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Why I’m Angry With Gov. Okorocha – Charly Boy


Charly Boy has explained to Vanguard’s Benjamin Njoku why he is angry with Imo State Governor, Gov. Rochas Okorocha and why he insisted politicians shouldn’t try to politicize his father’s burial. He also explained why he stopped being a man servant at a catholic church after 20years and now a Buddhist. Enjoy his ... Read More »

Do You Think Charly Boy’s Attire To His Father’s Burial Was Weird?


We all got to hear about the little controversy that happened at the burial ceremony of Charly Boy’s father, who Charly Boy walked out; but how many of you got to see his outfit for the burial? Charles Chukwuemeka Oputa popularly known as Charly Boy rocked a grey attire, looking ... Read More »

JUSTICE CHUKWUDIFU AKUNNE OPUTA(1918-2014) by Raymond Nkannebe


Yesterday, the remains of one of Nigeria’s most distinguished legal personalities, the late Justice Chukwudifu Oputa was finally interned at his country home of Oguta, in Imo state amidst pomp and pageantry that is due to such a man whose life remains a veritable source of inspiration to many generations ... Read More »

Why Charly Boy Stormed Out Of His Father’s Lying-In-State Ceremony


Charly Boy has revealed why he left the venue of his late father’s lying-in-state, abruptly. The ceremony in honour of Charly Boy’s late father Justice Chukwudifu Oputa, took place in the capital city of Imo State, Owerri, on Wednesday, 25th of June, 2014. This move shocked many people present, including Governor ... Read More »

Find Out Why Charly Boy Walked Out Of Father’s Lying-In-State


We all know Charly Boy to be a man of his words and acts immediately on his impulses. Some of you might have heard how he stormed out of the lying-in-state of his father, Justice Chukwudifu Oputa, in Owerri, Imo State, on Wednesday. According to eye witnesses, while the procession ... Read More »

It’s Charles Oputa aka Charly Boy’s Birthday!


Here’s wishing the TV personality/singer a happy 63rd birthday…… Read More »

Charly Boy: “Hmmm E Don Shele Oh, My Papa Don Die – Breaking Bad News”


Area father of Abuja entertainment has become quite famous for his straight to the point open letters of recent. He lost his father weeks ago and decided to write one specially dedicated to him. Read below: - My Fada, By Charly Boy For you my people who have been following ... Read More »

Charly Boy Sends Out Warning To Politicians On Father’s Burial


Abuja Area Fada — Charly Boy lost his dad a couple of days ago and he started making plans for his dad’s burial. However, the entertainer has sent out a warning while speaking with the Vanguard. In a new interview when he was asked if he would mind a state ... Read More »

Charly Boy Makes Plans For Mega Concert In Honor Of His Father


The Area Fada of Abuja entertainment — Charly Boy lost his dad 2 days ago at quite a ripe good old age. Charly Boy spoke about the demise of his father, Justice Chukwudifu Oputa and urged Nigerians not to sympathize with him, but rather celebrate his late dad. He says ... Read More »

Eminent Jurist, Chukwudifu Oputa Dies At 90

justice-oputa oputa

Eminent jurist and retired Justice of the Supreme Court (JSC), Chukwudifu Oputa is dead. He was said to have died “peacefully” yesterday afternoon at the National Hospital, Abuja, at the age of 90. One of his sons, Geoffrey Oputa, said the legal icon suffered a relapse of the stroke he ... Read More »

Must Read: ‘Bald Boldness’ By Charly Boy


Area Fada of Abuja entertainment has dropped another one of his articles or should I call it an open letter. Read below: - Leaving your comfort zone or breaking away from someone else’s shadow are the most difficult things to do. As humans we are always stuck in the wheel ... Read More »

‘The Devil Is Overrated’ By Charly Boy


Famous Abuja socialite and the Area fada of Abuja entertainment — Charly Boy has dropped another one of his stunning open letters. This one is about him saying the devil is overated. Read below and enjoy: - I hear so much about Mr. Devil, that I start to wonder if ... Read More »

Charly Boy Cuts His Dreadlocks, Wearing Bald Look

2 (1)

The Area Fada of Abuja entertainment who recently dropped a open letter to God, has gotten himself a new look. The controversial singer and socialite has finally given up his accustomed front dreads for a sexy bold and bald look. What do you think? Check out more photos below: - Read More »

“When I Die” — Charly Boy


Article written by Charles Oputa. Enjoy I was born in 1950’s. Before I was born, the universe came into existence with a big bang about some 4.6 billion years ago, our solar system formed. Life arose and lots of animals evolved. Somewhere on the continent of Africa, modern man arose, ... Read More »

“When I Die” By Charly Boy


Article written by Charles Oputa. Enjoy I was born in 1950’s. Before I was born, the universe came into existence with a big bang about some 4.6 billion years ago, our solar system formed. Life arose and lots of animals evolved. Somewhere on the continent of Africa, modern man arose, ... Read More »

Must Read: “A Letter To God” By Charly Boy


  Charly Boy has recently been known for his constant random open letters, but this time, he writes one to God. Read it below: - Dear God, I had to muster a ‘lotta’ courage to write you this letter, please don’t get pissed with me, because there is no way ... Read More »

Charly boy reveals: “Lady D intimidated me into marrying her”

1 (1)

  Singer and social crusader — Charles Oputa aka Charly boy and his pretty wife Lady D has remained an item after 35 years of marriage. The singer in an interview with Vanguard reveals he never had intentions to marry her but Lady D intimidated him, even went as far ... Read More »

Photos: Charly Boy Has Shaved His Dreadlocks


  Charly Boy has decided to cut his dreadlocks and is now rocking bald hair. He’s pictured above at a bike event in Abuja yesterday.   Read More »

Charly Boy Shows Off His Twin Grandsons


Wow, this has to be the cutest set of twins i seen, and come to think they actually come from Charly Boy’s bloodline; even more surprising. Nigerian veteran entertainer and self acclaimed area fada of Abuja — Charly Boy decided to show off his grandsons on his Instagram page. He ... Read More »

Another Side Of Charly Boy; Tales By Charly Boy


  The self-acclaimed Area Fada of Abuja entertainment, Charly Boy has recently been showing us his writing skills; as he drops one open letter now and then for his fans. However, the controversial singer has even gone deeper by releasing a very deep and professional article. Read Charly Boy’s article ... Read More »

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