From Senator Femi Killa of the peoples democratic party has been ramoved from office by a unanimous decision of Nigeria’s supreme court Ilorin division.

Senator Kila was removed as Senator representing Ekiti Central Senatorial District, while Mr. Bode Ola of the Action Congress, AC, was declared the true winner of the Ekiti Central Senatorial election of April 21, 2007, having retrieved back the mandate which was taken two years ago by Femi Killa and the PDP.

The Nigerian Appeal court also revealed that the physical counting of the votes cards revealed that about 19,000 votes possess the same serial number.

The appellant had at the lower tribunal led evidence in which the respondent was alleged to have inflated the votes credited to him by about 19,000 and after a deduction of invalid votes from the initial votes credited to PDP candidate by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has a total of 19,653 votes as against 38,563 credited to the appellant as lawful votes.


The Appeal Court panel of justices was led by Justice Sontoye Denton-West, with Justice Jumai Anat Osagie and Justice Ignatius Agobe as members of the team.
The action congress AC hailed the judgement as a reward for their perseverance.


  1. i cant believe femi kila is a fraud always power drunk ole!ole! ole!God will punish you and you trot in and you daugthers will never have are not fit to be a senator beacause you are devil in human skin.i have waited for this today bc i serve a living God.peace will depart from your household Amen

  2. The panel has done a good job bc it is hard to believe in nigerian politics that governors and senators of a sitting govt could be so removed.Thank God a better Nigeria is at hand.

  3. 2nd annonymous said he can’t belive dat a sittin gov or senator can be removed….u guys all talking rubbish don’t shit about politics…is a planned game by Tinubu..femi kila couageously fought for oni’s seat @ d re-run which has been planned by d AC party to take over d seat,due to their failure in this,Tinubu outsmarted Kila and went ahead 2 pay the 3 judges that was incharge of d case some thousands of dollars and gave each of them lands in maitaima abuja 2 rule the case in their favour…u peole here just seat down and write nothing u know about…how can u people be causing sm1else’s family????this man has been made before he even joined politics then this so called Bode Ola was even sick @ the time of election,he didn’t even win in his own local government not to talk of other local government..this Bode ola went to meet Kila to talk 2 segun Oni on his behalf to be compensated and that he is willing to drop the case,before we knew it Tinubu d evil palnner had his way…u people are here talkng about kila..v u people ever spoken or talked about Tinubu????he has a beautiful palace in d United Kingdom…how did he get this money..dis is why we nigerians never go forward cos we leave matters to be attended to unattended and d ones to ignore,are d ones we make a big deal….I can’t stand nigerians….


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