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Florida man calls 911 to report he’s out of alcohol


A Collier County, Florida man іѕ facing а misdemeanor criminal charge аftеr hе called 911 Monday night tо report а rаthеr questionable “emergency.” Hе gоеѕ оn tо explain thаt hіѕ neighbours аrе shouting аnd fighting. “Do уоu knоw whу they’re yelling?” thе operator asks. “It ѕееmѕ tо bе whаt thеу …

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Man Finds Water Inside Newly Purchased Vodka Bottle


Canadian police are conducting an investigation along with the Liquor Control Board of Ontario after a Toronto shopper discovered that a vodka bottle he purchased at a local store had been filled with water. Rick Crumpton, 62, purchased a plastic 1.75-liter bottle of Smirnoff vodka at an LCBO store, but discovered …

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Woman Digs Father’s Grave Looking For Real Will, Finds Vodka And Cigarettes Instead

Ransacked: The vault of Mr Nash was found cracked with the casket opened

A woman confessed her disappointed after finding vodka and cigarettes buried alongside her father in his grave, though she though it would be his will instead, police in New Hampshire said. Read more from Scoop: Now, 53-year-old Melanie Nash has pleaded guilty to numerous charges after digging up the grave of her …

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Woman Drunk on Chinese Vodka Goes Swimming in a River, Wakes Up 75 Kilometers Downstream

When 57-year-old Shen Ailan got drunk on two whole bottles of baijiu – a type of Chinese vodka – she decided that a dip in the river was just what she needed to ‘clear her head’. So she dived into the waters of the Yangtze River at Huangshi city, Hubei …

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Woman Finds Strange Wasted Teen Lying in Her Cupboard


A Tennessee woman opened her closet and instead of finding her usual array of clothes and shoes, she discovered a drunken teenager she didn’t know. It’s unclear exactly how he got in there, but apparently 18-year-old Andrew Davison drank a fifth of vodka and somehow managed to find his way …

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Women Charged For Giving 1-Year-Old 6 Shots Of Vodka To Stop Her From Crying


A 17-year-old Houston mother has been charged with child endangerment after her toddler was hospitalized for alcohol poisoning. Houston police say the year-old girl has recovered from the February incident. The child’s blood alcohol level was 0.268 — more than three times the adult legal limit for driving in Texas …

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Patient Shows Up for Liver Transplant With a Bottle of Vodka


A woman in Germany celebrated her upcoming liver transplant operation in the worst way imaginable: with a big bottle of vodka. The incident is just the latest in an ongoing scandal involving a former head of transplants, which has led to a decline in organ donations in Germany. According to …

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Molecular Communication: Scientists Send Text Message Through Evaporated Vodka


How many people have sent a text message they later regretted, blaming alcohol as the catalyst for an ill-advised communication? Well, scientists at Canada’s York University have flipped the “message in a bottle” concept on its head, sending the world’s first text message through alcohol itself. That’s right, a text message reading …

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Student Who Tore Her THROAT After Cheap Vodka Binge Quits Alcohol


  A boozed-up student who tore her windpipe vomiting for 24 hours has warned against cheap drink offers. Megan Thomason, 21, downed three treble vodka and Cokes for £2.89 each and then went on to visit more bars on a night out. She began to vomit early the next day …

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Japanese Vodka Made from Fermented Giant Hornets


The voracious Japanese giant hornet has a quarter-inch stinger that pumps out venom containing an enzyme so strong that it can literally dissolve human tissue. The sting of a giant hornet causes excruciating pain, yet some people are willing to endure a few stings while trying to capture them to make a …

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English Farmer Makes Vodka from Cow Milk


Jason Barber, a farmer from Dorset, England, has spent three years creating the world’s first milk vodka. Now, his Black Cow label is the poison of choice for celebrities like Elizabeth Hurley and James Bond star Daniel Craig. 47-year-old Jason Barber, a sixth generation farmer, got the idea for his …

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