National Assembly Elections Postponed

THe National Assembly elections have been postponed.
Prof Jega has just announced on national tv that the national assembly elections have been postponed till Monday 4th April 2011.
INEC officials have been telling voters that the elections have been postponed, meanwhile voting continues in some areas.
More updates coming soon.


  1. It is very disheartening to know in d history of nigeria electoral process. This i can term as a national disaster of the hihest magnitude having spent so heavily to hear such election cancelled not as a result of the electorates misdeamenour but for the INEC ill-preparation for the election. Am afraid how this will paint our image in the commitee of nations worldwide.
    Anyway, this is a great lesson for all Nigerians and Jega himself who had said that he claimed responsibilty for the failure. Then i will submit that this will be the second time he will fail if after 3 weeks of rigorous registration using his “computer technology” and ended up saying it is not goin to be used for the election. Why wasting the resources of the nation when not fully mature for such electoral process. I will only enjoin fellow nigerians to be more prayerful for God to remove all the inadequacies in our sytem and polity and enthrone righteousness, justice , openess, fairness,peace and transcuility in our nation, NIGERIA.

  2. i ave ever had in nigeria, since i was born, on the day of election that we have been electing in my own constituency, suddenly they announce that election has been prosponed. Ah! Shame on prof jega

  3. I think there is a cogent reason while prof. Ateharu jega postponed the National Assembly Election, well how ever the situation might be all Nigeria need is a credible election.

  4. Any reason he did what he did is not my business but i have only one warning for him from my honorable Men! Jega we all know that you are a PDP man but be careful because if you fail to make it 1 man 1 vote then ACN will Make it 1 man 10 vote to God we are ready Jega Lets roll the ball.

  5. I real thank prof Jega for the election prospond, because if he refuse to prospond the election alot of nigeria will not be happy. but i said thank you once again for all your support to make sure that the election is free fair credible election. I trust you Jega even to accepte your mistake is something of what, not every body will do it in this nation. just go ahead to do what will make election fair and credible election. carry go Prof Jega.

  6. Jega show that his is a God fearing man to Nigeria! He show the nation Love for making this year election real. Starting form the registration of voters card, he make sure that every thing was successful before closing. who is that useles man that said Jega is stupid, sorry JEGA! And still put more effort to make credible election for 2 nation.


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