From NaijaloftMtn nigeria.
Mtn nigeria fraud schemes. It has come to our notice that fraudulent text messages purportedly from mtn nigeria are being sent to mtn nigeria subscribers by fraudsters claiming to be mtn nigeria officials asking the mtn nigeria subscribers to call a number or visit a fake mtn nigeria website. In most cases the victims are asked to pay some money or reveal some private details. Winners of mtn nigeria promotions will receive a call from an MTN nigeria staff informing them of their winnings and how to redeem their prize.
A list of winners of mtn nigeria promotions will be published in at least one national daily by mtn nigeria and on mtn nigeria’s website
MTN nigeria will at no time ask you to part with valuable, (cash or recharge card) before you can redeem your prize. For more information. ASK HERE


  1. This is definitely not from mtn nigeria. Mtn nigeria would not use a subdomain and will not ask you to buy recharge cards online before you redeem your prize. This is a ploy to defraud you and get your interswitch details. Be careful

  2. I got a text via 180 saying "Hurray!! You are the WINNER of #i,000,000 in the Idependent day random draw. ur code is …….. visit immediately for confirmation" sender 180. On getting to the site, I was asked to enter my phone No. and the code they indicated in d text. When I alerted my MTN staff friend, she told me to keep off these 419 people. I think MTN should as a matter of urgency send capable hands to data base section or wherever these people stay (to manipulate the progarmmes which makes it real as u get sms from 180 or 803 with MTN background on the internet)and put an end to this problem b4 we drop ur sims and go 4 other outfits. Thanks.

  3. got same text message as above but it was for #1,000,000,000. they keep semding it almost every second disturbing my phone, pls try keep them off me. thanks……

  4. new one on website for meeting new friends. they try to get u to send money on a promise to use the money to meet you. they get your number and contact using your service.

  5. i got a massage on the 3rd of oct 2009 that am a winner of 1,000,000,000,naira independent day random draw and i have a code winningdraw given to me by MTN nigerian.08033926666 how can i get my winning prize pls reply me,

  6. Ron Park The Fraud Master DO Not trust this guy .– All of Southern Arizona Tucson Real Estate Daily 1873 N Kolb Rd Tucson AZ 85719 Ph. – (800) 536-7480 About TRE Daily TRE (Tucson Real Estate) Daily is a fraudulent one-stop Tucson less then quality real estate resources. Ron Park a self proclaimed homo sexual, and member of Tucson REALTORS fraud, is the manager of TRE Daily. Before Ron Park became a real estate agent/lead manager in August 2007, he was a male prostitute selling himself successfully online and on the Tuscon streets for 7 years. After learning the ins-and-outs of sucking dick, he entered into Tucson?s real estate market after a night of longing passion with his male boss to provide oral services that are rarely found, but certainly needed.

    Both Ron and Lisa Park are SCAMMERs Watch out for them.

  7. Why isn’t the EFCC publishing other high public figures that should be implemented in conspiracy to commit fraud? What about the members of the present Senators, Government officials and other’s in the higher political figures within Nigeria? Why aren’t there names mentioned while they concoct conspiracy to steal from the people of Nigeria including Americans with large estates in Nigeria? Why are these individuals allowed to get away with conspiracy to commit fraud, what about extortion?

  8. to Jayson Nakano …. I want to read his article on Ron and Lisa Park … is it possible to pass this onto Jayson? As it appears Fraud and conspiracy to commit fraud is miles away but, affects everyone.

    Please pass this to Jayson and allow him to email me.

  9. I bought a sim card two years ago of which the sim card is with me here in abroad, i use it whenever i comes to nigeria but to my surprise now somebody else is using the same number why?i call the number the person reply accurately?mtn staff should findout why is there two numbers in the same network?

  10. I got a massage from Airtime on 14-jan-2013 telling me that my number have been asign =N=50,000 naira AIRTIME. I should visit {}. For my line to be loaded my winnining pin is d232


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