2011: Northern leaders give Jonathan go ahead

NORTHERN leaders, yesterday, gave President Goodluck Jonathan the green light to contest the 2011 elections saying that he became the President under a joint ticket with late President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua.
They said that Yar’Adua’s death should not deprive Jonathan the rights and privileges of the joint ticket.
Rising from a one-day summit at the Kaduna International Trade Fair Complex, Kaduna, under the auspices of “Northern Political Summit,” the leaders said that what the North needed now, was good governance irrespective of where the person came from.
Giving a summary of the communiqué towards the end of the summit, one of the conveners, Prof. Jerry Gana said the North desired a free, fair and credible election in 2011 and urged the Independent National Electoral Commission under Professor Attahiru Jega to ensure free and fair polls next year.
Gana said: “The summit expressed the strong desire for free, fair and credible elections in Nigeria and called on the Chairman and commissioners of INEC to do everything within their power to ensure preparation for credible elections in Nigeria come 2011.
“The summit also called on governments of the federation to make adequate resources available to the electoral commission to ensure that free, fair and credible elections are conducted in Nigeria.
“There was a strong desire by the summit for every effort to be made to use good governance to bring development to every sector of the economy in the northern part of Nigeria in terms of infrastructure, education, industries, employment and uplifting the lives of our people.
The summit resolved to hold a northern economic summit next year in order to focus attention on the economic and social conditions of communities in the northern part of Nigeria.
Power sharing and rotation
“The summit considered the various positions, viewpoints and options together with the related implication to the peace and stability of the country. It resolved that the zoning produced the presidency of Alhaji Umaru Yar’Adua and President Goodluck Jonathan was an inseparable ticket, therefore, the demise of one did not invalidate the privileges of the remaining beneficiary of that zoning.
“The summit called on the leadership of the PDP to allow superior provision of the Nigerian constitution to guide the party in producing guidelines and regulations in the conduct of primaries to elect presidential candidate.
In the circumstances, the most viable option is what has been expressed. First, to ensure that indeed, the conduct of the primaries are such that the best candidates are given the opportunity to run for the office of the president.”
Yakowa declares open the summit
Speaking while declaring the summit open, the Kaduna State Governor, Mr. Patrick Ibrahim Yakowa urged delegates not to look at only one parameter “with regards to power sharing and power rotation” in the country.
Yakowa said: “Whatever we would do should be in the context of the Nigerian constitution which is supreme over all other arrangements that would be made or might have been made at some point.
“Many countries of the world are fast reviewing their positions with a view to being first class players in the globalization arrangements where justice, unity, and national integration of our country serve as our roadmap to 2011.”
Former Governor of Plateau State and pioneer National Chairman of the PDP, Chief Solomon Lar said: “As one of the founding fathers of the PDP, I remember clearly the basic considerations of the principle of zoning, and the interim nature of its application.
“Zoning was never meant to be a permanent feature of our democracy. Surely, the day is coming when both our nation and our democracy would become so mature as to make zoning most unnecessary.
“Having tasted the power of civil discussion and dialogue in the resolution of problems, I am a great believer in the wisdom of talking things over, hence my solid support for this summit. This is the beauty of democracy- the freedom of expression.”
Prof. Jerry Gana, apparently referring to the insistence by some northerners that it was the turn of the zone to produce the president in 2011, said, that democracy was about “the primacy of the rule of law, the culture of honour, transparency, and accountability of governments to the people” adding that “coercion is not only costly but rapidly erodes effectiveness.”
He said: “The policy of zoning was adopted by the founding fathers of PDP to resolve the huge crises that followed the annulment of the June 12, 1993 election and it was through leadership gatherings of this nature that the questions of power shift and power rotation were peacefully resolved in 1998/1999.”
Ambassador Shehu Malami said there was nothing like good governance in the North as most of the elected leaders were not developing the area physically. He said: “We need to use our finances judiciously. We need not talk about politics most of the time and not talk of the economic and industrial development of the north and the country at large.”
Source: Vanguard Newspaper – www.vanguardngr.com


  1. Is high time we should be telling ourselves the truth, north has failed and so we should give others chance to demostrate their own ability, may be we will enjoy the country. God bless the northern leaders for taking such a good decision of allowing Jonathan to continue 2011.

  2. I don,t see it as a concept of the South ,East ,West or North.When you say a particular point has failed,you should be conscious of the fact that,Nigeria has never had all North or all South leaders.
    It is people/individuals that failed,not region.
    NB: I am not from the North.

  3. you guys are still sleeping in that foolish country,to HELL with soo call jonathan.The soo call Eastern wanted the power to be in the Gov.from what i could be reading everyday in the news.Jonathan has been the most stupid na d CURPTED PRESIDENT,USELESS AND NASTY SO FAR,so friend you guys should look for another leader,all those soo call leaders in that GADEM COUNTRY SUCKS.POVERTY AROUND THE NATION,BAD ROAD,NO ELECTRICTY.BAD DRINKING WATER,PEOPLE GATTO LIVE WITH SOO CALL PURE WATER IN ORDER TO SURVIVE.DOES THAT MAKE ANY SENSE TO YOU ALL?
    Come out and see what other countries are doing to their citizens and compare them to NIGERIAN” HUG DIFRE..