Scholarships In Nigeria: Water And Soil Solution Scholarship

The Scholarship Program
Water and Soil Solution in its social responsibilties is offering scolarship program for the indigent Nigerian students by assisting Nigerian undergraduates and students in higher institution obtain grants from its mother company based in Switzerland
The Scholarship program is divided into two categories which are:

Category A
Open to students in Universities, Polytechnics and colleges of Education in Nigeria with a minimmum requirement of 2 distinctions and 4 credits obtained at not more than 1 sitting for WAEC/GCE/NECO examinations
Category B

Open only to Sophomore(200-level students) of universities only, with a cummulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of not less than 3.00 with additional Qualification of 2 distinctions and 4 credits obtained at not more than one sitting for WAEC/GCE/NECO Examination.
Nature of The Scholarship

Water and Soil Solution will only give grants of between 50, 000 – 70, 000 (naira) to students after verification of students results and oral interview of the selected students to confirm students worthiness of the scholarship. The scholarship grant will be given to students throughout their degree program provided the CGPA is not below 3.00. Students can check national dailies for further enquiries of the scholarship programs.
Students are advised that multiple entries will lead to automatic disqualification of the Scholarship program and as such, one application suffice for the program. Students with forged Certificates or results need not apply as comprehensive verification of results will be carried out.
This Scholarship program is only open ti Nigerians in every Tertiary Institutions; Private, State, and Federal Institutions.

Note: Foreign students are not to apply.
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  1. thanks alot to water n solution,but pls i n ma frnds r having financial problem wit our study,we hav 9 credit witout any distinction,i dont know wether they wil consider us,pls we realy need ur assistance.thanx alot once more.

  2. please the 1st uncomplete application was mistakenly summitted, it shoud be ignored and consider the latter. I shall be grateful vehemently should some us who are finacially handicapped are considered. LONG LIVE WATER AND SOIL SOLUTION SCHOLARSHIP BOARD!

  3. Your pacages seems to be fraudulent, why? after shortlisting of names why are they required to pay a 1000 naira. others scholarship bodies never requested of such beside i think your support is for humaniterian. pls make ammendent to that soonest.

  4. Israel or any other person, pls could u help me with the organisation’s account number the message sent to me containing their account got deleted and my sim got misplaced. Tanx, wud be waitin.

  5. Hello to everyone who got the message.its either u send ur credentials or u pay 1000 for the verification of result.dont always give up so easily.u dont know if u will be a beneficiary of this be wise.

  6. Pls follow nigerians,i recieved d msg of my invitation 2 dis water n soil scholarship. But unfortunately,i formatted my Fone, n dat msg disappeared. Pls can someone help me wit one of de helpline mtn number that came wit de msg. Pls help me,i beg u in d name of God.

  7. GREAT NIGERIA STUDENT !!! d contect of d message goes: send ur ssce result,admission letter & current cgpa status (4tocopies) or pay #1000 2 oceanic bank on or b4 11/08/10 4 verification while oral interview hold on 21/08/10. d question now is: 2 where are we sendin d credential,where is d interview holdin and if we are payin 4 verification,what will be confirmation of payment? until dis questions are answered, i think d text is fake. 4 dos who nid d help line,dis is d number included in d message 08131038282

  8. i dont understand any of these,i think the organisation should reply us there selves,because,we all av to guess on what to do.the organisation should personally address these issue by updating their site and also sending mails and not messages .
    pls they had to write and not us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Helo all.I got the same msg after applyin 5 days ago both with d address 2 send d credentials and probably d venue 4 d oral interview and d bank 4 result verificatn,but unfortunately my fone got stuck,so I had 2 turn it off,bt d msg disappeared wen I power my fone.How do I get d info bak?