Launches Campaign To Raise Awareness Among African Football Fans, the new fantasy football site, has launched a funny viral video to raise awareness among African football fans.

The short video has been created to appeal to football fans who love the game and know their stuff. It depicts a football lover so obsessed with the game that he’s even taken to coaching a team of animals. We see the motley collection – from chickens to a tortoise – struggling to live up to the aspiring manager’s expectations. It plays to the inner football manager in all of us, with the simple end-frame: ‘Choose your players carefully’.

The viral is thought to be one of the first to target such a broad African audience and is an exciting step forward for the online marketing industry. It is hoped that bloggers and publishers will be supportive of the content.
The site itself offers three unique fantasy football (soccer) games that are all free-to-play, manager based games focusing on different leagues: My African 11, My Premier 11 and My Champions XI. Game registration is live now at