Kunle Oluwaremi Wins Gulder Ultimate Search Season 7

Twenty-three year old Ekiti state born Oluremi Oyekunle, last night emerged season 7 winner of the Nigerian Breweries sponsored reality show, the Gulder Ultimate Search.
He emerged a winner after a tension soaked and pulsating challenge that left viewers gasping for breath. The journey towards the final showdown began when Chukwuma Anyanwu, 21, lost out in the day’s second challenge allowing Adeleke, Atiku and Oyekunle to make the final.

The final challenge would take a combination of mental and physical strengths to scale through, task master Bob had told the finalists as this was also a crucial factor in determining who the ultimate hero would be.
After the countdown, Atiku was the first to shoot forward. He was able to hook his bundled plates, climbed over the wooden wall, landed safely and ran straight into the bush to sort out his prototype box, and began to set the two boxes that were needed to complete the scale with which he will climb up to cut down the suspended bridge that leads straight to the champion zone.
Whoever got to the champion’s spot would lift the hero’s flag that was kept on the floor there to signify his triumph.
On the trail of Atiku was Oyekunle, Adeleke on the other hand, was left behind at the start zone, struggling to hook his bundled plates. Adeleke eventually hooked the plates and caught up with the two. To the chagrin of all, Adeleke was the first to construct one of the two boxes while others were still fumbling with theirs.
However, after about thirty minutes on the box, the ever smiling Oyekunle shocked the anchorman Bob-Manuel when he suddenly announced that he had completed all his boxes. At this time Adeleke and Atiku couldn’t just figure out the way out. The first box that Adeleke earlier constructed collapsed in his face and he became aghast.
The anxiety that had accompanied the final showdown melted away at exact 4.30pm, when the slimmest of the three warriors Oyekunle Oluremi ran wildly to the beam, took his machete, set his three boxes, climbed over the boxes, cut the rope that tied the bridge to the beam, ran across it like a wild cat, picked the pole.
Jumped inside the champion spot and hoisted the pole with the champion’s flag. Kunle’s countenance changed, his face contoured he was shouting like a cry, running madly across the field, asking rhetorically, “Am I the Ultimate Hero, Am I dreaming?” “Ah! Ah! I am The Last Man Standing”.
The highly elated Bob-Manuel, the four times Gulder Ultimate Search presenter, in the heat of the euphoria, held Kunle’s hands and declared, “by the power bestowed on me by the Council of Elders in Omo Forest, I declare you, Oyekunle Oluremi, as the Ultimate Hero we have been searching for this past 21 days, Therefore you are pronounced the winner of the 2010 Gulder Ultimate Search. Take the King’s goblet, go and celebrate”.

Source: Vangurd Newspapers – www.vanguardngr.com


  1. Kunle caught my attention in the jungle when he built the bamboo bathroom for one of the evicted lady expressing his feeling for her. I was impressed and since then wish him the ultimate hero man, He did and i’m proud of him.

  2. I wanted kunle 2 win and he won, bcos kunle and Chuma made d show lively. But i was scared on d finale day when he said his greatest fear was 2 fear was 2 face Atiku and Adeleke, God who has d final say gave him strenght 2 carryout dat task. One thing i cherished most was him being thankful to God as he emerged d winner. Congrats Kunle!

  3. i’d liked kunle to win the very first day the show started,most especially when he started doing things in memory of those evicted.he has a good heart and very emotional.kunle and chukwuma brought live to their camp and he proved to atiku and adeleke that its not by size.Thumbs up


    Kunle is my man, we have been jolificating for him here in Sapele Delta State, because my parents, brothers and sister have been watching the search for some days now, and we found out that Kunle was the righ person for GUS,
    Kunle is just too humble, emotional, honest and Ok for GUS, i luv u MAN, KEEP IT UP. say a big congratulation to him and a big thank you for doing us proud.

  5. Congrats kunle, determination is d key in any successful man on earth today, i kn u were about loose hope but yet u won, thank God, anyways, now u made us to strongly believe in God thats he possible in all difficuties. Enjoy ur self

  6. Kunle i must say that i admired ur courage on that last task,4 not hv been intimidated by ur fellow contenders considering the fact that they are bigger than u.Enjoy my brother,but dont 4get ur paddy in that omo forest;CHUKWUMA.Pls help me say hi 2 his jungle wife;MERCY.