Bishop Oyedepo Acquires Fourth Private Jet – Worth N4.5b

Bishop David Oyedepo on Saturday March 26th added another jet to his hanger, for a whooping $30m. Thus bringing the number of his private jets to four. The private jet, a Gulfstream V was declared to the over 10, 000 worshipers who thronged Canaanland on Sunday March 27th, by the bishop himself. The bishop said the new jet will be used exclusively for the ministry’s African Mission. In his speech on Sunday, the bishop also announced that a state-of-the art private aircraft hanger that can accommodate five jets at a time is being built for his jets near the international wing of Murtala Mohammed International Airport.

Apart from this latest acquisition, the bishop has a Gulfstream 1 which he acquired in 1996. A Gulfstream 4 and a Challenger Aircraft.

When Encomium contacted the spokesperson for the church, Mr William, he confirmed the story. “Yes, Bishop announced the purchase of a jet on Sunday” He said.

Source: Femi Oyewale – Encomium Mag


  1. The purchase of the jet can be attributed to the continouse flow of income in the ministry.Though the purchase may be unavoidably neeeded from their onm point of view.but le us look at it this way.
    How many members of the ministry will it board at a trip?
    Is the jet made for the Bishop and the wife Alone?

  2. The purchase of the jet can be attributed to the continouse flow of income in the ministry.Though the purchase may be unavoidably neeeded from their onm point of view.but le us look at it this way.
    How many members of the ministry will it board at a trip?
    Is the jet made for the Bishop and the wife Alone?


    • The plane is for the ministry not the Bishop. It conveys pastors on ministry assignments throughout the network of Winners Chapel churches all over Africa and the rest of the world. The money is the ministry’s money. The members are not dumb. They are not complaining. They understand that God made the planes available so that the ministry’s evangelism and outreach programs which cut across routes that airlines ordinarily do not cover can be covered more effectively.
      For crying out loud, the Bishop preaches three services every Sunday at Faith Tabernacle,Canaan land, Ota, Africa – the World Largest Church Auditorium. He has such a tight schedule that other men of God how difficult it is for him to honour invitations. The man does not have time to fly the private jet. But if he has be anywhere God knows he will have go quickly and return to base. God who gave him the assignment made the appropriate means of transport available.
      I know this a little t

  3. watch wat u say abt men of God!!!!!!!!
    Wen dey were seeking d face of God,where were u pple?majority of the members dat follows his principles n teaching dey can testify abt dier own prosperity. He is true n will tell u d truth!! As for d question how many pple will d aircraft convey?d ans,how many pple will follow him 2 minister around d world n leave their job?Its d lords doing n its marvellous in evrybdy’s eyes!!!!!!!

  4. why cant this man follow the footstep of prophet T.B JOSHUA. How many people has this man helped? There is noting bad if he divert that money in helping the poor. Even the so called university how many poor people are in that school. If what i commented is a sin may GOD FORGIVE ME.

  5. @Ugwu henry ikenna He has the love of God in him,so God bless does who love him and he carry’s the mandate no other person was given the mandate. He is to liberate the world from the hand of the wicked by the word of FAITH. and GOD has give him what he need to do is work. WATCH YOUR MOUTH.

  6. DR. SHEYI made a right comment regarding this issue, when Jesus came into this world how many Private Jet did he use? he is a man or God and God gave him the power to do wonders, we Bless God for using him to deliver the people of the world, but he should consider the poor in the world, buying a Private Jet is nice not Acquires Four private jet, what is he doing with them. If what i commented is a sin may GOD FORGIVE ME.

  7. gone r dose days of poor as church rats!!!
    If u want 2 remain in dat era ikenna,all well and gud go ahead,God has said i wish abv all tins dat thou mayest prosper n b in gud health even as ur soul prosperit!do u c dat even ur soul shld prosper b4 God hw much more ur life!
    If a politcian buys a jet,its normal abi? But if a man of God buys it abnormal!!

  8. The bible said ‘love not the world neither the things that in the world. For if anyman loves the world the love of the father is not in him.’ all these so called blessings of buying private jets are just of these world. Why not use that money to build mansions in heaven by planting churches in whole africa and beyond, reach out an helping hand in there own way to those who need help.
    It is far better to own nothing on this perverse world and own the best in heaven than to do otherwise.

  9. @james,
    am so sori 4ur reasonin level!
    Do u cogitate @all?
    During d earthly ministry of JESUS,was dere advancement in technology like we av now?
    I bet u if dere were,JESUS would av lived in d best of LUXURIES!
    Did u think JESUS POOR?
    Maybe u should go back 2ur sunday school lesson &learn mor that it is ÖNLY GOD that givs d POWER 2GET WEALTH(DEUT 8:18).
    Am so sure in ur closet u desire such…so watch wat u say against GOD’S ELECT & ANOINTED!!!

  10. Seriously Human Being are very ignorant oh….. How many of una been dey there wen this Man of God sow seeds in sweat ehhh,, how many of una dey there wen Papa Idahosa blessed him……. IT IS RIGHT 4 OTHERS TO BUY ABI,,,, AND TOO BAD 4 A MAN OF GOD……. OPEN UR EYES PEOPLE WE ARE WAY PASSED THE POVERTY TIMES…… MIND YOPU THIS MAN OF GOD HAS AN OIL RIG OH….. WETIN MAKE UNA THINK SAY NA CHURCH MONEY IM DEY USE?

  11. @ Maxwell and the Wise Fools, Only a fool will c a Fire and call it Rain. When this Man started as far back as 1981, u were not there, as the people of Kaduna what happen then. All the names they were calling him for a poor man to be Preaching Prosperity when prosperity is not shown in him as of then. Now it is shown all over him as a prove of what has been happening then, now u re complaining. But for u Guys out there understanding, the private jets he has is not for him, but for the ministry of the Living Faith Church Worldwide. That is what the Living Faith Residents Pastors normally used when they are no a missionary trip.
    And about the question about helping the Poor or Needy, do you know how many students are no scholarship all over Nigerian even the Universities of the Ministry including Landmark and Covenant, do u know how many,
    Please, my advice is for you to mind your business and face what concerns you, and should not be like the wise fools in the Bible, thanks and remain Bless.

  12. thank u sunnyx, pple open their mouth 2 wide. If d man of God goes wit a ricketty car, dey’l stil talk. Papa Oyedepo pls ride ur jet. Na God give u. Even wen Jesus was here on earth, he wasn’t witout oppositns. As 4 d guy dat want’s sch fees, y dnt u go 2 d Person dat gave Papa d jet and ask frm Him, y do u want 2 dpend on anoda man’s sweat?

  13. I do not deny the fact that God,s Anointing and blessings is visible in the lives of the Bishop. However, I think we have too much poor people around us Nigeria Masses is one of the poorest if not the poorest in the world. What can we do to help those among us who can barely feed, those who cannot afford to give education to their children etc. I am not criticizing the Man of God to whom I hold in high esteem. The fact remains that we should not allow one side to suffer. Even as we enjoy the grace of God let us not forget the downtrodden. May God continue to bless Bishop Oyedepo and all that believe in the anointing of God in his life. Thank you

  14. @oluwatoyin and others.dnt get me wrong,am only sugesting that he use d money 2 buy plane so that transportation shal safe and fast 4 him and his helpers.u and i knows how many people a jet can carry,so reason and read in b/w lines before u coment.EVERYONE CAN DAT THE MAN IS REALY IMPACTING AND CHANGING LIVES 2 GOOD.DIS AGRI2 UNIVERSITY CAN ATTEST 2 IT.U SEE!OBSERVE BF U TALK.

  15. People of this world, the time has come for us to give up everything and carry the cross our creator Jesus Christ, who die because of our sin, he crying daily after seeing how the world is turning to the world of fashion to the world of unrepentant, there is no repentant in the grave, Angelica who hard a live enchanter with Jesus weeping says
    For a period of 23 hours, a young Ecuadorian girl named Angelica was shown the Kingdoms of Heaven and Hell, and the Return of Christ. She witnessed Jesus weeping as He overlooked multitudes of souls lost forever, a world that has rejected Him, a Church that is mostly unprepared for Him, a people that have stopped witnessing to the lost, and an entertainment industry that even lures children to satan. She witnessed many of our esteemed cultural icons suffering in the Pit; singers, entertainers, and even a pope. Angelica was also shown how the Kingdom of Heaven is all wonderfully prepared and ready, an unimaginable glorious place, where no evil exists. Though Jesus is ONLY coming back for a Holy People, and many of God’s children will NOT be ready on that day, and will be left behind in a world that will fall apart.

  16. The bible said, buy the truth and sale it not, but today many pastors knows the truth, many pastors knows what to preach, but because of the worldly things they will not say the truth and they will not preach the repentant and the coming of Jesus Christ but only preach prosperity and worldly things. Beloved God is calling on every human to repent and give their life to him, he is our creator he loves so much, we still have the chance to make the kingdom now that we are alive.

  17. i luv b. oyedepo, he is a great man of God,even my role model with oyakhilome,dey preach the word of God raw and undiluted,but i think my great mentor wil concentrate more in helpn and feedn more of many nigerians hungry mouths than buying many jets.we hav many brilliant heads who hav drop out of school or didnt even attempt to enter due to financial difficulty.i kno i am not comitin sin bcos Jesus told d rich young man to give his money and com and follo of should lead by example

  18. the man is really prospering glory be to God that shows that the gospel has power,if he can use that to win a lot of souls to Christ no problem but if he fails to he will be in chaos.i love pastor.and pastor chris oyakhilome

  19. you are a prophet of doom.infact a disgrace to my God.for your name to be mension among those that seeks evil power to conduct miracle,why didn’t mension PastorADEBOYE’S name nor MY FATHER IN THE LORD,DR D.K OLUKOYA.pls go back to God and uproot all those your juju voodoo that you have buried inside your so called cannan evil alter.whether you like it or not your end has come and Jesus is still the same yesterday,today and can’t do me nothing because he that is in me is greater than satan in’s a pity you are still deceiving people,you are too fat to hear God.i don’t think you even fast.

  20. oye carry go,all your maga don are too materialist and no longer teaching deep word of God.i know you need money but not to the detriment of serving other god.Jesus is ready for you now until you confess openly.Juju bishop you can’t know peace,because there is no peace for the wicked.some of your conc member even complain about their mising children in your shilo juju convesion.i pity your end.go back to God and repent.pls don’t that woman of God that gave you power when she was in the world.all your attempt to kill the woman shall not succed in Jesus name.I’ve never envy you in my life because i know your money is not clean.

  21. Hello everyone, just be open minded and not closed up in just your own confined world of ideology.
    First of all I won’t say what he did his wrong or not but I would say something that analaysizing the magnitude of the money spent and also the amount of private jets, I would say in my opinion that it’s not called for. We are told it’s for the ministry but at the same time it is called a private jet. Enjoying your wealth is great but as a person portaying the image of God it’s very important to chose images conveyed to your congregation.

    Lets look at something, the motive of God is for the human race to return back to him in heaven believing in him, but conveying the image of success and material things to church will only change their ideology and get them posing towards success not more God.

    Before when I was in Nigeria, I used to think the same like every adamant Africans think, but when I came abroad I was able to see all this things from a different angle all because I am able to access information constantly and faster. Afrricans dont get the chance to see what’s really going on because of that deprivation of basic amenities which is ‘light’
    If anybody is got chance and gt access to the internet you should go and watch this show( check on google ( channel 4 derren brown on false prophets) you will see all the tricks behind some of the so called miracles.

    Am not saying there are no real prophets but what I am trying to say is think out of the box , dont get carried away with the luxury of life ( a church that only preaches about success and not the main motive of God which is staying righteous and making your way to heaven) hmmm think twice about that church.
    Ask your self why God was disgusted when he finished creating human being, because he knew what humans are capable of doing. The same God also says my people perish because of the lack of knowledge,
    Ask God for adequate knowledge so you don’t perish putting your believe in something else rather than God. You can seek his face anywhere and he will answer you be it your living room..

    Stay open minded, wise, and be careful
    God bless

  22. Why didint jesus buy a horse instead he borrowed a donkey. Wat did jesus tell judas wen judas complained about the expensive perfume a woman used to pour on him wat did christ say ‘leave her she is doin dis for my burial but u will always have d poor with u alwaysj.wat did christ say to peter he said to him feed my sheep to him 3times.look as a man of God any money u get it is not for u it is for the poor.You shold give it all out to the poor look with the money he has gotten does he need faith to get somthing from God now dat he is very rich.well in the end God will be the jurge

  23. Why didint jesus buy a horse instead he borrowed a donkey. Wat did jesus tell judas wen judas complained about the expensive perfume a woman used to pour on him wat did christ say ‘leave her she is doin dis for my burial but u will always have d poor with u alwaysj.wat did christ say to peter he said to him feed my sheep to him 3times.look as a man of God any money u get it is not for u it is for the poor.You shold give it all out to the poor look with the money he has gotten does he need faith to get somthing from God now dat he is very rich.well in the end God will be the jurge 07033838206 this is my num

  24. I feel its high time we undestand some important things happenin in d world today and stop being myopic. D devil has been frm d begining and he is v.tricky. What did d devil use to tempt Jesus, d glory and wealth of dis world n Jesus had 2 rebuke him. Another time dey wanted 2 make Him king,he rejected it. He would’ve been born in d palace but chose 2 born in a manger. Tell me do we judge men of God on d basis of wealth they acquire or d no of people in their congregation? Be not decieved, the lord knows them dat are His n let everyone dat names d name of christ depart frm iniquity. What d devil uses 2 get men 2day is their physical needs. He does’nt mind giving u all d money in dis world in xchange 4 ur souls. Beware n watchful. Except a man b born again he can’t see a kingdom of God,not wealth or jet. Believers are not saved 2 show-off but point others to christ. ‘Men of God’, should stop preaching prosperity but holiness b’cos it takes no one 2 heaven but ties our attention 2 worldly thing. Even satan, himself has transformed himself into an angel of light. Dear, test every spirit whether they b of God. Be not decieved.

  25. @ James and Nathaniel… James it’s obvious you don’t know about Jesus Much. Jesus lived a very good and rich life. He went on a ox that has never been rode by anyone before. It’d like driving a new model BMW. The soldiers forth for his rope…. it mush be very expensive for them to fight over Jesus Cloth.

  26. I just want to talk to John and Moses, both commented on April 26 2011 @ 10:13am and 11:13am respectively. I don’t think you guys know what u are doing or rather just did to yourselfs by adressing a man of God in such manner.Check your bibles very well, it says “Who are you to judge another man’s servant?” The man you are insulting in such a terrible manner is at least said to be called by God. Since when did God start calling humans to fight or insult people for Him. John,even your father in the Lord will not refer to this Bishop as you have done.You are trying to enter a case dat is higher than you.Since you have put yourslf in between God and his creature and asking for judgement in a case that does not concern you be prepared to recieve a part of the blow.You are free to air your opinion but not to insult a man of God. You were not there to know if he was actually called or not. You are not God to say who is serving you well or not.I pity you. If i were you(but i will never be) i will fall on my knees and plead for the blood of Jesus to atone for my bad words against this bishop that is how u can escape it if not, my dear u have just heap curses on yourself.

  27. People of God, et all. I am a benefactor of the prosperous teaching of the Bishop. I sit under the teaching of one of his sons, Pst Wole Joseph and I also listen to both his messages and those of his father in the Lord. I have studied his life from 1976 and there is nothing to write home like lack but knowledge and understanding of the word of Faith. When talking about wealth and whether Jesus was poor or rich..just know that his ministry had a treasurer and he used to buy food…can a poor man feed 5,000 men? You wanna be rich get rich it is your covenant right. Stop complaining about the Bishop feeding the poor with food, he has fed us with the word and that is why we keep on pouring money into his ministry. we are not going to stop doing it. When you buy a car (Custom made, do you consider your passengers?) Keep off the Bishop business, its the business of his father.

  28. Yes! indeed you have demonstrated that you are the “David” of our time; beating poverty to its demise. Acquire more and more to show the world how rich our God is. In fact, you have impacted me with your experiential teachings on prosperity and I am now flying on eagles wings. I know for sure millions of the individual members will soon be buying the helicopters as you have prophesied. Thank you and may God bless you and your team. Amen!