NECO Results: NECO June/July Result Checking

NECO June/July 2011/2012 results out, click here for details.
NOTE: The NECO Nov/Dec 2010/2011 GCE results have been released.

NECO has released the results of the 2010/2011 SSCE examinations.

To access the NECO result checker and check your NECO result follow the steps below:

1. Go to
2. Select the year you sat for the NECO examinations
3. Select your NECO examination type
4. Enter your NECO registration number and click view results
NOTE: The NECO Nov/Dec 2010/2011 GCE results have been released.
Also do not pay anybody to help you with result checking, so as to avoid being scammed.

NECO June/July 2011/2012 results out, click here for details.


  1. NECO has to post the June/July 2010 Examination Results on the internet before going to the press and telling the whole world about it. Otherwise, how else could you explain a situation where you logged on to check for results, only to be told that “NO RECORD”. I just hope that the usual characteristics MASS FAILURE in NECO is not beginning to plague their website. Please release our results. I sat for the exams in Benue State.

  2. neco why!!! how can you keep millions of nigerians desperata for what they paid for.You are making me to believe that any thing coordinated by nigerians can not be trusted .Altough i made all my papers in waec i still want my fellow students who sat for the same exam i sat and also paid the much i paid to have a complete result.For those hoping to see there result i can say that the result is out verbally or medially but has not been uploaded by neco.MY REGARDS TO SEMPER GUYS …………………….(I WILL LIKE TO TELL SEMPER STUDENTS THAT MY NAME IS NOT ESHIOMOROMO,ESHIOMOLATIDEE,OMOCOSICO,OMODADA OR OMOROMO BUT MY NAME IS NOW CHIDIEBERE)any bad mouth

  3. Haba NECO !!! In this 21th century, you are just giving bad name to the internet. If you are not ready, why do go to the press about the results. for days as a parent I remain restless just to know my son’s results but all in vain. I am deeply DISAPPOINTED.

  4. What neco are doing is just too bad. Initialy this body called NECO is not recognice outside this nation and latter it was . What impresion are they giving out. Are they tellinp us that nigerian student are doll. This is what happen last year look at it repetting it’s self. Was it not the same student that sat for the neco did the same to waec. Are saying someone that passed waec exellently failed neco ? If NECO is not capable of what they should. The body should be scraped.

  5. Neco,pls a lots of Nigerian student are depending on dis result,cos most of them hav gotten admision into unversity,but stil waitin for o’level (neco /Gce/waec)result to back their jamb result..pls in order not kick this young boys/girls out of gettin their admision.pls do ur part by uploading this NECO RESULT before these universities startup admision process…TIME IS NOT THE SIDE OF THESE YOUNG IGERIANS….PLSSss

  6. nothing prig me pain like not seing what i spend my money for.
    why we nigeria are not always doing our thing straight forward? they saind we are 419 and we are developing the faith of 419. how can somebody pay thousand of naira for something and don’t have. to me is like the person throw away the money and another person may say the person should have dash out the money.
    pls those result are very……………….. important to millions of nigeria student.

  7. people av problem with there result, student ar worried abt there result most of d result ar not yet released whenever they check it NO RECORD FOUND is d respond. If i am mr president i would av council neco in nigeria cuz d way they ar doing it now is not gud enough. Plz neco do smtg

  8. I dnt supot d idea of neco being council ds year cos i realy wnt 2 use it 4 my admission ds year BUT neco oh! Neco oh oh!! Neco oh oh oh!!! how many times did i called u? Stop ds ur childish character & upload our results.enough is enough 4 u.i wnt repeat my self again concerning ds ur obstructive bhaviour.if u av ear u can use it

  9. d truh of the matter is that NECO as a body are fools, i said this becos uf i sat for waec and i did make it excellent there, and na neco too bad, this is to show that prof okpala is a he goat. and the body called neco should be cancelled,

    Again in all d result show that GEOGRAPHY was wethield, this is the same subjest that was proesponed to a latter date.

    Now neco has fustrated me. they are knw for setting Nigerian youth backwards

  10. Culd u imagine dt stl yet NECO hav nt uploaded our results in d net.wot typ of inconveniency is dis.does it mean dt neco as a body dnt know how 2 upload results in d net?if they dnt pls they shud be considered sacked due to their wonder they keep failing & drawing us backward every year.Mr presidnt pls we ar on our knees hear us and do sth to dis body called NATIONAL EXAMINATION COUNCIL we plead.

  11. I have tried checking the results of my children as advised, without luck. I think NECO should hasten up to upload the results at the earliest as Universities are already offering admissions to prospective students.

  12. what is happening to neco !!!!!!!!!! first they delayed us before releasing our result and now even as the result was released ,many cannot still find their records on net whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  13. Wait oh! Other stdnts av gotten their results.does it mean dt we ar nt one cn our leaders be playing wt education lik dis.we wl neva folow dea footsteps rada we learn 4rm dea cn i hav an excelnt result on waec & on d side of neco my result woul be rubish.if neco shud prov their part let them release our scripts so dt we can crosscheck & knw how neco are drwing us bkward year 2 year.aren’t nonsense

  14. ive just checked mine but found no results nd i wasnt involved in exam malpractice. is my results still on hold?or the Grade and no comment do meant that my results not released or held?please i need answers. my registration num is 11488368gd nd dated 2010.please neco board should reply to my blank results

  15. fuk u neco but tank God i pass ur exams,fuk u once more u guys suckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk?????????????????????????????????????????????????

  16. neco is a vagabond is a litote, rather they are mesmerizing. Hw can u tell me dat an exam body governing a whole country could be so incompetent in releasing results. Is it dat dey employed quacks 2ruout. Somtin must be done cos dis incidence has left de shores of nigeria and hv given us a heavy blow.

  17. After interupting wt our screpts,they went ahead to play wt our broda i tire oh!.why dnt they consider d cheating dt occurs during MARKING.i strongly know dt they they were instrested on is examination malpractice.i as a citizen do blame them.our leaders care not about our future talkmore of improving the standard of education.the WORST thing they av done is currupting our d educational sector.d only advice i wl give is LET HIM THAT WOULD MOVE THE WORLD FIRST MOVE HIMSELF.again,despite every thing, THE WICKED MUST NOT GO UNPONISH.

  18. but why is neco doing like this,they shuldnt have announced the release of 2010 june/july results wen they know the results are not yet uploaded,they shuld rise 2this challege and provide solution 2where the problem lyes now,condidates are worried.

  19. Pls neco my. Used my neco examination number but it brought out someone else.. Name but same center number wit mine. Whats going on. My phone number is 07033905425. Pls i need help i dont want 2 stay till next year anymore. I did post jamb. Pls

  20. Wot hapens to IMO STATE candidates.neco av nt even release any of their is up 2 a week& now their is no response 4rm them.they prove 2 be wise not knowing dat 2 be wise is not enough but 2 use it well.pls neco we are contented with d grade u gave 2 us is now left 4 u 2 upload dat of IMO STATE bcos “he dt is not contented wit wot he has would not be contented with wot he would lik 2 have”.we plead

  21. Pls,I did my neco Exam but when I went for my result I received confirmation that no record found.pls what is the meaning and what is the solution to reg no(11471628DH).Pls send your feedback 2 my email or my no 07069054222.Thanks

  22. Pls neco master,you’ve release our result since last one&half week but oyo state public school is unable to check the result pls we need your assistance bcos we need the result before 29th of sept 2010 poster:A.K.A kamalideen

  23. Pls neco master,you’ve release our result since last one&half week but oyo state public school is unable to check the result pls we need your assistance bcos we need the result before 29th of sept 2010 poster:A.K.A kamalideenPls neco master,you’ve release our result since last one&half week but oyo state public school is unable to check the result pls we need your assistance bcous we need the result before 29th of sept 2010 poster:A.K.A kamalideen


  25. Neco, pls pls if dis is a joke u better stop it, i want to checked my result, i put d necessary requirements but all did not avail, telling me that record not found and definitely my examination number was correct so i beg of u dis is my future pls release my results for me thanks

  26. Engr. babangida tunde(08166246302,08184358593) and CO or wot ever their silly name may be are thief.could u imagine dt he ask me to give him #10,000 so dt he cn help me 2 access my results.instead of him to tel us dat he is a hungry man,he went ahead to charge people and even asking them how much they hav in their bank account.i neva knew he is such a coward,a treecreeper and an insane animal.i wl advice u pls dnt cl him 4 he has proved wot he is.he fails to plan 4 his future very wel not knowing dat a man who fails to plan is planning 2 fail.if u see hm pls i plead tel hm dat he is nothing but a tipsy type of an agent

  27. Happy Independence NECO OFFICIALS.

  28. Dear posters always submit ur Reg. No. and phone No if u really need a help. How can someone help u to check ur result without ur Reg No and also give u feedback without your Phone No or Email Address.
    Do just that and I am ready to assist u. 08068092831

  29. From experience, I could see that NECO is a dubious and time wasting examination body. If result is seize or witheld or pending, students should forget it in NECO, no other consideration. NECO will never re-release the confiscated results. WAEC will release any results seized after 3months of first release. Woeful results every years without a cogent analysis, impromtu release after 3weeks of making.
    all sorts of error comitted bounced on students without looking back not like WAEC which they need to emulates.
    Am imploying all students to neglet this so-called gyping NECO and read their books to pass the only WAEC to avoid wast of time.

  30. Please neco i don’t understand why you people are using your incompetence to frustrate your candidate.WHAT IS THE MEANING OF “NO RECORD” when i wrote the future is astake please 12396961IB


  32. wrong spelling and placement of names.

    My name is Surname: OKPARA
    Other names: Emmanuel Chukwuemeka

    But was wrongly spelt and also misplaced as Emmanu Okpara Chukwuemeka.

    Kindly correct it as OKARAR, EMMANUEL CHUKWUEMEKA

  33. wrong spelling and placement of names.

    My name is Surname: OKPARA
    Other names: Emmanuel Chukwuemeka

    But was wrongly spelt and also misplaced as Emmanu Okpara Chukwuemeka.

    Kindly correct it as OKPARA, EMMANUEL CHUKWUEMEKA

  34. Fuck neco… bloody scammers…Thieves baga.. una papa…… una no go die better… see them ooo dem fail me tire ….. only 1 credit na wa .. i never see this kind thing … just got admission to university .. but no ssce result what a fuck…. wont be admitted… FUCK NECO ….. FUCK WAEC

  35. Neco is worst examination board i ve ever seen,failing we indigene or is neco done in other country.i wil urge the minster of education 2 ban neco from operating in nigeria.neco is just wasting of kudi,as 4 me waec is the best in west africa.

  36. please neco,you people should try and post our result on the net for us;so that we can see it and know where we are heading to .we the students that wrote this exams we are anxieously waiting to see our result please neco release it for us .

  37. Quickly retrieve your NECO or WAEC results for your Admission processing or if u still need it by CALLING Mr. OGUNLEYE ON +2348184358593 . TESTED AND TRUSTED….if not prove otherwise.
    You Too will give Testimonies like others!!

  38. i dont no what to say my result is mark cancelled and absent that is how God wanted it my jamb result is mark no record found as a good muslim u must belever in good time and bad time i am having the bad time this year,my prayer is may God help us deliever this country nigeria amam.

  39. my name is obiefule chinazor vincent and this is my naco I checked my naco june-july 2010 result,wat i saw was’ Record not Found’the suitation is jst faustrating…i need the result for clearance.

  40. My name is Ibileye Adesola A. I sat for the june/july neco examination in Ondo State. Getting to the cybercafe to check my result,the information displayed was “NO RESULT FOUND”please help me out.
    Reg No:12390913IJ

  41. pls neco i beg in d name of jesus christ release my neco result pls do nt faustrate me. hv bn offered admision nd i need my neco result 4 clearance. my neco result is still showng NO RECORD FOUND pls do nt faustrate me. my reg num: 12232806HH

  42. pls neco do nt faustrate us ur candidate. so many of us hs bn offered admission into various schools bt it our neco result dt hs bn delaylng us. pls i registered 4 neco alone nd i need my result 4 my admission. i went 2 net nd i saw NO RECORD FOUND. pls kindly release my result my reg num is: 12232806HH i took my exam in imo state. thanks

  43. i knw hw many times hv seeked fr admission now dt hv bn offered admision my neco result now wnts to faustrate me.pls i registered fr neco alone pls kindly release my result am very much in need of it. pls i dnt wnt to loose my admission nd spend anoda year again at home pls i beg in d name of jesus christ. My reg num: 12232806HH

  44. pls neco do nt punish me 4 d debt imo government is owing.pls am innocent i need my result 4 admission dt is y i registered 4 neco 2010 pls u people r faustrating me GOD knws i dnt deserve dis bc i cleared all my debt during my neco registeration pls do nt allow me to commit suicide bc of dis RECORD NOT FOUND i always see in my result. i need dis result 4 my admission pls help me release it so dt i can make use of it. my name: Nduka popelyn; my reg numbr: 12232806HH

  45. Na neco nawa 4 u guys.wetin b una prob sf.ebi lik sei una wan studnts fal 4 river b4 una release our result sef.we wrt our exam nd we expct our result nt “NO RESULT FOUND”.my reg no s 12132253gg.abeg mk una release am b4 i die.

  46. Na thunda na im go fire ona 4 dis bad result wen ona give me. Una children go write Neco ten times no go get not even 1 E8. If nt 4 waec only God no d story wen ona 4 hear. All remains d same send my regards 2 d DEVIL. Fuck u all.

  47. what happen 2neco and waec exams is nt only limited 2 students-parents bt neends 2 be trace down 2 our govt. In d sense dt, poor attentn was paid 2 Teachers and Lecturers i.e EDUCATONIST, d Nation Builders whose nig future lye on them unlike oda sectors. A’m nt sayn oda sectors re nt mindful bt Equity shuld prevail in terms of WELFARISM. I mean EDUCATIONIST shuld b encouraged in all means of living 2deliver their best in them, emphases shuld nt b only on illequiped of d teachers and Lecturers for poor output as Educators @ all levels of Education. Nig shal b grate ! ! !

  48. nigeria was grate, is grate and is going 2 b grate only if our leaders dt made use of Awos free education could equally embark upon d weapons dt could encourage d youths 2 learn under good atmospheric condition as they too enjoy it in those days, then things shall b all right nt only on Eduction bt all round. . . .

  49. Imo government pls bc of GOD pay d debt neco said dat u r owing.pls GOD wl bless u d more if u do dat. pls hv mercy on us ur children. we realy need dis result 4 admission.pls neco i beg u release my result, my reg num is :12232806HH, my center num:012362, pls help,,,, i need dis result 4 my admission.pls u people shuld hv mercy bc of GOD

  50. Anyanwu chidera Please my elders who are working in neco office please help me i need my examination result which i paid for thanks and God bless yours sincerely Anyanwu Chidera 12489655ab

    Neco please have mercy for Imostate children and release thier result

  51. Dear Sir/Madam,

    My name is Adekoya Damilola A. i sat for June/July 2010 Neco Waec at Epetedo Snr. High School, Lagos Island.
    I was suprised when i check my result and found out that the name on the website against my Exam number is IGWE ONYEKA MAYWELL, i will be greatful if you can assist me in correcting the error for i urgently need my result to process my admission.

    Thank you and God bless.


  52. my gud friends of 9ja take things easy with ur selfs about dis neco of a thing..well as usuall i ve come with a gud news 4 dose of dat have gprs enabled phones, it is a great preasure 4 to anounce d latest mtn free browsing code….just holla me un 07065079688 lets discuss on u gona get urs u can also find me on fcbk with [email protected]….ONE LOVE

  53. Pls neco wat is rong?Can u guys tel me d reason y u stil chose 2 kep my result?I ned it pls i ve ben given admission,bt ur so cald neco result is jt my prob nt 2 complet my registration.Du u guys stil want money uhme?My details ar as folows. Name:collins onyeka sylvester. School:gdss nasarawa. Reg no:11483275bg.I ned a positive reply pls.

  54. For no just cost, our men in Government decided to draw us backward. Their children schooling in overseas will neva make it. Our Governor(OHAKIM) would neva listen to us. How sure is he to win the next election when he is betraying the hope of students. To be wise is definitely not enough but to use it well.

  55. As scouting around for quite a while for finding a high-quality view relating to this idea . Looking around in Yahoo I finally stumbled on this site. After reading these details I’m seriously happy to imply that I get a great sense I stumbled onto precisely what I wanted. I’ll ensure to remember this website and look it over on a constant basis.

  56. please i can’t even understand the reason why ny neco result is not displaying but the question now goes- have i offend neco examiners or management for not releasing my result. my registration number is 11644954ei. if any body can help me please do my admission is at stake please i need any bodies help

  57. My name is oke folorunsho foley.I sat for june/july 2010 neco waec at EPETEDO SNR-HIGH SCHOOL,LAGOS ISLAND.It was a suprised to when i check my result and found out that the name of the website against my name is SEMA OBADIYA, BABATUNDE.I will greatful if can assist me in correcting the error for,please i plead with the name of God i urgently need my result to my process my admission,i am in ND1 going to ND2 pls god will also help you.THKS AND GOD BLESS,OKE FOLORUNSHO,FOLEY.

  58. I dnt knw we nigerians dnt tak tins serious wen sombody wants to help we take it 4 granted, i said call me if u need d code, am sori am nt repling any txt..Note dat ur fone must be a symbian {s60}. B4 u cal me

  59. please i want the site to check my neco 2010 reult because i have checked the site on the scratch card and they were telling me 2010 result is not out. please any person who knows the site should please inform me.

  60. Pls NECO in the name of God and his son Jesus Christ i need my result i have got admission in a university but i need my result. Pls Can you send it to my email box. My exam number:- 11599546DF Thanks and God bless.

  61. Dear Sir, Ma,
    I Sanyaolu Kehinde Fela, sat for the Jun/Jul Neco exam 2010 at Onibure Comprehensive High School Agege. My exam no was 11398191GB and the center no was 020502. But when i checked the result at the web site, my Last name was mistaken for my other name. The real name should be Last Name: SANYAOLU and Other Names: Kehinde Fela. I would be very greatful if this can be corrected on time because of future reference. Thanks in anticipation.
    Yours Faithfully
    Sanyaolu Kehinde Fela

  62. Dear Sir, Ma,
    I Sanyaolu Kehinde Fela, sat for the Jun/Jul Neco exam 2010 at Onibure Comprehensive High School Agege. My exam no was 11398191GB and the center no was 020502. But when i checked the result at the web site, my Last name was mistaken for my other name. The real name should be Last Name: SANYAOLU and Other Names: Kehinde Fela. I would be very greatful if this can be corrected on time because of future reference. Thanks in anticipation.
    Yours Faithfully
    Sanyaolu Kehinde Fela

    Read more:
    Source: Information Nigeria

  63. why is all these happening! Waec was better,but neco a bone in+the neck.
    I pray that God should help those that really need this result for there education , those who believe with+me should+do two+dayz fasting+6am to 2pm for three dayz ”that God should help us touch these Neco officials for them to work on our future and not+play with them bcoz some have sat for this more than twice” still no show …am scared of all these .
    If really there are doing all these intentionally for people to keep on registering neco every year and give them money” it shall never work well with them,they shall gather richies and God send down Devourer upon them!
    Goodbye all.

  64. NECO, I hereby solicit for your help and i use the Name of the Most High God to beg u to Please release my NECO RESULT, I checked it it showing NO RECORD. Please this is my life, i releay need it especially (ENG).

  65. NECO, I hereby solicit for your help and i use the Name of the Most High God to beg u to Please release my NECO RESULT, I checked it it showing NO RECORD. Please this is my life, i releay need it especially (ENG). My Reg No is 15054676EF, thanks and God bless

  66. i am a science student and sat for my neco exams in olive royal academy erijiyan ekiti state, 2010.what is bothering most is dat commercial and art student of dat center have seen there result but u refuse to release sc std result why.pls neco kindly release my result bc i need it urgently.

  67. why is NECO silent about this.i sat for all papers read, burnt d nite candle jst to mak flying colours wit my result nw i check my result its saying no record found..please answer us!!!! tell us what to do to check our result.give us the site u kept our result even if it means buying scratched cards to check…just give us answers……am getting pissed off right now….

  68. hmmm i think it is a rumor that the reult is out cause i jst called my friend who works at vic biz cyber cafe to confirm if anyone have checked his/her result, to my notice i heard that everyone that checked always get this reply after clicking submit ”NO RECORD FOUND”

    NECO ?????

  69. pls realse d result 4 neco/gce i ugently need it 4 my clearance into d university pls i’m on my knee….nd a big shout to neco staff u guy re try ur possible best to restore d deginity lost many yrs back thank u all nd remain blessed

  70. Pls sir/madam i wrote nov/dec 2010/2011 with reg/no 15064152DI,I heard that result i out and i checked my but what i saw was (no record)please i need this result for my clearance,i hereby pleading for neco to help me sort things, because i need that result badly,please i need a reply urgently before i get mad.thanks

  71. our believe in neco have been decieving us coz we assumed that you want to save us from the burden of waec. why then do turn your self to be money making machine. what do you mean by no record found after the money and the energy used? does that mean that the above things mentioned was in vain?

  72. Pls neco release my neco/gce result.i need it 4 my clearance in d university,pls neco help me,my generation wil hate if i miss chance of giving them a good life when they come.i am a medical lab scientist to be in reg no is 15114465DB.pls help me.thanks

  73. Guys i just heard dat d neco nov/dec 2010 gce is out but d uploadn on net is still on, so pls i’ll solicit 4 all of our patience. Lets jxt be prayn 4 those on d job, so dat dey will upload d ryt thing. May GOD grant us all resounding successs. AMEN!

  74. neco officials pls 4 GOD sakes make una inform ur marker’s not 2 giv their children d answer sheet of d student inorder 4 dem not 2 make mistake in marking and make dem biko open their eyes well_well bcos pple wey write necogce 2010/2011 say infact dey done tire 4 writin exams.abeg….oo make una pls


  76. D uploading has just be completed.It only remains 4 prof. Okpala 2 gives his speech out concerning d % of students dat passes or fails d exam & d immediate checking of d results.I think 2 my own view d result is more better dan dat of last year & ok.In case of contact 08064292539,pls nos flash non disturbing.Tks

  77. Shekarau yasa an rike jarabawar kanawa ne saboda ba’aciba amma ya bada kudi ne da agyara kuma an gyara. Domin nasami credit 7 da fast a hausa da agric na ci {}ni alhamdu lillah amma 2011 sai buhari.{08036073673} 4 more informatiom

  78. NECO should pls do the needful. Guys and Gals are staying at home and expecting these results, they need your help pls. Why would they announce the release when nothing was uploaded, knowing fully well that guys will hit the cybercafe hard to download………They better sit up.

  79. What’s wrong with you guys complaining that up to 2day u hve nt seen ur results. while i actually seen mine since & dis was d outcome eh: math c6 phy b3 chem c6 islamic c6 & passes in others. Retry urs now! Aha………..aha…………aha! That’s 2009/2010 i’m still waiting 4 dat u hav been waiting 4!.

  80. Well! The nigerians were complaining about how poor ur candidate result is, 4 d past 2years now u’ve been doing rubish thinking dat nobody can challenge u, well! The lord we 4give u. Now, when will neco gce result 4 2010/2011 comes out? thanks.

  81. Mr neco,what is really wrong with neco as a body?why are people failing neco exam?plz u guyz should recheck and readjust ur marking scheme.neco lack professionalism in its operation.release d 2010/2011 neco gce result on tym 4 God’s sake.

  82. I sat for the June/July NECO exam in 2000, my result needs to be verified online now and i bought the scratch card but all attempt proved abortive.pls i need u to do something as d country verifying the result does not believe in NECO and it takes intervention of people to get them convinced. Thanks

  83. I’m Adediran Oyinade, i sat for the June/July NECO exam in year 2000, my result needs to be verified now by another country but all attempt proved abortive. Pls i want you to do something as the country involved doesn’t believed in NECO and it takes the intervention of people to get them convinced. Thanks

  84. I don,t believe that, this result is correct.Something is wrong somewhere,is either there is a mistake or the examination body does not have the right requisite to condult national examination.How can an examination body gladly announced to the world that 98 % of candidate sat for examination condulted by it failed.
    The message they are gladly sending to the world is that NOTHING GOOD IS LEFT OF OUR EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM.That the educational system has collapsed beyond redemption.
    What this means is, the politician will steal now drain our treasurely to train their children in another country.IT IS UNFORTUNATE.


  86. my brother wrote neco with me at christ the good shepherd academy of sciences dekina. neco didn’t release my brother own neco result. whenever he check it. it will say no record found. his reg. number is 11557965bj. pls help, he don’t know his faith. we beg u with the almighty God to help release his result thank u 4 ur understanding God bless u.

  87. NECO wetin be the problem, why can’t you guyz just pretend and release peoples results. Repent, this is peoples money going just like that.

    Shall we continue writing one exam till the end of the world?

    My name is Uchenna Samuel Agwu “USA”
    Reg: 15019193IF

  88. please!!!! neco i really beg you in the name of the lord release the result but if you refuse. My God will surely intervene, and i have that assurance that i cannot fail this gce exam because i know that, if it is 2%, i will be among them. Neco just release it on time to make my laugh grow louder.
    Whenever i check my result it will show no record found i know is just for a little time i know you will surely release it no matter the circumstance.
    but i beg release it on time

  89. neco gce result wil be out by second or first week of march,guys cool down,if u loose ur admission u can get another, don’t rush ur life,any dat happens has a reason..i prefer my o’level to my admission right now cos it is once in a life admission in UNN can wait cos i kwn am coming nw or later.

  90. come, neco, let me tell that you all misbehaving, after long time of waiting see the kind of result you gave to me, if you confident bring the answers script for us to view it and your, just imagine i did not seat for YORUBA EXAMS BUT I SAW A RESULT, how did it happen, that is to show how disorganised NECO is. So better be reasonable for once, just explain how that yoruba result came about, whose script did neco use. so please try and be organised.

  91. We are/d first set to had written NECO at d GDSS Okekere Ilorin in d year 2000, & our result frm d neco was mistakenly carried another school’s name ‘Okelele’ instead of Okekere, & up till now none of us hav yet 2 see back d result since it was presented back 2d neco 4 proper amendment frm our school.. Pls Neco we ‘r now a graduate earnestly seekin 4 our o.level result as d ordinary statement can not stands valid at all…

  92. Fraustration,tension & agony is all around everyone of us because of dis neco gce result,we can’t prepare 4 our u.t.m.e jamb as a result of fraustration & tension given 2 every1 of us 4rm neco.pls prof okpalla result our results on time b4 cat runs out of basket.luv u tin is sure dat 1 day d table is going 2 be turn around & d young coming ones will surely be d leaders of 2morrow.Neco officers pls fear God b/c 1 day every1 is going 2 die,what re dey going 2 say about u & i.Wot u sown u shall [email protected]

  93. NECO has gone into slumber…….Please help me wake them up before the University draws its admission curtain for 2010/2011. If this assignment is too big for NECO, government should immediately float a new body to carry on, why on earth will the future of the country be at the mercy of one GO-SLOW-Organisation? I dey wait ooo!


  95. guys abeg chill d result wil soon b out cos av been 2 d neco office jst bcos of dis same result n was told dat dev jst finish markin it last month n it wil take an xtra month b 4 it wl b,stop wastin tym n resources,sure by d end of dis month evry 1 wil get his result.

  96. u people are doing a great job cos is not easy to follow that process.but the result should have been out what should we do cos i check mind,and it display to me that no record found,i hope that the result will be out.cos i saw the number of student who fail the exams it was very bad.but we pray to God to help us in what we do.thanks .

  97. Neco officials, why all this? you are not doing great at all cos, waec released their result 2 month after the exam. why you Neco can not do that. is over 3month now. please, try to find solution to it before people will to burn down your office

  98. you guys i believe your neco will be good, you guys have try to endure it. i pray too it will be good. keep it up, don’t allow devil to confuse you , be strong in lord and in your world so that it will not affect you comment thanks i love you all.

  99. Neco, kindly release the result. Many candidates have gotten admission and waiting to be screened with the result. hatever the result is, kindly release to give your clients peace of mind. Screening would soon be over and students may have to wait another year. Your good work is noted please kindly do the needful

  100. NECO, the vampire slayer, kudos; you have wasted our confidence in you and u don’t even seems to apologize or even send a comfort message through your unvalidated website, sorry but i want to tell u that a backlash in on the way soon……….

  101. NECO, you make us loss our admissions in to various institutions, instead of you to encourage people through ur website or media, u went ahead with ur silence that is outrageous. nobody is inspiring for ur exams any way let it be free nobody will register it again and if anyone dares, is for his own doom.

  102. Neco is an examination body who are well known for setting questions that met international standards.but now reverse is the case.pls i want you people 2 help our citizens who ar about 2 be thrown out of their various institutions because of o level results (08037617392)

  103. A lot of hope are been reposed in neco and they seem not to be living to expectation.if Waec can release their. Result promptly without much hassles,why can’t neco do better?this clearly shows inefficiency and lack of much as I would love to believe that the problem might be software related,I still believe it should have been sorted out or a statement issued to allay the fears of people.pls neco don’t tarnish your something.tnx

  104. NECO, you people fail to appreciate the ordeal of our peasant parents who suffer tirelessly clearing the forest, tilling the soil, felling trees and quarring stones under the scorching heat of tropical sun just to make sure that their children enroll for your exams. These same parents subject themselves to the mercylessness of chronic starvation and insolence of credictors in the quest to better the lot of their progeny. Yet you thwart their efforts by seizing the results. Look, God/Allah will not feel pity in melting out punishment on you when he hears the cries of our poor parents. In fact his hands will be in a haste to do so because he will measure for you with the cup you use in measuring for others. All of us are sinners yet he continue to accomodate us. Why won’t you temper justice with mercy? Publish those results you cancelled and SAVE OUR SOULS


  106. necogce or whatever you call your name, you are not doing this today, u’re doing it a long time (by changing all result around, is unfair), my result is all F9, and i reject it in the name of Jesus, you better do something about it before it late, my reg num is: 15121042II, and i will come on next week thursday to my result again…….thks.. alot.

  107. God will punish all of u i read,i had sleepless nights and u failed me 2ce dat result is nt mine.u failed me on purpose.15114873gi.centre020225.fuck u,u sold my result 2ce.god will punish u ur matta where u take dem 2 dey will nt c eva partook in my failure d wrath of God will come upon u.u dont no wat uve done 2 me.fuck u all i hate NIGERIA!!!!!!!!!!

  108. necogce or whatever you call your name, by changing someone result in every year. besides, have check my result and that is not my result, you better do something about it before it too late or else you regret ti for life….. my reg num 15121042II. i come and check my result on next week good day….

  109. NECO. please remember you children, why did you like falling student you did not even have pity on student at all you want them to be enrolling for your exam every year. pray that the judgment of God will come down upon you. immediately

  110. Neco why must u be unfair?, bcos i can’t see d reason why an inteligient person after taking ur exam being sure of what he wrote, wil be cleared F9 in his result why.What is really d case or do u usually sell d result?pl reply via my email.

  111. stupit neco.GOD wil punish u 4 dis stupit result of urs,y nt cancil all in stead of failing above 80percent.D wrath of GOD wil cum upon u all til wen u repent 4 gud.U r a disgrace 2 nigeria nd I HATE U.Useless pple who neva av simpathy on others.wawa yeye idiot neco.

  112. If men were God guess it wuld v been worse than dis.if evry1 kip on cryin and sendin u neco mesgs in pains and u dont giv us wat we knew we wrote then u r doomd in d hands of God,it could affect ur children in future dis word cald failure.plz i beg i Jesus name help mi,i nid to b in skool dis year but u wont registration number is 15034119CE. God is not asleep remember he wil c us thru.d earlier u release our real result d beta for u all neco officials,bfor d wrath of God start befalling u and ur entire family esp ur kids.gudday!

  113. my people can u imagine dis:neco released my 2009 and i made my result..i got admission to read medicine in uniben,,i went to do result verification and to my ultmost dismay,i found a canceld result..okpala,god il punish all ur generation no matter how highly placed u think u are..dream killer

  114. Neco u ar source of wasteful 2 dis country, bt my prayer is dat it won’t b wel wit u. D fact i knw is dat ur children ar nw in school our age mate bt i tin is dat weneva dey finish dey sha nt secure job to take of u dia parent as u dn’t give us d less privellege 2 gaim admission.

  115. Pls management i beg u in the name of d lord to upload my real bcos nothing on this earth wil ever mak me beliv dat wat i jst saw is my hardly earned result, pls our admission is almost comming to an end pls i plead that solution should be followed immediately my reg no 15064152DI

  116. Pls management i beg u in the name of d lord to upload my real result, bcos nothing on this earth wil ever mak me beliv dat wat i jst saw is my hardly earned result, pls our admission is almost comming to an end pls i plead that solution should be followed immediately my reg no 15064152DI

  117. neco plz am humbly begin u 2 plz release my result. Wen i saw dat result it made me sick 4 days 2 d extent dat i was hospitalised.plz have mercy on us so dat GOd wil olso hve mercy on u. Tenks in advance my reg no is 15076090BH

  118. Dis is the 4th time i am writing dis exam.where is my result?who did u sell my result to?.neco u people wat 2 see my downfall isn’t it by the special grace of God u ‘ll not see it.when ojerinde was in neco it was’nt like dis but wen dis evil,selfish nd greedy man called okpala came i dnt knw if he has being cursed he want 2 ruin fellow nigerian youths boycot neco 4 gud if only u want 2 become mother nd father christmas to them

  119. D end of neco is coming soon and it is never going 2 rise up again.if u re confused and u don’t know wot 2 do again concerning dis exam u can contact me on dis nos 08064292539 and i will give u a good advice and i knew dat by God grace u re going 2 felt happy.winner never quite.9t call is welcome.

  120. its really sad for neco results not to have been published by now and neco authorities or officials have not deemed it fit to announce a press conference to explain their position.i have checked my result several times and it keeps telling me no records found.if WAEC can publish its gce result 2mnths after their exams,i think they should kindly share their expertise with neco to help them enhance their service exam number is this 15196489EP.PLSS KINDLY FIND A SOLUTION TO THESE COMPLAINTS.THANK YOU.

  121. I just want to comment you guy the good work that has been going on,i know it’s not easy,but even at that you guys should try as much as possible to keep doing your best for nigerian student.RELEASE THE NOV/DEC NECO GCE RESULT PLS.

  122. U guyz should cool down,no more cursing neco becus God is busy working on Nigeria & i surely know that neco will also receive d touch of transformation.don’t quit,your dreams will actualize.GOD BLESS NIGERIA,GOD BLESS NECO. justice in our results.join me in dis canpaign,my no is 07066241902.ALL WILL BE WELL.

  123. neco pls dont do this to me i beg of u am tired of writing and repeating exams like neco, i studied with all diligent all nite and now neco u has the mandate to try to be my obstacle.i jump over by the power of the spirit of God.i wrote nine papers but u people gave me 3c with all magnificent f 9 why please return my result in peace

  124. Neco I am appealing to you all, this year Neco examination make four time i had been registered, I am ur regular customer, My 2009 result was held utill this movement again 2010 was the worst result. my age continue increase released my 2009 result GCE Nov/Dec Examination Centre: 85146977DD.
    Pls i shall very grateful to here from u as soon as possible.

  125. pls neco am tired of sittin down at home,pls hv bin checkin my nov dec 2010/2011 results it has bin given me no result found pls release d result on tym…… my reg number is 15247958gf in capital letter

  126. neco officials, u dismiss d fake neco result bcos of wat d youth are saying. Dt is very good of you.Bt politely , i’m pleading dt d next result of nov/dec 2010/2011 yet to b released shld b d real one or else u will never progress in this country anymore bcos we youth are ready to boycott ur board since u are not d only board writing exam in this country. Did u realised dt age is against us, d development of this great nation start frm this stage.pls av a rethink on this issue.My reg no;15040672gf.centre no; 02005. serial no;220.GOD BLESS NIGERIA: GOD BLESS NECO: GOD BLESS EVERYBODY. Thnks.

  127. my brothers n sisters, am not disputing the fact that you don’t deserve anything more than you aspect, but just saying, we should not abuse our own exams body, that help so many million Nigerians to be some where today. if the result didn’t favor you just try harder, re-register, focus, u will make it. i have made my papers after 3 seatings, i feel exactly the way you feel,but i never gave up. just know that, their may have been an unavoidable error somewhere, thats why your result is like that. am Mark still schooling to make my tomorrow better (07031176489)

  128. Please sir,my name is Asamaigor Emmanuel, i am a student of institute of continuing EducIation (I.C.E) Asaba.Delta state.i sat for Neco June/July 2010 Exam. When the result came out, i couldn’t find my result it keep on saying NO RECORD. My stepmother keep on telling my father that i did’t wrote the exam, she said i ate the money that was given to me for Neco exam.i was crying that. Sir you save me from dis disgrace by uploading my result for me. REG NO:11427682FE .centre no: 009212.THANK YOU SIR.

  129. Hahaha! So its true 98 percent were failed by neco.i know i didn’t fail but i was failed by the wicked body called neco. Neco failed all the candidate so they can have more candidates this year.i curse you NECO ,I CURse the day i registered for the Exam and i curse you neco chairman.if this failure of mine was done delibrately by you God will punish your children and their generation. Bt if its mine let me bear it.MAY GOD HEAR THE CRY OF MY FELLOW NECO VICTIMS.ISHA ALLAH

  130. All d neco officials are very very stopid…luk at d way dey fail billions of people…just 4money..dey want them 2 reg in d nxt exam….oo nija…do not register ur name in neco again bcz dey are big cheaters…..may god punish ol neco officiials no 08096385096

  131. Well, pepple have made d same coment but i dont knw ur response. Just imagine wastin of time, energy 2 do d exam yet, u can nt able 2 give full details. Then wat is d meaning of no record, is it realy mean dat they did nt sit 4 d exam?

  132. My exams year is June/July 2010,
    In my school were i wrote the Exams: {Center name- GOVERNMENT SECONDARY SCHOOL ,WUNTI HADEJIA, Center number-013015, Exam number-12445319CC} the Examination Officer have already sent my complain to your office, that my name should be corrected from MUHAMMAD ABUBAKAR to MOHAMMED ABUBAKAR SADIQ as it is on my Birth Certificates and other documents, but up-til now it was not effected. Please i want to use my result now to get Admission into Higher Education. I will be very grateful if you will effect these changes on time for me please! Thanks

  133. Neco please release this for bcos many student are in need of this result, almost every institution that we want to use the result for closing their admission for this year by next week. Please for God’s sake release this result to let us know our fate. am begging you people. Oyin i really need this result but is like you people dont bother about the success of others, please and please release it for us by next week. Thanksssssssssssssssssssssssssss.

  134. This is the fourth time I have writing NECO examination, I know for sure that I don’t fail but they do fail me……….I am also expecting this Jun/Jul Result, I pray it is just Gonna be fine and to all NECO staff, I know God will surely Judge you all……………FOOLS

  135. Nigeria exams has now become a thing that the officials in-charge will just be playing with the future of willing Nigerians. They will only be happy and joyful when they release mass failure results. Is it that they want people to buy massively their forms every year so that they can make massive money?

  136. Buy your neco scratch card at the rate of N500.00 (Five Hundred Naira only) at the neco office or any Cyber Cafe near you and check your result online, the site is so fast, print your result at the cyber cafe. YOU CAN ALSO USE UR PHONE TO CHECK THE RESULT ONLY without PRINTING


  138. I thank God for fulfilling His promises in my life, according to the book of Romans, it says ‘I will have mercy upon whom I will have mercy’ despite all these situations, yet God singled me out for success, when others are regreting, I am rejoicing, who I am? But favoured me, all glory be unto your name. Let me offer a song’ On to the Lord be thy glory great things He hath done 2x To rejoice with me, call this numbers 07032760729 or 08137731993

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  140. Too many thief coming up in naija this days, may God help us, cuz poverty and hunger is makin situation so bad in naija. This r clear indication of both a failed society and a fail nation wit myopic tinkin pple that failure will come after as karma will always find it way around.

  141. thanks to mr frank he just help me check and upgrade my neco result and it was excellent…my fellow neco student you can call mr frank to help you check and upgrade your neco result,his number is 08116818801

  142. Thanks to mr victor i just check and upgrade my neco result with the help of Mr victor and all my papers was excellent my fellow neco student if you want to check and upgrade you can contact him with this number 08077843432

  143. Wow is uneliveabl to me because i never believe in it, I got Mr JAMES number on net about waec GCE upgrad someone commented on how Mr Festus upgraded his result for him and i was having problems with my result so i call Mr Festus and he told me not to worry that he will help me to upgrade my result which he did for me and now my result are all well ok any body who need Mr Festus help should call his number 07058634574.

  144. Hello Everyone
    I am very happy today because i was able to upgrade my result through this man called Mr Tude who works in the WAEC GCE office . This man is very kind and nice he helped me to upgrade some of my result that i failed so if any of you need this kind of help please contact him through his person phone number 07056450797