Federal Government dragged to ECOWAS Court of Justice over the death of NYSC members

The death of the members of the NYSC during the post election violence is certainly not going to be easily swept underneath the carpet as SERAP Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project has dragged the Nigerian Federal Government to the ECOWAS Court of Justice.

The group alleged that, “the failure of the Defendants (The Federal Republic of Nigeria & the Attorney General of the Federation) to exercise due diligence to prevent the post election violence that resulted in the unlawful killing of the NYSC members and others amount to violations of their right to life; to sanctity and integrity of human person; to equal protection of the law; and violations of the families’ right to family life, and to basic enjoyment of economic and social rights.”

SERAP said, “The post election violence commission established by the government may end up the same way previous commissions of inquiry set up to address the outbreaks of violence in the country have ended: without success, implementation or follow-up.

“Also, the payment of N5m to each of the families of the NYSC members killed is grossly inadequate and falls far short of the requirements of international human rights law. The compensation by the government is unfair as it does not fully reflect the cost of education and training of the victims; the potential future earnings of the victims, the irreplaceable loss to the families; the physical, emotional and mental suffering by the families; and the human value and economic cost to the country.”

SERAP also argued that the government’s failure to bring the perpetrators of the dastardly acts to book amounted to the denial of the victims’ rights to justice.

“The failure by the Defendants to promptly, transparently and effectively investigate the death of the NYSC members, and to bring suspected perpetrators to justice amounts to a denial of the victims’ access to a fair, effective and prompt system of justice. In effect, the government has shown itself unwilling or unable to promptly, transparently and effectively investigate and prosecute those responsible for the unlawful killing of the NYSC members.”

“The Defendants have failed to discharge its positive obligation to take preventive operational measures to protect individuals whose lives were at risk.

“Granting compensation is separate from the additional obligation on states to conduct prompt, transparent and effective investigations and punish perpetrators,” the group added.

Whether or not SERAP wins the case, it is very interesting to see that unlike in most other incidents where the unlawful murder of Nigerian citizens within the country receives very little attention and almost no call to action whatsoever, a group has come forward to speak for the people. Since the demise of Late Gani Fawehinmi (SAN), Nigerians have not had a strong voice to plead their cases against the oversights and nonchalance of the Government towards the welfare of the people and the administration of justice.

It appears that if the Nigerian Government thought N5million and a few incentives here and there would settle the dust the corpses of those Youth Corpers raised, they were terribly wrong.



  1. Thats a very bad idea from ECOWAS or how is it possible 4 federal government to know this people and still covering them. It would have been a better idea if the ECOWAS can join hands with federal government of nigeria and expose the wicked citizens.

  2. @ Dayo. It’s SERAP that is dragging FG to ECOWAS not the other way round.
    This’s a welcome idea but I’d prefer SERAP channeling their grievances to ECOWAS demanding for why Buhari supporters and Buhari has not been arrested.

  3. There’s this popular tale about Mr Rat that says “he’s(Mr Rat) not angry with his killer but rather to the person that points to his direction that leads to his demise”. It is high time we call a spade ,a spade. Buhari might not be involve in the killing directly but he instigated the killing by his speech. Apart from that,as the leader of CPC,he should be held responsible for the misconduct of his followers. GEJ should act fast so that the souls of those innocent corps members and the families will rest in peace. B wel

  4. taking fg 2 court will neave solve the prolem of killing our citizen; they should join hand 2gathe 2 arrest Buhari nd his group. He knows more about of the victim

  5. I’m very sure GEJ is really working on this issue but SERAP needs to join hands wit federal govt coz summoning to court is not the issue. We have wicked people in this nation and i strongly believe GOD will expose them very soon.

  6. D incident was revoltin,though death,4 every1.Bt i hate,some1 is victimized i also dislik d word VICTIM,problem is real bt vic3 is sure.4 d case of d victims venjas blongs 2 God almity bt b4 dat “……9it cometh whn no man can work jn 9:4.let justice doer join hnds 2 fight wicked b4 dey grow wings & force d innocent 2 do wrong (psalm 125:3).

  7. Yes the F.G should be dragged to court cuz it has d right to prosecute d offenders but has refused to do so.
    Probably bcuz those in charge r nt d victims.

  8. i guess is even high time we show way to this primitive animals residing among the Northerners the way to d thick bush were they likely belong and FG should should stop mingling Humans with animals dats has no consciences and respect for humanity.

  9. I really appreciate the feelings and moves of SERAP, concerning the corper’s issue, in making sure that FG fishes out the culprits and purnish accordingly. My advice again to SERAP is to help appeal to ECOWAS to join in the common struggle of abrogating NYSC scheme in Nigeria, to crush the callous intensions of some Nigerians with selfish interest, in order to avert future occurence of mishandling the NYSC members. The time is just ripe for conscientious and godly Nigerians to join hands and plead to our president, Goodluck Jonathan, and other political leaders who have genuine fatherly and motherly love for children to put an instant end to NYSC scheme, inorder to save the NYSC members from incessant, brutal killings and other hazards to which these corpers are exposed. Thank God for the yoruba counsel of chieves that had made similar appeal to the FG. Nysc scheme is not the only means of promoting national, religious, ethnic and social unity, afterall, this unity had been existing before the advent of NYSC scheme in Nigeria.


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