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8 Infants, 10 Others Killed In Iraqi Hospital Bombing


Eight newborns were among 18 civilians killed when Iraqi warplanes hit a hospital in the northern town of Hawija, which is controlled by Islamic State militants. At least 16 people were also wounded in the bombardment on Friday, a hospital official told independent Iraqi website Alsumaria News. The hospital building ... Read More »

Ukraine, Pro-Russia Rebels Agree Truce

Ukraine tanks

Ukraine and pro-Kremlin rebels have signed up to a truce that could stem nearly five months of bloodshed but is unlikely to quell the separatist drive in the east. Skeptical Western governments said they still planned to impose tough new sanctions on Moscow over what they claim is Russian aggression ... Read More »

Putin Tells Ukraine To Talk To Pro-Russia Rebels


Vladimir Putin insists that Kiev must enter substantial talks with pro-Russian rebels amid a dramatic escalation of the fighting in Ukraine. “It is necessary to make the Ukrainian authorities start substantial talks,” the Russian President told youths at a pro-Kremlin summer camp in central Russia on Friday. “It is necessary ... Read More »

Rebels Kill Nine Troops Ahead Of Ukraine Vote

Pro-Russian in Ukraine

Separatist rebels have killed at least nine Ukrainian soldiers in the restive east, dealing a heavy blow to the beleaguered government just three days before a crunch presidential poll. The attacks were the deadliest for the military since it launched an offensive six weeks ago against a pro-Moscow insurgency that ... Read More »

NATO Responds To Ukraine, On The ‘Brink Of War’

fighter jet

NATO is to deploy more air, sea and land forces in eastern Europe, as pro-Russian militants are accused of taking two Ukrainian soldiers “hostage”. The incident allegedly occurred in the separatist eastern region of Lugansk. The ministry said an officer and a soldier were seized by “extremists” and taken to ... Read More »

Ukraine Threatens ‘Adequate Response’ To The Abduction Of Its Head Of Navy

ukraine inter

Ukraine’s acting president warned Crimea’s Kremlin-backed leaders they had only three hours to release the captured head of the splintered ex-Soviet country’s navy or face “an adequate response”, as NATO called Russia’s actions in Ukraine the gravest threat to Europe since the Cold War. Pro-Russian forces had earlier seized two ... Read More »

Afghan Soldier Opens Fire On NATO Soldiers

Nato forces

A gunfight broke out between Afghan and foreign soldiers on the outskirts of the capital Kabul on Saturday, killing at least one Afghan serviceman and injuring a number of other soldiers, according to Afghan and NATO officials. So-called “insider attacks” are severely straining ties between the NATO-led alliance and the Kabul authorities and further undermine waning ... Read More »

Afghan Insider Kills Three US Troops

NATO forceess

An Afghan wearing a security forces uniform turned his weapon against US troops, killing three in eastern Afghanistan, officials said, in another apparent attack by a member of the Afghan forces against their international allies. The shooting took place in Gardez, capital of eastern Paktia province, Gen. Mohammad Zahir Azimi, ... Read More »

Nine Civilians Killed In NATO Airstrike, Afghan Officials Say

NATO forceess

Afghan officials say an apparent NATO airstrike has killed 15 people – nine of them civilians, including women and children – in an eastern province where the Taliban are strong. NATO, however, says 10 insurgents were killed. Kunar province police chief Abdul Habib Sayed Khaili says the airstrike hit a ... Read More »

US Base In Afghanistan Attacked By Taliban

US base in Afganistan

Taliban fighters wearing special forces’ uniforms have attacked a car park for NATO vehicles at a US military base in an Afghan province bordering Pakistan. More than 30 vehicles stationed at the base before heading to Pakistan were torched or damaged as a result of early Monday’s attack, which was ... Read More »

Syria’s Chemical Weapons Attack Unacceptable And Cannot Go Unanswered – NATO

Anders Fogh Rasmussen

NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen has said that a variety of sources pointed to President Bashar al-Assad’s forces being responsible for the use of chemical weapons in Syria. Speaking after a meeting of NATO ambassadors in Brussels, Rasmussen said any use of such weapons was “unacceptable and cannot go unanswered”, ... Read More »

14 Killed At Afghan Graveyard


14 women and children were killed at a graveyard in eastern Afghanistan on Thursday as the country celebrated the Eid holiday marking the end of Ramadan, when a bomb exploded, officials said. Many Muslims visit the graves of deceased relatives during Eid as part of traditional celebrations after the holy ... Read More »

15 Killed, 37 Injured In Afghan Suicide Bombing

At least 15 people have been killed and 37 others injured after a suicide bomber attacked a convoy of foreign military vehicles in Kabul, police said. The powerful explosion, which struck at 8am in the Shah Shaheed southeastern residential district, killed nine civilians, two children, six ISAF forces and contractors, ... Read More »

NATO Supply Truck Driver Killed In Pakistan

Nato forces

The driver of a NATO supply truck driving through northwest Pakistan near the Afghan border, was on Thursday killed, local officials said. The shooting took place in the Jamrud area of Khyber, one of seven districts that make up Pakistan’s semi-autonomous tribal belt where Taliban and Islamist militants are active. ... Read More »

Roadside Bomb Kills US Soldiers in Afghanistan

US soldier killed

Five US soldiers serving as part of the NATO forces have been killed by a roadside bomb in southern Afghanistan, officials said. The troops died in an improvised explosive device (IED) attack, NATO’s International Security Assistance Force confirmed in a statement on Saturday. “Five American soldiers were killed at about ... Read More »

Bombs Kill British Troops, Afghan Official

afghan bomb

A representative of a government peace council entrusted with helping to start talks with the Taliban, Malim Shah Wali Khan was on Wednesday killed with a bomb and small arms, an Afghan official has said. The province’s deputy governor was also injured in the attack, Omaer Zawak, a spokesman for ... Read More »

Gaddafi’s Youngest Son Killed In NATO Air Strike

Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi survives a bomb attack in the capital Tripoli which kills his youngest son and three grandchildren, the government says. NATO insists individuals have not been targeted. Gaddafi’s youngest son ‘killed in NATO air strike’ Colonel Gaddafi’s youngest son, Saif al-Arab, and three young grandchildren were killed ... Read More »