Bomb Blasts – Terrorists, Not MEND, Responsible – Jonathan

President Goodluck Jonathan said yesterday that the government of Nigeria knows the persons who masterminded the bomb blasts that marred Friday’s golden jubilee celebration. He said that it was the handiwork of terrorists and not the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) as was widely speculated.

In a swift reaction, however, MEND has again taken responsibility for the deadly bomb blasts which rocked the FCT and claimed 16 lives, saying that the nation’s security forces should be blamed for the avoidable loss of lives.

Reacting to President Jonathan’s statement yesterday that the group had no hand in the terrorist act, MEND said that it actually carried out the attacks after it had sent out several warning statements to the security forces several days before the attack.

Excerpts of the statement read: “The Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) deeply regrets the avoidable loss of lives during our bomb attack in Abuja on Friday, October 1, 2010. Our hearts go to the families of those killed who we know were sympathetic to our cause. “The irresponsible attitude of the government security forces is to blame for the loss of lives. They were given five days prior notice which led to the harassment of Henry Okah on Thursday, September 30, in South Africa. Okah has never been involved in any MEND operations but has always been blamed for every attack, which is strange to us.

“The security forces were also warned one full hour to the first bomb blast ahead of the general alert sent to the media and told to steer the public from all parked cars which was not done.”
Meanwhile, President Jonathan has promised to overhaul the security services. This is just as the State Security Service (SSS) is beaming its searchlight on some top politicians in the country over their alleged involvement in the bomb blasts that killed no fewer than 16 persons and left scores of others wounded.

LEADERSHIP SUNDAY gathered last night that the camps of some presidential aspirants will be invited for interrogation.

The president declared yesterday in his address at the colloquim organised by the ECOWAS Parliament: “We know the persons behind the terrorist attacks on the nation. We know they used an organisation that operates in the Niger Delta called MEND as a front, but we are aware that MEND is not a terrorist organisation.”

According to a senior security operative, “we are working on so many leads which suggest that the blast was politically motivated to disrupt the peace and worsen the sense of insecurity among Nigerians.

“We believe this might be a political action aimed at disrupting the relative peace in the country since the grant of amnesty to ex-militants in the country.”

A top aide at the presidency had told LEADERSHIP SUNDAY how some political forces mobilised some terrorists led by Mr. Henry Okah with $100 million to carry out the attacks.

But President Jonathan said that the widely publicised information that linked the blast to MEND was diversionary.

“What happened yesterday was a terrorist act and MEND was just used as a straw; MEND is not a terrorist group.

“The Niger Delta people are aware of the government’s noble efforts to assuage the suffering and deprivation in that region.

“I am from the Niger Delta. My father’s house is a few metres from an oil-well, so nobody can claim to be a Niger Delta than myself.

“It is erroneous to think that my people who have been agitating for good living will deliberately blow up the opportunity they have now,” Jonathan added.

The president stressed that the unfortunate action was carried out by enemies of the state, saying that security operatives had been mobilised to fish out the perpetrators.

Jonathan added that the country’s security apparatus would be restructured to become proactive to guarantee the safety of life and property.

“I pray for the souls of those who died to attain peace and fervently pray for those who sustained injuries in the blast to be healed,” he said.

LEADERSHIP had reported yesterday that no fewer than 16 persons lost their lives at the Eagle Square venue of the bomb blasts. Scores of other Nigerians received various degrees of wound and are recuperating in hospitals within the Federal Capital Territory.

On the celebration of the golden jubilee of some African countries, Jonathan said that the ECOWAS Parliament had reminded African leaders to devote some time for sober reflection in the face of the celebration.

He said that the leaders must take into account a broad analysis of their performances as custodians of independent nations.

“We do not have an option than to uphold the ideals of democracy, rule of law and good governance,” he said.

Jonathan added that leaders must ensure that they keep in view the circumstances and wellbeing of the citizens, which were the focus of the various nationalist leaders and the pan-Africanists.

“Our today’s reality is that many countries in our continent are plagued by difficult challenges ranging from poverty, poor health care delivery, corruption to insecurity and maladministration.

“As a result, the continent is in dire need of solutions to these critical problems; solutions which must be well articulated and fully implemented to uplift the living standard of the populace,” Jonathan stated.

Sen. David Mark, the Senate president, expressed delight on the initiative of the parliament to celebrate the true freedom of some African states.
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  1. It’s not a conspiracy. It was MEND. They said they would do it, how they would do it and why they would do it. Uniformed personnel planted those bombs, on behalf of MEND. If the arrested are not uniformed personnel, another wrong will have been committed.

  2. lock jonathan dont thing we are all fools you lied again after that of zooning. Your army mend blast my capital city instead for you to apologist you want to rub inocent politians in your arest Dont even try. If your people kill is militancy but anything that has to do with north is terorism that is what america act on muslim it wound work boy. Pls dont talk like that next time

  3. ezekiel is right because in my point of view jonathan is trying to playing us ie he want to diverted our mind from his brothers (mend) evil deed. no reasonable man will said abuja bomb blast was not the militant action.

  4. In every twelve, there is a Judas. In Nigeria there Judases mainly emanating from the north(2011presidential aspirants).BUT THEY ARE TOO OLD TO CONTEST AND CAN’T ACHIEVE GOOD 4 D COUNTRY.ONLY 4 there SELFISH-INTEREST.BUT CHRIST JESUS IS IN CONTROL AMEN. President Jonathan always seek CHRIST LIKE JOSHOUA OF ISRAEL(BIBLE).THANKS

  5. Kingoz every politian is selfish when it comes to his family. Jonathan is trying to cover for his brothers (MEND). If he is truly religious then let him leave God to decide the next president not criticise other politicians….

  6. Then who is responsible of the bomb blast killing Nigerian citizen? you said not MEND. Mr. President, are you the Nigeria President or the President of Niger Delta protecting your own people.
    In view of the above give us prove who the Terrorists are.