News reported. The audio, which is in Arabic but translated in an ... Read More »

150 New Ebola Cases, 70 Bodies Found In Sierra Leone After Lockdown

Ebola sensitisation

Sierra Leone’s Ebola lockdown has uncovered about 150 new cases of the deadly virus in addition to about 70 bodies previously unaccounted for, authorities say. Most of the West African country’s six million people were confined to their homes for 72 hours from Friday, as 30,000 volunteers went door-to-door to ... Read More »

African Leaders To Attend Business Forum In Dubai


The Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry announced that Ethiopia, Ghana, Rwanda and Senegal Heads of State, as well as several ministers and dignitaries have confirmed their presence at the 2nd Africa Global Business Forum, due to take place in Dubai in October. The forum is to be held under ... Read More »

Russians Protest Moscow Role In Ukraine


Thousands of Russians have rallied in Moscow in protest against the armed conflict in eastern Ukraine, in the first major anti-war rally since the standoff between Kiev and pro-Russian rebels started last year. Russian and Ukrainian flags were seen flying in the crowd, as banners read “We are together”, “Putin, ... Read More »

UN Warns Israel Against Relocating Palestinian Bedouin

Palestinian Bedouin

The United Nations relief and works agency for Palestine has urged the international community to block Israeli plans to relocate thousands of Palestinian Bedouin from the central West Bank, in fear the move could lead to further violations of UN charter. The UNRWA Commissioner General Pierre Krahenbuhl said on Sunday ... Read More »

6 Killed In Attacks On Iraqi Capital


Bomb and mortar attacks have killed six people in Shi’ite Baghdad, with Iraqi security forces claiming to have broken a siege on soldiers surrounded by Islamic State militants west of the capital. Police officials said on Sunday three mortar shells landed on a residential area in Sabaa al-Bour, a town ... Read More »

Young Muslims Fight Islamic State On Social Media


Young Muslims are taking a stand against the Islamic State with a powerful internet campaign. Using the hashtag #notinmyname, they are trying to drown out the terrorists’ message of hatred and violence with one of peace. The project was started by British charity Active Change, and is aimed at showing ... Read More »

Australian Senator Says Sharia Law Involves Terrorism


Australia’s Palmer United Party Senator Jacqui Lambie has yet again called for Sharia law supporters to leave the country, claiming that the law involves terrorism. According to Lambie, who claims she has no problem with Muslims, the Islamic legal system “obviously involves terrorism” and its followers need to instead follow ... Read More »

13 Men Jailed 20 Years For Gang R*pe In India

India Gang Rape

An Indian court has sentenced 13 people, including a village headman, to 20 years in jail for gang-defiling a tribal woman as a punishment for “dishonouring” her community. The 20-year-old woman was gang-defiled on orders from tribal village elders who objected to her relationship with a man from a different ... Read More »

500,000 Could Be Infected With Ebola By January – CDC


EBOLA will claim 6800 new victims this month. By January, the number infected could soar to 500,000, the Centre for Disease Control warns. The startling new estimates, reported in the Washington Post today and due to be released later this week, is a vast increase over World Health Organisation estimates ... Read More »

Scotland Apprehensive About The Future After Vote

sad Scots

Having rejected independence and lost First Minister Alex Salmond, Scotland has woken up to an unsettled future as fears grow that new powers promised by London will prove a disappointment. Violent scenes in Glasgow’s main square on Friday night may not have been repeated elsewhere but many Scots see their ... Read More »

G20 Worried By Ebola Outbreak


The Ebola epidemic that is sweeping West Africa has been discussed by the G20 finance ministers for the first time. In its communique after two days of talks, the G20 said it is concerned about the human cost of the disease and the potentially serious impacts on economic growth and ... Read More »

Turkey Frees Hostages Held By ISIL In Iraq

hostages freed

Forty-six Turkish hostages seized by fighters of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul in June have been brought safely back to Turkey by the country’s intelligence agency, according to Ahmet Davutoglu, Turkey’s prime minister. The Turkish hostages, including diplomats, soldiers and ... Read More »

Ebola Outbreak Will Be Contained – World Bank


World Bank boss Jim Yong Kim is optimistic Africa’s Ebola outbreak will be contained and kept under control within months if immediate action is taken. “The progress even in the last few days has been tremendous, the US commitment has been very very helpful,” Dr Kim said. The deadly Ebola ... Read More »

46 People Killed Daily In South Africa – Police


The number of people being killed in South Africa is rising daily as latest data revealed that more than 17,000 people were murdered in South Africa in the 2013-14 financial year. National police commissioner Riah Phiyega said on Friday the figure for the year was 17,068 murders, translating into an ... Read More »

Sierra Leone Streets Deserted As 3-day Lockdown Begins

Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone looked like a ghost town on Friday as the country began a three-day lockdown, forbidding people to leave their homes in a bid to halt the deadly Ebola epidemic. Streets across the normally chaotic capital Freetown, a bustling city of 1.2 million people, emptied from midnight and by ... Read More »

Queen Elizabeth Urges Mutual Respect Between Scotland’s ‘Yes’ And ‘No’ Groups


Queen Elizabeth II has called for “mutual respect” among Scots following a divisive campaign, which however ended with an independence referendum that left the United Kingdom intact. Despite a surge in Scottish nationalist support in the final fortnight of the campaign, the anti-independence “No” camp secured a clear margin of ... Read More »

Six Killed In Boko Haram Attacks In Cameroon

boko haram

Six people, including four civilians, were killed on Thursday in the far north of Cameroon following two incursions by Boko Haram militants, sources told AFP on Friday. “Boko Haram appeared yesterday (Thursday) around 1900 (1800 GMT) at Assighassia,” a police officer in the region said on condition of anonymity. “There ... Read More »

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