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Nigeria celebrated its golden jubilee recently and a question some of us asked ourselves is: What do

we have to celebrate?

Information Nigeria is reaching out to all Nigerians who beleive that change is needed urgently in our

great country to be agents of that change by employing the universal tool of civilian journalism and

writing for us.

We believe that the tool of civilian journalism when properly used can have far reaching gains, Our

nation’s leaders can no longer ignore the voices of Nigerians united in the demand for positive


We are inviting writers, bloggers, journalists and in general, concerned Nigerians who believe thay

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  1. Lagos-Ogun flood… Torrents of tears, misery an agony. FLOODING as we all know is a natural disaster. The residents never expected it. It was like a thief in the night. It took thousands of residents unawares. The flood, aided by torrential rainfall de the last few weeks,threatened the Ogun river fan whose engineers, moving to save the infrastructure, released the water and it coursed, rocking into Lagos homes, business houses, workshops, and roads. It forced the closure of schools, and rendered small and medium businesses abandoned. The tales of woes of affected Lagosian are touchy. THE QUESTION IS, what is the solution to flooding?

  2. The change we need in Nigeria is possible,we can change things for good but, firstly, we need to change our attitude towards things. Change in attitude happens when we change the ‘meaning’ we ascribe to things. Listen, ‘meaning’ added to something is not a ‘fixed’ absolute item in our lives, but it’s something that keeps evolving and transforming as we grow. Since MEANING can change, we as an individual can change our meaning to things so that the ‘Change’ we all desired will come to reality. I love you my fellow Nigeria-Yes we can change!

  3. back in the days of pleasant freedom
    when the noble leaders sang the black mans praise
    with zest of bitter tears of lunch
    they gained us that splendid glory still
    and like the journey of every maggi, they answered the call to ancestral core
    leave us to keep the chronicle of our tomorrow
    where is it? where is the lost treasure? where is the chronicle of our pride?

  4. This has become undeniable that we keep wanting to make gods out of people. Someone that nobody has ever heard of hits the high note, gets a record deal and become an overnight star, and we set them up as a role model. Why are we doing these things? Is it that our centre of gravity is not in ourside but outside us or we see ourselves through the eye glasses of others? At least for once, we need to be ourselves. Listen, no matter how sharp may claim to be in emulating others, you can not live beyond the boundaries of God’s plan for you. It’s time we take charge of our lives! And taking charge of our lives involves changing how we see or think of ourselves. Bear this in mind, our predominant thoughts are what made us think the way we do, how we decide on things and the results we get. Believe in yourself. Pull the string and watch how it respond to your commands. For those have arrived…those who are celebrated as role mode, wise up! The crowd that worshipped you today may stone you tomorrow

  5. dynamism in nigeria politics; the one god love said and i quote him ” where there is a vision there is a mission, but where there is no vision people perish” for our nation to be more strong we need to change our way of reasoning ,having the mind of carrying everybody along in all political sphere. the benefits derived from the zeal which propel the political class understanding the mission statement and the policy of the government in power should be allowed to get to the least man in the society through the services provided. the political leaders should not be offended as such if i suggest that in this new political dispensation nigeria should not forget to embark upon this new programme which is “investment at home” i, beign one of the lovers of nigeria will like to say that all the political elders should put heads together and start the politics which will pave way for proper investment at home. nigeria does not need investment that will put the resources down the drain, rather investment with long life span. we should not forget that everything big start little. good luck to mr president, everything will be in order!!!

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  6. The day Nigeria wins, is the day they rid of “Lies” from the government of Nigeria with, adequate democracy policies instituted by stronger and legal security measure to finance the countries success through ratified taxation favorable to employ the people of Nigeria, while inviting investors a wide platform necessary to increase the flow of the economy but, to take care of our poor, through financing there education for the children of Nigeria without, the Nigerian government stealing for their own greed. Increase the economy and revenues by using the people to succeed and be rewarded for there works. Not reward the government only! Favorable countries in the world that uses this political attribute are those rich nations. They actually grow in favor of there people so, if you treat your people good, the rewards and benefits are for everyone.
    If you treat your countrymen like crap … your economy is crap!
    Think about it people.