Mercy Johnson Goes Bald In A New Movie – Shaves Her Hair For N5 Million

Popular Nollywood actress Mercy Johnson has gone bald for a new movie. The movie being directed by Micahel Jaja is yet to be titled. The produces of the movie, Magic movies have confirmed that Mercy Johnson is being paid 5 million Naira to star in the film.
Mercy Johnson had previously shaved her hair off when acting in the movie “Before The Light” in which she portrayed a cancer victim. She has garnered fans far and wide for her willingness to go to extreme lengths to interprete her character.
Uche Jombo another Nollywood actress had previously shaved her hair off when acting the 2010 movie “Holding Hope” co-produced by Emem Isong.
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  1. Woow! Is that mercy johnson or someone else? Well thats a big money involved….u got it,as a matter of facts, i can’t wait to watch this new movie of my lovely star actress and i wished to know the title of movie……..from Ano’syke.

  2. Wow ! This is great ! I love Mercy Johnson for one thing : She no dey send anybody at all at all. She loves her job and plays her role pretty well. I love that kind of spirit: you should be yourself at anytime T ! More grease to your elbow.

  3. Mer….cy,ure an achiever mmh i luv dat.u knw,an unsucessful person takes a hundred steps bcos he wud nt take one step at the right tym.if posible mak a decision now evn if d action is in future.mercy–>a decision–>an action——>a millionaire babe u 2 muchooo but any 4 me.

  4. U tried so much i beliv u can still go nude in the name of money or rather in the name of u love ur job. Shameless thing, i hope u look urself on the mirrow after barbing it. U said u will quit acting after ur marriage, don’t quit continue to show us more of ur ugly parts. U re not the first to be there and u will probably will not be the last. the goodest actors re not yet born. Always comport urself ok.

  5. wait,for d luv of money is truly d root of all evils…..does dt mean if she’s given £5million to act nude in a movie,she’l take d offer? She might be a seasoned actress,but her integrity is at stake ooooo.

  6. medicaly and Godly , having ur hair cut gives good health. But for the sake of ur pofession or money, is it also good? We go to school to get job, we look 4 job to get money. Many pipu wake up 4:00am reach home 11pm almost evryday to earn N1milion/anum. O boy, if nna 2cut hair colect 5M for 2times, I go create jobs 4 9jarians

  7. Ndewonu, ooo who is their? mummy its me Mercy your daughter. WHAT MY DAUGHTER NO, CANT BE MY DAUGHTER IS IN THE CITY AND SHE HAS HAIR ON HER HEAD, YOU CANT BE MY DAUGHTER. Mummy its me, NO CANT BE MY DAUGHTER, OK SHOW ME PROFF, mummy en you are very funny ooo, ok take N10,000, is that enof proff. YES OOO, PAPA MERCY COME OOO YOUR DAUGHTER IS BACK OOO, BLOOD IS TICKER THAN WATER.

    M.J wish you the best lol

  8. But u people dat are giving bad comments are mad o….u see someone is taking risk to act film by barbing her hair and u guys r calling her crazy…y won’t they pay her b4..oya see it not after she barbed her hair dat oda actress started barbing their own too?…una too talk o…. Nigerians