University Of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) 2010/2011 Supplementary Admission List

University Of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) 2010/2011 Supplementary Admission List
The University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) has released it’s 2010/2011 supplementary admission list.
Candidates who applied to the university of nigeria, nsukka (UNN) and whose names were not in the unn first batch admission list, can now check their admission status by viewing the supplementary admission list which can be found on the university of nigeria, nsukka (UNN) website: OR by downloading the unn supplementary admission list here.


  1. i saw my name in the supplementry list bt am a bit confused. Should i proceed wit the reg. And i ned to knw wen it schoolboy 07034306392

  2. i need dis admision don’t no why they are behaving like this pls bring out this list so we will no whether to buy jamb form or not. pls will there be another supplementary list if yes WHEN

  3. i drifted frm to combined social science y ,wat i want to study z law all in the name of admission,
    will there b another list, esp. For combined social science?
    Will b glad to receive help
    my contact: 08182173017;08138141776 or [email protected]

  4. The UNN Supplementary admission list is out,so I urge all candidates who applied to UNN to check their admission status now and those offerred admission should proceed with the registeration execise.

    For those who have not been offerred admission into UNN,they should call/contact the Director now on this number for assistance to get admission into UNN or any other Nigerian university.Tel:08034948009.God bless you.

  5. Pls my name came out in the supplementary list.I have paid the acceptance fee,filled in the personal data form but can’t pass that stage.they said that i should pay advert fee b4 i can proceed.but the bank here in calabar says they have no idea about the advert fee .pls wat should i do.

  6. @igbo d advert fee is d supn fee u paid 10,000.photocopy it and bring them with d acceptance fee 2 Nsukka.UNN will release 2nd supplimentary list on 24th of january..last list on march be patience..were working on ur names..4 more infor or any other things,call 07037435272

  7. we guyz just need to cast all our cares on. God coz he alone is the sure answer.
    I believe in. God that i’m admitted into u.n.n,
    halleluyah !
    Optional: Add ‘samuel c eze’ as friend on facebook, tnx.

  8. why is the supplementry list not on line,if it is pls sent the correct address or better still contact me if my name there.

  9. I urge the good management of the university of nigeria to come to our assistance,i mean to the assistance of those who have nobody to negotiate on their behalf. It is only through using merit as yardstick for measuring the admission statues of candidates that can guarantee the inclusion of the children of the poor.please let’s use merit over mediocrity.God will see us through in Jesus name AMEN

  10. You guys shld be a little more patience,by d end of dis month or begining of feb,D result must be out..but not all names will be out

  11. please someone should help me,i need this admission AT ALL COST. i have average score of 233.50 to study pol. sci.someone should direct me on a more result oriented approach,cos this is making it 7years.08164285239 .i will do what so ever that is required of me. thanks

  12. It is just a matter of time i know God will help us in every area we need him.I didn’t really see my name in the first list i hope there would be another? I WOULD LOVE YOU PEOPLE TO PLEASE CALL MY CONTACT 08123743955 when it is out.THANKS GOD BLESS

  13. my people pls take it easy to be a lion or lioness is not moimoi i spent an extra 2 years for mine. thank God i am a supper lion woking in bank stanbic day it will be yours best wishes my people Unn remain the best

  14. 1st yhey said the second supll list will come out 24th of januery now am hearing 4th of february,sha wateve i wil wait though i have bougth jamb form,i dont wanna lose hope,they said anoda d final list will come out 18th of march,well dat was how it was last year,i had a friend dat even lost hope but still got admission,lets improve on our being patience,.NUFIN DO US,hook me up on facebook so we can connect well,[chineke’iflo’ifeanyi]dis my name on facebook.

  15. I don tire 2wait ohhhhhh!!!!!!!I don purcase jamb form bt stil de bliv God.
    Mak una bib me wn d list don comot (stphanie Egba) on f.b.

  16. My God, I wish there’s something that works.I have just spent 4 yrs waiting for unn, I still am. I can even register for jamb b’cos of this thumb printing whatever. Gush!,I feel like going crazy.

  17. i plead with the management of unn in the name of god to pls release the supplementry list with my name on it because i merit it

  18. Guz pls weneva d 2nd sup list z out contact me on 070392656290 or find 4 winifred raymond on facebook 4 d latest info.plsoo i hpe sum1 wit 229.5 is sure 4 admission and d course is combined social sci.abeg mke una help me ooo.

  19. january don endoooo,God pls take control upon ur children…..exams starts on march,y wud dey be doing dis 2 us,anyway,ihe di oku ga-emecha juo oyi.let’s jus wait,trust nd hope in God.

  20. heeeee hypratesion dis pipl go kill somebody one of my frend is in d cafe witing for dis list she fit even give up dis nite if care is not taking pls help oh

  21. God wil neva let those who put their trust in him down,he has bin faitful n 4eva wil remain faitful.I bliv we’l b luky wit d 2nd list.jst kip ur fingers crosd.lov u

  22. i s33 ma s3lf g3tin dis admissn. And I know d list would b out. Just calculatd. Y3ars b4 ours departments tak more dan 200 sp3ci3s and now by ma caltn. Most d3p r just lik 160. So anoth3r list of 50 stud3nts in 3ach d3p would soon be out bu i don’t know w3n…just pray hard3r

  23. its funny but i dnt want to blive it yet.if with 244,conbine social sc,from enugu not only dat from nsukka,finaly from deoballa
    cant get admtd.oh,wit God it is imposicant

  24. God is our strong tower. We wil make it through d name of christ Jesus. I knw we wil make it. Destiny can only b delayed. Look! God wil soon paste d names by himself and b4 u know it, u ar already a student of unn.

  25. Pls i need God 2 interfere wit d tins goin on in Unn..i got 260 in jamb & 273.3 in d putme & aplyd 4 medicine but no admsn yet..infact am realy demoralysd cos a frend of mine who scored 238 was admitd @ Abu 2 study med/surg..PLS UNN HACKEN 2 OUR CRIES..i nearly took overdose cos of this..if u knw u can assist me,dis my reg no 05796273ii,08063518110 or 08183020644 are my no.s..tanx pple

  26. Infact wat are we goin 2 cal dis? other skuls hav started tectur we are stil here abeging for admision pls u piple shuld hear our cry and do sumtin lets knw wats up next pls many are waiting for dis list.

  27. those who got the admission through the 1st and 2nd list has started lectures to write exam by march while matric is by april.My question now is;wat wil appen to the forthcoming students for the next list are we and they going to write the same exam within this short period or a make up exam will be arranged for them?

  28. @Oge;unn too has started lectures kind of preparing for exams by march so between now and march latest if there is actually going to b anoda list this year,it shoud be out by then xcept if there will be make up exam for the coming students.lets help eachoda alright.facebook-onyekachukwu [email protected]

  29. Dear friends,my name is Amorha christabel.i wrote jamb 264,putme,213.33 n avrage of 238.67.i aplied 4 geology,no show,den shoppd 4 est management which d cut off waz 197.8.yet no admision.wl i eva get dis admission.wen wl d 2nd sup list com out.first t waz on 24,2nd on 4,wat d8 wl dey gv us again.wl i continue stayng @ home whl my mate in sch receivng lectures.i dnt wan 2 write jamb again.pls i wl lyk 2 b gvn a 9ice info.i apreci8 u all.we wl all see in d den.

  30. Unn plz we are begging in d name of GOD release d list and let our names b reg no is 06396054ig pls anybody dat can help me should cal me on unn pra we thank u very much 4 ur efforts pls keep trying God wil strenghten al of u,thanks and God bless u.

  31. Lord of mercy d month is almost comin 2 an end pls anyone one wit any 9ice infoz shuld pls cal dis no 07033066635 or add me on fb wit sandrachi ogeh thanks and i pray dat God wil see us tru as for me am just chillin and waitin for Gods tym.

  32. Happy valentine’s day 2 evry1..if unn thinks we’ll b deterred by d delay in uploading d list,they are just joking.,by God’s grace,we’ll all be dere…share d love pple

  33. Hapi val…to all my fellow unn students to be, let us al rejoice an wait till d list is out an wit al our names in it by d special name of d lord, somebody shuld shout haleluya.,.

  34. It’s as if dis incumbent vc has no conscience,what type of list does he want 2 rleas dat he hasn’t rleasd up til nw wen he knws d exam’ll begin march.. Al dese pple @ d hem of affairs shuld knw dat no condisn is parmanent they may b there 2day,2mrw dey’l b no where 2 b found….PROF Bartho shuld knw dat life isn’t guaranteed,he dosn’t knw 2mrw…we need 2 knw our fate pls instd of hopin agaisnt hope pls…gudmornn ppl

  35. God….pls touch d heart of dose involved so dat anoda list wod b releasd.i got 232 in ume n 266.67 in pume wit d average of 249.33 n i also bot d shopn form.yet no adm.Well evrytin is in God’s reg no is 05632347gf in case ani1 can help.pls if u hav any info,cal me on 08137622182.10x

  36. Pls iscored 236 in jamb and 220 in post jamb for econs nd no admission yet. I also shop for combined social sci nd nothing yet. Pls i need ur help unn if u can hear my cry.nd pls i would lik to know when d 2nd lis wil b coming contact is 07038039113

  37. nice talk jack for d next jamb.Comn exam is nt a problem but d matric cus most at times once d matric has come and gone there canneva b anoda list xept if otherwise but it is possible dat names comes out for admission after exam cus there can b make up exam but there is no mak up [email protected]

  38. 1st d regstra sayd 23th january,lecturers said let it be 13th Feb they pushd it.D UNN 2nd supplementary list will be out By 27th of dis month in sundaysun newspaper,Available on net 26th midnit…D delay was due 2 problems wit dis last list.But it has been reslved.Mind U dis last list is purly by merit.So even if ur V.C’s daughter and scored below 215,its advised U go and register 4 new jamb..Don’t give ur money 2 any body oo.Matric is 5th of March,BUT EXAMS WILL NO LONGER BE ON D 28TH BUT BY APRIL. ITS NEVA EASY 2 BE A LION.SO SORRY 4 D PROBLEMS THIS MIGHT HAVE CAUSD U..GOODLUCK AND PRAY:-D.

  39. Tanks a lot for the info.215 is that a guaranteed score to secure admission with d last list.To kno ma faith b4 time wat chance does someone with 244.50 stand.God I hope to merit this coming list

  40. From Osondu Muna.
    Thanks to the UNN team happy to hear such information. Please a favor to everyone as soon as the list is released please let me know, here is my No.08133303489,Reg No.06389651JA. My advice to everyone may we all join and pray together for the success of everyone.Wishing you the best of lucks.

  41. I will be glad to give this testimony, I promise to give God some mount if i should get admission, and i believe it has come in fulfillment rejoice and be glad for our is alive. my no.08133303489.Muna

  42. i think d list is out. Go to Go to admissionlist. It will show comprehensive admission list.wishing y’all gudluck. Dnt 4 get to add me on f/bk.Adije kenneth Schoolboy

  43. We guys shud mind wat we paste here cuz any false or phoney information here can cuz someone to develop somekind of heart attack.27th is 2days away from now so lets wait and pray it comes out and wen it comes out dos with dia names in it shud celebrate cuz it can dfinitely favor everyone.Gudluk to everyone and maself.Am network ready to download the sun’s news for 2moro at midnyt.Very anxious isn’t


  45. Sorry guys b/c i just want u 2 know dat noting good comes easy in every gud tin dere must be an obstacle.MY BRODA WHO IS WORKING AT V.C’S OFFICE TOLD ME 4 DAYS AGO DAT DERE WILL BE ANODA LIST and i pray dat each and every 1 of u’s name will be dere in JESUS NAME?

  46. Lets wait and see wat happen btw now and on the 5th cuz once matric is over dnt tnk there will b any oda list.Recognizd and admitd studnts wud av bin officially welcomd by den and once dats done it means goobye to hope.As they say it is not over until it is over and it is beta late than never.Weneva d list coms jus b prepared to meet up with odas cus we all are takn d same exams.tankia

  47. dear frnds in christ,, 4 hw lng will dey cntnue to use us to play. lets face facts ere dats dis list they are tlking abut will com out wen, how, ere? pls if any body has any info on dis list shuld pls hlp me out by dailing 08187674740 08033992828 am tird of waiting. God hlp us all.

  48. @Victor; if d victor who jus doubted d possibility of anoda list is the same one sayn his uncle told im dat…I thnk u are lost jus relax ok if u avnt heard of 2nd supp den u must av heard of VC’s list wicheva u choz 2 call it all we here nos is dat there is a possibility cus there has bin in previous years so lets wait till on d 5th b4 lozn up on hope cus 2 d best of ma noledg there is no admittion after matric.Dnt 4get “it’s nt ova until it is ova and is beta late dan neva”weneva it coms we wil tak it if u like forfeit it.Victor dnt damn us rada u damn UNN

  49. UNN- If u are not the one, then why does my soul feel glad today. If u are not mine will i have the strenght to stand at all. If u are not for me why do u i dream of u as my school. I don’t know what the future brings but i hope that u are the school i attend. I don’t want to run away but i can’t take it cos i don’t understand. I miss u body and soul so strong that it takes my breath away.

  50. we are talkn about list here sompple are recitn [email protected] news;cud u pls tell us how concreat your informations on d list are cus 2moro is 27th if av nt 4gotn.Guys lets b serious here is 2moro d real day cus ma info tod me dey jus had dia graduation convocation and there is no specific date yet dat has bin let out for d list to comout bot there will definately b a list and dat dey are sure of

  51. No more posts pls some of your posts now are like heartbreak.Leave us to receive our heartbreak 2moro.2moro is nt too long a day to wait is it?

  52. hmmm… U haters just… Ma fellow prospective students kip ur hopes alive. A list z coming out. Even if it coms out a day 2 matric just don’t giv up and get ready 2 travel cos I see we all in d den. And u ‘UNN’ dis place z not meant 4 u. Don’t use d name in vain.

  53. @Jreg;wat maks u so sure dat a list will stil come out d way am seeind tns now am falling out on hope.Acordn to d rumour anoda list is to comout 2moro bt unlike oda list there used to b a knd of public alert tru d newspaper dat a list wil comout 2moro bt in dis caz revers is d caz.Evrystdnt must pay 4 matric gown how possible do u fnk dat will b if a list comes out on d eve of dia matric.Onething is,d possibility for anoda list to springout is very very narrow and if it dos d list as I feel wnt b as much as odas

  54. It’s midnyt of 27th av got to chek on sun’s news to see if I can download anytn worthwhile den wen it is dawn I go chekout on some vendor.J ust hop dis is no rumour but fact cus av startd with unnportal and there is notn new there.I aint gonna sleep until am sure of somtn.Lets start trailn fone

  55. I helped de registra in uploading it throught yesterday.just be current on de system and not on ur guy got 295 average but he did not write maths in jamb guess what registra said no,so if u did not write maths in any of the two exams,jus pray so that God will see u through,GOOD LUCK.

  56. Unn news ‘ u dont no wat u ar taking no list is out u re jst makin a fun of ur self.menwhy math is not compusly 4 every dept so shoutup ur mouth an stop decieving pple.

  57. Itot e said it wil b out bot on newspaper and on net.wonda y there is notn yet or dos unn have a special sun newspaper to reliz her list.d person dat let d info is nt catchn fun rada his jus bin childish moreover we dnt any1 to tell us d chances we stand now all we need is a list to kno our stand.As it is I dnt tnk there wil b any list again and if there is I wil jus do masef d favor of takn ma mind off it wen it coms I wil tak it d I c it sodat no false wud toy with ma mnd.Call a quit and unn news try anoda prank dis one aint workn d way u xpectd

  58. Unn stop behaving as if without the list we will all die it wont happen, if we are angry it wont be for long and believe me so many people are not dependin on you this year be wise

  59. I praise the news team for giving us the relief 5 days ago but this time we cannt asses the list .please where is it ,many unn aspirants have collapsed while waiting for this list ,i beg unn in the name of God to please show us the list so as to know our stands . GOD BLESS YOU UNN TEAM NEWS. am to hearing from you soon .

  60. I tel u al to stop decieving your self bcos no list is coming out,wat unn normally release is primary and supplementry list. There is noting like unn 2sup list over d past yrs and dis yrs wont b an inception so i advice u al to study 4 d nxt jamb and pray that u make it in 2011/2012 Unn primary admission list if u are stil interested in UNN.GOD LUVS U.

  61. If I cant get admitted with 244.50 in ma own father’s land den av got to go search somewhere else cus ma father’s land is still livn in his past glory wich e doesnt worth anymore.Plz does UNN sell anytn like Diploma or predegree form pls kp me postd

  62. I chosd unn jus cuz I dnt want to go searchn elsewhere 4 wat I know ma fada has got and sins ma fada and ma fadas land has faild to recogniz ma originity and Indeginity den out 4 it elsewhere bt nt gvn up on hop jus wont gv ma hop much concern if there is notn like 2nd supplemen3 in UNN den there is vc’s list xept dis year wil b dfrent.

  63. u guys shud jus 4get about d so cald unn team or new he’s got phd in bin phony cus he is a young boy.My unkle wo is d secretary to d Dean of faculty of Education neva break lies informatively.I calld im to confirm d truth on d list all he said was dat I shud allow mysef to b among dos dat mindles trickster wil b dcevn dat nobody includn dem d staff and lecturers nos anytn about d admission issue.Dat it all dpends on d VC and if any1 coms out to tel dat d list wil b out dis soon it is a big faboo.Guys am out bt I wil sti chek on your post to kno wat to ask ma unkl wen I cal im


  65. I am writing this note to notify those who wish to sit for jamb,that on no account should somebody who is not an indigen of enugu,anambra or imo probably any candidate who is of ebonyi should, please better chose any university either in north or west as unn that supposed to be their catchment area does no longer consider the credentials of those coming from ebonyi,imagine a situation where an ebonyi indigen has 240 and 227 in post ume and ume respectvly is short changed for an imo who has 215 and 200 in the assessment,unn so it true you are the foundation of corruption in nigeria. what a shame?

  66. the fed ministry of education,the jamb and other relevant stake holders in education should please hasten this decision,to abolish post ume it is an avenue for all this poor and reached lecturers to enrich themselves unscrupoulosly at the detriment of education in nigeria

  67. 28th-5th of march 4dys left.aaaaahhh 4get unn,unn news,vc,lecturers etc.jst cal on olorun oba o, eledumare,dike na di mkpa na arya,babahum babahum,ona puru agu ife okpuru na onu,sarkin sama,JESUS.and Let his wil b done.He alone knos best.

  68. Unn news i pity ur life,u fink u are avin fun abi? Jst kip brekin pple’s heart,even if u n ur vc wer uplodin list n he rejectd thos witout maths mst u open ur basket mout.kip ur fak news 2 urself.unnnews ko,unnstory ni.shio kelebe iso pu.

  69. @Odii;I am nt only an Enugu indegen but also Nsukka with 240 in pme and ny average is 244.50 but am stil at home.If only it it possible for we guys to team up move oursef to both Jamb and Unn evn ASO rock may somtn will b done.Jamb is also to blame for all dis u kno and dnt 4get it’s a dmocracy evn if her administration is turnn mobocratic.Guys wat do u tnk?

  70. una done start again abi? wey d list? how we go take seeam abi we go buy recommended bifical eye lens to take seeam? mak unu gv dtail weda e complete abi e no completa we won c am

  71. Hi guys d list came out 2day by 1.00 wit 490 names on it. To check ur name go to an click on d admission list to view d am nt sure d list is complete i guess dere might stil b anoda list bf matric.gooöod luck.

  72. Hi guys d list came out 2day by 1.00 wit 490 names on it. To check ur name go to an click on d admission list to view d am nt sure d list is complete i guess dere might stil b anoda list bf matric.gooöod luck to u all.

  73. May God be prised sum pip wil jut opn dar mouth and say wat dat dont knw for dos of u who are inslutin d unn news do u knw who u are talkin 2 pls try and b more polite wit wat u say becos nobudy knws were his/her help is comin frm Gud luk 2 u guys

  74. May God be prised sum pip wil jut opn dar mouth and say wat dat dont knw for dos of u who are inslutin d unn news do u knw who u are talkin 2? pls try and b more polite wit wat u say becos nobudy knws were his/her help is comin frm Gud luk 2 u guys

  75. Pretty bad news dat at dis critical point intime I cannot access unn main website.To b sure can anyone chek on d website if it is true dat a list was uploaded if it is true plz check for Ezema Onyekachukwu Gideon 06344136ff is his reg no.plzzzzzzzzzzz

  76. Breaking news! My name isn’t dir.chek sun news paper d list is out.pls is it true dat list can stil b out even afta matric? nd is dis 2nd list d last one?pls i nid usful infos.GOD even if my nam dos nt come out,U alone wil stil b my God.

  77. @frank,pls wen wod d next list b comn out,i check ma name bt didnt c it,pls help me,i got an ave of 249.33 n ma reg no is 05632347gf.Tnx

  78. Sir frank please i beg you to help me check mine ,i searched but could nt locate the said list pls help me reg no 06029079GI and name Maduka Emmanuel T .THANKS UR HELP GOd REWARD U

  79. I wonder y there are no names for combine social science.List can comout after matric dpendn on how d vc wants it.It is jus a mata of possibility.I jus tood hypnotized lokn at d list wen I cudnt fnd Ezema onyekachukwu Gideon on d list let alone combine social sc.Gosh

  80. D easyway to kno if ur ur name is there is by checkn ur admission status thru unn portal if ur name is there ur statusnwill tell cus there was an instruction dat after checkn d list dos dat av bin gvn d admission shud go to unnportal to start d process.My question now is if there is going to b anoda list? cus combine social sc among someoda courses were not released.

  81. Y was there kno names for combine social science? or cud it b they av taken all they wanted.I doubt d possibility of anoda list comn out for dis session.Nxt 2moro is matric and d last list they said was VC’S list.wat a pain of denyance 244.50 from Nsukka no admission .Such is life bt we kp on struggln unn cant weigh me down av got oda plans and

  82. @Jane;Xceptif we saw dfrnt list.d one I saw there no names for combine social science unless if anoda list cameout.wat I saw was social science and nt combine or dos it now mean d same tin?sopos u help me check mine name Ezema Onyekachukwu Gideon.pls oo if there is any form of protest again unn I am available to fight for my right imagn aliens ruling my land wen am qualified both by and score.Only if I had d means unn wud av bin down by now.Unn sucks

  83. wat am I sayn? dat there is anoda look right in my eyes my choice of sch in my fada’s jus denied me my right and I was like unn unn unn oh like unn unn unn oh like unn unn unn oh cus u ar in my fadas land tot u wud always b e mine oh

  84. Gd mornin evry1.2MOROW IS [email protected] tak it easy once dir is life dir is’s nt ova until it’s ova.dnt giv up ur faith In God.ds r times of trials bt i tel u God is in control.U kno wat jst smil @ ur probs dat wil put d devil 2 shame!

  85. Guys,i give u all dis info b/c i know how much i suffered 4 admission,yet som people lik BECKY,ONYEKA,JANE,AUSTINE ETC insisted on insultin final list 2 com is mainly 4 faculty of admin.dis jane show ur jamb details so dat i can do somtin b/c i saw sombody jane here but i cant see ur fellow guys name.and if it happens 2 be u ,u will tank me istead of all dis insults from u guys,and ur insults tut me a big leson I LUV U ALL.dis is my final coment 4 u guys,GUD LUCK.

  86. @ unn news lov u 2,we r al human n are pron 2 get angri @ unbearable situations such as this.tnk God u’v pas tru same condition so u know hw it hurts.we r onli xpresin our feelings,our grades r ok,al d midnit candles,d stres in travelin here n dir jst 4 d so cald pume n stil no admision…we realis it’s nt ur fault on behalf of me n my felow angri students lik onyeka n jane etc,we say unn news we r veri sori.kip up d gud work ur reward is in heaven…lov u 2.

  87. Mr unn news sorry already! tot u were among dos wo were out to toil with our minds.doo I cant remember vividly wat I posted butI hop u undastand our state of mnd den cus u av once bin tru it and dats byd way now cuz all dat by 2moro will b bhnd us.4 dos wo ar interestd wat we need to kno now is weda unn is going to sell predegree or dploma.Its ma 1st♥ time and it jus pains me dat I kno wat av got and no where I Blong yet wat ava got did nt fail me bt where I Blong did Enugu nsukka Ede-Oballa Umuoho all dis denyd tru unn.wat a djection unn mak me feel

  88. so wen dis nxt list comn out we myt b luky to av som of our names there u kno.laugh! It’s funny wen u look tru hundreds of name and can figure out ur name u now wonda if ur name is too long or computer rejected it.I do manytns for d moment so I only get pained for the moment and I will b ok♥♥♥☺☺☺

  89. I’v bin 3in 2 laf 4 d past few monts al 2 no avail,bt 2day i’v bin lafin 4rm d second i wok up,culd it b bcos 2day is d matric i’v bin drimin of 4 yrs.such is life,tins dnt alwys go d way we 4 me i’v decided 2 jst lay n float,insted of walowin in wories.GOD IS IN CONTROL.

  90. @unn newz,pls wen wod d nxt list b out n is it possible 4 my name 2 b dere wit an ave of 249.33.pls help name is Ugochukwu Sylvia amaka.reg no-05632347gf

  91. Dem dey call animal wey get horn igbin snail dey comout side.I dey here wit 244.50 as avera and 240 as pume score sombody dey with change dey seek 4 hope wel guy ur destiny may b dfrnt so dnt gv up u get mouth pass vc imsef.if I no dey blnd na adm dpartmnt I c how u wan tak c ur name 4 dia wen u b aspirn

  92. Matric is ova matric is ova now.I can c some pple cryn som pple cry so loud I can fill dia pain I can feel dia pain ba adly dnt wory hop is nt lost.List can stil comout 4 dos of u wo want to write d 1st sementer exam jus read at home pendn on wen u ar cald upon

  93. jamb 227 and post ume 240,then average 233.50.upon all these marks,still i was unable to secure admission pls any advise contact 08164285239. god bless u as u help the helpless

  94. @jane and Beky ar u sur about dis? @Beky;u soundd as d list is alredy out.Are u hopn to c ur name in it or u ar sure? I envy ur confidence

  95. jamb score-259…pume average-236..6…ordinary….abeg wil dia b anoda list..pls if u c dis name-opara chibuike justine…cal me wit dis no-08068758738…and if u can runs it 4me,pls cntct me,i’ll pay any amount…

  96. Ehhh c despration [email protected] onyeka wetin man pikin go do i av no oda choic dan 2 b confident…seriosli my elda broda ws in d sam shoes last 2yrs he had 2 buy anoda jamb ws afta he finishd hs xams dat they releasd d last list n he ws fotunat.same UNN my dear friends kip prain anifin kan @ d same tim dnt fro ur egs in a basket!

  97. @Beky; did ur bro’s name actualy comout after d exams or b4 d exam? like our case wich is almost close to dia exam time.Av got many plans set aside already so unn now is jus an option but yet to b forgotten.So beky wat course did u apply and wat was ur score?, hope u dnt mind?.

  98. Wen I askd my so calld fadas brothers how unn admittion is like they said it was basically on merit.How come a girl friend of mine got admitted with 230 as average and am stil at home with 244,50 dat was even within d range of my 2nd choice course.Ok,dos dat was admtd wt d last list wat were dia cutoffs sodat we waitn will know if to hope anymore.244.50 and an origin of Nsukka is it nt enof defintion of merit to our so caald unn.Wat evn hurts d most is wen I rememba I av secretary to a Dean as my uncle,Bussar as my unkl,and driver to d sch wo somtimes get chans to c d vc as e claimd as my unkl.wat a mess,so long as am concernd dey are jus as useless as d 5th wheel of a coach.

  99. @ onyeka Jamb score 247,pume avrage 236.8 comb soc science i no try? N as 4 my bros his nam ws rleasd afta his jamb xams.abeg tak it easi on ur uncles ds can fins no b wetin dem de cal unkles 4 ,jst put ur hopes on God

  100. Lets leave weda u try 4 unn to dcide bt if I must commend I tnk u ar somewhere.I applied for combine social sc too i.e for d shoppn and scored 249 in jamb and 240 in pume while my average is [email protected] beky ;I was actually talkn about unn exam.I min dd ur bros name comout after unn xam or b4?.My dear God caneva come down to help us rada he interceeds by sendn a helpa wo may eida come as ur friend or ur enemy so by d virtue of avn dos unklz dia I assume God has don me d favor bt d so cald unklz ddnt heed to God.I jus pray God will send anoda helpa.Wen is unn startn dia exams?,any info?.☺☺

  101. .jamb score259…pume average 236pointsumtin…..i try plenty..can u guys bliv dat d man who was helpin me runs d stuff was a gay and he wntd me 2 hav sex wit him b4 he wil giv me d admisn….wel i told him 2go screw his father..!

  102. @justin nt onli d father,skrew al hs gay counterparts 2 inkludin [email protected] news r u stil angri afta al d apology. pls kindli tel us if ther wil b anoda list.pls n if our coment stil hurts alow me heal u by sayin we r veri veri sori k?

  103. come and see American wonder.Na unu won set unu own exams by unuselfz.Any way if e show jazborn dey on ground so make unu let us kno bt d fact is dat it will take notin dan a miraculous magic for anoda list to come out.D only list I see now is definate and dats on d 11th of june and in dis one all d people wo appliedv for it will av dia names in it so get ready!

  104. hi frends nobudy seems 2 be sayin anytin wats up even doe we were nut offered admission at list let still chat like b4 and bring up ideas on how 2 destoy jamb and p-ume ogeh singin out

  105. he eyah 2 dem i realy pity dem cos admission in dis country is not easy so day should just take heart and face d next jamb.and pls am in lagos and my center is in imo state uni omo i knw how i go be for dere help oh

  106. I was confused abt unn admission of a thing i has applied for entry direct with Ist class upper merit in one standard polytechnic nd i heard dat we shud going to sit for screening exercise but since than i had been going to unn most every day to check whether there has past the date of the examination no date yet nd no vital information have be give to me whether the screening exercise will be hold or not.Pls if anyone whom have an ideology abt dis could just download me by dis no 07035352341 or email:[email protected] someone shall be bless..GOD.plezzzzzzzzzzzzz

  107. Pls i wrote the last concluded 2011 post jamb in unn,wit average of 201 for mech.engr,pls whats the cut off mark,and when is the primary list coming out,08063853721

  108. I am well empheaised 4 someone who seemed my conditioned abt admission of a thing which i reported on dis link dat was on 6th september,2011 but my equestions yet not been answerd because i am talking abt (2011/2012) admission.I was confused abt unn admission of a thing i has applied for entry direct 2011/2012 with Ist class upper merit in one standard polytechnic nd i heard dat we shud going to sit for screening exercise but since than i has been going to unn most every day to check whether there have past the date of the screening no date yet nd no vital information have be give to me whether the screening exercise will be hold or not.Pls if anyone whom have an ideology abt dis could just download me by dis no 07035352341 or email:[email protected] someone shall be bless..GOD.plezzzzzzzzzzzzz

  109. My name is Bayo.4rm ondo state(yoruba)frend i need ur advic.wether is good 4 me 2 cume 2 unn or nt cos i here many bad news abt reg no 08102570926

  110. I got into UNN (University of Nigeria) with the help of this man called Professor Olagbenro he helped me and my friend Glory actually my friend have be looking for admission into UNN (University of Nigeria) for 2 years those good for nothing lecturers took her money without giving her the admission but last year we found this man Professor Olagbenro this time all the list was almost out but still yet he was able to help us and our name was out we are in school now.Thanks a lot professor Olagbenro for your help and if you want any help the only person i think that have the power is Professor Imahe call him on 08151008796 and don’t call any other person apart from professor Olagbenro because they will eat your money and you can’t do them any thing.


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