INI EDO.. The Latest Producer in Town!

ini edo
This has certainly been a year of innovation and growth for Nollywood.

Oprah, the most influential woman on television mentioned Genevieve Nnaji on her show as one of the 20 most popular people in the world, Stephanie Okereke directed and produced a film ‘Through the Glass’, racking in millions at the box office.

Emem Isong’s ‘Guilty Pleasures’ continues to thrill and pull crowds of people to the cinemas to mention a few.

It seems Nollywood is not quite done with surprises… reports just reaching tell us that sexy screen siren, Ini Edo has joined the ranks as the latest producer in town!

She has just co-produced and starred in a film, ‘Memories of my Heart’ which is set to hit our screens soon. caught up with the pretty actress and she confirmed the story. ‘Yes, I have just co-produced a film with my good friend and big sister, Emem Isong.


It stars Ramsey, Desmond Elliot, Uche Jombo, Mona Lisa Chinda, Nse Ikpe-Etim and myself. It’s a romantic comedy and I’m sure people will like it’.

Hmm…very star-studded I see.. so who are the love interests in the movie? Hear her;

‘I think I’ll be giving away the story if I answered that, so I wouldn’t like to say that for now, but what I will say is that it’s a love story and I had a lot of fun shooting it and working with my colleagues both as an actress and as an executive producer’.

So, when should we expect to see this frothy confection of a movie that is already giving me toothache! (it sounds so sweet!)

‘Before the end of the 1st quarter of next year’ she quipped.

Ha! Will it be possible for viewers to wait that long?

She smiles and decides to soothe my restive soul with some lovely location shots…


  1. U guys are really trying. Kudos to you!
    But I have a question 4 u guys. Must u always dress 2 reveal some sensitive parts of the body in your productions? We look forward 2 learning positively from ur films.
    The rebranding, I think should start from individual of us.
    SO SORRY! The truth is often bitter, but God requires that we say the truth.


  2. Its 2 much of dem especially dat ini edo even up to her weding gown she still exposed her body u guys should try 2 change ur dress code its corupting nigerian girls

  3. most nollywood actors are not exposing anything, they are all pretenders. they should take a cue from other foreign actors who make romantic movies look real. ini edo should be left alone.

  4. Ini, looking good is a nice thing as a lady but what we are trying to say is dat u guys should pls 4 d sake of God nd imbibe d fear of God in dat ur movie industries by dressing decently. most girls are going naked on d street all in d name of movie stars.try nd stop exposing ur nakedness

  5. More power 2 ur elbow nolly wood starz,u guys are makin me extra proud.But in d sense of semi nude toto dike should be cautioned plz 2 bring honour and dignity 2 our gr8 nation nigeria.


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