9ice says – I will never marry again

“Toni and I are separated and a divorce is already in the pipeline. We can never come together again. If people are being fed by wrong sources about the possibility of reconciling, they are hearing from me now that it is not possible. We can’t come back.” 9ice said in a recent interview.
He went further to reveal that he will never get married again, though he plans to have two or three more children. He already has one son, Zion, with his ex, Toni Payne.


  1. Not all that glitters is gold.Most young marriages that collaps would have been saved if the couple had applied divine wisdom with mutual understanding,constantly applying God”s word in their daily deslings.

  2. Play your music dey go, every other thing na secondary. Just stay close to your God and use the talent He has given you to bless the people around you and seek His wisdom always.

  3. marriage is like a building which must have a solid foundation if it will last. Christ is the Solid Rock, any marriage originated and founded on Christ and not contracted based on wealth, education, beauty, tribalism, compulsion, materialism etc, will surely stand marital test and storms however fierce. With Christ, it is still possible to erect a collapsed marriage just as a collapsed building can be erected to a stronger and better shape. Ponder on this pls.

  4. Marriage no b moi-moi.My guy,settle down & tink abt ur statement.Dia ar stil 1000 & 1 9ce girls out dia.Tek ur tym 2pray 4 God’s direction

  5. Nice listen. You don’t have to just judge by your present situation. God still cares about you. Don’t decide for your self, just let God decide for you. Things can still be rebuilt and erected. We still love you. Wala

  6. Well 9ice,my sincere advice for you is that you should try to forgive her no matter what she has done,or there is no forgiveness in your dictionary or religion? infact what is her offense that cannot be forgiven ? haba mana,
    plsss just try to forgive her.

  7. M\y Man i believe life is up and down and i believe marriage is a day journey it last for ever by Gods favor. And every disappointment is a blessing. just focus and look on to upcoming blessing.

  8. For better for worse, what God has join together let no man put assunder.

    Remember, you will give account to your creator oneday.

    Young man, be a good example to those who are coming behind you.

  9. Marriage is one ride you never get out of UNTIL YOU DIE.
    I agree totally with Mr. Joe, a lot of youngsters are comming behind you and they are watching your every move.
    Pls reconcile with her. submit your marriage to Jesus Christ and He will direct your path.
    Jesus loves us all and He wants the best for us.

  10. 9ice,man just calm down.life is full of ups n down,marriage is not an exception..if toni is still willing 2be ur wife,den i urge u 2forgive her pls..Am a musician too and my job will hit shelves soon,so odas like me luk up 2stars like u as role model..Dnt teach us d wrong step o.

  11. 9ice man, it could be better if u can sit back and think deeply b4 u make the final decision. Money is not everything and having childen out side wedlock is’nt the best way. Think of those children’s feelings too without their parents being 2geda. U’re one of d musical artiste i admire most but 4 dis action….. think twice

  12. mr nice,u need not talk like that,u must lean to 4give though it might be very hard.this is what the bible teaches us likewise say the quran.however,the beautiful babe requires the combine effort of both of you as the parent.this you need to know.come on,get back on track and the story will rewrite it self for good.wish you all the best.

  13. 9ice, 9ice ….it wud be nice to know the nicest things God has created and try to get the nice part of it. If u are saying this, den all ur lyrics that encourage pple is just for no fulfillment. God said he dat found his partner will obtain favour from Him; dont deprive urself of the divine favour. be nice!

  14. so after making her second hand u dump her for who na, she is still ur wife remember when u saw her the first time and u told her i do for better for worst until death do u apart so think twice the devil u know is better than the angel u do not know i like u, ur music but in this aspect i don’t like it at all, u don’t know what GOD has in plan for u and her, if u are accusing her for cheating on u, what about u hw many times have u cheat on her why not just sit down think very well

  15. your wife sleep with another boy, is it only your wife that you have sleep with since you married her. biko make una tell us something else. if you like nice.. married zero or million, nigerian arstist including you will not stop sleeping around.

  16. 9ice don’t b discouraged,jst make God ur priority in all u do ,av patient,move on,go and reconcile with Toni and tins wil b 9ice again.

  17. 9icey i perfectly understand how u feel but to err is human to 4give is divine. Let go God is in control. Pls 4give ur wifey 4 d sake of ur son he needs ur fatherly love at dis tender age think about it.

  18. 9ice,behind every successful man lies a virtuous woman.
    ladies are not rated same in atitude.
    but it’s hard to get the good ones.
    9ice fuck all bitches.
    alapomeji you too much.

  19. FORGIVE HER SO THAT YOU MAY BE FORGIVEN 9ice no matter what ur wife did which no one tell. But guy you made a vow b4 GOD(4 beta 4 worse) surely willingly or not you will make account of that word.

  20. …NO BE MISTAKE THAT YOU GOT MARRIED..bruva, it seems u don’t know how much ur fans look up to u….na God help u this far …..no nigerian yoruba artiste rose as fast as u did …..God dey with u guy man….u will not marry again meaning what ? you are not the first and you will never be the last this will happen to….awon ti o je ki eti simi ni wo n je ki a ni alafia..do yourself a favour. stop listening to people’s opinion and watching ur girl everywhere…relax, life is more than u think ….am sure ur girl will be remorse now and even if shes not …..well, a lot of folks like me are from broken homes and i know how much it feels to lack mother care despite the fact that all was given me as i was growing….reconcile with your wife and take good care of your boy…i want you to know that you will be making a mistake which you may regret throughout your life if you don’t 4give and bring back the blessing, joy,love, peace attached to marriage….in short ask iya Agba 4 advice…that marriage is for Tony to be corrected throughout life…..your fans love you so much

  21. 9ice baba,it haven’t reach d situation dat u will say dat u will never marry again bcos any thing dat happen 2 man in dis life,is GOD WILL,i just want u 2 pray 2 ALMIGHTY GOD 2 show u d way.byeeee

  22. …..HAPPY NEW YEAR PADI E…..what you utter from your mouth is like a broken egg, once said it can’t be repaired….young man you have to be very careful with what you say o….do you know what tomorrow may bring….despite all you’ve said i still like your personality and you inspire me a lot……am still havin a second thought may be the media lied against you….. that you aiign’t getting married again! did you really say that?……you worth more than that…..Atiku killed himself with words from his mouth.i think u should learn from that


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