1. please for crying out loud.LASU pls release this list for us and lets know our fate or dont you guys know its becoming late.i heard you guys will be resuming by MARCH.shey no admission make we know fast we dey beg unna.some1 pls call me if the result is out.07081240515

  2. Lagos State Government pls look into this matter for us. we have done everything they needed us to do but still yet the merit list is not out. How long do they want us to stay at home. Pls Pls and Pls again look into this matter for us coz, im tired of staying at home and if this is not taking care of very soon it may lead some student going into an ilegal things such as yahoo yahoo, Area boys and so on, that will damage the name of our faithful afford such Pls we are begging you to do something about this fast.

  3. pls u guys should bring out d list bcos its really getting rily…………..tired bcos almost all schools hav brought out their list nd re thru wit d registration

  4. i did not see my post ume result for acconting in socialscien dept i will want u to do something about it bcos i have mail the vc several time and my name is not among disqualified candidate in lasu ojo

  5. I want to know through this e-mail address if another suplementary list of the LASU admission is still coming out and when?If not what is the criteria for selecting non indigene.
    Alex B

  6. yomzee the cut off for indigene depends on the course you did choose like mcb the cut off is 56 for indigene and 67 for non can check if you name is in the supplementary list.

  7. i av friends dat score 50 and the other one scored 51 in accountin and bus admin, their name is out already, and me dat score 54 is still yet to see my name released.

  8. pls mr hussein, sir we are looking up to you, i scored 63 and i believ there should a release of more names.pls sir reduce the level of nuisance in our society today by admitting more intelligent people.

  9. @ishooooooo…….LASU has no specific cut off in the previous years.if u find out properly,2007 and 2008 session used the 50 and above process so how come they started gluing fake cut offs to different courses.the ish is that the population were numerous so they are trying to curb that,but i believe anoda list is still coming out cos there’s gonna be some vacancies in some department.
    no kwamps my people…..just keep praying and hoping.

  10. pls ooooooooo LASU,i beg in d name of God…………..release my name o cs i scored 61,and i’m yet 2cee my name.pls help mii in d name of God,i’m counting on u.

  11. i beg the v.c,the registrar and all staff of lasu to consider MY condition by releasing my name.i dont really know if anoda list is coming out but i pray so bcos if yes my name by GODs grace is gonna be there.i am fed up of writing the same 3hour exam every year.

  12. pple jst got 2 knw dat d registration has started and ends on thye 31st of dis month.some 1 shld tel me if anoda list is still comin out.

  13. LASU wat is going on.pls release anoda admission list am loosing my mind,cos my counting on uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.dont let me down

  14. pls LASU i don’t want to waste another one year doin’ nothing!!! kindly do something to make the second list out………xxxxxxxxxxxx pleading

  15. LASU PIS ANOTHER LIST…………………………………………………………………………………………………………TIMOTHY INS 53 . NO28 ON RESULT

  16. can sm one pls tell me wen d next admission offer will b out? more so, will like to knw d requirement for part time studies, especially for direct entry

  17. @Mustapha ganiyu.even if u were to be given an admission,is this the kind of fractured spelling you are gonna offer to the lecturers.the spelling of your sucuide is SUICIDE.

  18. please help me! i need to know when the school is going to release its second list. i’ll be grateful if there’s going to be a second list.

  19. is there going to be another list because i heard that 4rm lasu stundents pls reply me oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

  20. i know i give it my all in last year post ume at lasu, well i have to thank god 4 this medium opportunity say d pain i went through after d post ume was over, well to me it life, i still doubt it, till da kingdom come that i did not shade verywell, i know i will score more than 55 in that exam. thanks to lasu 4 this opportunity to say something atlast, and thanks to mr johnson 4 his advice, people like me love him and will be proud to have him as a father, thanks 4rm ej gamst

  21. please i want to no the cut off for medine in LASU. i score 224 in 2010 jamb and LASU is my second choice.please i want to no may be i will be admitted

  22. I sat for 2009/2010 lasu post ume and i got 52. why on earth will my name not be out? i kn of ppl who got less than 50 and their names are out. O LORD HELP THY CHILDREN. and pls when will lasu write 2010/2010 post ume ?

  23. pls, i scored 203 in the just concluded 2010 ume, i choosed accounting as a course and lasu is my second choice, pls tell me if i will be admitted.

  24. please,when will post ume for 2010/2011 candidates come up.please if u would help with this information,God that i serve will surely made you and i his main target for his glory this year.and what are the requirement. my num is 07039727233.

  25. i choose lasu for my first choice this year last i choose lasu also plssssssssssssssssss let be in flying colour okay

  26. Pls.i want 2 knw watz going on about d POST UME of d 2010/2011. Pls kindly let us knw,cos i’ve stay too looong,so i won’t lyk 2 miss ds Golden opportunity!

  27. pls, i need to know the cut off mark for business administration, the cost of the post ume card and the date of the entrance exam/screening. thanks.

  28. pls, i need to know the cut off mark for business administration, the cost of the post ume card and the date of the entrance exam/screening. thanks.

  29. i need to know the cutoff mark of accounting pls cos we ve been wating at home 4 a long time pls call my 07042183773 if any adjustment

  30. please pray for us we are seeking for knowledge and understanding all the

    L.A.S.U. student pray for us we are not going to lose hope am sure, and I wish all my fellow student best of luck and the ongoing student of Lagos State University up State Lagos up Students.

  31. hi.pls can i still get the form and wher apart from the school cus am right now in abeokuta…..can any one help me out on how to get it and where in abeokuta…you can give a call to 08060006659..thanks

  32. Can I have a clue if the post UME test for Computer science has been conducted. I am worried as my daughter has not gotten any info on when thios would happen

  33. Dis silence is gettin deafenin.pls even if its d cut of let us know our fate.ah ah most schs ave resumed its no longer funny oo.instead of findin a way 2 hasten d admision proces they r busy goin on strike.abeg uve bin quiet 4 2 long.jst say something

  34. to Adeniji students are still doing their their exam.After they finish their, exam they are going to release the sandwich result. To taiwo LASU is not releasing any list again they are already doing their clearance for the new student

  35. I chose lasu as my 2nd uni with the course psychology and score 190 in utme.pls is thier hope 4 me writing thier ume exam talkless of admission.


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