Monday , 22 December 2014
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Pakistan Hangs Two Militants After Peshawar School Massacre


Pakistan has executed two prominent militants on Friday in a clear response to this week’s massacre of more than 130 children at a school, sources said. Reuters report: The hanged militants had no links to the Taliban’s assault in the city of Peshawar on Tuesday, but their executions came at a ... Read More »

Israel Airstrike Hits Hamas Site In Gaza


Israel’s military has struck a Hamas site in the Gaza Strip early Saturday in its first airstrike on the Palestinian territory since the summer’s war. AP reports: The Israeli military said the airstrike on what it called a “Hamas terror infrastructure site” in the southern Gaza Strip was in response ... Read More »

Magnitude 5.9 Earthquake Hits Japan’s Honshu Island


A 5.9 magnitude earthquake reportedly hit Japan’s Honshu island on Saturday, shaking Fukushima where crippled nuclear power plants are located, but local media said there was no tsunami warning, the U.S. Geological Survey has said. Reuters report: USGS said the quake’s epicenter was located 42 miles (68 km) east-northeast of ... Read More »

China Arrests U.S. Missionary Near North Korea Border


China on Friday arrested a Korean American missionary who is now being held near the country’s border with North Korea, signaling a toughening crackdown on Christian activists in the sensitive region. Reuters report: Peter Hahn, 74, is being charged with embezzlement and counterfeiting receipts, his lawyer, Zhang Peihong, told Reuters. Zhang ... Read More »

Unexploded World War II Bomb Found Near Berlin, 10,000 Evacuated


Authorities in a German city have evacuated up to 10,000 people from the area surrounding a building site where an unexploded World War II bomb was found. UPI has more: City authorities in Potsdam, a historic city located outside of Berlin, said builders working on state investment bank ILB’s new headquarters ... Read More »

Kenya’s Kenyata Signs Tough Security Law


Kenya’s President, Uhuru Kenyatta has signed into law a new controversial security bill which saw MPs trade blows in parliament. BBC reports: It was passed on Thursday during a chaotic parliamentary session, with opposition MPs warning that Kenya was becoming a “police state”. The government has said it needs more powers ... Read More »

Attempt To Bomb Spanish Ruling Party HQ In Madrid Fails


A ruined Spanish businessman has reportedly driven a car carrying gas cylinders into the front of the ruling Popular Party’s headquarters in Madrid, police say. BBC reporters were there: The car did not explode and no-one was hurt, but the attack triggered a major security alert. The man, 37, was said ... Read More »

Syria Crisis: One Million People Wounded, Diseases Spreading in Syria – WHO

Injured boy lies at a field hospital after what activists said were air strikes by forces of Syria's President Assad in the Duma neighbourhood of Damascus

About one million people have been wounded during the Syria‘s civil war and diseases are spreading as regular supplies of medicine fail to reach patients, the World Health Organization’s Syria representative has said. Reuters report: A plunge in vaccination rates from 90 percent before the war to 52 percent this year ... Read More »

Eight Children Killed In Australian Mass Stabbing


A woman and eight children have been feared killed, the woman was the mother to the seven of them was injured in the northern Australian city of Cairns, in what several media outlets reported was a mass stabbing, police said on Friday. Reuters has more: Australia is in a state ... Read More »

Pakistani Military Kills Dozens Of Militants In Retaliation For School Massacre


Pakistani ground forces and warplanes killed at least 77 militants in a northwestern tribal region near the Afghan border, officials said on Friday, days after Taliban fighters killed 148 people most of which are children in a school massacre. Associated Press reports: Meanwhile, a Pakistani prosecutor said the government will ... Read More »

Cameroon Defense Ministry – Army Kills 116 Boko Haram Militants


Cameroon’s army killed about 116 Boko Haram militants on Wednesday when they attacked a base in the Far North region of the country, said defense ministry spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Didier Badjeck. Reuters report: Militants ambushed a column of army vehicles using an improvised explosive device and then hundreds attacked in ... Read More »

Divided Kenyans Disagree Over Strategy To Tackle ‘Terror’ Attacks And Other Security Issues

Wanguthi, a Muslim leader, talks to a man near a mosque in Muslim-dominated Eastleigh neighbourhood in Kenya's capital Nairobi

Islamist attacks, corrupt policing, knee-jerk security responses as well as racial profiling are dividing Kenyans increasingly along religious and ethnic lines, experts said. Reuters report: There is fear on all sides – among Christians who pray on Sundays under armed police guard, among Muslims who are vilified on the internet, ... Read More »

UN Seeks $8.4 Billion To Help Syria Refugees

Syrians taking shelter in Turkey's Sanliurfa

The United Nations is seeking nothing less than $8.4 billion for next year to help nearly 18 million people affected by the war in Syria. AP reports: The U.N. high commissioner for refugees, Antonio Guterres, said Thursday that people who have been displaced within Syria “have exhausted their savings and resources” ... Read More »

Islamic State Fight To Last At Least Three Years – U.S. General

Smoke raises behind an Islamic State flag after Iraqi security forces and Shiite fighters took control of Saadiya from Islamist State militants

The general in command of United States forces involved in the fight against Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria said on Thursday he thought it would take a minimum of three years to achieve a turning point against the group. Asked at a Pentagon briefing about progress on the ... Read More »

Some Pakistan Militants Denounce School Attack, Amid National Outrage

Students hold candles for the victims of the Pakistan Taliban attack on the Army Public School, during a rally in Lahore

As Pakistanis unite to grief the killings of 132 schoolchildren by the Pakistani Taliban, many other militant groups have been quick to condemn the carnage too. Reuters report: Most such groups have slaughtered civilians themselves, but the wave of outrage following the school attack is threatening the relative freedom they ... Read More »

Uganda Begins Sending Ex-Congo Rebels Back Home


Uganda has began sending home more than 1,000 fighters of a rebel group from Democratic Republic of Congo(DRC) on Tuesday after Kinshasa mounted pressure it to return them to prevent them regrouping to fight again. Reuters report: Some 1,430 fighters are believed to have fled into Uganda after Congolese and ... Read More »

EU Court Says Hamas Should Be Removed From Terror List

Palestinian members of al-Qassam Brigades take part in a military parade in Gaza City

An EU court ruled on Wednesday that the Palestinian Islamist terrorist group Hamas should be removed from the European Union’s terrorist list, saying that the decision to include it was based on media reports not considered analysis. Reuters reports: However, in its ruling, the bloc’s second highest tribunal said member ... Read More »

First Female Bishop Named In England


The first female bishop for the Church of England has been announced as Reverend Libby Lane, just a month after a historic change to canon law. BBC reports: She will become the new Bishop of Stockport, a post that has been vacant since May. Mrs Lane has been the vicar at ... Read More »

Russia’s Economy In Big Trouble


The President of Russia Vladimir Putin faces a new major challenge after a catastrophic fall in the value of the ruble, which hits a new low Tuesday despite the desperate efforts of the Central Bank to halt the selling. AP reports: On the streets of Moscow, panicky consumers rushed out ... Read More »

Pakistan In Mourning As Parents Bury Children After School Attack


The Pakistani city of Peshawar has started burying its dead after a Taliban attack at a school killed at least 132 children and nine staff on Tuesday. BBC reports: New images from the school show the brutality of the attack, with pools of blood on the ground and walls covered ... Read More »