Riots over Goodluck Jonathan win

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Riots have broken out across northern Nigeria as presidential poll results show Goodluck Jonathan is set to win.

Homes of supporters of Mr Jonathan, the incumbent, were attacked in the cities of Kano and Kaduna.

Young supporters of Muhammadu Buhari, who is popular in the north, have been clashing with police and military. They feel that the elections have been rigged in some areas of the south.

There are unconfirmed reports that people have died in the violence.

President Jonathan has called for an end to the disturbances, saying “no-one’s political ambition is worth the blood of any Nigerian”.

With nearly all the votes counted, People’s Democratic Party (PDP) candidate Mr Jonathan – a Christian from the oil-producing Niger Delta – has almost twice the number of his main rival.

The African Union observer team said it was Nigeria’s best poll for decades.
Mr Jonathan was appointed to the presidency last year upon the death of incumbent Umaru Yar’Adua, whom he had served as vice-president. He staked his reputation on the election, repeatedly promising it would be free and fair.

In Kano, the largest city in in the north, homes displaying posters of Mr Jonathan were set on fire, and gangs of young men roamed the streets shouting “Only Buhari!”

In Kaduna, where a 24-hour curfew has been declared, election monitors say that shops are closing and people are fleeing to their homes through streets barricaded with burning tyres. Youths are clashing with the police and military in areas to the north and south of the city, with the security forces firing tear gas and live ammunition.

Local TV stations are reporting that the Kaduna home of Mr Jonathan’s running mate, Vice-President Namadi Sambo, has been set on fire. They say the city’s central prison has been attacked and inmates released.

A lawyer travelling through Kaduna told the BBC’s Focus on Africa he had escaped from a mob in the city. He said youths armed with clubs and machetes were targeting people who did not look like they were indigenous to the north.

“My car was damaged [and] the windscreen was broken,” he said. “I told my driver… to start the car and take off and at that point they smashed the car. We managed to get away.”

In the central city of Jos, there is rioting in the Gangare area to the north of the city.

There are also reports of violent protests in the states of Gombe, Adamawa, Katsina and Sokoto.

And there are fears for the safety of the revered religious leader, the Sultan of Sokoto, who is now facing angry criticism over his support for President Jonathan.
Source: BBC News

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  1. Nigerian’s pls try n grow atleast 2 realise dat it does not matter where d leading finger comes from but d goals d entire fingers set 2 achieve. Lets accept d choice of d majority n work hands 2gether 2words positivity. God/allah help us.

  2. predictable barbaric behaviour from some miscreants from the so called core north has been recurring and reviberating ever since we were in the elementary schools. northern leaders should take care of these restive youths by following Fashola’s example in lagos.if possible these youths ought to cut themselves with knives ad matchets – see how it pains before attacking fellow country men and women. we are no more in the empire days of sundi ata, soni ali etc.

  3. This is a completely senseless riot, if the elections were rigged in the south and east as claimed by Buhari and his supporters, what emperical evidence do they have to prove their case?. They should consult the electoral act and follow due process and stop this babaric disposition. IFNorthern states won by GEJ were not rigged, how would he now rig the election where he has comparative advantage. The North must grow up and should be reminded the they do not have monopoly of violence.

  4. i strongly believe that everything is in God,s control.soon nigeria will be free of this shit.Nigeria is bless. Nothing can,t stop who God has destined to rule out for a new Nigeria.

  5. This people rioting are just spoiling their own future, I wonder all this mess, after all their brother happens to be the VICE PRESIDENT.Then why d killing??? U guys should think abeg!!!

  6. These northerners are full of shit,why cant they be mature enough to accept defeat,afterall we’ve been ruled by the for many years prior to this time and there has never been restiveness from the south concerning that.Well I think it’s high time they put a law strongly upheld to trash matters like this cos I see it as taking the law in their hands,wat happened to the judiciary,why are they in existence,if they tot they’d have produced a better leader then with this callous behaviour of theirs they are WAY WRONG

  7. We fight 4 bad or thief elders in northern part of dis country only, not 4 gudluk winning if u look we burned only houses 4 leaders of “PDP, ANPP,ISLAMIC SCHOLARS TRADITIONAL RULERS “who steal our money with theirs sons.

  8. what does outcome of d elections has to do with burning of churches n peoples belongins in kaduna state.kai northerners u better wise up,because this behaviour will never take us to anywhere n is a total foolishness,now u are on 24hrs curfew.


  10. All the problems are from Buhari. Nigerians have spoken through their ballots that they want Goodluck. That poll is the best so far in the history of Nigeria, no June 12 that can beat it. Buhari should be prosecuted for the riots. Goodluck Nigerians.

  11. Its quite funny for the local northern “alumarjeris” to submit that unbelievers are ruling them in kaduna state, and now still want to rule over Nigeria. This showed that they have not been studying the Holy books well. Funny and unbelievable submissions by unlearned semi-illiterates


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