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Shia Houthi group takes over new town in Yemen

Yemen’s Shia Houthi fighters continue to push south in Ibb province, taking over the town of Yarim after dismantling a protest camp blocking the country’s main airport in the capital Sanaa. Sunday’s developments came amid reports that the governor of Sanaa province had resigned after his headquarters were stormed by ... Read More »

Death toll reaches 75 Toll as violent clashes continue in Libyan city

Nine people have been killed in new violence in the northeastern Libyan city of Benghazi where pro-government militias have launched an offensive against rival armed groups. According to medics, the death toll has now reached 75 in five days. In the latest violence, a woman was killed in a bomb ... Read More »

The Unbelievable case of the ‘bird’ woman in Nigeria

A crowd has formed, jeering at her and filming her anguish on their mobiles. At least two police officers patrol the mob, swatting at their mobile phones with branches in an attempt to stop them from filming. According to witnesses, the middle-aged woman was a bird moments earlier. The bird ... Read More »

Pro-gay groups slam Vatican for backtracking over gays and divorcees rights

Activists and human rights groups have lashed out at the Catholic Church’s failure to open its doors to gay people, but praised Pope Francis for getting bishops to confront “taboos.” The spiritual leader of the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics had called for the Church to take a more accepting approach ... Read More »

At least 21 people killed after deadly suicide blast hits Baghdad funeral

A suicide bomber has killed at least 21 people at a funeral in the Iraqi capital, while an ambush has halted the government forces’ advance on a key northern city controlled by ISIL fighters. Sunday’s attack, which also wounded 35 people, occurred outside a Shia house of worship in the ... Read More »

Hong Kong leader blames mass protests on ‘external forces’

Hong Kong’s leader has said that the “external forces” have been involved in pro-democracy protests which have been going on in the country for more than three weeks. In the past week, Hong Kong police have repeatedly clashed with protesters, who are demanding fully democratic elections for the city. “There ... Read More »

Widodo sworn in as Indonesia’s President

Joko “Jokowi” Widodo has been inaugurated as Indonesia’s new president, facing the challenges of rebooting a slowing economy and working with a potentially hostile opposition that has already landed some blows against him. Widodo, the first Indonesian president not to come from the ranks of the country’s established political, business ... Read More »

Germany openly accuses pro-Russia rebels for MH17 crash

Germany’s BND foreign intelligence agency has concluded that pro-Russian rebels are to blame for the downing of Malaysia Airline MH17 in Ukraine in July, making it the first European agency to say so. Gerhard Schindler, president of the BND, told a secret parliamentary committee on security affairs held on October ... Read More »

Spanish nurse’s immune system eliminates Ebola infection from her body

A Spanish nurse who became the first person outside of West Africa to test positive for the deadly Ebola virus, is now clear of all traces of the disease, according to authorities in Spain. A blood test on Sunday revealed that Teresa Romero’s immune system had eliminated the virus from ... Read More »

US Planes dropped supplies to fighters defending the Syrian city of Kobane

The US military has airdropped weapons and supplies to Kurdish fighters defending the Syrian city of Kobane against the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) group, despite its ally Turkey’s declarations opposing such a move. The airdrops on Sunday were the first of their kind and followed weeks ... Read More »

Rival Koreas exchange fire across border for the second time

North and South Korean troops briefly exchanged fire across their heavily fortified land border, in the second such incident this month, the South’s Yonhap news agency reported. The exchange on Sunday happened at about 5.40pm local time [0840 GMT], after a South Korean border patrol fired warning shots at a ... Read More »

New government say Madagascar ex-leader ‘will not be deported’

Madagascar has announced that the southeastern African country’s former President Marc Ravalomanana will not be deported and will instead be asked to take part in the national reconciliation efforts. Ravalomanana was placed under house arrest after returning from exile earlier this week. “We are not a country that exiles or deports ... Read More »

Government official who handled safety at pop concert where 16 people were killed commits suicide

A South Korean official has reportedly taken his own life, a day after 16 people were killed in an accident at an outdoor concert he helped organise and secure. The body of the 37-year-old man, named Oh, was found near a 10-storey building in Seongnam on Saturday, a day after the accident at ... Read More »

Missing climbers in Nepal assumed dead

Hopes have faded for survivors of one of Nepal’s worst mountain disasters as villagers joined an intensive search by troops and government officials for as many as 40 people missing after a freak blizzard killed 39. More than 500 people have been rescued from a route popular with foreign adventure ... Read More »

Police confirm nine labourers were killed in Pakistan province

A Pakistani police officer has said unknown gunmen have shot eight people dead and injured one in an insurgency-hit part of southwestern Pakistan. Senior police officer, Bashir Brohi, told the AFP news agency on Sunday that the victims were labourers from eastern Punjab province who were abducted and shot while ... Read More »

About 370 prisoners escape when armed men attack jail in Butembo in DR Congo

Armed men have raided a jail in the town of Butembo in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, releasing all 370 prisoners, military sources reveal. Reporters from east DR Congo, said the Congolese army and the town’s mayor confirmed the raid, but that there were conflicting reports as to who ... Read More »

Government says 20 people wounded overnight in Hong Kong after demonstrators storm barricades

Hong Kong police have clashed with protesters again, with the government saying 20 people were injured in a fourth night of violence after nearly three weeks of pro-democracy rallies. Dozens of police with shields and helmets pushed into a crowd of protesters gathered at barricades in the shopping district of ... Read More »

Castro offers to cooperate with US on Ebola for the sake of world peace

Fidel Castro says Cuba is ready to cooperate with the United States in the battle against Ebola. The 88-year-old former leader of Cuba wrote in state media on Saturday that such cooperation would be in the interest of “the peace of the world.” “We will gladly cooperate with American personnel ... Read More »

Finally, Ukraine and Russia Resolve Gas Issue

Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko has confirmed that an agreement has been reached with Russia on a provisional price for gas deliveries during the coming winter months. Poroshenko on Saturday said the deal was agreed at talks with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in Milan on Friday, and he hoped it ... Read More »

Sunni tribesmen and Shia Houthis sign pact to end violence in Yemen

Tribesmen and Shia Houthi fighters have signed an agreement that could end hostilities in Yemen’s Ibb province, after renewed fighting breached a day-long ceasefire pact. The second ceasefire, which was signed on Saturday, states as a condition the safe withdrawal of all Houthi fighters from Ibb. A 24-hour ceasefire agreement ... Read More »

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